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The hottest thing in the gaming world is playing Xbox One games on a Windows PC. By that we mean streaming Xbox One games to a Windows 11/10 PC, so yes, you will need to have an Xbox One. This is great for those who share a TV or monitor in their home. So if the little sister wants to watch Barbie Adventures, or little brother wants to watch Pokemon, you can simply get up and stream any Xbox One game to your Windows 10 computer.

How to stream Xbox One games to Windows PC

Bear in mind that this feature only works over a local network, so you cannot bring your laptop to your friend 10 blocks down the road and expect to stream your games unless it is possible to connect to your local network from such a long distance.

Make sure you have updated your computer to Windows 10 or Windows 11. If you’re coming from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, then the update should be free of charge, so get to it if you haven’t already.

Also, make sure your Xbox One is connected to Wi-Fi or a wired connection. We suggest a wired connection at all times. Furthermore, make sure your Windows 11/10 computer has the latest update installed, and that your Xbox One is also updated to the latest software version.

Connect your Xbox One controller to your Windows 11/10 computer via USB. Wait patiently for Windows to install the drivers, and then launch the Xbox app. Create an Xbox Live account if you haven’t already, then log in.

It’s that easy, but keep in mind that your keyboard and mouse will not work, at least, not right now. Microsoft should release an update for the Xbox One in the future that supports this, but it is not yet certain if it will be only designed for menu navigation, or if playing games will be included in the feature set.

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Stream Xbox One games to your Windows PC with Oculus Rift

There’s good news for Oculus Rift owners. Xbox One game streaming is now available for the Oculus Rift on Windows 10. This newly added functionality to Xbox will make it possible for gamers to experience their games in a virtual reality environment via a free app. The Xbox One streaming to Oculus Rift app for Oculus Rift appears very much similar to Windows 11/10 version of Xbox streaming. It, however, allows users to control the orientation of games in a more life-like virtual environment.

Rift works natively with Windows 11/10. This makes it easier to set up and have an incredible VR gaming experience. Moreover, you get the fastest frame rates and enhanced gaming performance owing to DirectX 12 technology that unlocks the full capabilities of new Windows graphics hardware, made-for-VR games on Windows 11/10.

To get started, you need two things. First, is an Oculus Rift running on a Windows PC. Second an Xbox One gaming console. Both should be running on the same network.

With the above in place, download the Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift app in the Oculus Store and launch it. You can download it here.

As soon as you get connected to your Xbox One, you’ll notice a streaming image right from your console.

In a few minutes, the new Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift app will get connected to your Xbox One via your home network.




Select the one, as desired and you’re all set to go. As you know, Xbox Wireless Controller is included with every Rift purchase. If you are not sure about your PC’s capability to drive VR experiences, visit here.

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Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift app requirements

Xbox One

Free Xbox Live account

Network connection

Now see how to Backup, Restore, Migrate Oculus Rift game and other directory files with vrBackupper.

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How To Reset Xbox Controllers For Xbox One, Xbox Series And Windows?

Xbox Wireless Controllers are ready to play on Windows PCs and Xbox consoles alike. The shared ecosystem between both platforms makes it easier than ever. And if you’re having trouble, we’re teaching you an all-in solution. That is: how to reset Xbox controllers?

 See, Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers share similar features and designs. Contrary to the DualShock 4 and the DualSense 5, the Xbox peripherals are interchangeable. You can play Xbox One with the newer controllers or play Xbox Series with the older ones.

There’re significant changes regarding design to make the newer peripherals more comfortable. But the fact is either option is practically the same, so they share issues and solutions.

And, as we said, resetting an Xbox controller will fix most firmware-related problems. 

When to Reset an Xbox Controller?

Before troubleshooting, you should check the common problems you’d find when the controller’s firmware malfunctions. 

The controller has difficulty syncing with your Windows PC or Xbox consoles.

There’s a significant lag when you press a button until you see the game responding.

The controller can’t update via the Xbox menu or the Xbox Accessories app on your Windows computer.

