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For a popular email service like Gmail, there is no shortage of third-party apps to extend its functionality and productivity. Regardless of the operating system (or browser) you are using, you are sure to come across a few Gmail apps and extensions that claim to improve your productivity. Mia for Gmail (Mac only) is one of them, and it allows you to check and manage your Gmail account right from the menu bar.

Mia for Gmail is a Mac only application that sit quietly in the menu bar and notifies you when there is an incoming email.

1. To get started, simply download Mia for Gmail from its website. The free version only allows you to connect to one Gmail account. You can upgrade to the premium version for $2, and it will allow you to connect to multiple Gmail accounts.

2. Open the .dmg file and drag it to the Applications folder.

3. Launch the Mia for Gmail app from the Launchpad.

4. Once launched, you will find a Gmail icon in the menu bar. It will also prompt you to add a Gmail account.

5. Once connected, you should see the MIA Gmail icon lit up and showing the number of unread emails in your inbox.


In the Preferences section, there are a few things that you can configure:

Notification – Get notified for every incoming email. This can be a disturbance if you have plenty of incoming emails every day.

Open at login – This will make MIA for Gmail run every time you log in to your computer.

Hide status mail counter – This will hide the unread count beside the MIA for Gmail icon.

View only unread emails – Only display unread email in the drop-down list.

Check every xx mins – You can configure how often the app checks your Gmail inbox.


MIA for Gmail is a nifty app that allows you to manage your Gmail account(s) without a browser. It is not a complete replacement for your Gmail web account, as it doesn’t come with many of the useful features in Gmail like search your email, label sorting, etc. Also, it only displays the top ten emails in your Inbox, and there is no option to configure that which is rather disappointing. However, for those who can’t live without leaving their email inbox open, and yet still want to kick the habit of peeking into their Inbox every few minutes, this app is worth trying out.


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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Not Receiving Emails From Amazon On Gmail? 3 Easy Fixes

Not receiving emails from Amazon on Gmail? 3 easy fixes




Full email storage may cause different issues like not receiving emails from Amazon on Gmail, as a result, cleaning storage should be a top concern.

Because security protocols frequently mistake emails for spam, the problem can be resolved by checking the spam inbox.

Using several similar websites to check if the problem persists might be very helpful in identifying the issue.

Tired of email issues? Get this email client and get rid of them!

Your email client/account give you headaches? We offer you the perfect email client that will centralize all your email accounts and will let you access your important data without any errors. You can do now:

Manage ALL your emails in a single inbox

Easy to integrate popular apps (Facebook, Todoist, LinkedIn, Dropbox, etc.)

Access all your contact from a single environment

Get rid of errors and lost email data

Email made easy & beautiful

Not receiving emails from Amazon Gmail, whether you’re a customer or a seller, can be frustrating and cause you to miss out on important news.

When users complete a purchase or pay for it, Amazon normally sends them an email with the transaction details and a receipt.

This makes it much easier for users to keep track of their purchases or to save receipts in their email history for later use.

However, some users appear to be having issues receiving these emails on their Gmail accounts, causing extra stress and confusion.

What does Amazon sell? What can I do if I’m not receiving emails from Amazon on Gmail? 1. Check spam folders

Gmail features a built-in system for automatically sorting emails into separate folders. This implies that it is possible that Gmail will designate new emails as spam.

2. Check Filters and Blocked Addresses settings

It’s likely that Amazon has been added to your account’s list of blacklisted addresses for numerous security reasons.

3. Clean Email storage

In the search bar of Gmail, type has:attachment larger:10M. This will display all emails with attachments larger than 10MB. You can change 10 with a greater number if you want to delete larger files.

Because Gmail storage is counted toward the free 15GB of storage that comes with every Google account, it’s critical to clean up Gmail and erase thousands of unread emails.

Other Google services also are eligible for the 15GB of free storage.  As a result, cleaning out your Gmail storage will free up space for these services as well.

