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Last Updated: August 16th, 2023

Update – 16th August: Early Access is around the corner. With Madden 22’s release date a mere 4 days away, those who bought the MVP and Dynasty editions will be able to play early access from tonight!

EA released the Madden 22 ratings recently (July) in what they call ‘Ratings Reveal Week’ and it looks as though there are now five players blessed with 99 Overall ratings. Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, Travis Kelce, Jalen Ramsey, and Patrick Mahomes are all part of the 99 club but what about everyone else? We are going to take a look through the Madden 22 player ratings to see who the top five players are in some of the popular positions.

Madden 22 Player Ratings

Before the game’s launch, EA has presented us with the NFL Madden 22 player ratings, giving us plenty of time to choose the best players for our rosters. As many already know, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, two star Quarterbacks, feature on the MAdden 22 game cover, so let’s start there shall we.

Club 99

Patrick Mahomes

Davante Adams

Aaron Donald

Travis Kelce

Jalen Ramsey

Club 99 featured six players by the end of Madden 21 and it looks as though DeAndre Hopkins has gone back down to an overall rating of 98, giving club 99 at the start of Madden 22 a total of five.

Madden 22 Player Ratings To Watch

There are a few players that may not be in the top five of their category but are certainly worth watching this season.

James Robinson Madden 22 Rating

Madden 22 has him at an overall score of 86 keeping him someway off the top halfbacks but certainly one to watch.

Tim Tebow Madden 22 Rating

The Jacksonville Jaguars player made the transition to tight end and could be interesting this season.

Joe Burrow Madden 22 Player Rating

Joe returns, fully cleared for training, and is straight back in as the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback.

Madden 22 Quarterback (QB) Ratings

Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) – 99 OVR

Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – 97 OVR

Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) – 96 OVR

Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) – 94 OVR

Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens) – 91 OVR

The top two dogs feature on this year’s cover and with Drew Brees retirement, he obviously no longer features. Patrick Mahomes leading the charge from the 99 club and Kansas City Chiefs is going to be a popular selection.

Madden 22 Ratings Halfback (HB)

Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers) – 97 OVR

Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans) – 96 OVR

Nick Chubb (Cleveland Browns) – 96 OVR

Dalvin Cook (Minnesota Vikings) – 95 OVR

Alvin Kamara (New Orleans Saints) – 94 OVR

These running backs have the skillset to smash through lines and bring in those yards. McCaffrey’s number one spot carries over from Madden 21, however, he has come back down from his 99 OVR rating by two points.

Madden 22 Ratings Wide Receiver (WR)

Davante Adams (Green Bay Packers) – 99 OVR

DeAndre Hopkins (Arizona Cardinals) – 98 OVR

Tyreek Hill (Kansas City Chiefs) – 98 OVR

Stefon Diggs (Buffalo Bills) – 97 OVR

Julio Jones (Tennessee Titans) – 95 OVR

Madden 22 Ratings Tight End (TE)

Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) – 99 OVR

George Kittle (San Francisco 49ers) – 96 OVR

Darren Waller (Las Vegas Raiders) – 93 OVR

Mark Andrews (Baltimore Ravens) – 88 OVR

Hunter Henry (New England Patriots) – 87 OVR

Travis Kelce for the Kansas City Chiefs is top of the shop by some way, with a big season ahead.

Madden 22 Defensive Lineman (DL) Ratings

Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams) – 99 OVR

Myles Garrett (Cleveland Browns) – 98 OVR

Fletcher Cox (Philadelphia Eagles) – 94 OVR

JJ Watt (Arizona Cardinals) – 94 OVR

Cameron Jordan (New Orleans Saints) – 93 OVR

Aaron Donald finished Madden 21 strong with high ratings, matching his NFL Defensive Player Of The Year gong and he can set Madden 22 alight starting in club 99.

Madden 22 Cornerback (CB) Ratings

Jalen Ramsey (Los Angeles Rams) – 99 OVR

Stephon Gilmore (New England Patriots) – 97 OVR

Jaire Alexander (Green Bay Packers) – 95 OVR

Tre’Davious White (Buffalo Bills) – 93 OVR

Marlon Humphrey (Baltimore Ravens) – 92 OVR

Jalen Ramsey looks to be yet again one of the strongest CB selections, with Gilmore slipping out of club 99 due to injury.

