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If you have an RTX 3090, Amazon’s New World MMO could kill it [Update]

Amazon’s New World MMO is currently in closed beta, and that has led to a surge of interest in the game. New World launches at the end of August, so this closed beta is a chance for prospective buyers to see the mostly-finished product, and a lot of folks are taking Amazon up on its offer of beta access in exchange for pre-orders. However, if you have an RTX 3090 graphics card in your rig, you might want to sit out the New World beta for now, as there have been reports of the game bricking GPU hardware.

As spotted by PC Gamer, there are thread up on both the New World subreddit and the New World official forums in which players report that playing New World has bricked their GPUs. The issue seems to mostly revolve around EVGA cards – specifically the EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra – though there have been less frequent reports of other cards as well.


Playing the New World beta on my EVGA 3090 has fried my graphics card completely. There are many accounts of this same thing happening with the same card with the same game.@TEAMEVGA @playnewworld @EVGA_JacobF

I just want to make sure this doesn’t happen to others

— Gladd (@Gladd) July 21, 2023

Obviously, it’s never a good time to have a GPU die, but right now is a terrible time given the current PC hardware shortage. While it’s been difficult to pin down a precise cause, there’s talk among the player base that uncapped framerates in New World’s menus (or even while players are waiting in queue) is to blame. If you’re going to play New World and you want to avoid bricking your high-end GPU, limiting your frame rate to 60 or even 30 might be a good place to start.

Talk of GPU failures while playing New World really started making the rounds when Twitch streamer Gladd experienced that exact thing on-stream. Shortly afterward, he published a tweet (embedded above) in which he confirmed that his graphics card had been fried “completely.” PC Gamer notes that there were known issues with early-model RTX GPUs that had defective power delivery components, but a driver update pushed by NVIDIA supposedly quashed those issues.

Until the community, the developers behind New World, and GPU manufacturers get to the bottom of this issue, it’s probably best to avoid the New World beta if you’ve got an RTX 3090, particularly an EVGA FTW3 Ultra. We’ll see what happens from here, but with just about five weeks left to go for release, this could potentially be a big problem for New World.

Update: Amazon has not only issued a statement in response to these reports, but it has also detailed some measures players can take to ensure that their GPUs operate normally while playing New World. In addition, the company has announced that it will issue a patch that limits framerate while in New World’s menus. You can read Amazon’s full statement about the matter here.

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Nvidia Announce The Rtx 3090 Ti, 3050, And More At Ces 2023

Last Updated on July 22, 2023

NVIDIA’s CES 2023 event included announcements regarding the RTX 3090 Ti and the rest of the 30-series of cards.

NVIDIA 3090 Ti Specs

The powerhouse card is seeing an upgrade, that we know for certain. NVIDIA’s 3090 is a beast, designed to be the nuke you drop on your workflow for creative content or to crush gaming performance with zero worries about overhead for the next few years. Other sources have beat NVIDIA to their own news, as the company said that the GPU would get more of an information dump later on in the month.

According to VideoCardz, The Ti variation will bring a bit more power, both in terms of performance and in the rumoured need for a grotesque 1275 watt minimum power supply for certain brands.

If you’ve upgraded to 3090 recently, I wouldn’t worry too much, as the 3090 Ti appears to be only 7.7% faster, so an increment, rather than a full overhaul. Blood from a stone and all that. However, this near 8% improvement is thanks to the apparent 24GB GDDR6X memory, clocked in at around 21Gbps. While it’s the same amount of memory in the original 3090, this is a faster variation.

Shown was the Founders Editon of the 3090 Ti, continuing NVIDIA’s trend of going to market first before everyone else. These cards are usually that bit more powerful than the base model, with an apparent max clock speed of 1860 MHz and a base clock speed of 1560. An image of this card leaked, from what looks like a prepackaged video for the CES presentation.

