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Internet Explorer Version History: Support & Download 2023 The last IE 11 version is available on Windows 10 1903 and 1909




Internet Explorer was a long standing web browser that last 27 years before being discontinued.

There have been many versions of the web browser that still persists to this day.

This guide will tell you about these versions and how you can download it on Windows 10.

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Internet Explorer (IE) was Microsoft’s premiere internet browser that was released back in 1995. It enjoyed a long lifespan of 27 years before going out of service in June 2023.

The web browser has a reputation for doing a poor job at surfing the internet and protecting its users. That reputation was further compounded on by superior options like Firefox and Google Chrome.

Since then, Microsoft has moved on to the more recent Edge web browser and recommends that people do so. However, there are some out there who prefer to stick with the tried and true instead of upgrading.

The spirit of Internet Explorer lives on the internet, however. You can still download it, just not officially.

What is the latest IE browser version?

According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10 is the latest version of the internet browser that saw a release and support, but it’s only available for specific versions of the operating system.

The last IE 11 version is available on Windows 10 1903 and 1909. These operating systems also include the more specialized versions like Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise.

Going through that web page, you will also see IE 11 on other versions of Windows 10, plus a version of the browser for Windows Server 2023 and even Windows 7. The reason you see these browsers on that page is that they are the ones that got the most updates.

Windows Server, for those unaware, is a special type of operating system that’s meant for “enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications.” Companies use this for their computer servers.

It’s not something the everyday person can get their hands on. All that said, the question remains: can you still use Internet Explorer in 2023? The answer is yes if you still have a computer with the browser on it.

Microsoft strongly recommends that you upgrade to the newer Edge browser, and so do we. Not because of Edge’s features, but because of protection against malware. Bad actors are out there constantly making new forms of malware and improving upon it.

It’s possible that they’ll create malware that IE 10, for example, can’t protect against, if they haven’t already. Microsoft Edge comes with new security tools and is much better protected against malware

Using an outdated browser that no longer has official support from Microsoft is putting your computer at great risk of getting infected by malware.

Quick tip:

Since IE is quite an outdated browser and has no recent updates, you should think of switching your browser. Opera offers fast performance and has a free VPN where you can browse comfortably with increased privacy and security.

Another appreciable feature is the built-in ad blocker to browse with fewer distractions. On top of that, you can browse with a virtual IP address that helps hide your location and also lets you view the web with amplified online privacy within the mobile and desktop Opera browser.


Outstanding features to improve your desktop and mobile browsing experience.

Free Visit Website

How many versions of Internet Explorer are there?

Technically speaking, there are 11 major versions of Internet Explorer in the world, assuming there is a very old computer out there running the original IE browser from 1995.

Fantasies aside, the most recently updated versions of the web browser are Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10, Windows Server, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7, as briefly mentioned earlier. Microsoft also lists Internet Explorer 9 RTM as having gotten an update.

RTM stands for Release To Manufacturing and this version of IE9 is simply the latest release of it. It can be used to block ActiveX controls on all websites you visit. ActiveX is used to render multimedia content but is prone to errors. It’s software that rarely gets updated.

Officially speaking, you cannot download Internet Explorer, only Microsoft Edge. We also don’t recommend downloading any Internet Explorer files you find on the internet.

You may come across a Google Search listing that states you can download IE 11 here. Those websites tend to be filled with malware and downloading a file can get you infected.

Plus, IE 11 for Windows Server isn’t available to the public, and companies that use a web browser utilize Edge instead. Internet Explorer for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 is available to download. The same goes for Internet Explorer 9 RTM.

Windows 11 doesn’t natively support IE, but there is an option that will be covered later.

1. Downloading Internet Explorer 11 2. Activating IE Mode What versions of IE are still supported?

Well, none of them. Microsoft no longer officially supports Internet Explorer anymore and there are no plans to change that. And you also can’t have two versions of Internet Explorer on your computer either, at least not in an official sense.

The download link shown earlier is, so far, the only known safe version of Internet Explorer that you can download in 2023. It’s entirely possible that you can have another, but as mentioned earlier, we don’t recommend it because of the risk of malware.