Madden 22 Safety (FS/SS) Ratings

Tyrann Mathieu (Kansas City Chiefs) – 95 OVR

Budda Baker (Arizona Cardinals) – 93 OVR

Devin McCourty (New England Patriots) – 92 OVR

Jessie Bates III (Cincinnati Bengals) – 91 OVR

Justin Simmons (FS, Denver Broncos) – 91 OVR

Minnesota’s Harrison Smith was rated the best Safety in Madden 21, however, is now dropped to an overall rating of 90.

Madden 22 Kicker (K) Ratings

Justin Tucker (Baltimore Ravens) – 87 OVR

Jason Sanders (Miami Dolphins) – 85 OVR

Harrison Butker (Kansas City Chiefs) – 84 OVR

Josh Lambo (Jacksonville Jaguars) – 83 OVR

Graham Gano (New York Giants) – 82 OVR

Justin Tucker for the Baltimore Ravens sits top of the shop for Madden 22 but the kicking game looks like a close one.

Madden 22 Team Ratings

The official Madden NFL 22 team ratings are out for all 32 teams. Taking a look at the top 5, there aren’t any surprises but it’s good to know before the game’s launch. Don’t forget, the ratings do fluctuate and change as the season progresses as they are based on real-world results.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 92 OVR

Kansas City Chiefs – 90 OVR

Green Bay Packers – 89 OVR

Baltimore Ravens – 88 OVR

Cleveland Browns – 87 OVR

Pre Order Madden 22

If you pre order the MVP of Dynasty edition of Madden 22 you can get early access and play the game three days before everyone else!

Final Word

Madden 22 Ratings are out and about so you can now start planning your Ultimate team for the game’s launch. A few players have fallen from grace for the start of Madden 22 but that is mostly down to injury and we could see the 99 club get even bigger as the season goes on.

You're reading Madden 22 Ratings – Top Player & Team Ratings Revealed

22 Brands With Awesome Instagram Videos

Informal survey: How many of you have agonized over your 15-second Instagram video? For the most part, unless you’ve mastered hyperlapse or crop video square (where your video gets landscaped or your great aunt Millie is #croppedout), you probably aren’t thinking too hard about it. You hop on Instagram, snap a pic, and call it a day.

But when Instagram announces they are going to give you 60-seconds of video-editing freedom, you drop everything and take it. And, that’s just what brands are planning to do. I’m sure you’ve all seen the T-Mobile extended video by now?

We’re in the #BigGame with @ChampagnePapi. #YouGotCarriered

Anyways, on March 29, 2023, Instagram shared it will transform their 15-second videos to 60-seconds videos “to bring fun, flexible, and creative, ways to create and watch video on Instagram.” This 60-second video update came right after the massive announcement that Instagram will be changing its algorithm.

Instagram stated: “You may be surprised to learn that people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds. As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most. To improve your experience, your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.”

What does this mean for brands? eMarketer stated in their Instagram Mobile Ad Revenues report, net mobile ad revenues for Instagram worldwide are expected to reach $2.81 billion by 2023. More than likely, content creators will be focusing on telling their stories to people on the go. So, even though you’re getting 60-seconds of video, brands need to utilize this timespan in whatever timeframe they need to tell their story: 15, 30, 45, you get it! Now, marketers will be able to explore other avenues of video formats (think Q&A), build anticipation, and create more narratives.

Soon, we’ll all be able to embrace longer videos of Target and Oh Joy Studio brand collaborations or see the launch of new photo packs from Death To Stock Photography. Since 15-second videos won’t stand a chance as in the coming months, it’s time to bulk up your arsenal with video-enhancing finds, and get inspired by brands delivering a slew of video-packed Instagram power.

So, I scoured the latest Instagram video offerings to bring you fresh ideas from brands currently killing it with Instagram videos. From plant-powered farms to great escapes, scroll down to peep my favorite finds. Let’s take a look.

