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TRYO reinvents the existing online shopping system by bringing AR capabilities with products from popular brands, all combined in a funky, modern, and well-balanced UI.


Virtually try on offerings from popular lifestyle brands

Good UI

Easy to use AR mode

360° mode has high-quality rendering


More instructions could have been added

Rendering can be improved in AR mode

Rating: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝

Price: Free


Before the eCommerce revolution, there was only one way to shop – visit a store, try out things, and buy them. Fast forward to today, when you open the app on your device, check the images and product descriptions, and then buy them. How things have changed!

Although online shopping has helped us save time and access various options, it still can’t beat the try-before-you-buy experience. What if you can enjoy the benefits of old-school and new-age shopping at the same time? That is what folks behind the TRYO app are promising! You can try items virtually and buy them if you like – old wine in a new bottle!

After spending some time with the app, I came up with some interesting conclusions. Trail (pun-intended) along to know more!

What is TRYO app?

A funky sunglass appeared on my face when I opened the app for the first time, reminding me of a Snapchat filter. It was fun, cool, and surprisingly good! But no, the app is not just about filters! It comprises actual products to shop from.

TRYO uses the power of AR to bring products to your smartphone. The library is also pretty big, consisting of over 500 products and counting across various categories.

How TRYO can help select the right products

Instead of doomscrolling through shopping sites, trying out the product virtually on TRYO will allow users to make better purchase decisions.

Shopping for items with AR is not new; many e-commerce platforms have tried their hand at it. However, unlike the rest, TRYO focuses more purposefully on AR shopping. As a result, it has managed to bring some special features to the screen.

Features that make TRYO stand out

Easy setup: No matter how good the app is, if the setup is painful, it can force users away from the app. Thankfully, the people at TRYO have made the setup process as simple as checking out a product.

Try products without visiting the store: While talking about the app, how can we not discuss its key feature? The ability to try products in AR! Thanks to that, you will be able to know whether an item suits you are not.

Trendy products: With top brands come top products. TRYO’s product catalog consists of more than 500 products, with more added regularly. The best part is that they will delight those looking for trendy products. Most users will feel like a kid in a candy store.

Easy to purchase: Another concern I had was the exit. I wondered if the app could only allow you to try these products. But thankfully, that wasn’t the case. All you have to do is tap Buy Now, and you will be taken to the official product page!

Use TRYO app on iPhone to find the product of your choice

The process is simple. Open the app and select the product icon you want to choose from. After selecting the right category, swipe between the models to choose from. If you are confused, you can also check the trendy section, where you can see the latest trends, a delight for fashion enthusiasts.

There is also an option to change between the colors. Also, you can use the search button to open the brand and product catalog of TRYO, where you can choose the product of your choice.

Once a product is selected, depending on the product, the app will adjust the cameras accordingly and give you the necessary instructions.

For the camera shy (no, I don’t judge) or those who want to get a 360° view, tap the Eye It button, and you can check every bit and byte of the product here. That’s not all; you can share the product with your friends and let them share their thoughts.

The best, save the product and check for later (yeah, I know the pain of not having money and still looking at the product of your dreams 🥲). There is even the option to capture images with the products (Yeah, you can flex about Gucci without owning one in real life 🤓).

Things I liked about the TRYO app

In one line, the app is amazing and tempts me to try more products. The product catalog was vast, with recognizable brands. Once the app detects you, the product mostly adjusts well.

Funky UI makes the app feel fresh. It’s futuristic and balances every critical aspect, thus making you applaud the UI. While using the app, you will know that the developers have worked hard to optimize the app and let AR function smoothly. AR Mode is easy to use and helps make purchase decisions.

Among the many other features of the app, I primarily liked the Eye It mode, which lets the users get a 360° view of their preferred item. Keep in mind that all of these features are available for free!

Room for improvement

Not everything is as pleasant as getting the right product on the first attempt, and the same goes for TRYO also.

While the UI is well-crafted, some might still prefer having more instructions on certain menus (or buttons) and how they function. Because for many, AR is still relatively new. They’ll know how great the app is only when you show them how handy and easy to understand the features are.

Although I loved the simple catalog, I would appreciate seeing more detailed categories, such as necklaces, earrings, and much more. Additionally, the clarity of images shown in AR mode can be improved, if possible, as good as in the Eye It mode.