At best, you can have Internet Explorer and Edge on Windows 10. If you’re curious to know which version of IE you have, follow these instructions.

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Google Chrome Invades Microsoft Internet Explorer

According to a post on the Chromium Blog, Google Chrome Frame  was developed to help both users and web developers. For developers, Google Chrome Frame would enable them to develop applications that are as fast and richer as Google Wave.

In addition, Google also subtly hits on the inadequacy of the Internet Explorer to adopt new Internet technologies such as HTML5 and Javascript rendering. Hence, the need for an IE plug-in that will make all these happen. Google is making these possible in IE without additional coding or testing for different browser versions.

If you are a developer, you can easily implement the Google Chrome Frame by adding the following line on your site’s HTML codes.

This line will automatically trigger IE to use Google Chrome’s Webkit-based rendering engine. Booyah!

For IE users, installing Google Chrome Frame enables them to enjoy web apps at a faster speed similar to how they experience it when using Google Chrome.

Another reason of course why Google came up with the Google Chrome Frame is perhaps to prepare and persuade IE users to use Google Wave which is built on HTML5. Google needs these IE users but persuading them to use Google Chrome over IE seems harder to do than persuading them to install the Google Chrome Frame plug-in.

Google’s announcement has elicited reactions from various bloggers around the searchosphere and we’ve quoted some of them below:

Philipp Lanssen of Blogoscoped said that Google Chrome Frame “might even further push Microsoft towards implementing Canvas in IE natively, just to avoid having developers push a Google plug-in for users.”

Garett Rogers of ZDNet “wonders on how excited Microsoft would get if Google made the Google Chrome rendering engine the default one in IE.”

I wonder how excited Microsoft would get if Google made the Google Chrome rendering engine the default one in Internet Explorer?

Clint Boulton of Google Watch thinks that there is probably more to this story than what’s on the surface that we aren’t seeing just yet. He further suspects the Chrome Frame will be a big determiner of how well Wave is adopted  by those millions of workers who are stuck using IE 6 because of corporate regulations.

Adam Ostrow of Mashable believes that this will potentially accelerate the demise of IE6, and not-so-subtly attack Microsoft in the process.

Your thoughts?

Internet Explorer, 15 Years And Counting

Happy 15th birthday Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s venerable IE browser turned 15-years-old this past Monday, but has seen its dominant market share start to slip.

It’s been a contentious decade and a half for IE, but once again, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is hoping for big things from IE9, the long-awaited next release of the Internet Explorer browser.

In mid-September, Microsoft plans to roll out the first beta test copiesof IE9. The company has not yet given a ship date for the final IE9 release.

IE’s greatest hits

Microsoft faced down many competitors on the road to browser success. Here’s a series of quick snapshots of how it got to where it is and IE’s future prospects:

The first version of IE (IE1) shipped in 1995, as an add-in to Windows 95 as part of the Windows 95 Internet Jumpstart Kit, as noted in the history of IEsection on Microsoft’s website.

It was based on Mosaic, arguably the first graphical Web browser, which was created by a team at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign that included Marc Andreessen, who would later become a founder of Netscape.

IE2, which shipped in October 1995, added support for JavaScript, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security, frames, cookies, and newsgroups. It was also cross platform, running on both Windows and the Mac.

Finally, IE3 came out in the summer of 1996, featuring Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), support for ActiveX controls, and Java applets. It was also the first version of IE to technically be bundled with Windows 95. After that, Netscape, which had been dominant to that point, began to slip in market share. It would also prove to be a thorn in Microsoft’s side going forward, however.

Microsoft shipped IE4, which added the Active Desktop enabling users to use their own pictures or websites as wallpaper, along with Windows 98 in 1997. It also added support for Dynamic HTML and included Windows Media Player.

A bit later, IE5 was bundled with Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) in 1998. Among the additions was support for XML. Version 5.5 was included with Windows Millennium (ME).

