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Simple arcade shooters are some of the most exciting video games to have ever been created. No matter what your skill level, weaving through space debris and avoiding oncoming attacks can challenge anyone’s abilities.

Infinite Cosmos is a retro style, space-themed arcade shooter that puts you in the cockpit of a minimally armed, low armored spacecraft as you blast your way through enemies, asteroids, and anything else that gets in the way. We’ve got a hands-on game review of Infinite Cosmos for you today.


This game harkens back to early to mid 1980s style shooter games like R-Type. Players control the movement of their spacecraft while the on-board weapons fire automatically. The goal is to get the most points. As your experience grows, your ship’s weapons fire faster and stronger.


It wouldn’t be a retro arcade game if the graphics weren’t pixelated. The mechanics have a simple control scheme. Players move up, down, forward, and backward by dragging a finger around on the screen. You can use the left or right side of the screen to control movement. The weapons fire automatically, but only while your finger is touching the screen.

The game’s soundtrack is typical of a 1980s space-themed arcade game with chiptune style high-energy.


Players attack oncoming enemies in a side-scrolling space battle. Your ship is on the left side of the screen and the enemy attacks from the right. At first, your ship fires off at about one shot per second (maybe a little faster). But, each time you level up, your ship gains speedier firepower.

You can sometimes pick up loot from destroyed ships in the form of health increases, which look like smiling faces.

As you level up, the enemies get stronger, faster, and more annoying, too. At first, they are lined up in a column with no weapons and the move slowly in one direction. But by the fourth level, ships take multiple hits to be destroyed, they move in all directions, and have rapid-fire attacks that you must avoid. To make matters worse, you are surrounded by asteroids that will do damage to your ship’s hull if you hit them.

The Good

This is a well-made, simple arcade shooter. I love how easy it is to figure out. Even though the game starts out slowly, it doesn’t take long for it to become incredibly challenging.

The Bad

Nothing. This game is pretty great just the way it is.


Infinite Cosmos costs $0.99, which is the perfect price for a simple game like this. Plus, even though it is the lowest price one can charge without being free, there are no in-app purchases to dissuade you from playing. The replay value is ultra high. The game boarders on addicting.


Fans of old school arcade space shooters should take note. This game fits the mold perfectly. I highly recommend it for fans of the genre. This game is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

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As mentioned harkens back to games like R-Type. It is definitely a 1980s throwback to classic arcade shooters.

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How To Play World Of Warcraft With A Controller

Still quite possibly the most popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) in the world, World of Warcraft (WoW) is coming up on its eighth expansion. Though WoW continues to make strides in storytelling, combat, and class identity, after fifteen years it still remains content in its archaic approach to how the game is played.

Unlike newer, more modern MMORPGs which have seen fit to add a gamepad option, World of Warcraft has remained stubbornly traditional in its keyboard and mouse interface. This comes as no real surprise seeing as the game is tailored toward the use of PC peripherals. 

Table of Contents

However, opting for the comfort of a couch-bound session may be preferable at times to the back pain incurred putting hours into a game from behind a desk. Thankfully, ConsolePort is here to assist you with playing World of Warcraft with a controller.

How To Play World of Warcraft With a Controller

ConsolePort is a World of Warcraft add-on that supports PlayStation DualShock4 (DS4), Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as Steam controllers. It’s an add-on that doesn’t have the official support of the WoW development team over at Activision-Blizzard, but works just like any other add-on available to the WoW community.

The setup is surprisingly simple and doesn’t require much more than the ConsolePort add-on, one of the aforementioned controller options, WoWMapper, and the World of Warcraft game itself.

Setting Up a Controller For Use With World of Warcraft

Connecting the gamepad of your choice will be the first step. Both the Xbox and Steam controllers connect to a PC easily as they can be connected by either dongle (Xbox) or Bluetooth (Steam). The DS4 will require an additional download in the form of DS4Windows.