Your PC can’t identify the controller via Bluetooth or USB cable.

You could also find unexpected behavior. These include joystick drifting, weird calibration, or controls temporarily not responding. Sometimes, the buttons don’t work at all.

The controller can’t charge.

These are the common problems you’d find when you need to reset the Xbox Controller firmware. Doing it regularly (about every six months) will increase the lifespan of the accessory. 

How to Reset Xbox Controllers?

We’re teaching you how to reset the Xbox controller and the additional steps Microsoft recommends. In particular, after resetting the controller, there’re other steps you can take to ensure the accessories return to perfect condition.

Also, we’re sharing steps to reset and update the controller depending on the platform you’re using (Windows or Xbox).

Lastly, compared to PlayStation controllers, resetting the Xbox controller is about taking the battery in and out. But we can do better if you’re finding additional issues.

Power Cycle the Controller

The first step is to power cycle the controller, which you could understand as resetting the item.

After turning on the controller, charge it to its fullest. 

Hard Reset the Controller While Using the Xbox

If you’re trying to connect the controller to an Xbox console, but you can’t follow these steps:

Turn on the console and the controller.

Plug the controller into the console with its USB cable. This will automatically sync the controller to the device.

While the controller is connected to the cable, hold down the console’s power button. Hold it until it shuts down.

Wait 10 seconds, and remove all the cables from the console except the USB cable connecting the controller.

Remove the controller’s battery for about 10 seconds. Then, put it back in.

Plug back the console’s cables (like the power cord, HDMI cable, and USB extended drives.

Press and hold the controller’s Xbox button to turn the console back on.  

At this point, you should be able to remove the USB cable and keep using the controller. 

Update the Controller on Xbox

Here’s how to update the controller with the Xbox:

Press the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide.

Go to Profile & system.

Go to Settings.

Select Devices & connections.

Select Accessories.

Select your controller.

Select the “…” icon next to the controller.

Select the “Update” option if you see it, and follow the steps. 

Hard Reset Controller on Windows

Suppose you’re using the Xbox controller on a PC. In that case, you can also try removing the controller from the Bluetooth list and then syncing the peripherals again.

Here’re the steps: 

After you pair the controller, it would be best to update it. 

Update the Controller on PC

You can update the controller on Windows 10 and 11 via the Xbox Accessories app. So, first, get into the Microsoft Store for free.

Connect the controller to the PC via its USB cable or via Bluetooth.

Open the Xbox Accessories App.

There might be an Update Require message on the app.

Select the update and let it install on the controller. 

How To Set Up Xbox One S Console

Xbox One S has always been tagged as the elite console that this generation of gamers can’t live without. It is a considerable improvement over its predecessor. It looks edgy and high-end but one that gives a bang for your buck with its power-packed features, especially with the introduction of the new and improved Xbox One S Controller.

Despite the Xbox One S price, gamers loved that they would now be able to customize every button. The Xbox One S allows you to play anything from its growing library (obviously as far as you can pay for the game), even your old Xbox 360 games which are automatically converted to the current version and downloaded from Xbox Live. This works well with Xbox 360 achievements, expansions, and downloadable content. It is smaller but much more powerful than Xbox One.

Setting up Xbox One S Console

Every modern-day gamer owns an Xbox One S console. It’s just a matter of categorizing a user into one looking for an upgrade or another contemplating buying a new one. There is a thrill to unboxing an Xbox One S and even more so in setting it up. Here is a quick and easy-to-follow guide on how to set up your Xbox One S console:


Connecting with TV

Connect Console to Router

Select Language

Change Display Settings

Connect to the Internet

Initiate System Update

Select Power Option

Choose automatic updates

Connect with Microsoft Account

Make sure you have a working internet connection

1] It works well whether placed vertically or horizontally. Xbox One was intended to be placed horizontally. However, despite guidelines, users placed it vertically quite often. Microsoft understood that it wouldn’t be possible to convince people to place it in an intended manner. Thus they improved upon their device. Xbox One S can be placed horizontally as well as vertically.

