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Just point, shoot, and search. There’s a new way to search the internet and social media — through your smartphone, thanks to Google Lens and Pinterest Lens. Google and Pinterest are rolling out similar lens apps letting users snap a photo using their smartphone camera and learn more information about it.

Is this redefining how we search for answers using the visual side of search engines and social media? We’re moving from a mobile-first world to an AI-first world, according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Google Lens will be one of the game changers.

“AI and AR go hand in hand in search marketing. Sogou has been very successful in using these technologies to sell to consumers in China, so it’s great to see Google and Pinterest using them too,” said Cathy Hackl, expert in VR and AR marketing. “The ability to identify items is key, but merge that with the capability of overlaying digital elements onto the real world and you have major disruption in the world of search, social, and content marketing.”

What Is Google Lens?

Google Lens is the AI version of Google’s reverse image search, backed with a twist of AR and machine learning power. It will make our smartphones even more addictive. The big picture is, when using Google Lens, your smartphone camera won’t just see what you see, but will also understand what you see to help you take action.

How to Prepare for Google Lens

AI technology is more than just testing the waters and seeing if the trend sticks. It’s here and now.

Integrating AI into search marketing is inevitable. Getting started with Google Lens means covering some search optimization basics.

“When it comes to image search, there are exciting possibilities to explore for marketing opportunities. The buying intent may be very high on product searches. Brands need to make sure their information is clear on their products,” said Joe Laratro, Google certified marketing expert and CEO of Tandem Interactive.

A strong logo is more important than ever: Pay attention to branding and logo use on products, signage, and even non-products. A restaurant should make sure its outside branding is visible from the street view.

Pay attention to alt tags: Websites should have metadata groomed and cultivated with detailed information in the alt tags for pictures, text surrounding photos, and anchor text in image links.

Spikes of new traffic to non-product-based Searches: The Google Lens feature can create a promising traffic channel for non-product based searches, making the same case of reviewing alt tags and image optimization including file names using keywords.

In addition to all the commercialized opportunities where marketers can use Google Lens, there are also productivity opportunities. Lens will allow us to point, shoot, and schedule a call into our calendar, hook us up with Wi-Fi, and more.

Google Lens will make its way into our smartphone lives via Google Assistant and Google Photos in the near future.

Pinterest Lens: A Snap Closer to Save It, Buy It

With 175 million users a month and more than 75 percent of usage taking place on mobile, most Pinterest addicts are already in the planning mode and ready to engage and buy. According to Pinterest, when someone hits the “Save it” button to a board, they are getting closer to purchase.

Pinterest Lens app, now available for Android and iOS users, gives Pinterest pinners the unique ability to search for anything through visual search in real-time or from their camera roll. This gives brands a new way to get in front of their audience with a new type of exposure and reach.

“The key for brands is to ensure you’re the answer in their Pinterest search,” said Kim Vij, Pinterest consultant and the host of the weekly Twitter chat #Pinchat.

How to Optimize for Pinterest Lens

You see a lamp you love at a hotel. Just take a quick pic via the Pinterest app and sure thing, a mecca of interesting lamp results pop up to start your research.

In awe of a fabulous centerpiece at a wedding? Take a picture and upload it to Pinterest Lens later to see all the related ideas.

Speaking of food, Pinterest is the largest mobile destination for foodies boasting 15 billion recipe ideas! If you are a food-related brand, Pinterest Lens is more than interesting — it’s a recipe for success.

The Pinterest business blog notes, “Our new visual discovery technology already recognizes objects in more than 750 categories. And now we’re rolling out a way for Pinners to Lens an entire dish and get recipes to recreate the meal.”

So niche food brands already using rich pins for recipes such as PaleoHacks can now optimize for Pinterest Lens by making sure all its great paleo diet focused recipe content is on Pinterest.

“The Pinterest Lens app makes it that much more critical to ensure all of our content is optimized for us to leverage this incredible opportunity,” said PaleoHacks CEO David Sinick who reports Pinterest as a top source of referring traffic.

Pinning Procedures and Possibilities

“Having pins saved to your Pinterest account that relate to your product line and content is key,” Vij said. “Also make sure you know how your images rank visually to help you stand a step ahead of your competitors.”