Spec3090 Ti*3090Base Clock (MHz)15601395Boost Clock (MHz)18601695CUDA Cores1075210496GPU Clusters8482Tensors/TMUs336328Memory24GB G6X24GB G6XBus384-bit384-bitMemory Clock21Gbps19.5GbpsBandwidth1008 GB/s936 GB/sTDP450W350WSource: VideoCardz/* – Rumoured

GeForce Now coming to Samsung TVs, AT&T

GeForce Now is NVIDIA’s live streaming service that brings the power of their RTX cards to mobile devices, for a subscription fee. Launching the service on LG TVs last year, this year the focus is on Samsung and bringing it to mobiles through a reliable network. While 5G hasn’t yet smoothed all the ridges in its coverage, NVIDIA is partnering with AT&T to bring the game streaming service to anyone on 5G without any additional charge.

NVIDIA 1440p Esports displays announced

A little bit of a surprise is NVIDIA partnering up with different manufacturers to improve their G-Sync offering, with specific esports displays being available soon. These monitors have two resolutions, coming in at a native 1440p, but can flip to 1080p at 25″ of the overall 27″ screen for a boost in performance if they need it.

RTX 3050 brings budget gaming to a new level

The 1650 and 1050 still rule the roost when it comes to budget builds, but even NVIDIA wants you to upgrade at some point. The 3050 cards will bring you into the RTX ecosystem, allowing for more performance in favourite games without dropping the quality settings down.


NVIDIA have ramped up their support for content creators in recent years, making strides with the Studio drivers to improve performance in programs like DaVinci Resolve and the Adobe Suite. Now, they’re working to collate everything together, allowing you to design everything within their singular program after working in the individual program. Instead of having to swap between Blender and Unreal, you can just import everything into Omniverse and work on it there.

The toolkit from Omniverse has also been made open, no longer requiring beta access, and has new features or additions.

New portable version of the 3080Ti, 3070Ti

NVIDIA Studio Laptops get a boost too, with NVIDIA taking aim at the new M1 Max Laptops from Apple in regards to rendering times. New laptops will be available later down the line that features these cards.

Daydreaming Can Have Loads Of Benefits—If You Do It Right

Thanks to our fast-paced, hyper-connected world, it can be hard to remember the last time you enjoyed being alone with your thoughts. Even if you were a prolific daydreamer as a kid, as an adult you likely ward off your thoughts with mobile devices—you might even prefer an electric shock. 

We’re not kidding: In 2014, researchers from the University of Virginia and Harvard University discovered that 67% of male participants and a quarter of female subjects preferred to give themselves electric shocks rather than simply sit and think. Subsequent work by some of the same people has investigated how to make daydreaming easier and more pleasurable, efforts that could help us to reclaim this powerful mental health tool. You have much to gain from mastering daydreaming.

Daydreaming can be really good for you

At times, daydreaming may be considered a negative, unproductive activity. While for some, maladaptive dreaming—marked by vivid or abnormally long daydreams—does interfere with daily life and productivity, a bit of musing has been proven to increase productivity, unleash creativity, and provide an emotional boost. For one, Erin Westgate, a University of Florida psychology professor who worked on that 2014 study, has called thinking for pleasure “a part of our cognitive toolkit” and “a powerful tool to shape our emotions.” 

Allowing our minds to wander can also help us fight boredom and avoid resorting to bullying or sadistic behaviors. A 2023 study by Westgate and researchers from three European universities revealed participants opted to relieve boredom by killing worms with a coffee grinder. Three worms sat in individual cups labeled with their names—cute ones like Toto—while subjects were offered the option to dump the creatures into the machine and shred them with the press of a button. No insects were harmed, but participants were actually unaware the tiny critters would be spared by a special barrier within the grinder.

[Related: What happens in your brain when you daydream]

Daydreaming has its uses at work, too, according to a 2023 study by the Georgia Institute of Technology. One participant even reported making fewer mistakes after a short daydream break. The reason for the growing errors: he had become bored with a repetitive task. The daydreaming session provided the relief he needed to complete his task more effectively. Others told researchers that both their work performance and emotional state improved after a little mind wandering, noting feelings of being “refreshed.” 

