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Computer peripheral company Logitech today announced that it will acquire popular audio company Jaybird. For those unfamiliar, Jaybird offers a variety of headphone products over recent years, most of which have been wireless. Logitech says the deal is worth $50 million in cash, with an additional earn-out of up to $45 million based on achievement of growth targets over the next two years.

In a press release and on its official blog, Logitech said that the reason for the acquisition primarily centers around creating the best possible way for consumers to listen to music in every situation. Logitech’s Rory Dooley wrote the following in a blog post revealing the acquisition:

The way we consume music has changed radically over the past decade and will continue to do so as we look to the future. Music now goes with us everywhere and as both a shared or solitary experience, it can be integrated into pretty much all aspects of our daily lives thanks to the type of products that both UE and Jaybird have been inventing and commercializing over the last few years.

Furthermore, Logitech says that Jaybird will still be a separate brand and that the Jaybird team will be able to design and release its own products in the same way that it has been doing all along. Logitech says that it will simply help Jaybird take “everything further, faster.”

The deal is subject to the standard conditions and approval process, but is expected to close in the coming weeks.

Logitech’s acquisition of Jaybird comes two months after ZAGG announced plans to acquire popular power accessory company Mophie. That deal was worth $100 million. Last September, Incipio announced that it was acquiring fellow case manufacturer Incase for an undisclosed amount. Any bets on who goes next?

Full press release below:

Logitech to Acquire Jaybird, Expanding into the Fast-growing Wireless Audio Wearables Market

NEWARK, Calif. and LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Apr. 12, 2024 — Logitech International (SIX: LOGN) (Nasdaq: LOGI) today announced that it has agreed to acquire Jaybird LLC of Salt Lake City, Utah, for approximately $50 million in cash, with an additional earn-out of up to $45 million based on achievement of growth targets over the next two years. Jaybird is a leader in wireless audio wearables for sports and active lifestyles, a category the company created in 2006.

Judd Armstrong, founder and chief executive officer of Jaybird, said, “It has been an incredible journey. We love what we do, and we’re stoked to continue to innovate and bring amazing new products to our fans. Jaybird will benefit from Logitech’s global distribution network and deep engineering prowess. We’ve watched as they’ve connected incredible products with passionate consumers under the UE brand, and we’re thrilled to be part of the team.”

Jaybird has pioneered premium wireless audio for sports through its focus on bringing music to active lifestyles. Their award-winning BlueBuds X and, more recently, X2 wireless buds enjoy a strong following among the active crowd. Whether their fans play on the slopes, on the court, in the gym, on the dirt or the pavement, they trust Jaybird to bring music to the experience.

Logitech does not expect the acquisition to materially impact its FY 2023 guidance, recently shared at the company’s Analyst and Investor Day in March. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the coming weeks.

About Logitech

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Logitech G230 Mic Not Working: 5 Quick Ways To Fix It

Logitech G230 Mic Not Working: 5 Quick Ways to Fix It Run the audio troubleshooter to easily fix headphone mic issues




The Logitech G230 mic not working can be due to outdated audio driver issues.

Also, the mic may not work if there is any physical damage to the headphone.

Running a hardware troubleshooter can fix the problem in no time.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Logitech G230 Stereo gaming headphone is one of the best in the market. Sadly, many users complain about the Logitech G230 mic not working.

Why is the Logitech G230 mic not working?

The Logitech G230 headphone microphone not working can range from problems with the headphone to issues with the computer.

When your PC isn’t configured to use the headphone mic, it won’t work regardless of how you tweak it. Other factors responsible for the LogitechG230 mic not working are:

Outdated audio drivers – If your audio drivers are outdated, it can cause your audio devices to not communicate properly with the PC. Take a look at the various ways to update your drivers in this guide.

Issues with the Logitech G230 headphone – Users may also encounter problems with the headphone microphone if there is physical damage or fault with it. It may be that the headphone has broken or are not connected.

Outdated Windows OS – Running an outdated Windows operating system on your PC can result in numerous issues. Because your PC cannot fix bugs affecting it, it can cause problems with connected devices. This guide can help if you encounter a Windows update error.

These causes can vary on different computers and devices. Nonetheless, you should be able to resolve the problem by troubleshooting your PC.

What can I do if the Logitech G230 mic is not working?

There are a couple of fixes for the problem, but we recommend you go through the following preliminary checks:

Make sure your headphone is connected correctly to your computer.

Disconnect other audio devices liable to use the mic.

Restart your PC in Safe Mode and check if it resolves the problem.

If the Logitech G230 mic doesn’t work, then proceed with the following solutions.

Updating your audio driver will fix bugs that are affecting your device. It can fix the Logitech G230 mic not working. If you can’t get around the above steps, read about ways to update headphone drivers on your PC.