Califia Farms knows their audience (as evidenced by their popular mango kiwi chia pudding recipe shown below). They rep plant-powered foods from California-grown fruits and nuts, from household products like their ready-to-drink cold coffee brew to new darlings, like Matcha Almondmilk. The brand also shows some love to bloggers close to their heart — like Oh Lady Cakes.

They first won us over with their easy green monster smoothie breakfast. Since then, Califia Farms has been introducing us to new products and store locations through video and animation. I’m loving it.

Waking up to a nutrient-packed breakfast? It’s simple with this set-and-forget recipe, up on the blog. (Link in bio.)

Ever wonder how to cop FedEx’s long-term status as a trusted brand? With 11.5 million shipments each day, FedEx has created a strong corporate identity by living up to its promises and giving their customers a reliable experience. In this collaboration below with Cafe Devocion  —  they tell a story from the customer to the end-user.  As true storytellers, FedEx is aiming to reimagine classic marketing pieces — think contests, cute puppy videos, and user-generated content. These videos fall right in line with the brand’s tagline “The World On Time.” We see people, planes, and trucks which convey FedEx’s dedication to the speed of delivery. And, with the new 60-second videos, I believe we’ll start to see this global organization take on that perception even more.

Here’s a little ☕ to get you through the rest of the week. #Bogota to #Brooklyn via FedEx. #humpday @devocionusa @cafedevocion

GoPro is certainly winning over the extreme sports crowd. You may know skater, Andrew Brophy, or surfer, Bianca Buitendag. The young business started in 2002 in San Mateo, California, and their Instagram is most recognizable for its user-generated content. If you look at their feed, 95% is content submitted by their community.  And it has a strong music following: Musical collaborations include De Lux, Lily Meola, and Ghostface Killah from WuTang. So, when you’re hurling down a mountain or surfing a big wave, GoPro will be there taking leaps of faith with you, but also giving you good musical vibes to put you into a flow state.

General Electric knows what their audience likes when it comes to Instagram videos. From jet engines, turbines, locomotives, factories and all things innovation, GE is visually telling their story. The always-stellar-123-year-old company inspires young engineers wind turbines while giving the aviation geeks what they want with this 18 unique carbon-fiber composite fan blades video close-up.

In the next few months, I’ll be excited to see how GE capitalizes on these new opportunities from Instagram.

Happy Pi Day, everyone. From our GEnx jet engines to the massive ecoROTR, circles and spheres are fundamental to the #GE family of machines. And what better day to celebrate the beauty and utility of circles than today. #PiDay #aviation

Starbucks is a name that comes up a lot when researching brands that dominate the hashtag realm — this video  #StarbucksForLife proves it. The Seattle-based brand has been around since 1971 and has created a brand identity centered around a holistic, word-of-mouth approach. (Its fans’ paper crafting art is pretty impressive).  If you’re like me, you’re probably ogling over a spring-inspired hot coffee clip or daydreaming about a slow pour. Either way, I’m looking forward to what Starbucks will dish out next.

Keep your pencils sharp and the free refills flowing. Green & Gold Rewards members enjoy free in-store refills on brewed coffee, iced coffee, and tea. ☕⭐⭐ 

fun fact: milos is a master of yogic breathing. (among other things.)

As an ex-athlete, I divide my workout clothes into two categories: Clothes I actually wear and ones I don’t. Adidas always achieves MVP status, and I often find myself stalking, watching, and replaying their Instagram videos before every gym workout. Have you seen this one yet? #Heretocreate.

Take for instance this #SpeedTakes Instagram video— it’s a motivating, inspiring, 15-second video for female athletes across the world. Or, this major brand announcement that appeared first on Instagram.

For herself. For her team. For her country. She reinvents herself at all costs. @Jaque1212 is #heretocreate.

To compare these drool-worthy standout donuts for grown-ups to regular ol’ donuts would be a crime. Most donuts do not contain fried chicken or slow fired creme brulee. But, hey! I’m not complaining. This incredibly unhealthy circle of heaven has built an engaging following with over 20k Instagram followers and averaging over 500 likes per post. How? My guess is it has to do with the slow jams incorporate on videos. Or, the fact that their dough takes 18 hours to make and is made from scratch every day. Ready for a road trip to Portland? Let’s go!