IE6 shipped with Windows XP in late 2001, which due to the OS’s popularity, helped establish version 6 as a powerhouse.

By now, though, IE6 had become problematic for Microsoft. So many users adopted XP along with IE6 that many large companies were stuck maintaining IE6 inside their enterprises, which hamstrung Microsoft’s efforts at trying to get them to update to the most recent version IE8.

Additionally, Microsoft’s pre-emptive bundling of IE eventually brought down heat from the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) for anti-competitive behavior, fueled by repeated complaints from Netscape’s attorneys and executives.

That ultimately led to an antitrust verdict against Microsoft in late 1999, which was later upheld on appeal in 2000. However, the appeals court ruled against splitting up the company, and Microsoft and the DoJ and interested states came to a settlement that is still in effect. Despite losing the case, Microsoft emerged relatively unscathed as its biggest fear, that it would be forced to unbundle IE from Windows, didn’t happen.

However, by the end of 2004, Firefox was emerging as IE’s first real competition for the browser since Netscape was overwhelmed years earlier.

The competition seemed to get Microsoft’s attention and the company refocused its efforts on updating IE for the first time in years. It shipped IE7 in late 2006, a response that added support for a popular Firefox feature (tabbed browsing) and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds in the browser.

By then, however, Microsoft’s dominance has begun to wane under an onslaught of competitors, although only a couple have emerged as serious threats — including Firefox 3.6 which shipped in early 2010. Other potential contenders include Apple Safari and Google Chrome, while Opera Mini has proven popular on mobile devices.

In March 2009, Microsoft released IE8, which emphasized the company’s intent to focus more on meeting Web standards rather than going its own way — something it has been criticized for repeatedly over the years.

By May 2010, IE had fallen to its lowest market share in years with 59.75 percent of all browsers, according to Web analytics firm Net Applications.

Microsoft hailed June and July of this year as signs of a turnaround for IE as its its share of the browser market leveled off. Still, it ended July 2010 with 60.74 percent share — a huge drop from when IE ran on something north of 90 percent of all Windows PCs just a few years ago.

It hasn’t helped that Microsoft had to endure a battle with the European Commission’scompetition directorate that ultimately led to the company offering Windows in Europe with a menu that lets users pick which competing browsers they’d like as their default — including IE, of course, but also several others.

Banking on IE9?

Now, Microsoft is preparing to begin beta testing IE9, which it hopes will boost the browser’s fortunes to growing, rather than level or shrinking, adoption.

With IE9, Microsoft is hitting some familiar notes — increased standards compliance (including support for HTML5 and media rich Web applications), as well as faster performance.

As more and more users migrate to accessing the Web via mobile devices like the iPhone, however, even making IE more compliant and faster may not help it stave off the decline it’s experienced in recent years. If IE merely holds its own though, its still in an enviable position.

“There are several hundred million PCs sold every year and they all come with IE … but the browser isn’t their main product,” said analyst Rosoff. “It’s not the end of the world if their browser share doesn’t turn around. It’s not critical from a sales perspective.”

Stuart J. Johnston is a contributing writer at chúng tôi the news service of chúng tôi the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @stuartj1000.

Wo Long Patch Notes Version 1.06

Wo Long patch notes version 1.06

The latest Wo Long patch notes for version 1.06 are here, and fans are looking for a quick and easy way to digest them. And we’ve got exactly that right here for you.

Patch notes are always – well, hopefully – a clear and concise way of understanding the latest changes, optimisations, and fixes to a game. Given Wo Long did have some performance trouble at launch, particularly on PC, further patch notes and updates like these are going to be most welcome. Anyway, let’s get to it.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty patch notes

The official website has all the patch notes from the game since its first update but we’ve gathered up all the pertinent and key information from the latest update in one handy list below to get you fully informed quickly. Here they are:

All Platforms

Additional Features

Added the new feature “Inner Discipline,” which allows players to set their own maximum Morale Rank.

This is accessible via Battle Preparation and then Inner Discipline in the Battle Flag menu.

Inner Discipline will prevent Morale Rank from rising above the set limit when obtaining Morale Points by defeating enemies or performing Fatal Strikes.