4. Use a third-party email client

Expert tip:

For this reason, we recommend you install a dedicated email app on your PC. Mailbird is our top recommendation because it’s fully compatible with Gmail and lets you connect multiple accounts and access them from one central UI.

The transition should be smooth as this email client is very intuitive. Easily set up Amazon as one of your trusted contacts and it won’t show up in the spam folder. The app is light so the risk of a laggy inbox will certainly decrease.

⇒ Get Mailbird

What are the other websites to use instead of Amazon?

Even though eBay doesn’t have its own products and only third-party vendors are allowed to sell on eBay, it is one of the biggest competitors of Amazon.

eBay boasts over 180 million active buyers, offers a wider range of products than Amazon, and is easier to interact with and shop from.

If you can’t sign in to your Gmail account, read this article.

Despite the fact that numerous users have claimed that Amazon emails are not being delivered, there is no official solution.

Email inboxes are notoriously problematic, so it’s doubtful that a firm like Amazon will have trouble sending messages.

As a result, the first step in resolving this problem is to check your email storage or spam folder, as well as your internet connection.

If you want to enable the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11, this article could help.

Still experiencing issues?

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Gmail Spam Filtering Explained: Actionable Advice For Email Marketers

Gmail has an automatic spam detection system that uses a combination of pattern analysis, user analytics, and virus/phishing detection to send suspicious messages directly to spam. Gmail’s spam detection and filtering, which is extremely accurate, is part of why the email service has reached its current popularity levels.

Ela Czajka, a Google software engineer, wrote the following regarding the new feature:

“We hope that this is not only interesting, but also helps you learn about scams and other harmful messages that Gmail filters out. Whether you prefer to leave your spam folder untouched or do some educational digging, the information will be there for you.”

Although Gmail already did an excellent job filtering spam, this new feature will help Gmail users better understand the risks associated with spam. In addition, email marketers can use the information the new feature provides to create campaigns that will be more successful.

To maximize the chances that an email campaign will not be filtered as spam, simply follow the steps below:

Create a new email marketing campaign using normal methods

Prior to sending out emails to your entire customer database, test your messages on a small selection of Gmail addresses that you have access to

The primary reasons a message might end up in the spam folder include:

With the exception of the “Gmail User Input” category, an email marketer can easily alter the message, mail service, settings, or make other minor changes that will decrease the chances of an email being sent to spam.

[Sources Include: Google, The Next Web, & CNET]

How To Hide Recipients In Gmail

Gmail allows you to send emails to several people at once if you have the same information to share at once. You may need to send mass emails in situations like when an event is being hosted in your organization or family, when you need to send your customers new promotions, when you have some exciting news to share with others in your organization, or for several other reasons. Since this email is sent to a bunch of people, it may take some time to get it right and one of the things you may need to avoid is mentioning the email address of your recipients who will access your email. 

In this post, we’ll explain why you should hide recipients when sending emails, how it works, and how to do it on Gmail on the web and your phone. 

Why should you Hide Recipients in Gmail?

Hiding your recipients when sending mass emails is important because you may not want your recipients to know who all you sent this email to. If you show the email addresses of all the recipients of the email, they will all be able to see each other’s email addresses which may leave their privacy unprotected.

For end-users, leaving their email addresses visible will make them vulnerable to spam and unwanted emails from anyone on the internet. Companies can avoid getting complaints from their customers about this by hiding the email addresses of recipients of their email. For organizations, this is beneficial because other companies who receive your email won’t be able to know who your clients are and won’t affect your business in any way. 

How does Hiding Recipients in Gmail work?

When crafting emails on Gmail, you may have seen the letters “Bcc” in or around the “To” field. If you only send emails on a one-on-one basis, you may never actually have used the Bcc feature. To make sure the email addresses of your recipients stays hidden, Gmail provides the Blind carbon copy (Bcc) feature that makes sure the privacy of all your recipients remains intact.

When you add recipients as Bcc, they will still be able to see email addresses of those listed under the “To” and “Cc” fields. In contrast, the primary recipients listed under the “To” section will be able to see the email addresses of everyone involved in the email. 

