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Well!! Of course, you can. The App Store is brimming with tracking apps, including some great parental control apps for iPhone that can track connected Android phones. However, almost all come with a massive restriction, that the app should be pre-installed in that device and have location access.

Though how many of us have a pre-installed tracking app? So how can we track Android phones in this scenario? Well, Google has straightforward solutions! Read on.

How to track and locate lost Android phones from iPhone

Like iPhone’s Find My app, Google has a Find My Device app for Android devices. Unlike other apps, this one does not necessitate having the app on the lost (to be tracked) device. The service uses the Google ID registered with the Android phone and tracks its whereabouts accordingly.

Apart from tracking and locating the phone, Find My Device carries several essential features. First and foremost, it gives information such as the device name, battery, and network name (cellular or Wi-Fi). Additionally, the device’s IMEI number, last active status, and other such information are also available.

As part of security features, you can send a ring on the device, remotely lock the phone and erase all the data. To enable these features, an Android device must have an active Google account and Find My Device enabled.

The feature is auto-enabled in most Android devices. To check the status, go to Setting → Security → Find My Device.

Track Android Phone from iPhone

1. Using Find My Device

Find My Device is an Android app, and thus you cannot install it on your iOS devices. However, you can operate the service via its website, quite similar to when you are tracking your iPhone from an android phone; here’s how:

Open Safari or any other browser on your iPhone.

In the address bar enter chúng tôi .

    Enter the Google ID active on your device and tap Next.

      Now, enter your Password and tap Next again.

        You will see the main device page that has a map, device information, and other options.

            Tap Directions, if you want the route to the device location.


            No GPS: If the GPS of the android device is off, then you won’t be able to trace the phone

            If 2-Step Verification is enabled: when you activate this feature, Google sends a verification code on your registered device, whenever you log-in from a different device. Since the device itself is missing, the user is terribly stuck. However, if the user has Google backup codes or a trusted device, they can surpass the issue and track their device

            2. Using mSpy

            mSpy is a genius app that lets you track any phone from your iPhone. It’s perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s whereabouts. Moreover, it does much more than track location. You will get a complete overview of your children’s smartphone activity, from calls and text messages to social media usage and internet searches. This makes it one of the best parental control apps, and it’s well worth its affordable price.

            Moreover, it’s compatible with Android 4 and later and iOS 7 and later. 

            Here’s how to use mSpy to track an Android phone from your iPhone. 

            Note: You can do this setup from a browser on your computer too. 

            Sign up for an mSpy account. 

            Open a browser like Safari or Google Chrome on your iPhone. 

            Note: You will be guided to install mSpy on the Android phone via a special method that involves downloading the app through a browser. It cannot be installed through the Play Store. But don’t worry, as the method is secure and works. 

            Once you have followed the steps, you can view the Android device’s location info within your mSpy account anytime you want. 

            Price: $21.00 per month for a monthly plan or $5.00 per month for an annual plan

            Sign up for mSpy

            Check IMEI number of Android remotely using iPhone

            The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) encrypts a lot of information about your device, from its warranty to hardware/software specifications. In case of theft, the IMEI could be used to track and block your device by the legal authorities. But what if you don’t remember such information about your device? Here’s how to retrieve the IMEI number via Find My Device:

            Once you have logged in to chúng tôi tap ‘i‘ button next to your device’s name on the primary device page.

              A popup will show your Android device’s – IMEI, First registered, and Last seen.

              This section also avails information about when was the device last online, allowing you to check the status of your stolen or lost device.

              Remotely ring Android phone using iPhone

              A convenient feature, especially when you are in the habit of forgetting your device anywhere and everywhere. Find My Device enables you to remotely call an android device.

              Once you have logged in to chúng tôi , tap Play Sound on the main device page.

                The screen will slide into calling mode and ring your Android device.


                No Sim: This feature is rendered useless when the sim is taken out, replaced, or has no network connection. So, this is an excellent option if you have lost your phone, but not so much if it’s stolen

                How to remotely secure Android device from iPhone

                This feature allows you to remotely lock the android device so that no one can use it. Once activated, the device will be closed, and the lock screen will show a recovery message(if provided) and a call owner sign. The device remains locked until the call is made, even if it is restarted several times.