This feature will be disabled while participating in Recruit and Invade sessions.

The Elixir and Burial Flag buffs that increase Morale Rank will still be applied above the maximum limit.

Made changes to the Reinforcements menu so that a handshake icon will now be displayed next to the companions who have accompanied the player at least once.

Added icons to display the location of Zuo Ci and the Blacksmith/Zhu Xia on the minimap.

Added Set Bonus and Inner Discipline to Tutorial under Documents.


Made the following adjustments to the effects of the item Elixir:

Changed the mechanics of the effects so that Morale Rank increase is now treated as a buff effect that expires after a set period of time.

Changed the Morale Rank increase from 1 to 3.

Changed the duration of the effects from 30 seconds to 60.

Adjusted the activation timing for the special effect Subtlety of the Water Phase so that it occurs after the Fatal Strike sequence is complete, rather than at the start of Fatal Strikes.

Made adjustments so that the lock-on mechanics would not target enemies awaiting aid.

Major Bug Fixes

Fixed crash-prone situations that occurred in certain environments.

Fixed a bug that allowed players to go outside the bounds of the current stage from certain locations in some stages.

Fixed a bug that caused characters to become stuck (in the ground/surrounding objects) in certain locations in some stages, making it impossible for players to progress.

Fixed a bug that made it impossible for players to progress if they had died in certain locations in some stages, as the players would continually respawn to the point where they had fallen to their death, causing them to die over and over again.

Fixed a bug that allowed ranged attacks to penetrate walls and caused enemies to detect players through the walls in some stages.

Fixed a bug in which players’ progress after defeating bosses would not be saved if the application ended during the cutscene that plays after the boss’ defeat.

Fixed a bug that prevented players from locking on to Fengxi until the demon became aware of their presence in the main battlefield “Tyrant’s Final Banquet.”

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused demonized Sun Jian to go outside the bounds of the current area in the main battlefield “Darkness over the Hanshui River.”

Fixed a bug that caused certain terracotta soldiers in the main battlefield “Behold the Glaive of Righteousness” to produce drop rewards equivalent to those of leaders.

Fixed a bug that caused some of the Shuigui in front of the waterfall in the main battlefield “The Valley of Crying Wraiths” to have a wider field of view than intended.

Fixed a bug that caused a certain bandit in front of a treasure chest in the sub battlefield “Escape from the Capital” to have a narrower field of view than intended.

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the player’s Morale Rank to decrease when obtaining Morale Points in the sub battlefield “The Crouching Dragon’s Trial.”

Fixed a bug that caused some doors in the sub battlefield “The Request of Goddess Luo” to glow, despite them not being interactive elements.

Fixed a bug in which demonized warlocks would sometimes fail to appear if the player had entered the boss area from certain locations in the sub battlefield “The Request of Goddess Luo.”

Fixed a bug in which players would be returned to the entrance of the area at the start of the boss battle in the sub battlefield “Fate of the Entertainer.”

Fixed a bug in which action inputs did not successfully register when performed at a specific moment during the ending sequences of moving and guarding.

Fixed a bug that caused demonized officers to become stuck in the ground after landing if their Spirits had been depleted while they were in midair.

Fixed a bug in which Zhuyan could still sometimes perform a Critical Blow with its leg, even after the hardened part on its leg was destroyed.

Fixed a bug in which it was possible to deal Spirit damage to Dong Zhuo while a player was being hit by his Critical Blow, which consists of grabbing at the player.

Fixed a bug in which the player’s Morale Rank would decrease, despite not having been hit, when the player approached the Changgui while it was unleashing its Critical Blow, which consists of consecutive bites.

Fixed a bug in which Fengxi’s charging attack sometimes dealt incorrect amounts of damage due to applying invalid values.

Fixed a bug that caused Corpse Demons to be invincible during their dodging sequence.

Fixed a bug that caused the demonized Sun Jian to recover from Spirit Disruption earlier than intended.

Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Lu Bu to fail to ride Red Hare.