You can add the email addresses of all the recipients you want to be hidden within this “Bcc” section, each separated by commas. Popular services like Gmail let you add as many addresses as possible and automatically separate all of them on their own.

You may also only send an email to your Bcc list and keep the “To” field blank. In such scenarios, your email may get marked as spam by some email clients. To avoid getting your email marked as spam, you can either add your own email address to the “To” section or create an “Undisclosed Recipients” contact. 

When you specify an “Undisclosed Recipients” contact in your “To” section of an email recipients of the email will have a clear idea that this email has been sent to several other people and their names and addresses won’t be visible to them. While it’s not mandatory to add an “Undisclosed Recipients” contact, it’s become part of the email culture and is used as a courtesy to inform people that this email is being read by several others. An undisclosed recipient need not be necessarily someone you want to send an email to; you can add one of your own email addresses to be shown as one. 

How to Hide Recipients in Gmail

The ability to hide your recipients’ email addresses on Gmail is available on both the web client and the Gmail apps on iOS and Android.  

On the Web

Alternatively, you can start a new message on Gmail using the Ctrl (Command) + C keyboard shortcut when the Gmail tab is open and active on your desktop. This will only work if you have ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ enabled inside Gmail settings. 

The next step is optional and involves creating an “Undisclosed Recipients” contact inside the “To” section. As explained above, you can specify an “Undisclosed Recipients” contact to let the recipients of the email know that the same email has been sent to several others. 

When you press the Space key after entering the email address of the “Undisclosed Recipients” contact, it will show up as an actual contact inside the composition window. 

If you don’t see the Bcc option, you can use the Ctrl (Command) + Shift + B keyboard shortcut if it’s enabled inside Gmail. 

This will create a new “Bcc” text field under “To”.

Inside this field, you can type the email addresses of all the recipients you want to hide. You can separate two email addresses with a comma “,”. The moment, you add a comma after a contact’s email address, their name will show up inside the “Bcc” field. 

When you’re done adding email addresses inside “Bcc”, the “To” section will show the number of addresses you’ve added as Bcc. 

On Phone

Similar to how you hid the email addresses of people on the desktop, you can also hide recipients in messages you send using the Gmail app on Android and iPhone. For this, open the Gmail app on your device and tap on the ‘Compose’ button at the bottom right corner. 

This will open the Compose screen on your phone. 

Now, you’ll be able to see ‘Undisclosed Recipients’ appear as a contact inside the “To” section. 

Once that’s done, we can proceed to add the email addresses of people you want to be hidden from your recipients. For this, you need to use the Bcc feature that you can access by tapping the down arrow on the right side of the “To” field. 

You should now see the ‘Cc’ and ‘Bcc’ text fields appear inside the Compose screen. 

Inside the “Bcc” field, type the email addresses of recipients you want to hide. 

Now, you can add the rest of the details of the message like the subject and the email’s main body. Once your email is read, you can send it to your hidden recipients by tapping on the Send button (the one with a right arrow icon) at the top right corner. 

Your email will now be sent and people will only be able to see “Undisclosed Recipients” inside the “To” section, indicating that you’ve added addresses as Bcc. 

That’s all you need to know about hiding recipients in Gmail.


Gmail Not Sending Or Receiving Emails

Many users face an issue with their Gmail account that they do not receive emails from the senders. This article will help you if your Gmail account is not receiving emails. Most of the time, the issue gets solved by switching to a different browser.

Why is my Gmail not sending or receiving emails?

It may be possible that your browser’s or app’s cache may have got corrupted. We suggest you clear your browser cache and see. We also suggest the Gmail Storage Data and see.

We will see what you need to do if Gmail not receiving emails in the first part and towards the end, link to the post that will help you if Gmail is not sending emails.

Gmail not receiving emails

If Gmail not sending or receiving emails, open your Gmail account in a different web browser and see. If the issue still persists, try the fixes mentioned here one by one.

Check your spam folder.

Contact the sender.