This is where the magic happens. 🙈 #doughnuts #donuts #madefromscratch #handcrafted #donutsforgrownups #letsgetiton #venicebeach #instavenice #losangeles

With uniquely structured layouts and perfectly synced postings (including pics from Wood and Faulk and The Athletic), this creative agency, Julietzulu, seamlessly blends seamlessly strategic thinking with creativity. However, their behind-the-scenes travels are what makes their Instagram extra special. This culturally-crafted video from Cuba shares insights into what it’s like to train for the Cuba National Boxing Team.

Though we couldn’t seem to find a baseball diamond, the boxing culture was strong. On multiple days we visited a local training gym and then were able to watch the Cuban National Boxing team dominate Mexico in the ring. #cuba #havana

Don’t even think about it. #Boomerang

These Instagram videos correlate well with the brand’s personality and target audience. Imagine what they will do with 45 more seconds of video footage.

@ontheroofs live on the edge, you ready to take the climb? Link in bio. #ChuckII #readyformore

I can’t guarantee a Red Bull will give you wings, but at least, I can share some of the Red Bull Instagram video moments with you. Their video success formula feeds my need for extreme sports with a slew of cliff diving, snowboarding, windmill weaving, and so much more. These 15-second spots have been permanently engraved into my digital marketing library categorized in the awesome sauce section.

A triple quadruple back flip spin …ahhh you get the idea. Watch this season of @redbullcliffdiving live on @redbulltv #redbullcliffdiving #cliffdiving #diving

Cookies never looked (or tasted) so good. Pairing Oreo with Instagram is a winning combination.  But, when you combine these really yummy cream-filled cookies with doodles, flowing coffee creamer, and illustrator collaborations with artists like Timothy Goodman and Jeremyville, you’ve pretty much got Instagram video gold. And, let’s not leave out Oreo’s creative fan base. Artist (and Oreo self-proclaimed lover) Tisha Cherry is the Picasso of Oreo cookies.

Open up with Oreo and share a new view on the world together.

Reason Number 3 you should live on an island:  Because you always wanted to be on Survivor. That is, if Survivor was less about competition and more about lounging beachside with a frozen drink. $100 off all island listings. Book now!

Raise your hand if you played with LEGO’s as a kid. That’s what I thought: EVERYONE PLAYED WITH LEGOS. And I’m no exception. A few days ago, I was invited to see the new Batman v  Superman: Dawn of Justice movie (read: not excited) and attached was this hilarious LEGO Batman Instagram video that had me ROFL. While LEGO’s Batman trailer was better than the actual movie in my opinion, LEGO’s Instagram videos have been nailing it! Just take a look at any of the LEGO Star Wars videos created. On point, indeed.

Get ready for a whole lot of #LEGO #Batman… Here’s a teaser for the @LEGOBatmanMovie! #LEGOBatmanMovie

Thanks to the space-invading wizards of NASA and the persuasive powers of Facebook-owned Instagram, NASA Instagram followers were able to get the first pictures of Pluto before it hit anywhere else. NASA released a video series highlighting Pluto for all of us space lovers to enjoy.  Through the astronauts video footage and high-tech tools, NASA allows us to discover and explore space as if we’re in the shuttle with them.

There’s a certain way you chant Daytona 500 when you’re from Georgia. You’ve got to have a little southern twang in your Day-tona. So, when I see Ford’s Instagram video with #Daytona500, you can guess how my southern drawl comes out. From announcing the Ford supercar to testing pothole mitigation tech for the 2023 Ford Fusion Sport,  there’s something to be said for the way Ford reigns supreme on Instagram. They’re engaging, informational, and compelling. And, let’s not forget about Ford’s epic “liking and driving” campaign to raise awareness about distracted driving.

Teva has harnessed the power of cross-promoting with other brands, like Refinery29, to host Instagram contests to build their following. And, it’s working.