Check your Pinterest search visibility. “Use the Pinterest Lens to see the keywords that come up when your brand’s image is scanned with their visual search engine. You can often see if your image is on key by looking at related pins below your pins,” Vij suggested.

Use popular search terms to help create a strong visual identity. You should be working on how to build a strong visual identity based on popular terms of search on Pinterest. Do this with keyword research and testing out search results.

Teach your community how to use it. The bonus element is to consider teaching your community how to use Pinterest Lens to easily find your pins. Embracing this method of search could be a key to your success on Pinterest in the future.

Pinterest Resources for Business Success


Google’s Pichai reminds us we are well beyond the keyboard and mouse era. Vision-based computing, via our smartphones, is leading us into the next era of search and social revolution.

With Google Lens and Pinterest Lens, marketers have an opportunity for full exposure when an optimized search and social strategy is developed.

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How To Optimize Discord Server For Speed

Ever heard of Skype? If Skype lets you talk and chat with others, Discord lets you do the same thing while playing online games at the same time. It runs on multiple platforms including PC, smartphones, even web browsers (without installation).

Discord has been the number one choice of gamers for some time until now. It offers low-latency voice chats and flexibility to manage followers easily. In many cases, streamers prefer Discord over the basic chat window of popular live-streaming platforms like Twitch.

However, there’s no such thing as a perfect app. Just like any online app, sometimes, you may experience connection issues when trying to connect to the Discord voice server. It can be caused by an ISP issue, device issue, or the Discord itself.

Your ISP may be the problem

There’s also the issue of inefficient ISP routing. Your ISP will not always pick the most efficient route available. They may put you in the lower priority route depending on your activity. Longer route means longer travel.

The right VPN can help you increase connection speed

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, you need a VPN that increase your internet speed. By having the right VPN, not only you can protect your sensitive information from hackers, but you also literally hide your traffic so that ISP can’t see your action. If they can’t see you, they can’t throttle your connection speed, which means, you’ll experience increased internet speeds.

The right VPN can also break the inefficiency by hiding where your traffic’s ‘from and to’ so ISP won’t send you to a ‘bad’ route, resulting in sped up connection.

Be careful though, most VPNs can potentially decrease your internet speed instead, if none of the cases above apply to you. Opting for a free VPN isn’t a good choice either since overcrowding and the lack of funds to optimize their servers can drag your speed connection down.

You don’t need to worry though. Some decent VPN providers offer a money-back guarantee procedure so that you can try their service firsthand before fully pay. So, which VPN to choose? Here’s a list of some VPNs worth trying.

1.      ExpressVPN

Just like its name, Express VPN will give you a very decent and stable speed that is absolutely needed if you want to share messages between your teammate in a massive and chaotic multiplayer session. With over 160 server locations all over the world, delay or lag will be the least of your worry.

ExpressVPN also allocates unlimited bandwidth for its users that can contain up to five devices simultaneously. Not only ExpressVPN protects you from possible data leaks, but it also speeds up your stream or download activity.

2.      NordVPN

Many people consider NordVPN as the best VPN on the market for its all-round package. Not only does it prevent ISP throttling and inefficient routing, NordVPN further uses a bunch of safety protocols to keep you hidden and secure from any hackers and cheaters.

You will be connected to one of their 5700 servers, ensuring bypass of geo-blocking on Discord.

3.      Speedify

If you don’t want to spend your cash just yet, Speedify is a great alternative. Speedify is a mobile VPN that will secure your online data and deliver a reliable and fast internet by combining multiple connections. Speedify works best at preventing ISP throttling—you’ll be able to use all your available bandwidth without your ISP narrowing it down.

Just like any VPN, it secures your data connection and hides IP addresses.

How To Optimize Adwords Campaigns For Micro

You know consumers are interested in your product, because it flies off the shelf in your physical location. However, when you look at your mobile campaign, you see users avoid making a purchase like Sal from Impractical Jokers avoids cats.

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, it might just be a problem with how much consumer usage patterns have changed from even a couple of years ago.