Another great addition would be a camera switcher. I wanted to see how a sunglass looked good on my friend, but I had to take my phone to him to let him check out. Along with that, the option to try multiple products at the same time will enhance the app experience a lot.


Who should get this app?

TRYO is an app that can be recommended mainly to users who want to try on products before buying them. The app is recommended for those bored with regular online shopping customs and wanting to try something new. Since the app is free, anyone can try it out without losing money (unless you are a shopaholic :P).


User interface


AR mode (Try It mode)


360 view (Eye it mode)


Value for money



TRYO app review

TRYO app review





TRYO is a cut above its competitors. Its collection of huge brands with great products is a bonus. The UI is funky and keeps the user hooked to the app. For an app that’s free to use, TRYO delivers a lot, thereby outweighing its minor cons.

TRYO is a cut above its competitors. Its collection of huge brands with great products is a bonus. The UI is funky and keeps the user hooked to the app. For an app that’s free to use, TRYO delivers a lot, thereby outweighing its minor cons.




Total Score

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Top 10 Most Popular Online Shopping Websites Globally In Late 2023

The list shows that American online retail giants dominate the list. However, the list contains two online shopping heavyweights from China. In addition, we also have Japanese and Canadian online retail giants on the list. Let us now take a look at the top 10 most popular online shopping websites globally in 2023

Top 10 most popular shopping websites for 2023

According to Cloudflare’s report, Amazon is the most preferred online shopping platform for shoppers in many countries. Although many people know Amazon as an online shopping website, Amazon is actually an American multinational technology company. It does not only focus on e-commerce but is also involved in cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

This company is one of the biggest information technology companies in the U.S. alongside the likes of Google, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft. According to chúng tôi between January and June 2023, the chúng tôi website had over 15 billion visits with over 2 billion visits each month.

Taobao is actually the No. 1 online shopping platform in China (with respect to visits). According to chúng tôi Taobao visits between June and November exceed 300 million each month. Taobao, an online shopping platform under Alibaba Group. Founded as a C2C-platform in 2003, Taobao has grown into one of the most used online shops in Mainland China.

Similarweb also claims that about 80% of Taobao’s traffic is from China. Hong Kong and Taiwan account for about 8% while the U.S. accounts for 2% of its overall traffic.

Just like Taobao, Ebay’s traffic is mostly from the U.S (almost 80%). Russia, Mexico, Canada, and the U.K are amongst the top users of eBay.

The US-based retail giant Walmart is known for its physical stores, but chúng tôi is also gaining popularity among online shoppers. According to chúng tôi since May 2023, Walmart traffic has been over 300 million visitors every month except for February 2023 where it had 294.5 million visitors. For some months, its monthly visitors exceeds 450 million.

Walmart Inc. operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores from the United States, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Of course, we expect most of its traffic to come from China. Over 90% of its traffic is from China. chúng tôi Inc., also known as Jingdong (formerly 360buy) is a strong competition for Alibaba-run Taobao.

Most of its visits are from the U.S. (over 35%) with China, Australia, and the U.K contributing about 5% each of its monthly visits.  Shopify Inc. is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.

North American home appliance and electronic retailers, BestBuy ranks seventh on the list. According to chúng tôi most of its visits (over 90%) are from the U.S. This online shopping platform also gets over 100 million visits every month. However, similarweb’s data shows that in November 2023, its visits exceed 200 million.

Best Buy Co., Inc. is an American multinational consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota.

The US retail giant Target is also very popular, ranking 8th on the list. This shopping platform is almost entirely a U.S. online shop as 96% of its traffic is from the U.S. However, according to similarweb, this shop easily gets over 200 million visitors every month. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Target is the eighth largest retailer in the United States and a component of the S&P 500 Index.

9. Rakuten

Japanese e-commerce giant, Rakuten, ranks 9th on the list. Founded by Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997, Rakuten Group, Inc., is a Japanese electronic commerce and online retailing company. This online shopping platform has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Similarweb’s data shows that Rakuten’s monthly visits are about 40 million. However, in November 2023, this number exceeded 60 million.

Interestingly, the similarweb’s data shows that only 3% of its traffic is from its home country, Japan. Also, most of its traffic is from the U.S (over 76%) and France (almost 15%).

10. The Home Depot

The Home Depot (also known as Home Depot), an American home improvement retailer. This online shopping website ranks among the top 10 most popular online shopping sites in the world in 2023. Headquartered in Cobb County, Georgia, it is also the largest home improvement retailer in the United States. It mainly supplies tools, construction products, as well as services.