Steam Controller Setup

In order to use the Steam controller with ConsolePort it will require that you configure either your Steam desktop or overlay profiles.You’ll also need to download the ConsolePort Original add-on.

Another way to enable the Steam controller for ConsolePort is through the overlay.


WoWMapper is a free and easy to use executable file that you’ll have to boot up prior to logging into World of Warcraft. It will search for the game, the controller, and the ConsolePort add-on and formulate an interaction between them.

All you need to do is download the .zip from GitHub, extract it, and have it running in the background while you game. Make sure to run the application from the browser dialogue, and you’ll be good to go.


Download the ConsolePort add-on for free from chúng tôi Unzip it and add it to your WoW Addons folder. This can typically be found at C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddOns. Drag the unzipped version of ConsolePort directly into the AddOns folder.

ConsolePort Calibration And Layout

You can now launch World of Warcraft. 

From here you can customize the remainder of the buttons on your controller to fit the most sensible use of abilities in-game. Where you place the keybinds will be determined by your own playstyle and whatever works for you.

ConsolePort provides a more versatile take on the world’s most successful MMORPG. It’s limited due to Blizzard’s lack of native controller support, but still does a fantastic job with its default calibration. The add-on can be easily enabled or disabled directly from the Addons menu and your preferences will remain regardless if active or not.

How Does Change Management Play A Role In Project Management?

Article topics include the role of leadership in change management and project management, dealing with resistance to change, best practices for incorporating change management into project management, change management tools and technologies, and the article’s conclusion on the article’s overall impact on project success.

Understanding the Basics of Change Management and its Importance in Project Management

Project managers must incorporate change management into their processes. Methodical planning and execution of project-wide changes are what this entails. This reduces the likelihood of the project getting derailed.

A Project Management Institute report found that on-time and under-budget completion rates for projects with strong change management averaged 95%. However, only 55% of projects with subpar change management are completed on time and under budget.

This highlights the significance of a well-developed change management strategy prior to beginning any project. It helps make sure that alterations to the project are implemented efficiently and effectively, lowering the likelihood of setbacks like cost overruns and time lags.

The Role of Leadership in Change Management and Project Management

Strong leadership is essential in either change management or project management. Change can be disruptive and uncertain when introduced to a project. Maintaining project momentum and control during this transition requires strong leadership.

Organizations with strong leadership are eight times more likely than those with weak leadership to successfully implement change initiatives, according to research by McKinsey & Company. This highlights the need for an effective leader versed in the nuances of managing change and projects.

By providing direction, inspiration, and support, leaders can aid project teams in adjusting to new circumstances and overcoming obstacles. They can also facilitate better communication between team members and stakeholders, making it more likely that everyone is on the same page and contributing to the same ends.

Overcoming Resistance to Change in Project Management

Prosci, a leading change management research firm, found that projects with excellent change management were six times more likely to meet or exceed their project objectives than those with poor change management. This demonstrates how proficient change management can affect the final outcome of a project.

The Role of Communication in Change Management and Project Management

Communication is essential in change management as well as project management. According to a Project Management Institute (PMI) survey, ineffective communication is the primary cause of project failure in 56% of cases.

Communication is essential in change management because it informs employees about the changes that are occurring and why they are occurring. This can assist in decreasing employee resistance to change and increasing employee buy-in. Communication is essential in project management because it ensures that all team members understand their roles and responsibilities and have the information they require to complete their tasks on time and on budget.

In both change management and project management, effective communication entails not only conveying information but also actively listening to feedback and addressing concerns. This can help to foster trust and a collaborative work environment, both of which are necessary for successful change and project management.

Training and Development for Change Management and Project Management

Change management refers to the processes and techniques used to manage the people side of change, whereas project management entails planning, executing, and monitoring a project to meet specific objectives.

According to a survey conducted by Prosci, a leading provider of change management resources, organisations with excellent change management practises are six times more likely to meet or exceed project objectives than those with poor change management practises. This statistic emphasises the importance of project management change management.