Fixed a bug that would sometimes make it impossible to obtain the trophies/achievements Adamantine, Keen-Edged, and Well-Read.

After applying the update, these trophies/achievements will be obtainable by completing any of the main or sub battlefields.

Fixed a bug that caused excessive processing load when players were awaiting aid or when they were accompanied by other warriors.

Fixed a bug occurring during multiplayer sessions that prevented guest players from leaving the area after defeating Fengxi in the main battlefield “Tyrant’s Final Banquet.”

Fixed a bug occurring during Co-op sessions that prevented guest players from being detected if they approached Fengxi while the host was raising a Battle Flag in the main battlefield “Tyrant’s Final Banquet.”

Fixed a bug occurring during multiplayer sessions in which hosts would be awaiting aid in places inaccessible to guest players in the sub battlefield “Massacre of Meiwu Fort.”

Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a loss of Genuine Qi when a network error occurred during multiplayer sessions.

Fixed a bug occurring during Co-op sessions in which some enemies would not respawn upon interacting with a Battle Flag.

Fixed a bug that caused the Master Smith Hammer and the Imperial Seal of the Celestial Empire to become obtainable after defeating other players during Invade sessions, even if these items had not been previously acquired by the player.

Fixed a bug in which the time calculated for the Fastest Completion Time in the player’s Records would sometimes be incorrect.

Fixed a bug in which certain actions in the Learn Wizardry Spells menu within the Battle Flag menu would sometimes cause players to lose Spell Points.

After applying the update, players will be provided with their lost Spell Points via the Learn Wizardry Spells menu.

Fixed a bug in which selecting the eye patch for the Type 2 figure in Character Creation would cause part of the eyepatch to sink into the character’s head.

Fixed a bug that caused the model image of the Gauntlets of Boldness to be distorted.

Fixed other minor bugs

Steam and Microsoft Store versions

Major Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug in which the mouse could not be used outside of the game screen when using the Keyboard Only controller type in Control Settings.

Fixed a bug that prevented the Wizardry Spells menu from being displayed in full screen in ultrawide resolutions.

And there you have it, those are the latest Wo Long patch notes in full!

If you’re after the right tools for the job then check out our guide to the best gaming laptop for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty to ensure you get the right portable powerhouse.

A Complete Guide To Log4J Version

Introduction to Log4j Version

Start Your Free Software Development Course

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

List of Log4j Version

As we already know that Log4j is used to maintain the logs for the application; by using this, we can maintain the logs at a different level, for example: WARN, INFO, DEBUG, and ERROR. If we want our application to print only specific logs to the console after deployment, then we have to mention this in the log4j properties file.

We have a different version available for log4j:

1. Log4j 1

This is nothing but a java-based library that helps us maintain the logging level for the application. We can also enable and disable some logging based on the library, but for this, we have made some configuration in the properties file. Also, this properties file should be placed in the class path of the application. Inside this file, we can mention the configuration we want and make files containing the logs for the application. These things can have managed by the .xml or properties file in the application. But this version of Log4j does not provide flexibility, java logging, and some issue with this framework.

a. Log4j 1.2: This version of Log4j was launched on 5, august 2024 with some improvements. But this version has some security issue associated with it. It has a socket server that performs serialization and deserialization without performing any checks on the object or without verifying them; this may cause them to a security issue in Log4j, but all these have come over in Log4j 2 version, so they are insisting everyone to move to log4j 2 now which comes up with more flexibility and improve security breaches. Also, it has a compatibility issue with the java version because, in java version 9, we have some algorithm changes, which makes the log4j 1.2 to not work properly with it. But while implementing it, we have to keep in mind these points as well, so they are forcing us to move to log4j 2. Also, logging is important in the application to track the application working and trace error, if any.

Things which does not support by Log4j 1.2 version are as follows:

It has a security issue with it.

Does not support the java version due to a change in algorithm.

2. Log4j 2

This version of log4j comes into the picture; in this, there have provided so many improvements, including the security issue present in the above version. It also supports different version of java; they have also come up with improved performance; it also supports asynchronous loggers inside this. They will help in higher perforce in a multithreading environment.