It is important to note that the top 10 ranking of the most popular online shopping sites globally is from Cloudflare. However, the traffic values for each site are from either similarweb or statista. Also, Cloudflare’s data is for late 2023, thus, it does not consider the entire year.

Is Whatsapp Not Working? Here Are 10 Easy Fixes You Can Try

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

There are a few possible reasons for WhatsApp not working. Thankfully, you can fix it relatively quickly most times. If the app is crashing, you can’t send messages, or you are experiencing any other issues, follow the tips below to get the app back up and running again.

Editor’s note: All instructions were generated using a Google Pixel 7 running Android 13 and an Apple iPhone 12 Mini running iOS 16.4.1. Some of the steps below might be slightly different on your end, depending on your device and software.

Check if WhatsApp is down

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

We always blame our devices when something isn’t working, but maybe the problem isn’t local. The reason for WhatsApp not working could be that the service is down.

An easy way to see if the problem is WhatsApp itself is to try using any other app or browser. If everything else is working, chances are WhatsApp’s servers are the issue. You can also use online tools like the website Down Detector. This service will let you know if there are any problems with WhatsApp itself. If WhatsApp is down, all you can do is wait until service is restored.

Close and reopen the application How to uninstall an Android app:

Tap and hold onto the WhatsApp app in your home screen or app drawer.

Select App info.

Hit Uninstall.

Confirm by selecting OK.

How to uninstall an iPhone app:

Find the WhatsApp app. Tap and hold onto it for a couple or few seconds.

Tap on Remove App.

Select Delete App.

Check for updates

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Though running older apps often brings no issues, sometimes services also change things server-side, deeming some functions useless. You want to ensure you’re running the latest version of the app, so head to the Google Play Store and check for updates.

How to check for app updates on the Google Play Store:

Open the Google Play Store.

Tap on your profile icon in the top right corner.

Hit Manage apps & device.

Tap on Updates available.

Hit Update all or look for WhatsApp and select Update.

How to check for app updates on the Apple App Store:

Launch the Apple App Store.

Tap on your profile icon in the top-right corner.

Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see all your available updates. Tap on Update next to WhatsApp, or select Update All to handle all app updates.

While you’re at it, you might also want to check if any updates are available to your device. Check the instructions below to learn how to update your Android device.

How to check for Android updates:

Open the Settings app.

Go into System.

Tap on System update.

Select Check for update.

The system will let you know if anything is available for your device. Follow instructions.

How to check for iPhone updates:

Launch the Settings app.

Go into General.

Select Software Update.

The system will automatically search for updates. Select Download and Install if there are any.

Restart the phone

Believe it or not, a good ol’ reboot seems to fix most smartphone issues. It’s one of the first troubleshooting methods you should try. Just restart your phone and see if WhatsApp works.

How to restart an Android phone:

Press the power and volume up buttons simultaneously.

Hit Restart.

How to restart an iPhone:

Press and hold the power and volume up buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

A power options screen will appear.

Use the slide to power off slider to turn the phone off.

When the phone is off, press and hold the power button to turn it back on.

How to turn on mobile data on Android:

Open the Settings app.

Go into Network & internet.

Under SIMs, select your main SIM.

Toggle Mobile data on.

If you’re outside your country or network coverage, also toggle Roaming on (this may incur extra charges).

How to turn on mobile data on iPhone:

Open the Settings app.

Go into Cellular.

Make sure Cellular Data is toggled on.

If you want to enable roaming, go into your main SIM under SIMs. Then toggle on Data Roaming.

Clear the app cache

Cache is an excellent method to keep your phone snappy, but old data can get corrupted and be the reason for WhatsApp not working. It doesn’t hurt to clear it from time to time, especially if the app isn’t working.

Clear cache on Android:

Open the Settings app.

Go into Apps.

Find the WhatsApp app under See all apps.

Tap on Storage & cache.

Hit Clear Cache.

You can also select Clear storage for a clean start.

Sadly, you can’t clear the cache on iOS apps. The only effective way to accomplish this is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Allow all app permissions

Many issues can come from not giving WhatsApp the necessary permissions to access essential information. For example, WhatsApp may not pick up your contacts if you accidentally deny permission to your phone’s contacts. You may also have disabled background data.