Ready to kick off an epic festival season? We are. Shop our handpicked guide to the best of festival style. (🎥 @nathangary)

If there’s one cold, hard fact you should know about me it’s that I take my ice cream very seriously. On any given day, you’ll find me scanning the grocery aisles for the newest sweet-treat havens. My personal favorite:  Ben & Jerry’s. Not only did they teach me how to make my first bacon breakfast sandwich but they are helping to save the planet.

With Free Cone Day (on April 12) and so many new flavors to try (Cookies & Cream, Cheesecake Core, Coconuts and Carmel, and nondairy!), Ben & Jerry’s is taking over our Instagram feeds with cups, cones, and pints.

Ice cream + bacon = breakfast mastery. Recipe link in profile.

Some things never go out of style, like denim. Fans of the classic brand, Gap, will fall for their Instagram videos, that caters to — you guessed it — all things denim. This sophisticated take on the iconic brand is much different from the previous 12-film micro series Gap launched in 2023 that told a love story between a comedian and “Marcel the Shell”.

To make Gap cool again and win over the millennial generation, Gap is gaining inspiration from what the brand once was: A brand that represented individuality, spirit, and simplicity. The new Instagram video series collaborates with musicians, artists, and creators to target the millennial generation while still giving us that Americana mood.

“Denim is really just classic American.” — Guitarist @daisyclementine #nothingbutdenim

Dirty water is a bully that keeps women from working, children from learning, and families from living long healthy lives. It’s time to stand up to it. It’s time to #FightDirty. Link in bio to join the fight.

Instagram released the 60-second video option to all accounts (not just brands) on March 29, 2023. I believe this isn’t the end of the video updates we’ll see from Instagram for 2023.

Image Credits

Ovh Fire Outage May Last Until March 22

While some OVH fire affected customers are back up and running many others are not so lucky. Many OVHCloud customers are not scheduled to be back up until March 22, 2023, nearly two weeks after the data center fire.

Server customers who have Bare Metal servers in Strasbourg, France will continue to be affected by this outage. The estimated time of recovery is currently March 22, 2023 but this is just an ETA (estimated time of arrival) and not a firm date.

OVH has indicated that affected customers will receive an updated invoice with a suspension of charges.

Customers Complaints About OVH Support

Despite OVH’s steady communication by email, via Twitter, and through their official support page, some customers feel as if they are receiving no support from OVH saying that support calls are going unanswered.

All I can say is that there has been ZERO help for sbg2 clients since the incident and no response to support calls. Does anyone know how or what service we can get credit for and what terms and conditions they come with???

— dustyrawlins (@dustyrawlins) March 16, 2023

Another OVH customer tweeted:

“Waiting for their response. Same like us, using SBG2 and now still waiting their update.

Yesterday they told that status for this SBG2, they have the backup. But I’m not sure”

The OVH Support on Twitter is full of anxious customers asking questions in French and English.

OVH Support reassured customers that refunds and compensation were forthcoming to customers whose sites were affected by the data center fire.

Hello, we will communicate about the refund of services affected by the fire, and about the compensation. I assure you, you will not lose money on the service you ordered.

For the new server, it will not be possible to have the same IP address. ^MaxR

— OVHcloud Support FR (@ovh_support_fr) March 16, 2023

OVH Customer Confusion and Uncertainty

Yet even when some customers were able to reach customer support there seemed to be struggle for OVH to help. One customer tweeted they encountered confused responses from OVH support.

@ovh_support_en I just received an email from you asking me to check where my VPS was located in SBG…but the manager just say’s it doesn’t exist…. it’s vps-4d4f1308

PS. Thanks for all the hard work!

— Jazzy Senpai (@SenpaiJazzy) March 12, 2023

If one person is tweeting about a support issue that may mean there are many more who may be silently suffering.

For example, a domain name database recently sent out an email to customers stating that they are working 24/7 to restore services but had no firm date other than “hopefully” this week, reflecting the lack of information about a firm recovery date for some customers.

OVH’s support page stated:

“Only customers with OVHcloud US who have Bare Metal servers in Strasbourg, France are being impacted by this incident.

All affected customers will be notified about their updated March invoice in the coming days.”