Past studies have also shown that thinking for pleasure can increase pain tolerance (people tolerated ice-cold water for longer) and help you fall asleep (insomniacs fell asleep faster). 

The best way to daydream

In her latest study, Westgate and her colleagues found that a basic thinking aid can make daydreaming easier and more enjoyable. These tools were, simply, lists. Researchers asked everyone to come up with eight topics they would enjoy thinking about. The resulting aids either took the form of words projected on a screen, or handwritten index cards. 

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Without direction, your mind wanders over to financial woes, to-do lists, and sad events, sucking any fun out of musing. Even with a guide, the researchers found you’re unlikely to reap any rewards unless you’re thinking happy thoughts and having a good time thinking them. While eating ice cream may be an enjoyable thought, for example, thinking of eating Mickey Mouse ice cream with your nephews on their first-ever trip to Disney World would be enjoyable and meaningful. Try to hit both notes when you’re daydreaming.

More daydreaming tips

Once you understand the basic framework of what makes a great daydream, you can boost your skills even further with additional tricks. 

Make your own list 

Have a list with meaningful, happy thoughts ready to go. Try including a happy memory, something you’re looking forward to, a future accomplishment, and even an imaginative, enjoyable fantasy like munching on blue macarons with Grogu (formerly known as Baby Yoda). Skip everyday activities, like errands, and any negative experiences when making your list.

Customize your thinking aid

Index cards worked for study participants, and they may be a good tool for you. You could also try post-it notes for when you’re at your desk or a notepad app on your phone to spark your thoughts on the go. 

Pick a good time to daydream

It’s easier to daydream when we’re brushing our teeth, walking, or sitting in a vehicle. Our minds will wander more easily when we’re on autopilot. As you get more comfortable allowing your mind to roam free, try giving yourself mini daydream breaks while working.

Be patient with yourself

While it may look like merely staring off into space, daydreaming is actually cognitively taxing. Westgate has described the toll as being a one-person actor, director, screenwriter, and audience for your very own mental performance.

Considering how drained we feel after many other cognitively demanding tasks, it’s easy to understand why letting our minds wander becomes something many of us actively avoid. That’s why it’s important to be kind with yourself while you practice, as you should be when learning any other skill. Experience will equip you with a tool chest of happy thoughts for stressful times. 

Before you know it, you’ll look forward to a little time inside your head, and when that email ping brings you back, you’ll be feeling ready to take on the rest of your day.

Jailbreak An Amazon Fire Tv Stick: Everything You Need To Know

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is an incredibly popular streaming device that is easy to install and even easier to use. The Fire TV Stick has a proven track record of being an affordable device that can turn any TV with an HDMI port into a media streaming mecca. If you want to do even more, you may want to consider jailbreaking yours. Follow this guide to learn how to jailbreak an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Tip: you can sideload apps on your Fire TV as well.

What Is “Jailbreaking”?

The term “jailbreaking” has all sorts of connotations. It sounds vaguely illegal and risky, but these fears are largely unfounded. Simply put, jailbreaking refers to a process that removes the restrictions on your Fire TV Stick put in place by the manufacturer. As a result, this gives you, the end user, more options regarding your Fire TV Stick’s functionality.

Why Would I Want to Jailbreak My Fire TV Stick?

Jailbreaking your Fire TV Stick allows you to install third-party apps that are not available through the official Amazon App Store. There is some risk associated with this, as apps not listed on the Amazon App Store are not inspected and verified by Amazon.

Image source: Unsplash

To avoid installing malicious apps, we suggest only installing apps that the larger Fire TV Stick community has vetted. Further in this guide, we list some of the more popular and legal apps people install on their Fire TV devices.

Helpful Hint: are you unsure which Fire TV to buy? Check out this guide that breaks down each Amazon Fire TV Stick and other Amazon TV options.

Is Jailbreaking a Fire TV Stick Illegal? Is It Safe?