                Tap Secure Device on the main device page.

                  Enter a Recovery message, a Phone number where you can be reached and tap Secure Device.

                    Your android device will be locked, showing the following screen.

                    Additionally, all app notifications are hidden during this time. So, no one can access any message, email, or notification received during this time. Notably, the screen cannot be locked if the device is offline. However, the screen will be locked as soon as the device comes online via cellular or Wi-Fi network. It will be locked until the call is made.

                    How to remotely erase data from Android device using iPhone

                    While losing a phone is painful and upsetting, the repercussions of a data breach can be quite disastrous. This is why Find My Device has smartly incorporated this feature. This will completely wipe off any trace of your personal data or information and factory reset.

                    Tap Erase Device on the main device page.

                      Similar to the Secure device, this feature will not work if the device is offline. However, the screen will be locked as soon as the device comes online via cellular or Wi-Fi network. It will be locked until the call is made.

                      That’s all for now!!

                      Undoubtedly, the service has its own set of restrictions, but almost all other apps carry a similar set of limitations. Additionally, who would want a random app eating memory in preparation for an unfortunate event. And while it is good to be prepared, these tracking apps have an added risk of privacy and data breach.

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                      How To Secretly Track Kid’s Iphone: Mspy Iphone App

                      Whether you want to secretly keep a tab on your kid’s activity or monitor your employees, iPhone monitoring apps can be of immense help. Apart from letting you track the person’s location, these apps can also let you find out which apps he uses or to whom he calls.

                      When it comes to providing reliable functionality, there are very few activity monitoring apps that can deliver the desired result. While some make the process too lengthy, others don’t provide the much-required secrecy. Meet mSpy iPhone spy app that makes the task of tracking the activity of someone’s iOS device incredibly straightforward. Having used it for more than a week, I can say with surety that it has got everything that it takes to let you track someone’s iPhone stealthily. So, what makes this activity monitoring app stand out from the rest? And, how does it allow you to track multiple things on your target device?

                      How to Track an iPhone with mSpy iPhone Spy App

                      How mSpy iPhone App Works

                      The spy app works by letting you instantly access all the important data of the targeted iOS device, which you would want to check out. For instance, you can view who the person calls, what he/she texts and which apps they use. Even better, it instantly notifies you whenever the person you are tracking enters or leaves a location.

                      More significantly, this spy app provides you complete secrecy while monitoring the activity of the marked iPhone. And, this is what makes it so handy.

                      Track an iPhone with mSpy iPhone App

                      mSpy can easily be purchased from its website chúng tôi There are various subscription plans available so you can choose the one that suits your requirements better.

                      You will need to provide the valid e-mail address as installation instructions are sent to the e-mail ID only. Once you are done with payment, check out your email and get ready to install the app.  You will need to install the app to the target iOS device, so make sure you have access to it for a couple of minutes. Just follow instructions from the welcome email you will receive, and you will face no issues. Once it is finished, the app is ready to work silently in the background of the target device.

                      As soon as you sign up for a service, you immediately get access to an online dashboard of the control panel. The dashboard contains various tabs that help you see activity information of a target device. The surprising thing about this app is that you track all the information without the owner knowing.

                      You can access all the information of a target device anytime you want; you just require credentials provided to you during the sign-up. In addition to this, using this app, you can also access deleted information of a target device.

                      Features of mSpy – iPhone Spy App

                      Track Calls

                      If you wish to access information related to all incoming and outgoing calls of the target iPhone, you can get it within a matter of seconds using the mSpy app.

                      Read Emails of Your Target Device

                      With the help of the mSpy app, you can keep an eye on all the emails being exchanged on the target device.

                      Track iPhone Messages

                      There can be multiple reasons to track messages exchanged on the target person’s iPhone. Parents need that information to keep their kids on the straight and narrow. The reasons can be plentiful. Regardless of the reason, mSpy lets you track messages of the target person with ease.

                      Monitor Internet Usage

                      Today’s kids are more involved in using the internet. Although it is a very useful educational tool for children, it has a dark side too. So, it is necessary to take a look at your kids’ internet usage, and mSpy iPhone spy app can be ideal for this purpose.