Training and development programmes can assist employees in developing the skills and knowledge required to effectively implement change management processes and project management techniques. Organizations can ensure that their employees are prepared to handle the challenges that come with managing change and projects by investing in training and development.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Change Management in Project Management

Measuring the effectiveness of change management in project management is critical to ensuring the success of project changes. Change management is the controlled and systematic process of making changes to a project to ensure its successful completion.

To assess the effectiveness of change management, project managers may use key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the number of changes made, the success rate of changes, the impact of changes on the project schedule and budget, and the level of stakeholder satisfaction. KPIs can be used by project managers to determine whether the change management process is effective or needs to be improved.

Rototo: A Challenging Space Survival Game, Now Free In The App Store

Are you looking for a fun new App Store game to install on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to entertain your inner gamer? Look no further than Rototo: Space Survival, which is survival game where you actively defend yourself from incoming threats using a rotating shield.

About Rototo

In the game Rototo, you are actively defending your core from incoming threats as they try to take you out. Some threats will shoot at you, and others will simply come right up close and bombard you.

You have only one defense in the game; a rotating shield that you need to swing into the direction of enemies before they get anywhere close or have the ability to shoot at you. Shots will bounce back towards the enemy exactly 90º to the angle of your shield, and if you angle the shield just right, the shots will actually hit and destroy the threats.

Other threats will actually detonate on impact when they hit your shields, but if you let them in too close, they’ll do damage to your core, and you can only handle so much core damage before it’s game over and you’ll have to start all over again.

Threats will also damage you if you’re too slow to move your shield in their direction, which is where things can get challenging because the amount of threats on the screen will continue to increase as the game progresses.

How to play

The only control you have in Rototo is a tap gesture – you tap anywhere on the screen to angle your shield in the direction of the tap. Ideally, you want to angle the shield as close to 90º (perpendicular) to the enemies as possible so that they’ll always either shoot at the shield instead of you, or collide with the shield instead of you.

For enemies that are shooting at you, trying to make their projectiles bounce back at them is one way to destroy them, but as for the threats that appear to head in your direction only to explode on impact, your only defense is to let them crash into your shield.

As you get hit by enemies, your core will shrink. You can only take three hits before you explode and have to start all over again, so you want to keep any threats at bay for as long as you possibly can. This gets tricky because when you get so far in the game, more and more enemies appear on the screen, limiting your reaction time to fractions of a second and increasing the stress levels.

My thoughts on Rototo

It’s rare that I download a free game from the App Store and keep it on my device for longer than 10 minutes. Many of them are either lame, terrible, or repetitive. Fortunately, Rototo: Space Survival is one of those games where I have been able to keep coming back to challenge myself.

The game play will always be randomized each and every time, giving you what feels like a fresh game experience each time you play. Bringing together its pleasing touch controls, active game play, and quirky graphics, Rototo provides endless hours of entertainment for the impatient child and even the bored adult.


Wrapping up

Rototo: Space Survival is a free download from the App Store, but it’s not known how long this deal will last, so grab it before it goes back to the original price of $1.99!

How To Check Used Space On Android From A Windows Pc Via Mtp

Android storage is not like it used to be. Nowadays, expandable memory slots are no longer trendy and you’re stuck with the storage capacity that your phone has to offer. This makes life difficult for the average Android user who isn’t sold on cloud services yet. 

In such situations, knowing which apps and files are using up how much space on your device is vital. Though the in-built file explorer can show the size of a file, it doesn’t give a breakdown of your storage usage on the whole.

Fortunately, there are disk management tools like TreeSize that can come in handy. With nothing more than your USB cable, you can find out the complete breakup of used space on your Android device. In this guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to use TreeSize to find your Android phone’s storage usage via MTP. FYI, you can also use TreeSize to wirelessly find used storage space on an Android.