How to change app permission settings:

Open the Settings app.

Go into Apps.

Find the WhatsApp app under See all apps.

Select Permissions.

Make sure to allow access to everything under Not allowed.

How to allow app permissions on iPhone:

Launch the Settings app.

Find and select WhatsApp.

Under Allow WhatsApp To Access, ensure everything is toggled on and enter all subsections to enable extra features.

Did WhatsApp delete your account?

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Have you stopped using WhatsApp for a long time? If so, there’s a chance WhatsApp not working is simply due to your account being deleted. The service deletes accounts after 120 days of inactivity. A WhatsApp account is active as long as it has an internet connection. If this is the case, your only solution is to create a new WhatsApp account.

Make sure you have enough storage

Sometimes WhatsApp can have issues downloading content when the phone runs out of storage. The first thing to try is to clear some storage on your Android or iOS device. You can also try clearing some WhatsApp data.

How to delete WhatsApp data on Android:

Open WhatsApp.

Hit the three-dot menu button.

Go into Settings.

Select Storage and data.

Tap on Manage storage.

Go into each conversation and delete whatever you deem unimportant.

How to delete WhatsApp data on iPhone:

Open the WhatsApp app.

Tap on the Settings tab.

Go into Storage and Data.

Hit Manage Storage.

Go into each chat and delete whatever you deem unnecessary.

Make sure background data is enabled!

If WhatsApp isn’t giving you message notifications appropriately, there is a chance you accidentally turned off background data. This can easily be fixed in the settings.

How to enable background data:

Open the Settings app.

Go into Apps.

Find the WhatsApp app under See all apps.

Go into Mobile data & Wi-Fi.

Enable Background data.

You can also toggle Unrestricted data usage on. This gives the app complete data access even when in Data Saver mode.

How to turn on Background App Refresh on iPhone:

Open the Settings app.

Go into General.

Tap on Background App Refresh.

Find WhatsApp and make sure it’s toggled on.

This Could Make Creating Convincing Fake News Videos Too Easy

This could make creating convincing fake news videos too easy

Fake news is a big and thorny subjects these days and there is no indication that it’s going away any time soon. In fact, it might get worse before it gets better. Countless people are already easily duped by legit-looking text and professionally photoshopped images. But what if they can be deceived by video as well? While the machine learning algorithms developed by University of Washington researchers have more lofty goals in mind, this “lip-syncing tech” could also be used to prank and mislead people in the future.

Imagine taking footage from one video, say an interview of former US president Barack Obama, and mixing it with audio from a completely different video, like a totally different interview. While technically possible, the results are less than convincing. But using this new machine learning technique, University of Washington researchers have been able to produce such a mix that eerily looks like the real deal.

The problem with mixing video with different audio is in the way the mouth moves. Humans have an uncanny talent for detecting such out of sync or even fake mouth movements. Unsurprisingly, that is part of the aversion better known as “uncanny valley”. This new research fixes all that and in a more efficient way.

Audio to video conversion, as it is called, has been around for quite a while now, but almost all techniques involved multiple people being filmed to speak the same sentences repeatedly while cameras and computers capture the changes in the shape of the mouth and associate those with certain sounds. Not exactly ideal or cheap. The UW researchers, instead, utilized machine learning and fed existing videos to a neural network, which then proceeded to do the same analysis of mouth shapes and their associated sounds. You no longer need to have live actors on hand but can simply use tons of recorded videos to achieve the same effect.

That’s only half of the process though. The second half involves analyzing the “fake” audio input and then create mouth shapes corresponding to the sounds in the audio and superimpose them on the target video. The results are both impressive and worrying and many people probably won’t be able to tell that the resulting video is anything but legit.

The researchers envision that this technology could be used for things like video conferencing, where video can “catch up” with audio despite the lag, or for education, where historical figures can be made to look like delivering speeches recorded only in audio. But it can also be used to create fake videos of prominent figures saying something they might have said long ago or not at all.

The good news is that the machine learning agent is currently fixated on Mr. Obama. That is, it is the only thing it knows about, thanks to the over abundance of data, like video interviews, available. The second is that the researchers might also have a way to “reverse” the process to tell whether a video is fake or not.

SOURCE: University of Washington

Ios 17 Should Make It Easy To Airplay To Hotel Tvs

iOS 17’s AirPlay feature may be expanding to hotels, which will let you wirelessly beam images, videos and music from Apple devices to compatible hotel TVs.