Let’s put this one to bed straight away. Jailbreaking your Fire TV Stick is safe. There is virtually no risk associated with it, as it doesn’t require you to do anything other than change a few settings that can easily be changed back to their default values. Jailbreaking won’t even void the warranty. As we are not “hacking” the Fire TV Stick’s software or modifying anything that can’t be undone, there is minimal risk of damaging or bricking it.

But what about the legality of jailbreaking your Fire TV Stick? The act of “jailbreaking” is entirely legal. It is your device, you paid for it, and you can do as you please with it. Additionally, as mentioned above, all you’re doing is changing a few settings that are easily accessible to the end user. It’s quite literally like flipping a switch.

Some of these additional apps allow you to access pirated content, like movies, TV shows, and sports. Accessing pirated content is illegal. It’s up to you to do the right thing and stay far away. Fortunately, you can scroll down to see our picks for the top legal apps to install once you have jailbroken your Fire TV Stick.

Tip: you can easily download streaming videos on any platform.

How to Jailbreak Your Fire TV Stick

Jailbreaking your Fire TV Stick is a simple and straightforward process. However, before you can unlock your Fire Stick’s potential by installing new apps, you’ll need to do a few things. But rest assured, these steps are painless and super-easy to execute.

1. Prep Your Fire TV Stick

The first thing you’ll need to do is navigate to the Fire TV Stick’s home page.

Press the Home button on your Fire TV Stick’s remote.

Open the Settings menu by highlighting and selecting the cog icon on the far right of the homepage.

In the Settings menu, select “My Fire TV.” (On older devices, this option is labeled “Device.”)

Allow the installation of third-party apps by turning on the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option.

Depending on your Fire TV Stick model, you may also have to select a specific app after turning this on. If so,

proceed to the next section

and download/install Downloader. Return to the Developer Options window, turn on “App from Unknown Sources,” and select “Downloader.”

Typically, the installation of apps downloaded from outside the Amazon App Store is disabled. However, turning this option on removes this restriction so that you can install apps from anywhere.

You can also enable ADB (Android Debug Bridge) debugging. This option allows you to access your Fire TV Stick remotely from a computer, provided both devices are on the same network. With ADB debugging on, you can use your computer to enter Terminal commands and install apps. If the thought of that scares you a little, you don’t have to do it.

Good to Know: there are several key differences between YouTube TV and YouTube Premium, and knowing these differences can help you determine which is the better investment.

2. Download the Downloader App from the Amazon App Store

Now that you’ve allowed your Fire TV Stick to install apps outside the official app store, you must install the Downloader app. Fortunately, this app is available on the Amazon App Store, so finding and installing it is easy.

We can use this app to find and, as the name implies, download APK files. APK stands for “Android Package,” and these files are “executables,” meaning the Android operating system will open and install them once downloaded to a device. Apps for Android devices are most commonly compiled as APKs.

Hit the “Home” button on your Fire TV Stick remote and select the search icon. (It looks like a magnifying glass.) Some versions say “Find” versus having an icon.

Type “downloader” or hold the microphone button on your remote and say “downloader.”

On the search results page, find the app labeled “Downloader.” At the time of this writing, the bright orange app icon is hard to miss. Select it and download it to install it on your Fire TV Stick.

3. Launch the Downloader App

Launch the app with the Downloader app installed on your device and grant the necessary permissions. Now you’re ready to use the app.

Downloader works similarly to a web browser. Place the cursor on the address bar at the top of the screen and direct it to the URL that hosts the app you want to install.

The app will navigate to the site and allow you to download the app to your Firestick/Fire TV. You’ll have the option to download the app to your device.

Once it finishes, you’ll be given the option to install it on your Fire TV Stick.

Consider Your Privacy

If you don’t want Amazon tracking your app usage on third-party apps that you sideload, you’ll want to turn off app data usage tracking in your privacy settings.

Open “Settings” from your home screen.

Select “Preferences.”

Select “Privacy Settings.”

Toggle “Device Usage Data” and “Collect App Usage Data” to OFF.