This change in consumer behavior on one hand is a big change, and at the same time it is micro.

You Don’t Understand the Micro-Moments

In the past, if a person had a question, their first instinct would be to ask another human or to consult a physical reference. For example if a person needed directions they would consult an atlas or roll down the window and ask, if they needed a recipe they may have asked a friend or read a cookbook, and if they wanted to know how to play a song on the guitar they would take guitar lessons or purchase a book of guitar tabs.

This is because the internet was just beginning and there was significantly less access to it. As Google stated, in the past users were going online, now they are living online.

The going online versus living online distinction is important because now people interact with the world much differently. Currently, people’s first reaction when they have a question is no longer to ask a person or consult a physical reference – their first reaction is to reach for their internet connected mobile devices for answers.

Those directions they need: they reach for their mobile device and go on Google maps.

That song they want to learn on the guitar: they reach for their mobile device and watch a video on how to play it on YouTube.

This instinctive “get on my mobile device for answers” reflex produces numerous bursts of short purpose-driven activity which Google has recently termed “micro-moments.”

Advertisers who want to succeed in this mobile heavy, always-connected world need to capture users in these micro-moments.

Optimize Your Advertising Campaigns for Micro-Moments

At each one of these micro-moments, users look for a specific piece of information.

Google breaks it down into four types of micro-moments and below are examples of possible search queries as well as how to map your ad to the user’s search intent in that micro-moment.

Micro-Moment #1 – Want to Know

What it is: These are the moments where a person is looking for information on their mobile device.

Example Micro-Moment Search Query: A user has just adopted a cute boxer puppy. She suddenly wonders “What kind of food should I get for this dog?”. Instead of asking a friend, she instinctively picks up her phone types in “best kind of food for a boxer?”. 

In the example below, the best ad that aligns for the “want to know” micro-moment offers a comparison for the user to find the best kind of dog food for a boxer.

Micro-Moment #2 – Want to go

What it is: These are the micro-moments where a person is looking for a piece of information and the proximity matters.

Example Micro-Moment Search Query: If someone in the San Francisco needs to fight their DUI they instinctively turn to the phone and type in “DUI Lawyer near me” .

Getting local can be accomplished by utilizing location extensions (to activate location extensions connect your AdWords account to your Google places account), as well as including the location in the headline of the ad. These two tactics reinforce how local your business is and demonstrates to the user that your ad is relevant to their “want to go” micro-moment.

In the example below, you can see the optimal ad has the word “San Francisco” in the headline and also has a location extension enabled.

Micro-Moment #3 – Want to Buy

What it is: In these micro-moments the mobile device acts as a personal shopper, or as an actual point of sale. Users want to be able to research a purchase even within the store, or to be able to make the purchase directly from their mobile device.

Example Search Query: A user is hungry and is on their way home from work on a subway – they want to get a pizza but it is too noisy to order. Instinctively they turn to their mobile device and type in “Domino’s pizza”.

In the example below Domino’s provides an excellent example of aligning their ad with the micro-moment intent by stating that the user can order and track online.

Micro-Moment #4 –  Want to do

What it is: In these micro-moments the mobile device acts as a proxy for an expert. Users look for specific directions on how to perform a task. Many of these micro-moment searches begin with the phrase “how to”.

Example Search Query: A user has just completed building a table for their living room. They now want to stain the wood but do not know how. Instead of consulting with a professional, they pull out their mobile device, go on YouTube and type in “how to apply wood stain”.

Mapping your ad to the micro-moment intent: An optimal ad to match with the search intent of this query provides explicit step-by-step directions on how to accomplish the task the user is searching for. A great format to accomplish this is a video, but your ad could also take a user to a landing page with specific instructions.

Now, you know the four types of micro-moments as well as how to optimize for them. Take this information and use it to take your AdWords campaign to the next leve.

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How To Use Technical Seo To Optimize For Related Questions

Do you want to optimize your website to appear more often in Google’s search results? If so, understanding Technical SEO can be a real game-changer! Today, we’ll give you the lowdown on all things related to technical optimization for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. Using technical SEO is an essential part of any comprehensive webmaster strategy – let’s get started now by exploring what it is about very important onsite optimization factors that are directly linked with improved rankings.