You may be able to use AirPlay in iOS 17 in more places than before, including hotels that offer AirPlay-enabled TV sets.

For security purposes, hotel administrators usually disable features like peer-to-peer networking, which AirPlay requires to work.

Apple could offer a solution that might permit a hotel guest to AirPlay to their room’s TV without having to enter an AirPlay password.

iOS 17 should let you use AirPlay on hotel TVs

In his Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman mentioned in passing that Apple’s been working on improvements for both AirPlay and SharePlay. He wouldn’t detail the improvements beyond stating vaguely that the company should partner with hotels to expand AirPlay availability with iOS 17.

According to Gurman:

It has held discussions with hotels and other places that offer TVs and speakers, aiming to make it easier for users to beam video and audio to devices they don’t own.

Many hotels already integrate with AirPlay-like casting features from Google. If Gurman is right, iOS 17 will expand the availability of AirPlay to some hotels. The Cupertino tech giany will preview iOS 17 and updates to its other operating systems during this year’s WWDC keynote, which starts at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

iOS 17 will release publicly ahead of new iPhones in the fall.

Other iOS 17 tidbits

Gurman mentioned other iOS 17 features leaked by the Twitter account @analyst941 which is no longer available as Apple identified and fired their source.

They include the following perks:

“Significant changes” to the Wallet app

Unspecified “enhancements” to the location services

A new journaling app that’ll sherlock diary apps

“A stronger social element” to the iPhone

Features for “logging your mood and coping with weak vision” in Health

As mentioned earlier, iPadOS 17 will finally bring the Health app to the iPad.

iOS 17 will also have upgrades to location services, the Wallet app, the Health app on iPad for the first time, a new journaling app to add a more social element to the device, and big updates to both AirPlay and SharePlay.

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) May 24, 2023

Gurman’s newsletter mainly focuses on a new nightstand feature in iOS 17 that will display glanceable snippets of information when the device is positioned horizontally, like the weather, news, stocks, etc. In other words, iOS 17 promises to turn Apple’s smartphones and tablets into pseudo-smart displays.

About AirPlay and SharePlay

AirPlay lets Apple devices stream images, videos and music—or mirror precisely what’s on your screen—to a local Mac, Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible smart TV. The device-to-device feature discovers nearby AirPlay receivers via Bluetooth.

With SharePlay, you enjoy media and apps with other people via FaceTime calls or in the Messages app. It arrived during the pandemic when much of the world relied on working from home and collaborating across apps. Media playback is synchronized for everyone, so all call participants see and hear the same thing.

You can also continue chatting while watching or listening. During a FaceTime call, you can even play supported multiplayer games in Game Center with friends.

Long Exposure Photography Is An Easy Way To Make Your Photos Stand Out

A long exposure panorama of the Vancouver skyline. For this image Sharon Tenenbaum used a 13 stop neutral density filter at f/11 and a 10 minute long exposure. Sharon Tenenbaum

Long exposure photography can distort time and transform an everyday scene into something otherworldly. For Vancouver based photographer Sharon Tenenbaum, this mystical quality is a big part of what makes the technique appealing. While normal exposures typically take just a fraction of a second, long exposures leave the camera’s shutter open for extended periods of time. The resulting photos capture objects that remain still while moving subjects turn into dreamy blur, or disappear completely.

“Long exposures change the way we that we see reality,” she says. “It eliminates the unnecessary details and creates more of an emphasis on art.”

The Vasco de Gama Bridge in Lisbon, Portugal. Tenenbaum used a 13 stop neutral density filter at f/11 and an 11 minute long exposure to capture this. Sharon Tenenbaum

Tenenbaum began photographing seriously in 2006 after she found herself unsatisfied with her career as a civil engineer and wanting to switch gears with her life. She brought her camera—which she had received as a gift—on a trip and quickly fell in love with the medium. She discovered a passion for photographing architectural structures and landscapes with a fine art bend. She quickly started winning awards for her work and even had an image published by National Geographic. She began experimenting with long exposures very early in her photography career.

RELATED: How to create striking abstract architectural photography

Although Tenenbaum shoots a mixture of natural landscapes and architectural structures, and her approach to the two is quite different, her love of long exposures tend to pop up in all of her work and is something she covers in the site-specific photo workshops she runs throughout the year.