Press your back button and select “Data Usage Monitoring.” Turn this off as well.

Apps to Install on Your Jailbroken Fire TV Stick

You’ve done the prep work and retrieved the necessary tools. Now you’re ready to install some third-party apps to unlock the potential of your Fire TV Stick. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular, safe, and legal apps to install.


There’s a high probability that you’ve heard of Kodi before. Previously known as Xbox Media Center, Kodi is a powerful media player that can organize all your digital media under one roof. In addition, Kodi also supports third-party “add-ons.” These add-ons host a variety of material, from streaming video to music to podcasts.

Poking around on the Internet will uncover a number of add-ons that offer ad-free movies, TV shows, and sports. Exercise extreme caution with these. Most of the add-ons purporting to deliver content without having to open up your wallet should raise some red flags. There is an official add-on repository. These add-ons are verified by the development team behind Kodi and are safe and legal. We recommend sticking to these.


In this day and age, it’s recommended to use a VPN when doing anything online. A VPN can protect your privacy, credit card numbers, passwords, and more from prying eyes. However, there is one other helpful feature of VPNs. Since a VPN bounces your traffic through a server in another location, you can use a VPN to get around geo-restrictions.

Several providers lock their content to a particular country or region. Launching a VPN and changing the server location to one in the region or country you are trying to access content from should allow you to bypass that restriction. Express VPN is one of the most popular VPN apps for Android devices, including the Fire TV Stick.

Good to Know: you can also download a VPN on your Android or iOS device.

Cyberflix TV Ola TV

Another popular app for jailbroken Fire TV Sticks is Ola TV. Like Cyberflix TV, Ola TV is another application that curates streaming video links. However, there is one significant difference between the two: whereas Cyberflix TV collects links to popular movies and TV shows, Ola TV cultivates live television broadcasts worldwide.

Everyone can find something to watch with access to over 12,000 Internet Protocol television channels. Available content on Ola TV runs the gamut from children’s programming to sports to news from countries all over the world.

Using ES File Explorer

If Downloader isn’t available in your area, you can take the ES File Explorer approach to jailbreak an Amazon Fire TV Stick. ES File Explorer lets you sideload apps just like Downloader does.

Search for “ES File Explorer.”

Select “ES File Explorer” and download it.

After it’s installed, you’ll need to enable “Developer Options” and “Apps from Unknown Sources.” Please see the above “Prep Your Fire TV Stick” section for complete steps with images or follow the steps below.

Open “Settings” from your home screen. Select “My Fire TV.”

Select “Apps from Unknown Sources.” Depending on your device model, you may also need to select “ES File Explorer” to enable it.

Open “ES File Explorer” from your list of apps on your Fire TV Stick.

Frequently Asked Questions Will jailbreaking “brick” my device?

It is doubtful that you will brick your Amazon Fire TV Stick when you jailbreak it. As we mentioned earlier, jailbreaking doesn’t involve modifying the device or changing its code. All you are doing is changing some of the device’s settings, which can easily be reversed.

Which Amazon Fire devices can be jailbroken?

All Amazon Fire TV devices can be jailbroken using the aforementioned method. There are other ways to do it; however, the aformentioned method is the easiest and doesn’t require you to spend any money on premium apps.

Can I sideload apps on other streaming devices?

Yes. There are methods to sideload apps on nearly every streaming device, including the Fire TV Stick. Remember, just because an app’s not available in your device’s app store, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

Why won’t my apps load once I download them?

Since you’re not downloading official apps from Amazon, you can’t just contact support. However, if you download an app using Downloader or ES File Explorer and it won’t load, there are several common reasons:

The file itself was corrupt – re-download the app and try installing again

The version you downloaded isn’t compatible with the Fire TV Stick – Check for other versions

The file is malicious – if the file isn’t from an official source (like the developer’s site), it could be malicious, and you should remove it immediately

The best approach is to simply remove the app and try again or search for a different source.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons. All screenshots by Crystal Crowder.