Expert tip:

Outbyte Driver Updater can scan your PC and provide you with a list of outdated or missing drivers to eventually update them automatically with the latest picks from its extensive database.

Windows will automatically search and download updates if there are any available.

Updating your OS will allow you to access patches and updates that’ll help you fix bugs that may cause the issue. Read what to do if the Windows update is not working on your PC.

3. Check the Microphone slider

Close Settings and check if you’re able to fix the problem. Enabling Microphone access will allow your headphones to use their mic and other apps.

5. Troubleshoot hardware issues

Follow the on-screen prompt to complete the troubleshooting process. Running the Windows troubleshooter will find and fix any hardware issues on your PC.

Conclusively, our readers can check our article about no speaker or headphones plugged-in issues on Windows computers.

Also, if you experience no sound from headphones on Windows 11, check how to fix it.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Best Lifestyle Apps For Ipad In 2023

1. Apple Books

Last but certainly not the least, the Apple Books app that comes in-built on your iOS device is the best app to read on if you are buried in the Apple eco-system. Because the app has a sync feature, you can sync it across all your Apple devices and enjoy reading all your favorite novels.

If you are a book lover you would understand the importance of mobility of your library and Apple Books ensures that. You could effortless carry your entire library along with you where ever you go. With a vast collection of all contemporary and classic eBooks, the iBooks is certainly my go-to app to read novels on.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive offers a whopping 15GB of free storage per google id, which, according to me, is pretty amazing. If someone has more than one Google accounts, then their Drive storage capacity is 15 multiplied by the number of accounts that a person has. This, according to me, is the coolest feature for people who like to keep work and personal life balance.  

3. Alarmy

If you have trouble waking up, then you need to have this particular lifestyle app on your iPad. I dare you that this app is definitely going to change it. Give this app a try, and I assure you that you will forget what it means to snooze your alarms and eventually be late.

Fondly known as the Devil’s alarm, Alarmy gives you different tasks that you have to accomplish to turn off the alarm. You can assign a math problem as your task or a memory game or shaking your phone for say 30 times or taking a specific picture. But none of the tasks are easy, if you think that you can keep math problem as your task, then you won’t be asked to solve 2+2 or something like that. Sleep if you can.

4. The Daily Horoscope

If you are a believer in horoscope and like reading it, then you should definitely give this app a try. Touted as the best and most accurate horoscope app for iPad, this app has the most compelling observations. 

Daily horoscope has accurate every day, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope readings for all zodiac signs. The app also supports individual zodiac characteristics, and it also shows which signs are the most compatible and why.

5. Yahoo! Weather

Before you go out to attend any party or social gathering, check the weather conditions in your city or the place where you are going. Yahoo Weather is undoubtedly the most reliable weather app on your iPad. The app gives you accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Therefore, you can plan your small trips within or out of your country.

The weather app provides all the necessary details like wind, pressure, and chance of precipitation. Animated weather effects grab your attention while you are checking weather conditions for rain, snow, fog or heat.

Animated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure modules keep this app engaging. Get notifications twice in a day, so that you can be prepared for any weather.

6. Stylebook

Although adding your clothes and other accessories on this app can be quiet a daunting task but trust me once it is done, you will get the best out of your clothes. Because you can now style them with ease and can try to be more experimental. And you would also be able to wear the clothes that you didn’t even know you had.

7. Travel Journal

As the name suggests, this app is actually a travel journal and not a regular journal. Well, the difference between the two is quite evident from their names. While you have to log everyday entries in a standard journal, you just have to record your travel experiences in this app along with your pictures.

8. Mr Mood

In our stressful lives, we often fail to take time out and evaluate how our day went and what we felt throughout the day. Don’t worry, I am not going to preach about how not to take stress in our lives because that is kind of inevitable. But, what I am suggesting is to keep track of your mood. Mr. Mood is one of a kind iOS lifestyle app, specially developed to log your mood and keep track of them.

With a straightforward user interface, this app looks clean and is very easy to use. You simply have to log what you felt throughout the day and then you can see if you have made any progress or not. The colorful nature of the app is sure to keep you motivated to log your mood daily. And it also doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds to log it in.


Here’s a garden diary for every plant lover. It helps you keep track of and document everything you plant. You can even add photos, notes, and more to keep track of your garden.

It’s a tool that will simplify your gardening tasks and help you stay on top of things. The app is organized into different sections like Plants, Areas, Events, Inspiration, and Friends. This helps you manage all aspects of your gardening and connect with a like-minded community.

Signing Off…

That was the list guys. Do let me know if you are considering to install any of these apps. Also, let me know if I missed out on any category in Lifestyle Apps.

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Suraj is an operations head on the iGB team. He contributes to the social media section along with tips and tricks for iPhone, Apple Watch. Apart from blogging, he likes to work out as much as he can in his gym and love to listening to retro music.