OVH Working Hard to Recover Data Centers

OVH is still working on cleaning up the data centers, reporting that soot cleanup is ongoing in SBG3.

According OVH, 30% of the rooms in SBG-1 were damaged. SBG-1 is scheduled to have electricity restored on March 16, 2023 but a gradual restart is not scheduled until March 22nd.

The situation in other areas are as follows:

– Server restart : Provisional ETA: Monday, 22 March for gradual restart

– Server restart : Provisional ETA: Monday, 22 March for gradual restart

– Server restart : Provisional ETA: Monday, 22 March for gradual restart”

OVH Data Center Fire Recovery

The recovery appears to be proceeding at a fast but orderly pace. Most customers appear to be understanding. For some customers who didn’t have backups or whose sites will not be able to be recovered on OVH’s end, the after affects will continue to linger.


OVH Fire FAQ for Customers

OVH Data Center System Status Page

OVH News Page

What Do Router Ac Ratings Like Ac1200 And Ac3200 Mean?

There are numbers attached to the end that tell you the theoretical maximum speeds — AC1200, AC1900, AC5300, etc. These numbers claim to refer to how many megabits per second (Mbps) you can get from the router, but in practice, you’ll want to take the “theoretical” part of “theoretical maximum” pretty seriously.

What the number appears to mean

If you look at your router’s model number, you will always see a term like “AC 1200,” “AC 1900,” etc., regardless of the brand of the router. So what does this mean? The number behind the “AC” actually refers to bandwidth.

Take an AC1200 router, which maxes out its bandwidth at 1200 megabits per second, or 1.2 gigabits per second (Gbps). Since eight bits equals one byte, a 1200 Mbps connection would be enough to download about 150 megabytes per second – enough to get a whole movie in half a minute.

So, since the current maximum speed for most people is 1 Gbps (if you’re lucky enough to have a good Internet connection), why would anyone bother getting an AC5300 router? AC1200 already seems like overkill. The short answer: because neither router actually gets you past 1 Gbps, and it’ll probably get you much less.

What the number really means

The number after the AC actually refers to the sum of all the bandwidth that can theoretically be delivered by each band/frequency that the router uses. If a router has two bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz, which are the standard bands used for Wi-Fi), one of the bands may claim a maximum of 450 Mbps and the other 1300 Mbps – 1750 in total. You can get higher AC numbers by having bands with higher throughput ratings (1733 Mbps is pretty popular) or by adding more bands.

Here’s the catch, though: your devices can probably only connect to the signal from one band at a time. If your computer is connected to the 1300 Mbps band, the other band won’t be giving you 450 more Mbps. It’ll just go unused. Getting a router with more bands (and thus a higher sum of theoretical maximums) won’t really do much for speed.

How theoretical is the theoretical maximum?

More realistically, a mid-range AC1200 router will deliver around 300 or 400 Mbps on a good day, and upgrading to something fancier will probably deliver marginal speed gains at best.

Higher numbers equal more computers, not more speed

But just because higher AC numbers don’t make your connection faster doesn’t mean that they’re useless. A model with a big number will generally have more antennas and bands (but not necessarily faster ones) and maybe better features, with newer technology like MU-MIMO (Multiuser, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) allowing more users to connect to a router without suffering speed losses.

A four-antenna AC5300 router could handle four bandwidth-heavy users without the slowdown that conventional routers might get. In addition, the higher the number on the band you’re connected to, the more data it can handle from multiple devices. If you’ve only got a few devices using a bit of bandwidth though, a lower-powered AC router will handle your traffic just fine.

Conclusion: It’s a pretty confusing number

In the end, the number that you see after the AC is pretty close to meaningless. It’s the sum of the very theoretical maximum speeds of multiple bands that you can’t connect to simultaneously, and it really only gives you a hint about how it might be able to handle more computers at once.

To get an idea of a router’s actual speed, buyers are better off checking reviews and looking for real-world testing data. Given that gigabit-speed Internet is still quite rare, though, not being able to get past 500 Mbps isn’t really an issue for most people – and if it is, there’s always the old Ethernet cable standby, and we’re getting closer to gig Wi-Fi all the time.