What is Technical SEO?

Any digital marketing strategy must include technical SEO, which entails optimizing your website’s technical components for higher search engine rankings. Optimizing your website for relevant queries is one efficient method of using technical SEO. This can increase traffic to your site and enhance your overall search engine exposure.

Here are some tips on how to use technical SEO to optimize for related questions −

Conduct Keyword Research − Doing keyword research is the initial step in optimizing for related questions. Find out the words and phrases your target market uses to search for your goods and services. To find keywords with a high search volume that are relevant to your business, use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner. Once the keywords have been identified, strategically include them in your article.

Optimize Your Content − You should provide high-quality content that responds to the queries your target Optimize Your Content audience is asking to optimize for related questions. Utilize the keywords from your keyword research in your content, but try to avoid overloading the text with them. Instead, use the keywords naturally to make your content easier to read and more interesting.

Create FAQ Pages − Setting up FAQ pages on your website is an effective strategy to optimize for related queries. These pages ought to respond to frequent questions from your target audience regarding your goods or services. To increase their visibility to search engines, use the keywords you discovered in your keyword research on your FAQ pages.

Use Structured Data − Search engines can better understand your website’s content by using structured data, a type of code. Search engine rankings may be enhanced if you use structured data to give search engines more details about your content. Make your content, especially your FAQ pages, more search engine-friendly by using structured data to mark it up.

Improve Site Speed − Search engine rankings heavily depend on the speed of a website. Your website’s speed can hurt its search engine visibility, which may cause a drop in traffic and potential clients. If there are any difficulties with the speed of your website, you may use tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights to find them and fix them.

Optimize Your URLs − The URLs of your website are very important for search engine ranking. To increase the visibility of your content to search engines, use keyword-rich, evocative URLs. Use URLs that are specific to your content rather than generic ones.

Optimize Your Images − Images are a core part of every website, but if they are not optimized, they might cause your website to load slowly. Use software like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop to compress your photographs and lessen their file size. To increase the visibility of your photographs in search engine results, use file names that are descriptive and contain your keywords.

Use Internal Linking − This strategy involves linking to other pages on your website. Link to your FAQ pages and other relevant pages on your website using internal linking. Internal linking can increase your website’s search engine exposure and make it simpler for your intended audience to use.

Monitor Your Analytics − You must regularly monitor your analytics if you want to optimize for related questions. Track the traffic to your website, including the number of visitors, the pages they view, and the search terms they enter to find it, using tools like Google Analytics. Use this data to find any flaws with your website and take action to raise its search engine exposure.

Stay Up-to-Date with SEO Trends − It’s critical to maintain current knowledge of the most recent SEO trends and best practices. Because search engine algorithms are continuously changing, what was effective yesterday might not be effective today.


In conclusion, we discussed how refining specific elements of your site can improve its visibility for related questions and searches. This means fewer unrelated queries showing up in your SERPs and better ranking potential for targeted keywords. Ultimately, more organic traffic is coming through the door! If you do not have an in-house SEO team to do your work, it’s better to outsource the work to a knowledgeable expert.

Why And How To Optimize Page Titles For Seo? – Webnots

Search engine optimization (SEO) has different dimensions like on-page, off-page and black hat methods. The most important part of SEO starts when you start writing the content. The first thing you need for writing an article is to have a title or topic. We have done various experiments on our articles and find that having an attractive title will increase the traffic up to 50% with the same content on the page. Therefore, it is very important for any website owner to understand the page title and optimize page titles for SEO.

What is Title Tag?

Page Title in Page Source

You should optimize page titles for SEO since both search engines as well as users will understand your content based on the title of a webpage. Since every page of your site may have different content, you need to use unique and relevant title for each page in your website.

Adding Title Tag to Your Webpage

Title in WordPress Editor

Search Engines Show Titles in Search Results

Now that you know what is page title and how to insert on your HTML page. Next comes the importance of it. As mentioned, search engines like Google show the page title in the search results. A search result in Google has the following format:

Google Search Results Format

As you can see there are totally four parts in the basic search results:

Google also will highlight the searched keywords in each result. Sometimes, you will see a missing word with strike out to indicate the result is missing one of the keywords.