Crystal Crowder

Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer. She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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Amazon S3: Everything You Need To Know

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon.


AWS has seven types of storage services which include Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Amazon FSx for Lustre, Elastic File System (EFS), Amazon S3 Glacier, Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, and AWS Storage Gateway

Amazon Simple Storage Service, commonly called Amazon S3, is the most popular and one of the first services introduced by AWS. It stores data of any type or size and supports all file formats. Amazon S3 helps in content distribution, performing analytics on data, backup, and recovery for cloud-based applications.

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 is an efficient cloud storage service with high security, reliability, and scalability focusing on object-based storage.

S3 is a flexible, cost-effective data storage with REST and SOAP interfaces. It can be integrated with other AWS services like Amazon RDS, EC2, Cloud Front, etc. Amazon S3 has a web-based user interface that helps store and retrieve data from anywhere on the internet.

How Does Amazon S3 Work?

S3 has the following components :




It is the top-level element of S3 and can be thought of as an object container, where the object denotes basic storage unit. In other words, the bucket is a logical container storing data in Amazon S3 buckets. They can be addressed in the following ways:

Buckets can be managed in the following ways:

 AWS SDK (Software Development Kit)

 Amazon S3 REST API

Features of Bucket:

It does not support nesting, meaning a bucket can’t contain another.

Users can choose the location of their choice for the creation of a bucket.

Users can create policies and permissions which restrict access to buckets.

Bucket deletion is possible through a DELETE request.

The bucket can be deleted only when it contains no objects, meaning it should be empty.


It represents the basic data storage element in S3 buckets. The object has the following components:

Key: It is the unique identifier that identifies each object in a bucket. Key denotes the name of the object. It is the string that indicates a hierarchy of directories. Using the key, it is possible to retrieve objects in the bucket

Value: It is the actual content that needs to be stored. It is made up of a sequence of bytes.

Metadata: It is the data about data that are being stored. It denotes a set of name-value pairs that stores data about an object.

Version ID: It is the system-generated string that uniquely identifies a specific version of an object

Access control list: It controls access to objects or files stored in S3 by granting permissions.

Amazon S3 Storage Classes

The different S3 storage classes are:

S3 Standard

S3 Standard-IA

S3 Intelligent-Tiering

S3 One Zone-IA

S3 Glacier

S3 Glacier Deep Archive

S3 Standard:

It is the default and the most expensive storage, class. It supports cloud migration processes to other classes, website hosting, and big data analytics. This is the best option when frequent data access is necessary.

S3 Standard-IA (Infrequent access):

It is good for backups, long-term storage, and disaster recovery-based use cases. It has a lower price for data and it is used when data is rarely accessed.

S3 Intelligent-Tiering:

It delivers automatic cost savings by moving data to the most cost-effective access tier, without having an impact on performance. In other words, it moves data between the Infrequent Access Tier and Frequent Access Tier.

S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access (S3 One Zone-IA):

It is good for data that is used infrequently but requires rapid access. It is helpful in secondary backup storage.

S3 Glacier:

This service stores data as archives where data access is infrequent. It provides low-cost and long-life archive storage. Also, it uses server-side encryptions to encrypt all data.

S3 Glacier Deep Archive:

It is the lowest-cost storage class and provides long-term data retention where data access is infrequent. Also, it has a minimum storage period of 90 days. It has 99.9% availability over a given year.

Why Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 automatically creates multiple data replicas, so it is never lost.

High security involves encryption features and access management tools that prevent unauthorized access.

Able to store large files of a size limit of 5 TB.

Less cost because of the pay-as-you-go model. Users have to pay depending on the amount of storage and time they use on S3.

Easy to manage because the resources can be managed through GUI (Graphical User Interface), CLI (Command Line Interface), and API (Application Program Interface).

S3 keeps multiple copies of a file to track changes over time, thus supporting versioning.

Objects can be created on the location of the user’s choice.