Read Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S.

2] Use an HDMI cable to connect the console to HDTV. Please connect the HDMI cable, which is a part of the package, to the Xbox’s HDMI port at the back of your console. The other end of the cable should be connected to the HDMI input of your TV. As a safety precaution, make sure that the cables don’t get in contact with the console. Plug the power cord into the back of the Xbox One S console. The other end should be plugged into the electrical outlet.

Xbox One S can also be connected to the TV through a set-top box. You could use an HDMI cable for the same.

3] Connect the Xbox console to a router or modem. If you wish to play games online, you need to connect the console to the internet. To do so, you would need to connect it to a router or modem. The Xbox console has an Ethernet port which could be used to connect to the source of the network. Other than this, we could also connect to the internet using Wi-Fi. To switch on your console after connecting to the router/modem, you need to press the Xbox button in the center of the controller, or you can try pressing the Xbox button right in front of the controller.

Once the connections are done, we could begin with the digital setup.

4] Select the language and other settings. Select a language you understand to connect to the internet. More languages will be available after its first system update. Once connected to the internet, you would be presented with more languages to choose from. Those using the Kinect sensor can select the option “Begin sensor setup” and continue with the Wizard.

5] Change the display settings. When prompted, change your display screen resolution. Manually pick one and then press “A” to continue.

6] Connect to the internet. You can choose to connect automatically to the internet with either a wired or wireless setup. Attach the network cable to connect by wire or select from available networks if you opt for a wireless connection. In the next step, select your country and then press “A” to continue. Then, you can select your location and begin with your gaming experience.

7] Initiate System Update. Before you can use your Xbox One S, you need the most recent or current system update to make sure it’s going to run in smooth condition. Select “Start Update” to start the download. Once the update is complete, your Xbox One S will restart. After your console has restarted, you need to choose your time zone. This is especially important for that gaming online.

8] Select the power option. Depending on your usage, you can choose what mode of power option would be best for your needs. You can opt for the Energy Saving option, which uses less power but takes much longer for the console to power up and doesn’t automatically install updates. Another option is the Instant-On which uses up more power but turns on instantly, and you can also turn it on using voice commands.

9] Choose automatic updates. You can select the type of automatic updates to receive on your console.

10] Sign in to your Xbox with Microsoft account. Xbox supports single sign-on. You could sign in to your Microsoft or Gamertag account using your Xbox console. If you don’t have a Microsoft or Gamertag account, the setup will help you create one.

The above guide will help you a lot, especially if you are using your console and signing in to Xbox Live for the first time. You can also set up Kinect to automatically detect and read your voice and body when signing in to Xbox Live. There are many ways to customize your Xbox gaming experience, and you can start with a new skin to compliment your mood and theme.

More details can be checked from the Microsoft support website here.

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How do I set up my Xbox One without Internet?

You cannot set up Xbox One or any other console without the Internet, as Microsoft needs to connect it with your Microsoft account and download updates. However, once the setup is complete, you should be able to play some of the games online, save game clips, screenshots, and so on.

Can you use Xbox One without a Microsoft account?

No, you cannot. Xbox Gamertags are connected to your Microsoft account; you will need one to start. If the internet is available, Microsoft does allow you to create one if you don’t already have one.

Xbox One Controller Skipping –

Xbox one is the most popular gaming console both for the video game junkies and amateurs. With such a robust gaming service, you can enjoy gaming online, pick-up shooters, or play for long hours.

Xbox 360’s strong library is another reason to boost its popularity. It well meets the requirement of modern gamers than the other competing gaming consoles available in the market.

But when you meet the Xbox one controller skipping issue in the middle of your favorite game, it may be caused due to some hardware malfunction or the software got bugged somehow, it is really disgusting.

You can disable or turn off the fast-scrolling feature to control the issue. Many users have reported that after they had restarted or tried resetting their console, they could easily solve the Xbox one controller sensitivity issue.