Use TreeSize to find Android storage usage via MTP (using cable)

TreeSize is the disk management tool that we’ll be using for this process. It has both a free version as well as a paid version. The latter can also be used on a 30-day trial period for you to check out its features. But for our intents and purposes, even TreeSize Free is good enough. 

Here’s everything you need to do to find storage space usage on your Android device using your Windows PC.

Step 1. Install TreeSize

First up, follow the link below to download TreeSize Free.

Once downloaded, run the setup file.

And follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. 

Step 2. Connect Android to PC with USB

Next, connect your Android device and your PC via a USB cable. Once connected, bring down the notifications bar and select “Charging this device via USB”.

When it expands, tap on it again to see more options.

Here, select File transfer.

This will cause your internal storage to be detected by Windows for file transfer and viewing storage usage.  

Step 3. Scan internal storage with TreeSize

Run TreeSize Free on your computer. 

Your internal storage files will now be scanned and displayed in a list based on allocated space.  

Step 4. View space used on Android

All folders and subfolders will reflect the share (or percent) of their space usage relative to their parent folder. So, for instance, if we expand the “Download” folder we’ll see that within it, the “Telegram” folder takes up about 2.1% of the storage space used up by the “Download” folder, which takes up 17.2% of the total used space. 

Then select Show Treemap Chart.

On the right, the chart will give you an overhead view of the size of different folders (reflected by the size of the folder boxes) as well as how deep they are within the storage itself (subfolder “Levels”). 

But this is only viewing the “space use” by folders. If you want to check how different apps are using up your Android phone’s storage, you will have to expand the Android folder specifically (that holds the apps) in the left pane. 

And then select data.

And also select Show chart in 3D.

The 3D rendition will give a better clue as to how deep the files are as well as the share of their storage usage. 

With this layout, you’ll be able to find out which apps are the biggest space hoarders. In our case, it is Spotify (64.6%) and YouTube (17.3%) of the total app space usage.

Feel free to use other “View” and sorting options to find out the storage usage in the way that seems the most appropriate to you.  


In this section, we shed some light on a few commonly asked queries about accessing the storage space of an Android phone using a Windows PC.

How can I access my Android phone storage from PC?

The easiest way to access your Android phone storage is to connect it to your Windows PC via USB and use File Explorer to view your phone storage. However, if you want a detailed breakdown of your storage space usage, the TreeSize app can come in handy. Refer to the guide above to know how.

How do I see how much space an app takes up on Windows?

The TreeSize Free app is a great tool to find out how much space an app takes up. With your Android device connected to Windows via MTP, scan the internal storage using TreeSize Free and check out the “data” subfolder inside the “Android” folder. Here, you will be able to see the storage space that an app takes up. 

How can I access my mobile storage from PC wirelessly?

To wirelessly access mobile storage from a PC, you will have to use a WebDAV server app for Android, turn it on, and then enter the IP address in TreeSize. 

We hope you were able to find out about Android storage usage with the TreeSize app for your folders and apps. Though there is a TreeSize paid app as well that has additional features, if you’re looking to connect your phone and view storage usage via MTP, the TreeSize Free app does just fine. Until next time, stay safe!

Making Space For Students In Plcs

Professional learning communities can be very effective when they include feedback from students on their experiences in school.

Giving space for student voice and feedback to inform relationships and teaching practices is a critical component of responsive teaching and can be a vital component of professional learning communities (PLCs).

At my school, grade-level PLCs engage in cycles of inquiry, and last year we layered on a focus student inquiry for student feedback. We adapted our PLC inquiry cycle from resources in Cornelius Minor’s We Got This: Equity, Access, and the Quest to Be Who Our Students Need Us to Be. Our work was a group effort, with fellow coaches, our teams, and my school principal. The impact on student learning has been powerful.