A long exposure of the Manhattan skyline. Tenenbaum shot this with a 16 stop neutral density filter, an aperture of f/24 and a six and a half minute exposure. Sharon Tenenbaum

We spoke with Tenenbaum to learn more about the tips and tricks for getting started with this photographic form.

Choosing gear

Tenenbaum says that it’s smart to choose the gear that you are most comfortable with—and this applies to camera bodies, lenses, and tripods.

“A lot of times people get heavy cameras and then they think twice if they should even take it out or not. They are thinking of lugging it around,” she says. “ Get gear that isn’t going to bog you down.”

Lighthouse Park in Vancouver. This image was shot with a 13 stop neutral density filter, an f/11 aperture and a 10 minute long exposure. Sharon Tenenbaum

Although a tripod is obviously important for long exposure shots, where the shutter is open for a long amount of time, getting the heaviest, largest one isn’t going to do you much good. She recommends a mid-level tripod for photographers just starting out.

“There is no need for something that weighs as much as you do—if the conditions are that windy you aren’t going to want to be out shooting anyway” she says. “But a travel tripod can be a bit too flimsy.”

Using Neutral Density filters

Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, Canada. Tenenbaum shot this image with a three-stop neutral density filter at f/22 with a two-second exposure. Sharon Tenenbaum

Shooting with neutral density filters reduces the amount of light hitting your camera’s sensor. Adding an ND filter allows you to extend your exposure times on bright days without blowing out highlights in an image. But ND filters also allow you to “cheat” long exposure shots. In this shot of the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver Tenenbaum was shooting in the middle of an overcast day at f/22 with a three-stop ND filter. The two-second exposure time helped create the streaks caused by car headlights.

“There are cheat sheets that you can keep in your filter bag, but there are also apps now that will do the calculations for you,” she says, in regards to getting the right exposure.

Although Tenenbaum says she prefers the old school paper cheat sheet, she notes that LExp – Long Exposure Calcs is a good digital choice.

There are also several kinds of ND filters depending on how much light you want to block. Darker filters will result in longer exposures. Variable neutral density filters allow you to tweak just how much light you block by rotating like a circular polarizing filter. They’re convenient, but often hundreds of dollars to get something of good quality.

When to shoot

The city of Chicago captured at sunrise. Tenenbaum used a 10 stop neutral density filter, an f/11 aperture and a three minute exposure for this frame. Sharon Tenenbaum

Although using an ND filter gives you the option of shooting in the middle of the day, Tenenbaum still prefers an early morning shoot or right at sunset to catch the golden hour—especially if you want to capture the colors in a scene.

In terms of seasons Tenenbaum notes that Vancouver’s climate is ideal for long exposure photography. The city is located in the middle of a rainforest, which makes for lots of clouds and high elevation winds.

Shooting long exposures at sunrise or sunset will reveal the beautiful colors of a scene. The images above were both shot with a 13 stop neutral density filter, an f/11 aperture and an 8 minute exposure. The color differences come from the time of day that they were shot. Sharon Tenenbaum

“The clouds are moving fast, but at higher altitudes,” she explains. “The tripod can stay sturdy on the ground not be affected by the winds.”

“I find that the transition seasons are the best, the fall and the spring,” she says. “In the winter it can be too rainy or snowy and in the summer it can be just cloudless”

Finding subjects

The Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Tenenbaum says that bridges are one of her favorite architectural subjects to capture with a long exposure. Sharon Tenenbaum

In many of her frames Tenenbaum says she likes to juxtapose the temporary and the permanent. “Structures will weather the test of time, they will be here for hundreds of years,” she says. “Where as clouds are coming and going.”

She says bridges are one of her favorite structures to photograph for this very reason.

“Bridges convey safe passage from one place to another,” she says. “What I love about the bridges and long exposure is it shows a bridge is so resilient.”

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Choosing between color or black and white

City of Arts and Sciences building, Valencia. Sharon Tenenbaum

It’s often the hardest choice for a photographer, and one that Tenenbaum says she still struggles with from time to time. She admits that there are occasional frames that she will edit both ways. One thing she tries to remember when she can’t seem to decide?

“Black and white celebrates form and color conveys emotion,” she says. “You need to keep those things in mind in if you don’t want to be a one in a million Instagram type photographer. What do you want your image to convey? What is your image about?”

See more of Tenenbaum’s work and check out her upcoming workshops on her website.

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