Another important feature is your firmware! When you update your firmware, your problem may get resolved instantly. Now, let us discuss the detailed steps in this article.

To control the Xbox one controller too sensitive issue, you must disable the fast scroll option.  With the help of this fast scroll, you can move the analog stick through the dashboard tiles much faster.

In case you need to turn off the option, from your home screen, you need to press the sequence of buttons. Many users found this process of disabling fast scroll a bit difficult, but you can do it by pressing the RB plus face buttons.

After doing this, check whether your problem is solved and check the Xbox one controller sensitivity issue. Check for the improvements else try other options.

When you are muddling with your Xbox one controller scrolling by itself, check for any sort of faulty connection, and restart the Xbox to check the issue.

When you restart your gaming console if there is any problem with the connection, it gets resolves instantly. To execute the process, follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Go to the back of your router and remove the plug of the power cable. Keep like that for a couple of minutes.

Do not perform any work in between and let it sit for at least five to ten minutes before you proceed. Then give your Xbox One console a fresh restart.

Step 2: Now open the guide and go to settings. From there choose to Restart Console.

Step 3: When the notification is given, confirm to Restart your Xbox by pressing Yes and after the process starts, allow it to get completed properly.

Step 4: After a few minutes, when the process gets finished, plug in the modem, and wait patiently till it gets started.

Next set the connection of the multiplayer once again and check if you can solve your problem like this.

If you could not solve the Xbox one controller too sensitive issue by turning off the fast scroll, try this trick.

Try unplugging your Xbox controller from the gaming console. This will shut it down, then restart your system again.

Here, I am describing the entire process for your convenience. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First of all, when the console is turned on, go to the home button, and then press it.

Step 2: Now go to the Settings option and open the System window.

Now, check for the console information provided. You will find the resetting option there. Hit the Reset button to cleanse out everything.

After the procedure gets finished check for improvements. Hope after you try this process, your controller will run properly. 

Always make sure that you update your firmware. You can manually check for the available updates whenever necessary. Here, I am describing you the steps to do so:

Step 1: First of all, go to Settings and then move on to open the Update option.

Step 2: Now, select Update Console option and from here you can find out the latest update available. Hope after you choose to update it will solve your Xbox one controller too sensitive problem.

So, whenever you find some fault with your console remember to check for the updates.

So, I hope by now, you can find out a suitable solution to check the Xbox one controller skipping issue.

Feel free to shoot us a mail with your ideas or suggestions. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

Xbox One X Pc Build: Can You Do It For $500?

Still, it’s a worthwhile endeavor—so we’ve not only updated the prices for our two sample builds from June, but we’ve also added a new one using a Ryzen 3 CPU. Moreover, we’ve built an Xbox One X PC. In fact, we built two based on our part lists, and then benchmarked them.

Let’s jump right into the details.

Editor’s note (11/7/2023): This article was originally published on June 16, 2023. The latest update includes our benchmarks of the Xbox One X PC we built live on November 2nd.

Build #1: A basic 4K/30-fps gaming PC

To start, we’ll walk through a baseline build, which makes a few sacrifices but should still perform at 4K/30 fps.

Build notes

Prices current as of October 26, 2023.

Retailers chosen with shipping costs in mind—and the assumption most people have an Amazon Prime account.

Cheap motherboards like the Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P FX lack on-board Wi-Fi, so if you want wireless connectivity, prepare to shell out for either a Wi-Fi adapter or a better motherboard.

See the Build Summary section for notes on cost.

This price is after a $3 coupon discount plus a $15 mail-in rebate.

Build breakdown

Brad Chacos/IDG

This configuration nets you a (faster) eight-core CPU, enough RAM to avoid performance bottlenecks, and a GPU capable of 4K gaming at a minimum of 30 fps on Medium settings. (See below for our actual benchmark results.) However, some Xbox One X games may end up running more smoothly or with better visual fidelity on console than on this homebrew 4K machine. Unlike with the PC, developers can fine-tune their games for Microsoft’s console through a low-level API.