Setting the Stage for Effective Collaboration With Student Participation

Laying the groundwork for creative, collaborative PLCs begins by establishing working agreements that support relationship building, growth and innovation, and a willingness to engage in courageous conversations and examine biases. Coaches who reflect weekly on team feedback develop clear agendas, which include:

Connection—A quick activity to spark learning and build relationships.

Data protocols—Processes to analyze data with a student-centered lens and our equity vision.

Process observer feedback—Trained facilitators give objective feedback to the group, centered on a team’s focus (based on Elena Aguilar’s list of roles and responsibilities).

Next steps

We develop data protocols for teams to utilize with students to uncover biases and ensure that we focus on what’s in our sphere of influence. Questions we’ve found useful include:

 What are some predictions, assumptions, and questions we have before we look at the data?

As we look at the data, what patterns do we notice? Does anything surprise us or pop out?

What other ways can we explore this data? What other data can we use to gain a fuller picture?

What inferences might we draw looking at the data? What story does it tell?

What action steps can we explore, and how will we measure the impact of the action steps?

What can we learn from each other’s successes?

Our process observers focus in large part on asset-based language because we know that language informs belief, which then influences future language choices and actions. This is an equity practice we’ve incorporated to honor the strengths and talents of our students, their families, ourselves, and our colleagues.

Inquiry Cycle Tools

Our leadership team selected two tools from We Got This to incorporate into the inquiry cycle and then added the student focus. The cycle includes the following:

1. Thinking about the students in my class (one to two weeks): We adapted Minor’s worksheet Thinking About the Kids in My Classroom by changing the language of “children that I worry about” to “students I want to think about based on the data.” After using a data protocol to analyze student data, every teacher selected three groups of students (with similar needs) to explore, asking these questions:

What do students need to be successful?

What might be a barrier that I need to address?

What can I do differently based on this?

2. Quick impact plan (two weeks): We modified the worksheet A Guide for Planning Change Quickly to use reflective language focused on changes to pedagogy. Every teacher zeroed in more closely with one small group of students and asked these questions:

Which kids most need me to think about changes to my teaching?

What change will I focus on?

What evidence will I collect to inform my next steps?

How can I empower students as we learn from each other?

3. Focus student inquiry (four weeks): We started by facilitating a professional development session to build understanding of a warm demander learning partnership. Every teacher selected a focus student as a partner.

Student Partnership

Learning partnerships are relationships that teachers intentionally build with students to learn about and from them. Teachers learn students’ strengths, identities, mindsets, and skills to adjust instruction and improve their pedagogy.

Warm demanders build authentic trust and a safe environment in order to form learning partnerships to

learn from and with students to codesign learning opportunities and environments;

balance giving both care and push to ensure empowerment, success, positive mindset, self-efficacy, and hope;

reduce microaggressions and ensure belonging;

give achievers the language to talk about their learning moves.

Our process lasted four weeks and included the following:

Start with the student: What are their strengths, interests, and culture, and what do they bring to the classroom? Interview the student: What is going well, what is challenging, what would you like to change? Do you feel cared about and like you belong?

Observe the student closely for a week and reflect: How do I communicate with them, how do they communicate with others? What is my relationship like, and what are my beliefs about them?

Videotape, reflection, and action: Videotape one 5- to 10-minute lesson. Watch your video and note positive, negative, and neutral exchanges to analyze impact. Make an action plan for the next week.

Final reflection: What were the results of my action plan? What might I try next? What did I learn from my focus student? What will I carry with me into my future teaching?

In order to promote learning partnerships, teachers partnered with resource staff for many of the steps of the inquiry cycle to reflect and discuss. Every teacher, however, completed the video reflection individually. Since this was our first time using video as a reflection tool, we wanted to build trust by having teachers self-reflect individually.

When we asked teachers, “What is the most impactful thing we have done in our PLCs this year?” the most common response was the learning we did with our focus students (the reflection, the videotaping, learning about their engagement). We learned so much from our focus students, and they were empowered through the process.

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