Users Can Also See Page Titles

Besides search engines, users can also see the title on the browser’s title bar. Most of the time users open more than one search results, started checking one page and tend to forget the other opened pages. In such scenarios, the page title shown on the browser’s tab gives quick information to users about the page.

Title Tag Shown in Browser – Firefox

How to Optimize Page Titles for SEO?

The important question is how to optimize page titles to get more traffic. There are many tips to make your title attractive.

1. Use Site Title as Your Brand

It is very important to make sure you have a Page Title as well as Site Title and they are relevant to the content and brand respectively. Since the Site Title is appended on all individual Page Titles it is highly recommend using a brand name or company name as a Site Title. This helps users to remember your brand and also search engines nowadays started showing the company name next to page URL for all subdomains.

2. Use Attractive Separator

Well, this may looks silly but works when applied properly. By default, you can see a hyphen mark as a separator between page and site title. You can use custom HTML characters like » to show the title in appealing manner.

3. Limit the Length

Ensure to have a page title of 60 – 70 characters length so that it can fit on the search results without truncation. Also test your page URL with any of the search snippet preview tool to ensure the display is fine.

Remember, the length of the page title includes the length of page title, any separator and site title. Therefore, limit your page title length according to your site title length.

4. Use Attractive Titles

How to buy a blogging theme for WordPress?

Top 5 blogging theme for WordPress

10 things to check before you buy a WordPress blogging theme

5 reasons you will fail to buy good WP blogging theme

Guide to buying WordPress blog theme

5 free WP blogging themes for beginners

5. Use Focus Keywords in Title

Before writing an article, you should first decide the focus keyword and write the entire content revolving around that. This will help you to get targeted traffic for that keywords and improve the page’s value. Ensure to use the focus keywords in the title, meta description and on the first paragraph of the content. This will increase the possibilities of Google picking up your page for the top search results.

6. Unique Title for Each Page

Many website owners use a template to insert page title by simply changing few words. Avoid duplication and ensure to have unique page title for each page in your site.

How to Check Issues in Title Tags?

Well, it is easy to maintain or check the title of each page for a smaller site. But the task will be cumbersome when your site is grown in size having hundreds of pages. In general, many of the PHP based sites use script to generate title that is similar on all pages. This will kill your ranking in Google as it may look spam and less useful for users. Earlier, you had an option in Google Search Console offering free tools to check the titles on bulk like below.

Title Tag Improvements in Google Webmaster Tools

You can see all types of errors in your titles and the number of occurrences with detail. The issues are classifieds under Missing titles, Duplicate titles, Long Titles, Short Titles and Non-Informative Titles. You can check each of the errors and rectify them to improve your site’s search ranking. Unfortunately, the new Search Console does not have any sort of option to check duplicate titles. You may need to use third-party tools to check titles in bulk and find the duplication to remove.

Dos and Don’ts with Page Title

Here is a summary of what you should and shouldn’t when optimizing page titles for SEO.


Make your title effectively connects the user to your page contentGeneric titles like “Untitled” or “New Page”

Use unique and separate title for each and every page of your siteSingle title tag for all or most of the pages

Use your site title different than your page titleStuffing unnecessary keywords

Use short and meaningful titlesVery long titles which can’t be shown in the search result area

8 Tips To Optimize Your Windows 11 Pc For Gaming Performance

Windows 11 brought a bevy of notable features including AutoHDR, which can make your games look a lot better (if you have a HDR monitor). However, if you’re looking to maximize your PC’s gaming performance, you’ll have to take things into your own hands and tweak a few settings.

Fortunately, the process is not too complicated. In the following guide, we’ll discuss the best methods to help you optimize your computer for gaming.

1. Disable Startup Applications

Usually, startup applications don’t exert an influence on gaming performance. However, the presence of a heavy application or an app with high consumption will most certainly have an impact. Ultimately, the result depends on the applications you are running on your PC.

If you think they are interfering with gaming performance, disable them. Doing this could make your PC run faster.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard to launch the “Task Manager.”