I could have spent a lot of time speculating on what that quotation meant: Perhaps it’s a shift from SATA II/3Gbps to SATA III/6Gbps? Use of a solid-state hybrid drive? A larger cache? Instead I chose to keep this exercise simple and selected a SATA III 7,200rpm Western Digital hard drive.

With that mystery still unresolved, I stand by my original decision to pick a 7,200rpm for simplicity’s sake. It’s as cheap, if not cheaper than a 5,400rpm drive, and it’ll run at SATA III/6Gbps assuming your motherboard supports it. Some AM3+ boards don’t, so if you go with this FX-8300 build, keep that in mind.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

The Xbox One X hard drive, as shown at Microsoft’s Xbox showcase at E3 2023.

The final pieces of this build are straightforward. In fact, you can use any reputable 500W power supply (the minimum for this build), ATX case, and Blu-Ray drive. The ones listed in our build were chosen for how cheap they were at the time of publication.

Speaking of that Blu-Ray drive, it’s a far step down from the Xbox One X’s 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive. To stay even remotely near a final total of $500, you have to ditch support for playback of 4K UHD discs. So that means you can’t play your collection of 4K UHD movies in HDR on a compatible TV, if you already own one.

Build summary

You can’t do an exact 1:1 duplicate of an Xbox One X, thanks to a mix of Microsoft’s custom hardware design and slow release of specs. This build is a fairly decent compromise between Xbox One X’s main features and the cost of PC components. It runs games in 4K at a minimum of 30 fps on a Medium graphics setting, supports HDR, and plays optical discs.

However, it’s more expensive than an Xbox One X by $212 (or more, if you’re bad about filing mail-in rebates). It lacks support for 4K UHD Blu-Ray discs. It uses a GPU that’s still inflated in price, so currently you’ll have to shell out more than MSRP or buy a graphics card with less memory. (For example, Nvidia’s 6GB GTX 1060 instead of a 8GB Radeon RX 580.) It doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi support. It’s not nearly as compact or small. And though I purposely left a controller off the build list (for PC gaming, a keyboard and mouse suffice just fine), you’ll need to factor in another $15 to $60 if it’s a must-have.

Truthfully, now that we’ve updated the parts list with current pricing (as of October 2023), the most surprising part of this build is the price increase for components like the Blu-Ray drive. In June, this FX-8300 system was $652. The $60 hike makes our more modern Ryzen 3 alternative (see below) look just as good, if not slightly better, as an alternative.

Build #2: The upgraded 4K/30-fps gaming PC

Build Notes

Prices current as of October 26, 2023.

Retailers chosen with shipping costs in mind—and the assumption most people have an Amazon Prime account.

The price for this ASRock motherboard is after $5 mail-in rebate.

See the Build Summary section for notes on cost.

This price is after a $3 coupon discount plus a $15 mail-in rebate.

Build breakdown

For the most part, this build shares the same approach as our first one. The key difference is the substitution of Pioneer’s 4K UHD Blu-ray drive. The swap puts the optical drive’s specs in line with the Xbox One X, and it also makes this build quite a bit more expensive by comparison.


For the moment, you can’t get around this painful jump in cost. The cheapest compatible processor is a $183 Kaby Lake Core i5-7400, and because only a few motherboards support the Draconian DRM specifications for 4K UHD Blu-ray disc playback, the lowest-cost option is $154. Moreover, Pioneer currently has the only option for a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive. The short of it is that you have few options for components (and price shopping) if you go this route.

Build summary

However, like the first build in this article, it has its downsides. First of all, if you build this PC at this very moment, you’ll pay an inflated cost for that RX 580 plus the RAM. This system is also much more expensive than the Xbox One X. At $940, you could buy the Xbox One X almost twice over.

Build #3: A modern, Ryzen-based 4K/30-fps gaming PC

When we first published this article in June, I noted that AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 3 processors might offer better performance than the FX-8300 for the same price. This build tackles that question head-on.