Andrew Braun

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Samsung Debuts Android Galaxy Player 4, 5

Samsung announced a unique addition to their Galaxy lineup of portable devices, called the Galaxy Player. The device is an Android-based portable media player that should rival the iPod touch and comes in 4-inch and 5-inch models. The large screens will be ideal for games, videos, music, social media, and e-books while still fitting in your pocket.

The Galaxy Player will come with Android 2.2 and be upgraded later to 2.3. Both models will have front and rear cameras (including flash on the 5-inch model), stereo speakers, and support for Adobe Flash 10.1. WiFi is also supported and when paired with the included Qik applications, VoIP calls can be made using the devices.

Both players support multiple media formats, are DLNA Certified, and include MicroSD slots that allow for an extra 32GB of storage in addition to the built-in 8GB storage. The devices have been announced for Spring, however, exact dates and pricing have yet to be confirmed.

Press Release:


March 16, 2011

Two Light and Slim Devices Deliver the Full Internet and Thousands of Android Apps Without Monthly Connection Fees

NEW YORK, March 16, 2011 – Samsung Electronics America Inc. ., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today expanded the Galaxy Family of portable devices with the addition of the unique Galaxy Player, the first in a new category of Android-based ultra-mobile devices. The large 4″ or 5″ screen on the two new models offer an ideal to enjoy games, music, videos, social media and e-books, yet still easily fit in a pants pocket.

The 4″ and 5″ screen models of Galaxy Player, weighing just 5 and 7 ounces respectively, deliver powerful features for entertainment, communication and information on the go. Both devices boast Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) connectivity for quick and easy access to online services, front and rear cameras (including flash on the 5″ model) for videoconferencing or photography, stereo speakers for enjoying music or videos, and support for Adobe Flash 10.1 to access virtually any content on the Web.

“Our Galaxy Family – including Galaxy S mobile phones and Galaxy Tab – has been a success because we give people what they truly wish for – access to thousands of Android Apps coupled with Samsung’s sleek design,” explained Tim Baxter, President, Consumer Business Division at Samsung Electronics America. “Our new Galaxy Players deliver that same experience in two terrific, ultra-portable form factors – without incurring fees for a monthly data plan.”

Convenient Communication Features

Galaxy Players comes with Qik applications for VoIP calls over a WiFi connection; Skype will also be pre-loaded on the 4″ model. A microphone and speaker in the device provides a comfortable and natural communications experience.

Video-conferencing is a joy through the front-facing camera on the devices and the large 4″ and 5″ screens provide for a crystal-clear view of the other side of the conversation.

Unprecedented Multimedia, Gaming in Style – and Drag ‘N Play

Galaxy Player’s large 4″ or 5″ screens are perfect for reading e-books on the go, while the built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to browse and download new books from almost anywhere.

Stereo speakers, with Virtual 5.1 surround sound and Samsung’s SoundAlive post-processing technology, makes the Galaxy Player a portable boombox to enliven any occasion. The LCD WVGA display on the 5″ model makes watching movies or TV shows a superb experience, while the Super Clear WVGA LCD screen on the 4″ model provides bright, clear access to online videos.

In addition, both Galaxy Players support numerous multimedia formats natively, eliminating the need to transcode files. Videos in the popular DivX, Xvid, WMV, MPEG4 and H.264 formats play effortlessly. Music lovers will love the audio support for MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, and Flac.

Drag ‘N Play support means files can be simply dragged from a PC right onto the player – no need for installing special software of any kind on the PC. A MicroSD slot allows 32 GB of extra storage, supplementing the on-board 8 GB.

Galaxy Players are DLNA Certified® and support AllShare – so content can be streamed to and from a PC or television without wires – anywhere in the home.

Gamers are sure to embrace the Galaxy Player – the vibrant and expansive 5″ and 4″ screens, stereo sound, access to thousands of games via the Android Marketplace, and extreme portability all add up to a package that is simply perfect for both hardcore and casual games.