                      What could be a better example than the Blue Whale Challenge game that has allegedly caused the death of more than 100 kids across the world? With the use of a highly intuitive activity monitor app like this one, you can prevent your loving child from falling prey to nefarious minds. In the wake of such sensational reports, it always pays to be extra cautious and take the necessary steps.

                      Real time iPhone Tracking

                      mSpy allows you to locate the exact location of your target device. Using this app, you can get to know the location where the target has been to. What’s more, you can set a virtual boundary. If the person you want to track enters or exits that boundary you will be notified immediately by this app.

                      The Bottom Line!

                      mSpy is an enormously useful spy app; what I like about its practical functionality and the ability to let you track someone’s iPhone with the needed secrecy. The other notable aspect of this app is the easy-to-use features, which you can comfortably get a hang on. With the intuitive user-interface, the app feels quite familiar right from the word go.

                      Let me know what do you think of mSpy and whether you would use it to have parental control over your child.

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                      Lapa – The Gadget & Iphone & Android App To Track Your Stuff Easily

                      A long time ago, we reviewed the Tile. Today, we’re quite excited to see a very powerful competitor in Lapa – a small gadget that lets you track your things, find them when they’re lost and keep a tab on them through your iPhone.

                      We can’t miss the fact that Lapa looks very similar to Tile on the surface but once you get beyond the basic function, Lapa is quite different. And in a way, Lapa is simpler and powerful by being more open and having almost no limitations. In the team’s own words, “Lapa is not just an object finder. It’s a social lost & found.”

                      For those of you who are not familiar with both Tile and Lapa, here’s what Lapa is all about:

                      Lapa is a small device that can be stuck on a variety of things. You can stick a Lapa on your TV remote, on your pet’s collar, on your luggage when you’re traveling, on a laptop/iPad etc

                      Lapa comes with a free app for your iPhone (and Android with Bluetooth 4.0 support). This app will help you keep a tab on all the Lapa’s you use. This way, you will never lose your pet or the TV remote again

                      Tracking aides are through sound(beep), via maps, and through alerts. For instance, when you’ve tagged a Lapa to your bag and you’re leaving the place without taking it with you, the Lapa app will alert you! Pretty cool, huh?

                      Also, Lapa’s “Go Public” feature (a relatively new feature for an app of this type) socializes tracking things which helps users find lost/misplaced things through other Lapa users who’re nearby your object

                      Have a look at comparison between Lapa, Tile, Button, Trackr and Stick N Find

                      Lapa comes in three colors: a white, a greyish black and a cool blue. Unlike Tile, (where there is an upper limit of 10 tiles associated with one account), there are no limitations with how many Lapas you can track using one account. Also, Lapa’s are reportedly quite secure but also selectively open when you want to share your Lapa with your friends. You can share through Facebook, Mail or the Lapa network. This is seen as a very important features because the chances of finding stuff increases when you share about it to your friends.

                      One prominent thing that sets Lapa apart from its primary competitor, Tile, is that Lapa’s work forever because the batteries are replaceable. In the case of a Tile, however, you will have to return the Tile and buy a new one every year.

                      Lapa is a great tool to keep your things from getting lost or stolen. Even in the case of getting lost or misplaced, the Lapa and the companion app will help you find the thing via beeps, location data through maps and more.

                      Also, when more people begin using Lapa, it forms a network not very different from what we spoke about in our Tile review. This helps in locating your misplaced/lost item even when you are away (by making use of Lapas that are nearby your lost item). However, while Tile keeps this data anonymous and does not let the other Tile owner know of your Tile-tagged object, Lapa can – optionally – let the other Lapa owner know that your Lapa-tagged object is somewhere near. If the Lapa-owner turns out to be good, you get your item safe and secure!

                      Just like many new projects, Lapa is being crowdfunded over at Indiegogo. The target is $75,000 in two months.

                      You can pre-order a Lapa for $22. Do check out their gadget/app and fund them to help them produce the first batch of Lapas.