Let’s discuss each of the improvement:

It provides support for asynchronous logging: By using Log4j 2, we can implement asynchronous logging for our application; this will provide us higher performance in a multithreading environment. This was not supported in the log4j library but comes up with an impro in log4j 2 library. Throughput of Asynchronous loggers can be increased in the multithreading setup or environment, we can say. These loggers make effective and better use of the multi-core.

It has overcome the security issue.

Support version of java.

It provides support for the multiple APIS: Log4j 2 provide support for multiple Apies such as common loggings, SLF4J etc.

Java lambda support: Log4j also comes up with support for lambda in Java 8. For this to evaluate, we have to enable the log4j for our lambda expression in an application.

Garbage free : It has support for both standalone and web application. The standalone application will be garbage-free, but for a web application, it will have low garbage. If we have less or free garbage, then it will create a low pressure on the garbage collector in java and give us better performance.

Cloud support : Log4j 2 also provide support for cloud-enabled. By this, we can access the docker container; for this, we have to make a configuration in Log4j.

Support to use builder api: In Log4j, we can use builder api to create our logs or events.

We can also customize our logs by using log4j levels.

In Log4j 2, we also do not require creating the appended pattern or layout because it automatically does this. The reason behind this it uses a plugin to create the component in Log4j 2.


Using Log4j, we can maintain our application logs, which helps us track the error in our application, if any. We can also maintain the logging level for this; we have different logging levels, as we discussed above. But to use them inside our application, we have to have a .xml or properties file in place.

Recommended Articles

This is a guide to the Log4j Version. Here we discuss the introduction and the list of Log4j version for better understanding. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

Big Change In History Has Started

America and several nations in the entire world are going to undergo the best transport of economic impact, ability and the sheer amount of men and women in history. The Digital Native/Gen Z productions, people born since 1981, will eventually be the vast majority of the U.S. inhabitants in 2023. Every one of those generations is now larger than the Baby Boom production. This will trigger a huge change for many companies.

Also read:

Top 7 Industrial Robotics Companies in the world

Here are several ways to consider this as you Explore the near future of your company-

These 2 generations, especially the Digital Natives, the very first generation of the 21st century, don’t appreciate, confidence or perhaps honour the institutions of the elders. They do not see the government functioning nicely, they do not trust large financial institutions, they’re the first generations to come of age with the two warfare and much less than a booming market being they all understand.

What all this signifies is that office and market realities will change considerably by 2025-

Relative to the office, complete equality of the genders will be anticipated, more holiday time may be more significant than an increase, flexibility of dress code, work hours and also that which intent or societal good your organization stands for will probably be of significance.

In the market, the sharing market, the collective social element of those young generations, the more comprehensive relaxation and reliance on technology, the need to get access to things instead of possessing them will change the market.

Look over your kids or toddlers, understand how different they are compared to you-

They believe that they will need to change or dollar the management concepts and practices of their Boomers and GenXers. They wonder about current procedures and practices.

They say impatience with the slow pace of the company and are constantly looking for ways to receive their businesses to move quickly and also to have the ability to change course immediately when desired. Speed and flexibility are two words I’ve heard Millennial CEOs state a good deal.

They see how distinct this 21st-century creation is derived from them. I’ve heard a few 30 and below CEOs tell me they believe their duty is to function as a bridge from past/current methods of doing business to the future manners business is going to be accomplished by the Digital Natives.

They’re deep into tech. They see it not as resources but the heart of any enterprise.

They aren’t in any way afraid to fail. This makes them nearly supremely confident.

They wish to create an effect. Yes, They Wish to Create money but which makes a difference, changing the way people think, changing how Folks function and aligning work with the Frequent good are topics that they frequently communicate.


The new generational perspectives, sensibilities and outlook in life will impact American society and culture before they change the company sector. Be receptive to it since they’re leading us to the growing reality of the 21st century.

Update the detailed information about Internet Explorer Version History: Support & Download 2023 on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!