Navigate to the “Startup” tab.

Do this for all the unnecessary applications, and your system will start running faster.

2. Disable Resource-intensive Applications

Some applications can eat up a lot of memory and CPU power. So, if you want to start a gaming session, disable those applications beforehand.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard to open Task Manager.

Repeat these steps to disable all the unnecessary applications running in the background and consuming memory or CPU.

3. Disable Animations

If you tend to favor speed rather than appearance, then you should probably consider disabling animations. Windows 11 is a lot smoother, and that, in part, is due to its animation effects. But while they make things look good, they can slow down your system.

Press Win + I to open Settings on your Windows PC.

Navigate to “Accessibility” on the left-side menu.

Select “Visual effects.”

Disable “Animation effects” from the menu.

After executing these steps, Windows 11 won’t look as smooth, but the system performance will improve.

4. Tweak Visual Effects

As we saw above, Windows 11 is set to look its best, but that might impact your gaming performance. To prevent your games conflicting with your GUI that’s running in the background do this:

Go to Settings on your computer like we explained above.

In the search bar in the upper left corner, type in “Performance”.

From the options that appear, select “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows”.

In the new “Performance Options” window that pops up, tick the “Adjust for best performance” option.

5. Use the Ultimate-Performance Power Plan

You might also want to switch to the the “Ultimate Performance” power plan on Windows 11. This is an option that enables your PC to consume more power in order to deliver the necessary performance.

Windows power plan is set to “Balanced” by default. So, you have to change to the “Ultimate Performance” plan manually.

Type “Power Plan” in the search bar at the top.

Change to “Ultimate-Performance” power plan (in same cases, the option is listed simply as “Performance). If this option is unavailable, navigate to “Show Additional Plans.”

After executing these steps, your system will perform better as it is consuming more power in favor of chúng tôi one thing you do need to remember, this particular power plan is suitable for high-end PCs and laptops only.

6. Update the Graphics Driver(s)

One of the crucial elements for enhancing the gaming performance is the graphics driver. So, it needs to be updated frequently.

Open the manufacturer’s website on your web chúng tôi our case, we will visit the NVIDIA website to look for new drivers.

The graphics driver will start downloading immediately.

After that, run the setup file and install the new driver. If you’re not using NVIDIA, don’t worry. The AMD graphics driver update process in Windows is also similar.

7. Activate Game Mode

Game Mode is not a new feature, as it was also available on Windows 10. It allows the users to enjoy uninterrupted gaming performance.

There’s no noticeable difference between the Windows 10 Game Mode and the the latest version. In Windows 11, it continues to optimize the system for playing games and even improves the framerates. Ideally, it is best to activate the game mode.

Select the “Settings” app on the menu.

Navigate to “Gaming” and select “Game Mode.”

Enable “Game Mode” in Windows 11 by toggling on the option.

Select “Graphics” under “Related Settings.”

Under “Graphics Preference,” select “High Performance.”

Repeat these steps for all the games installed on your Windows 11 PC to get uninterrupted gaming performance.

In theory, the new updates should be good for the system, as they come equipped with security patches, bug fixes, etc. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. There have been numerous instances where updates did more harm than good. So, it might be best to disable the auto-update feature and update Windows as you please in your own time.

Open the “Settings” apps like we explained above.

Navigate to “Windows Update.”

From here, you can pause Windows updates for a certain amount of time. There are a few options besides “Pause Updates”. Select the desired one.

As you can see, the steps are simple. But this isn’t the only way to pause Windows updates. If you are extremely cautious about not installing unnecessary updates, you should learn other ways to stop Windows from updating.

Frequently Asked Questions Are there any other ways to optimize Windows 11 for gaming?

Yes, there are other ways to optimize Windows 11 for gaming. More sophisticated ways to enhance PC gaming performance are available.

Image credit: Unsplash All screenshots by Saurav Dey

Saurav Dey

Saurav is a technology writer with more than 8 years of experience. He is a Windows enthusiast and an avid PC gamer. When Saurav is not writing, he is either having a hardcore gaming session on his PC or watching tech videos on YouTube.

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