                      Author Profile


                      The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

                      Top 5 Android Desktop Managers To Manage Your Phone From Computer

                      Android is the most widely used mobile operating systems in the world and one of the major reason behind it, is that its flexible and open nature, which makes sure that plays well with almost all platforms. For instance, the Android devices can communicate easily with Macs and PCs around you, therefore making things easier, as you can sync data from your Android smartphone to your PC and carry your work with you. However, if you’d like to manage your Android device from your PC or Mac, or share all types of files, it’s not natively possible. That’s where Android Desktop Managers come into play.

                      1. MoboRobo

                      While the application is free, it will give you app recommendations from time to time. Also, at the time of installation, make sure that you don’t install any third party apps, which come packed with the installer.

                      Download (Windows)

                      2. MoboGenie

                      MoboGenie is yet another free Android desktop manager which lets you download apps, manage files and keep your phone up to date. The manager automatically scans your phone and deletes junk files and resources. Getting new content directly from the computer to your device is the primary focus of this desktop manager. MoboGenie supports managing your device over WiFi and it’s obviously easier than using the data cable.

                      MoboGenie also lets you manage contacts, messages, apps and almost anything in the device. Like MoboRobo, you can create a complete backup of the device and restore it to any Android device at a later date with MoboGenie.

                      Download (Windows)

                      3. MyPhoneExplorer

                      The application also syncs contacts and calendar to Outlook, which can be helpful if you have a corporate phone and need to keep the phone in sync with the PC all the time. The only downside of MyPhoneExplorer is that it’s very basic with a 5-year-old outdated UI. But if you can work with that, I would really recommend it as a free alternative to the above two.

                      Download (Windows)

                      4. AirDroid

                      Let’s now take a look at the top paid Android desktop managers, starting with AirDroid. AirDroid started as a free file transfer app between PC and Android over WiFi but has come to a great distance from where it started to become a full-fledged wireless desktop manager for Android. You will have to create an online account before you can work on AirDroid. Once you have created an account and installed AirDroid on your phone as well, you can control the messages, get notifications, share files, manage apps, calls, contacts and almost everything from the software or the web client.

                      The free version of the app is limited when it comes to file size of the transfers and daily transfer quota. The paid version removes all the restriction for just $1.99 per month. Also, you can manage your Android device wirelessly, as it supports WiFi connections.

                      The best part about the app is that it works on all the platforms because it is available as a web client and Chrome extension. However, if you want a full-fledged solution, you should download the full-blown software for Windows and macOS.

                      Download (Android, macOS, Windows, Chrome, Web)

                      5. Wondershare MobileGo for Android

                      Download (Windows, macOS)

                      Ready to manage your Android smartphone from your PC or Mac?

                      3 Useful Android Apps To Track App Usage On Android

                      If you’re finding your time being frittered away while you use your phone, it’s worth checking to see which apps are absorbing your time. Fortunately, there are apps available that can track app usage and how much time you use on each app. Some can even warn you when you begin spending too much time in one!

                      Let’s explore the best apps to track your Android apps usage.

                      Note: these apps will need to run in the background in order to track your app usage. Check out these ways you can stop Android apps from automatically running in the background.

                      1. YourHour

                      YourHour is an app specifically designed to tackle phone addiction. It achieves this by monitoring all the apps you use and the number of times you unlock your phone over the course of the day.

                      When you boot up the app, you can adjust the daily limits for both app usage and unlock counts. Once set, the app will begin tracking how you use your phone over the course of the day.

                      The usage tracker is great for identifying which apps are draining your daily time. You can also enable a timer that appears when using an app, showing you how much time you’ve spent on it today. When you begin spending too much time on it, the clock turns from green to red.

                      The unlock counter keeps track of how many times you unlock your phone. If you’ve developed a nasty habit of unlocking your phone when you’re bored, this app will pick up every time you do it.

                      The app won’t force you to stop using apps or prevent you from unlocking your phone, but it will give you insight into how you use it. As such, you’ll need to apply what you learn from the app to free up your time.

                      2. StayFree

                      While YourHour is fantastic at keeping tabs of your overall phone usage, StayFree is the best app for analyzing individual apps. Once installed, it will begin tracking how much time you spend on each app every day, then compile the data it collects into a detailed analysis.