Use Power Bi Measure Branching To Check If Your Margins Expand As Revenue Grows

In this post, we’re going to look at an analytical insight where we find out if our profit margins grew together with our revenue. We can do this through the use of Power BI measure branching. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog.

This is important because we want to see if revenue expansion or getting the market share is actually good from a profitability perspective.

Are our margins actually improving or is the revenue growth just saturating the market and everyone’s margins including our own are actually contracting?

These are the sort of insights we’re trying to achieve today. I’ll walk you through the steps that I took to create this visualization. It’s not as difficult as you might think it is. This is just a matter of walking through a number of steps one after the other to achieve the insight we want through Power BI measure branching.

We have to start with our core calculations and create formula that finds those insights. To come up with revenue, we’ll just count up our sales or count up the the amount of revenue we make per transaction. I have achieved this using this formula:

[Timestamp 1:16 – Screenshot Formula and Highlight exact formula from SUMX to the end formula]

This is the one I needed to write to get what I want but yours might be slightly different. It might be easier for you and you might even have a revenue column. But in my case, I had to go to my Sales table where for every single row in the Sales table, I will count up then multiply the price. Then the SUMX will calculate all those sales to get the Total Sales.

We also want to look at our revenue growth. We don’t want to just look at sales because we want to see if our revenues and margins are increasing from a store basis.

We need to find out what the growth is and the way to do that is to branch under growth and work out if we’re above or below from a percentage perspective in the last time period result, which in this case is last year.

This is where the time intelligence functions come in. The DATEADD is the perfect function to utilize from a time comparison perspective. All I’m doing is jumping back one year.

With this formula, I can find out my Year-on-Year growth by Total Sales minus Sales Last Year divided by Sales Last Year.

This will give us the percentage YoY growth right, which I’ve put into the axis on our scatter chart. We can see from a revenue growth perspective who’s doing well and who’s not doing well. Some of these stores are doing poorly, while some are doing really well, like Charlotte.

The store in Charlotte is doing extremely well since the revenue growth is up by 134% if we look at the tooltip.

We start out with our Total Profits by deducting Total Costs from Total Sales.

From Total Profits, we can then work out Profit Margins, which is just Total Profits divided by Total Sales.

Now, we need to work out our Margin Growth and do exactly the same process as we went through for our Sales Growth. We have our core calculation in Profit Margins, so we just need to go and find out our Profit Margins Last Year. I put it inside the CALCULATE function and used the DATEADD function to jump back one year.

Then I can go and look at what my Margin Growth is by doing exactly the same formula as I did just before. This will give me the Percentage Margin Growth.

So now we have our Margin Growth and YoY Growth percentage. We’ll be putting these two things together to give us the insight because we want to see if margins expanded as revenue grew.

We have both of those calculations now and all we have to do is place them inside the scatter plot. We have every single store within a particular state in the scatter chart.

The scatter chart shows my Margin Growth % and YoY Growth %. I have filtered it by slicing every single store to give us the insight we want. To finish it off, I’ve actually put inside my scatter chart these two lines.

This is where the analytics function really comes into play. This analytics function is useful for scatter charts because you can do a lot inside here.

All I’ve done is put a constant line just to make it obvious where the 0% is in the x-axis and y-axis line. Then you can see it breaks it out into these small grids.

On the upper left quadrant, we can see there are customers that we need to understand where they are coming from and what is going on. We grew from a revenue perspective with these stores, but our margins decreased. Why is that?

I’ve also put a lot of detail into the tooltip. Let’s have a quick look at the Port St. Lucie store. The Sales Last Year was $108,463 and Sales This Year is $143,770 so we had a good uptick in both sales and profitability.

However, you can see that profit margins were at 33% last year and they’ve gone down to 30.29% this year. We’ve got good growth in sales and profitability from last year but for some reason the margins have contracted.

Does it have something to do with our competition? Was it due to our salespeople just trying to get stuff out the door to get rid of inventory? There are some of the insights you can achieve using the Power BI measure branching technique.

Think about how you can extend this. I’m just looking at this from a year-on-year perspective, but you can do a month-on-month or week-on-week one as well.

The key takeaway I want you to get from this is Power BI measure branching. Start simple and then you build your way out because you can reuse these core measures in multiple different ways. This is exactly how I build all of my models and work in all of my insights.

Tesla Cuts Jobs As It Pushes For Cheaper Model 3

Tesla cuts jobs as it pushes for cheaper Model 3

Elon Musk delivered a company update for Tesla today, and it’s basically a rollercoaster of ups and downs. The update – an email that was sent to employees this morning and later shared on Tesla’s website – details the successes and difficulties the company faced throughout 2023. It also talks about goals for 2023, and what the company needs to sacrifice in order to meet those goals.