Access to an Amazing Lineup of Apps- and Flash 10.1

The two Galaxy Player devices are the only Mobile Internet Devices with Google certification – so they can access over 100,000 Android applications via Google’s Android Market. The Web browsing experience on the Galaxy Player devices is unparalleled. Support for Adobe Flash 10.1 means no limits – and no frustration – when browsing online.

Both devices run Android version 2.2 (Froyo) and will be upgradeable to version 2.3 (Gingerbread). Announces Live Sale For 22 Apartments In Heights Metaverse Property

GMeta.One hybrid metaverse platform recently announced the live sale of 22 individual apartments in the chúng tôi Heights apartment community. The building is at 59 Diamond Road in cryptovoxels, a prime area based on the evidence provided in the form of burgeoning development in that particular section of the popular metaverse iteration.

The 22 individual apartment listings are one of the first live implementations of a shared-ownership model in the decentralized finance space. Specifically, the purchasing of land in popular metaverse iterations, while bridging together otherwise disconnected metaverses, and giving individuals an opportunity to purchase through a leveraged model.

Insights into the chúng tôi Heights model and benefits

Not only do individual apartment owners get the opportunity to possess prime metaverse virtual land at a deep discount, but can also opt to resell apartment NFTs at any point in the future. This model gives ordinary people opportunities to invest into the rapidly-developing web 3.0 space at a fraction of the cost. Metaverse prices have gone up sharply over the last 6 months, with no immediate sign of a reversal. Additional ownership benefits have been developed by the chúng tôi team, in a direct targeted effort to enhance the opportunity even more.

GMeta.One Heights apartment owners are given 2 complimentary wearables to use in individual apartment decorating and a host of other benefits. The design that has gone into the apartments is also something to be noted. Individuals get the benefit of professionally crafted metaverse build-outs and an entire professionally-designed Wearables Collection for building owners to buy and resell not only on cryptovoxels and the chúng tôi NFT marketplace, but also on OpenSea as an additional expanded platform option to reach more potential buyers whenever looking to sell.

Other benefits and particulars and chúng tôi Heights

As a huge economic incentive, a 20% initial sale rebate is afforded to the owners of chúng tôi Heights apartment units. Additionally, owner recognition, free promotion, and access to all building events are enjoyed by owners in the leveraged ownership model. More benefits may come down the road, something that has been commonplace with the metaverse platform. The live chúng tôi presale, contest giveaways and frequent cash giveaways on live zoom presentations (Mon-Fri at 4 PM EST), have been the norm for the generous team.

“We’re interested in creating something long-standing. The chúng tôi team has taken a lot of time and thought to deliver the absolute best total metaverse experience to all chúng tôi platform user. Shared ownership, music conferences; they’re just a part of what we’re doing, but honestly we’re just getting started. We have so much more in store for people.” –  Jay Krypto, Head of Metaverse Development, GMeta.One

SXSW event and other chúng tôi news

The chúng tôi team recently announced an official partnership with the SXSW music conference segment which will be hosted Friday, March 18 from 1–6 pm EST in the chúng tôi Arena, also built within the cryptovoxels metaverse platform. The live event will feature talks around metaverse and web 3.0 development, to investigate how it impacts music and entertainment moving forward. This is the first time the massive SXSW event will feature live web 3.0 integration.

The event will feature music artist LamboGoPro live from the chúng tôi VR property. This will be an opportunity for individuals to realize the interactive measures made possible through the chúng tôi hybrid experience. Live event participants will be able to interact in the Web 3.0 environment during the event. chúng tôi has expressed excitement over the opportunity to showcase what it’s actually like during live interactive shows and events in the iteration through the use of personal VR avatars. This will be front and center on Friday for the SXSW segment.

Next steps for GMeta.One

As the chúng tôi team gets ready for the SXSW event and continues to promote the new shared ownership opportunity at chúng tôi Heights, the live token presale also continues along. The main funding allocation objectives are initial token liquidity for launch and further metaverse land and resource development.

Over $1.1 million has already been raised by the hybrid metaverse project, with strategic alliances and partnerships also taking precedent. Again, all individual units are available for chúng tôi Heights can be found on the OpenSea platform or by visiting chúng tôi social media and Telegram channels.

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