                      For example, StayFree lets you see how much time you spend in the app every day as well as how many times you boot it up. It will then calculate the daily average time you spend in the app to see if you’re going above or below it. Then – most impressively of all the features – it compares this to the global recorded average to see how you fare against how other people use that app.

                      You can also see each hour in the day you spent on the app to find hotspots in your daily routine, then compare that to a weekly breakdown to see which days are sucking up your time the most.

                      3. Screen Time

                      While it’s a good idea to cut down on some time-consuming apps, there are some that are useful for your productivity. For example, you don’t want an app telling you off for doing work in a word processor.

                      Screen Time solves this issue by categorizing each app that you have. If you use an app as a tool rather than a time-waster, Screen Time will categorize it accordingly so it doesn’t mess around with your daily screen quota.

                      After a day has passed, Screen Time shows you a graph of how you used your time. This graph is broken down per category, so if you spent a lot of time in productive apps, the graph will reflect this. As such, this makes Screen Time a good way to identify which apps are truly wasting your time once you remove the beneficial apps from the equation.

                      Finding Out More About Your Phone

                      If you’re having issues finding out which apps are sucking up your time, there are apps will help you with that. Whether you want to time each app’s use, compare your usage to the world, or see your tool-to-entertainment balance, it’s easy with an app.

                      If you don’t want others to know which Android apps you have installed, find out ways to hide your Android apps from snooping eyes.

                      Simon Batt

                      Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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                      How To Access An Android Phone Using Kali Linux

                      Note: this tutorial is for security researchers and hobbyists. We do not recommend hacking anyone’s phone without their permission.


                      Before you begin work on Kali Linux, you first need to familiarize yourself with its console terminal.

                      It readily hosts a comprehensive list of tools which are designed to target a device’s firmware or operating system.

                      Launching an Android Metasploit

                      The following steps will demonstrate how to download MSFVenom on a Kali Linux system.

                      Start the terminal and enter the following command.

                      To determine the IP address of the listener host, open a new console terminal and enter ifconfig. Usually, port 4444 is assigned for trojans, exploits, and viruses.

                      Once the IP address has been determined, go back to the previous screen and enter the details.

                      The file “hackand.apk” will be saved in the desktop and is the main backdoor exploit to be used on the Android phone.

                      In the next step, launch “msfconsole” which is a common penetration testing tool used with Kali Linux. For this, enter service postgresql start followed by msfconsole. PostgreSQL refers to a database where the console has been stored.

                      Once the penetration tool is ready, you can launch the remaining exploit.

                      Next, an executable called “multi-handler” will be used.

                      use multi



                      Refer to the image below for connecting the exploit with the console. The same IP address and port numbers will be used.

                      In the next stage, the msfvenom exploit will be launched and initialized with a simple exploit command. Now, we have to find a target which will be an Android phone.

                      Connecting Kali Linux Terminal with Android Phone

                      The chúng tôi file which we downloaded earlier is only 10 KB in size. You will have to find a way to insert the file in the target’s phone. You can transfer the virus using USB or a temporary email service.

                      Generally, webmail providers such as Gmail or Yahoo will refuse to carry this virus infected file.

                      Android will warn you before you insert the software. But, it just takes less than 20 seconds to complete the installation as you only have to “ignore the risk and install.” This makes the threat somewhat serious if your phone is in unlock mode.

                      As shown here, a lot of damage can be done to the phone including modifying the storage contents, preventing phone from sleep, connecting and disconnecting from Wi-Fi, setting wallpaper, and more.

                      Once the APK file is installed, it can be cleverly disguised within the phone.

                      Now, you can use many commands like the following on Kali Linux terminal to control the phone. You don’t have to remember them really as the list is available from a simple help option in meterpreter.

                      record_mic: recording the microphone

                      dump calllog: get the call log

                      webcam_chat: start a video chat

                      geolocate: get the phone’s current location


                      In this tutorial, we saw a basic strategy of using Kali Linux to gain access to an Android smartphone. Even though this is a very simple exploit, it has great implications in terms of IoT security.

                      Sayak Boral

                      Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over eleven years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.

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