There’s both good and bad news about what Tesla plans to achieve in 2023. The good news is that the company is making a major push to produce a cheaper Model 3 – though Musk says that the Model 3 was the best-selling premium vehicle in the US last year, its starting price of $44,000 is “still too expensive for most people.” The overarching goal is to make Telsa’s EVs and solar energy products “cost-competitive with fossil fuels,” something that’s obviously quite difficult to do.

Complicating matters is that US government incentives for buying electric vehicles will be halved on July 1st and go away entirely at the end of the year, meaning consumers will ultimately be paying more to own one of these cars. So, not only is Tesla in a position where it needs to figure out how to make the Model 3 less expensive, it has to do so with a diminishing US tax credit that incentivizes buying one.

It also has to do all of this while making a fairly thin profit. Musk says that in Q3 2023, Tesla turned a 4% profit. Though results for Q4 aren’t quite settled yet, he says that “preliminary, unaudited results indicate that we again made a GAAP profit, be less than Q3.” For the current quarter, Musk sounds hopeful that Tesla will again make a profit, but it doesn’t sound like it’ll be anything substantial.

Tesla, essentially, finds itself in something of a tough place at the moment, as it needs to cut costs while at the same time ramping up production. With that in mind, Musk announced today that Tesla will be laying off 7% of its full-time employees and retaining “only the most critical temps and contractors.” At the same time, Tesla will look to increase Model 3 production rates to meet its goals for the year ahead.

“Higher volume and manufacturing design improvements are crucial for Tesla to achieve the economies of scale required to manufacture the standard range (220 mile), standard interior Model 3 at $35k and still be a viable company,” Musk wrote in his email. “There isn’t any other way.”

Musk speaks rather bluntly about the difficult road ahead for Tesla in his email, but should everything go according to plan, we should see the mid-range Model 3 launch in all markets around May. Then it’s presumably on to making that $35k Model 3, which would certainly do a lot to bring more customers to the company.

Musk ends his email by thanking the people who are departing Tesla in this move. To everyone who will be remaining with the company, he once again reiterates the difficulties ahead, but says that he believes Tesla has “the most exciting product roadmap of any consumer product company in the world.” We’ll see if Tesla manages to meet these goals for 2023 despite cuts to its workforce, so stay tuned for more.

Have An Insecure Wireless Router? Here’s How To Lock It

Although wireless routers are a blessing for Internet users, they create a plethora of risks if they are left unlocked. In addition to having a slower connection, individuals with malicious intentions can easily gain access to your network when it is not secured.

In order to ensure you are safeguarding your computer and Internet activity from unwanted guests, it is necessary to use the following tips to lock down your insecure wireless router sooner rather than later.

Set Your Approved Devices List

An easy way to boost security of your wireless router is to establish (and maintain) a list of devices that are allowed to access your network. Your mobile phone, tablet, and laptop have unique MAC addresses that can be used to allow access, even when the password is not known. Devices that are not on the approved list will not be able to gain access to your network, even if they have uncovered the password. This helps secure your network from unwanted guests.

Encrypt your Password

Even novice Internet users know that password encryption is a smart move if you want to keep your connection safe and secure. In order to encrypt the password connected to your wireless router, you need to set the wireless security to WPA2 under the settings prompt. This allows you to establish a stronger password that utilizes a random combination of letters, characters and numbers that is far more difficult for intruders to dismantle.

Disable Guest Networks

It is common for wireless routers to come with an additional wireless network intact, known as a guest network. This additional network allows users the ability to share an Internet connection with other users without needing to provide the password for the main network or access to shared files on your personal connection. Although this may be of benefit to a business who offers wireless Internet to its customers, it is not necessarily a perk for home users. In an effort to keep your wireless router secure, it is beneficial to disable the guest network when you install your router.

Turn off Broadcasting

For the majority of wireless routers available on the market today, users have the ability to turn off broadcasting to unauthorized users. For example, when connecting a device to the Internet through your wireless router, you typically see a number of SSIDs, names, or wireless connections listed under the available networks. Although it is helpful for you to know the name of your own personal connection, it is beneficial to turn off broadcasting to surrounding Internet users so that they are not able to view your connection in that listing. Under your router settings, simply deselect “Enable SSID Broadcast” to turn it off.


Although this list is not exhaustive, it does provide a starting point to ensuring your wireless router is safe and secure. To keep hackers and other intruders at bay, make sure to disable broadcasting, turn off access to your guest network if it is not necessary, establish a list of approved devices and keep it current, and consider encrypting your password.

Photo Credit: Life-Of-Pix, Cloned Milkmen

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Sarah is a professional blogger and writer who specializes in all things tech, education and entrepreneurship. When she isn’t writing awesome things for her clients or teaching cute kids how to write, you can find her meditating, doing yoga, and making illustrations for her children’s books.

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