Build notes

Prices current as of October 26, 2023.

Retailers chosen with shipping costs in mind—and the assumption most people have an Amazon Prime account.

Cheap motherboards like the ASRock A320M-HDV lack on-board Wi-Fi, so if you want wireless connectivity, prepare to shell out for either a Wi-Fi adapter or a better motherboard.

See the Build Summary section for notes on cost.

This price is after a $3 coupon discount plus a $15 mail-in rebate.

Build breakdown

However, PC enthusiasts know that a huge gulf exists between a true eight-core desktop CPU and the custom part used for the Xbox One lineup. What matters more is the FX-8300’s price, which was $90 at the time of our initial June pricing. That puts it squarely in budget CPU territory.

Now that the FX-8300’s price is rising—as prices do when components begin to obsolesce—a Ryzen 3 1200 ($110) is an easy alternative. Yes, the 1200 is a four-core, four-thread part, but it’s a desktop-class component comparable to Intel’s mid-tier ($180+) Core i5 CPUs. Because we’re building a gaming PC, there’s no point in forcing an artificial replication of specs in order to appear evenly matched.

AMD / Amazon

Going with a newer processor also opens up the possibility of upgrades down the line. Though an AM4 A320 motherboard offers few substantial upgrades over an AM3+ 970 board, it does support booting from an M.2 NVMe solid-state drive. You’re not stuck with a slow hard drive or even a SATA SSD as your only options for storage.

Outside of these changes, this system shares the same approach as Build #1: It supports only standard Blu-Ray playback to keep as close to $500 as possible, and the rest of the components were largely chosen for cost. That includes even the Radeon RX 580 graphics card with its inflated street price.

Build summary

Like Build #1, this rig walks the line between the Xbox One X’s main features and the cost of PC components: You’re able to play games 4K at a minimum of 30 fps on a Medium graphics setting, view HDR content, and watch DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

It’s still more expensive than Microsoft’s console, however. If all you care about is gaming and media playback, buying an Xbox One X will provide that and still leave you $193 to spend on games.

Next page: Final thoughts on the part lists, and we build an Xbox One X PC! 

Fix Xbox App Notifications Not Working On Windows Pc

If you’re experiencing the issue whereby the Xbox App Notifications is not working on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, then fret not because you have arrived at the right place! In this post, we identify the possible causes as well as provide the most suitable solutions you can apply to successfully resolve the issue in no time.

You are most likely to encounter the issue in hand due to one or more of the following reasons;

Notifications are turned off.

Focus Assist is enabled.

Full-Screen glitch.

Incorrectly configured application.

App limited background usage.

Xbox App Notifications not working

If Xbox App Notifications is not working on your Windows 11/10 PC, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the issue on your gaming device.

Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Turn on Notifications

Enable Notifications on Xbox App

Allow App Notifications (iPhone Users)

Allow Xbox App to run in background

Turn off Focus Assist

Reset Microsoft Store

Update Xbox App

Disable and Uninstall Xbox Game Bar

Use Xbox App in Windowed Mode

Reset Xbox App

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

Before you proceed with the solutions below, you can try restarting your system. Some affected PC users reported they were able to resolve the issue after a simple restart as the application may have ‘glitched’. Also, you can log out from the Xbox app and log back in and see if that helps. And, if you have the same account logged in on both Xbox console and Windows PC, you can power off your console and see if the Xbox app notifications is now working on PC.

1] Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

You can begin troubleshooting to fix the Xbox App Notifications not working on your Windows 11/10 PC by running the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter and see if that helps.

To run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter on your Windows 11 device, do the following:

Press Windows key + I to open Settings app.

Under the Other section, find Windows Store Apps.

Follow on-screen instructions and apply any recommended fixes.

To run the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter on your Windows 10 PC, do the following:

Press Windows key + I to open Settings app.

Go to Update and Security.

Follow on-screen instructions and apply any recommended fixes.

Try the next solution if the automated wizard wasn’t helpful.