Highly durable hence data loss is much lesser. S3 provides object durability of “99.99999999999%”

Amazon S3 Use Cases

Some of the use cases of amazon S3 include:

Static Website Hosting:

Amazon S3 helps in hosting static websites. Hence users can use their domain. Serverless Web Applications can be developed using S3 and by using generated URLs, users can access the application.

Backup & Recovery:

Amazon S3 helps create backups and archive critical data by supporting Cross Region Replication. Due to versioning, which stores multiple versions of each file, it is easy to recover the files.

Low-cost data archiving:

It is possible to move data archives to certain levels of AWS S3 services like Glacier storage classes, which is one of the cheap and durable archiving solutions for compliance purposes; thus, data can be retained for a longer time

Security and Compliance:

Amazon S3 provides multiple levels of security, including Data Access Security, Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, Access Control Lists (ACLs), etc. It supports compliance features for HIPAA/HITECH, Data Protection Directive, FedRAMP, and others.


Amazon S3 is an efficient object-based storage service used with REST and SOAP interfaces. Organizations can use this service for storing data relating to any business, such as web or mobile applications, analytics, backup, etc. Some companies using S3 are Siemens, Invista, Bristol Meyers Squibb, etc.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an online file storage service by AWS.

S3 is fully scalable, efficient, fast, and reliable.

Basic storage units of Amazon S3 are called objects organized into buckets.

Different S3 storage classes comprise S3 Standard, S3 Standard-IA, S3 Intelligent-Tiering, S3 One Zone-IA, S3 Glacier, and S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

The areas where S3 proved useful include static website hosting, backup & recovery, low-cost data archiving, security and compliance.

 The media shown in this article is not owned by Analytics Vidhya and is used at the Author’s discretion.


Could Dragons Have Existed If Evolution Had Taken A Different Turn?

Group Effort

Dragons don’t exist (as far as we know), but some of their individual characteristics can be found throughout the animal kingdom.

It would have taken quite a few turns for natural selection to have produced dragons, but if you’re willing to stretch a bit, most classic dragon characteristics do exist in other species. They just don’t come packaged in one animal.

First up on the dragon checklist: flying. Dragon wings are usually depicted in one of two ways—a third pair of limbs connected to the backbone, or webbed forearms. Jack Conrad, a paleontologist and reptile expert at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, thinks the latter is more plausible.

“It seems that six appendages are very unlikely in vertebrates,” he says. “The only thing close to having six limbs are these frogs in the western part of the U.S. that get this bad parasite and end up generating extra limbs. Even then, the new limbs are identical to the hind limbs, and the frogs don’t do well. It seems that anytime nature tries to generate a vertebrate hexapod, it dies. That seems to be the main limitation.”

In Conrad’s opinion, the leathery wings of a pterosaur are the best possible flight mechanism for a giant lizard. “Quetzalcoatlus had a 30-foot wingspan,” he says. “That would do the trick.” Big, strong wings are necessary to compensate for the weight of a dragon’s skin, which, of course, would need to withstand bow-and-arrow attacks. “Let’s throw a little alligator in there for armor,” Conrad says. An alligator’s skin, he explains, is made partly of bony plates. When European settlers first encountered the reptiles, the skin proved to be tough enough to turn away a musket ball, plenty strong for a dragon.

OK, so we’ve got a very large alligator with the wings of a pterosaur that can repel musket fire. Now it just needs to breathe flames. This is where no parallel exists—there are no known animals that can spit fire or even a flammable liquid. But there are some beetles that can shoot caustic chemicals from their abdomen that can burn people’s skin, so it’s not totally out of the question that some animal at some point in time could make a flammable liquid. Cobras can spit venom with great accuracy at objects six feet away; the dragon could borrow that ability to propel the flammable liquid. As for lighting it? “Well, maybe, if you had some specialized organ like an electric eel’s tail dangling in the mouth, that could spark that liquid and allow the creature to breathe fire,” Conrad says. “Of course, this is all very theoretical.”

This article originally appeared in the August 2010 issue of Popular Science magazine.

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