2] Turn on Notifications

You are most likely to encounter the issue in view if you have notifications turned off in Settings app on your Windows 11/10 PC. In this case, to resolve the issue, you need to turn on Notifications.

3] Enable Notifications on Xbox App

This solution requires you to make sure the notification settings in the Xbox App are also enabled. Here’s how:

Launch the Xbox Application.

Now, in the Notifications menu, you will find all kinds of Notification Settings.

Once done, check if the issue is resolved, if not, try the next solution.

4] Allow App Notifications (iPhone Users)

This solution applies to mainly to iPhone users. iPhone users can allow or block Xbox app notifications.

Do the following:

Navigate to your iPhone Settings.

In settings, scroll down to enter into the Notification menu.

In Notification menu, scroll below to look for the Xbox Application.

In the Xbox App notifications menu make sure Allow Notifications is enabled. You can also change different Alerts Styles per your requirement.

When done, exit settings on your phone and check if the issue is resolved. If not, try the next solution.

5] Allow Xbox App to run in background

You can tell which App is using Internet in background on Windows 11/10. The issue in view is likely to occur if your Xbox application is not running in the background – you will not receive any notifications once the application is closed. In this case, to resolve the issue, you need to allow the Xbox application to run in the background. To carry out this task, you can follow the instructions in the guide on how to allow or stop Apps from running in the background in Windows 11/10.

6] Turn off Focus Assist

If the Focus Assist feature is enabled on your device, you are likely to encounter the issue in hand. In this case, to resolve the issue, you need to turn off Focus Assist (if unable, see Fix: Cannot turn off Focus Assist in Windows 11/10).

Try the next solution if the issue persists.

7] Reset Microsoft Store

This solution requires you to reset Microsoft Store via the Settings app or via the built-in command-line tool chúng tôi and see if that helps. Otherwise try the next solution.

8] Update Xbox App

This solution requires you to make sure that the Xbox app installed on your computer is of the latest version since old app versions can become buggy and defective over time and consequently cause issues like the one you’re currently facing. To update the Xbox app, follow the instructions in the guide on how to check for Windows Store App updates. If you want, you can turn On/Off Automatic Updates for Microsoft Store apps.

9] Disable and Uninstall Xbox Game Bar

Sometimes pre-installed applications like the Xbox Game Bar can interfere with Xbox App notifications. In this case, to resolve the issue, you can disable Xbox Game Bar and then proceed to uninstall Xbox Game Bar completely from your device. Afterwards, restart your PC and on boot, see if the issue in hand is resolved. If not, try the next solution.

10] Use Xbox App in Windowed Mode

This is more of a workaround than a solution; and it requires you to use the Xbox App In Windowed Mode. Here’s how:

Launch the game you want to play in the Xbox App.

Hover your mouse to the top of the screen.

The app will now switch to Windowed Mode and the issue may get resolved temporarily.

11] Reset Xbox App

As a last resort if nothing has worked for you to resolve the issue in hand, you can reset Xbox app. After resetting the app, restart your computer. If resetting the app didn’t work for you, you can uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Store App on your device.

On the off chance the issue persists, you can uninstall the Xbox app (preferably, use third-party software uninstaller), then download Xbox app (Beta) at chúng tôi The Xbox app (Beta) allows gamers to stay connected to friends, games and fun at home or on the go, no matter what device you play on. Your friends and parties can stay with you via voice and text chat, even if they’re on console or PC.

Hope you find this post helpful!

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How do you fix the Xbox app glitch?

To fix the Xbox app glitch or the app has crashed or closed unexpectedly, try the following suggestions:

Close the app from the recent applications menu.

Restart your phone.

Clear the app storage, then try again.

Uninstall and reinstall.

Why are my app notifications not working?

Your app notifications not working could be due to Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode is turned on. It could also be that either system or app notifications are disabled. Other reasons are: power or data settings are preventing apps from retrieving notification alerts and outdated apps or OS software can cause apps to freeze or crash and not deliver notifications.

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