Check cloud storage.

Check email filters.

Turn off email forwarding.

Disable Antivirus protection temporarily.

1] Check your spam folder

This is the foremost thing that you should do when you stop receiving emails in your inbox. There is an option in Gmail that lets users mark an email as spam if they feel something suspicious in that mail. Gmail uses this information to identify similar emails to make services more secure for the users. Since no filter is 100% accurate, there are chances that the email from a known sender may land In the spam folder of your Gmail account.

2] Contact the sender

If you do not find the email in the spam folder, you should contact the sender (if you can) and ask him to check his outbox. The message may also get stuck in the sender’s outbox. If this is the case, ask the sender to send the email again.

Read: How to backup Gmail on Hard Drive in Windows 10.

3] Check cloud storage

On creating an account, Google provides free cloud storage space to the users. All the Google services like Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, etc., share this free cloud storage space to store the data online. When this cloud storage space gets full, you won’t receive any emails. You can check how much cloud storage space is available on your Google account by opening Google Drive.

If the storage is full, delete some data to free up space. First, delete all the emails in the trash. Now, check the spam folder whether it contains any important emails or not. If not, consider emptying it. You can also delete unnecessary data from Google Drive.

Read: Yahoo Mail not sending or receiving emails

4] Check email filters

An email filter is a useful feature in Gmail. This feature lets users block all the emails from a particular sender. Check whether you have blocked the emails or not.

Follow the below-listed steps to check email filters:

Select “See all settings.”

Select a particular mail address which you do not want to block and delete the filter.

5] Turn off email forwarding

Email forwarding is a useful feature that forwards emails from one email address to another one automatically. If you have more than one Gmail accounts, you can turn on this feature to save your time. It may be possible that you have accidentally turned on this feature, consider disabling it.

To turn off the email forwarding feature in Gmail, follow the below-listed steps:

6] Disable Antivirus Firewall protection temporarily

Some antiviruses with Firewall protection may also block emails. You can check this by temporarily disabling the antivirus Firewall protection. If after disabling the antivirus Firewall, you start receiving emails, replace your antivirus software with another one.

Gmail not sending emails

This post will help you if your email is stuck in the Outbox of Gmail.

Hope this will help.

Read next: How to auto-delete selected email from Gmail using Filters.

Fix Something Went Wrong Gmail Error

Gmail has been one of the web services that more and more people have grown to use increasingly since its inception. It serves both professional and personal purposes and does it with a plethora of features that are all very easy to use. For something that is so extensively in use, the Gmail servers also have little downtime and only face a small number of errors and glitches. One of the most common ones is the “Something went wrong” error which is mostly faced by users when they’re trying to set up a new Gmail account or log in to an existing one. In this article, we will be looking at some of the fixes you can implement to bypass this error.

Sorry, something went wrong there, Please try again.

Fix Something went wrong error in Gmail

This is usually a server-side error and there is little you can do except wait for a while and try again later. Nevertheless, here are some suggestions that can help you bypass the Something went wrong error in Gmail :

Clear browsing data

Check Internet connection

Use different Internet connection

Use Incognito or Private Mode

Use another browser

Use VPN and see.

Before you begin, press the CTRL key and then refresh the page to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

1] Clear browsing data

Right off the bat, you can try clearing the browsing data of the browser that you are facing this issue on. For Chrome, you can do it as follows:

When asked about the time range, select All time from the dropdown

You should then try relaunching Google Chrome and checking if the error continues to show.

Users of Edge, Firefox, etc. can follow these steps to update the browser manually.

2] Check the Internet connection

A lot of times, such issues can be triggered by something as normal as a dysfunctional internet connection. So you can make sure that you’re connected to a working internet system and if not, connect to one and try processing your Gmail request again. This can be checked from the System Tray or Windows settings. If you find your Wi-Fi not working, you can try restarting the modem.

3] Use different Internet connection 4] Use Incognito or Private Mode

While your browser is open, Chrome and Edge users, press Ctrl+Shift+N and Firefox users press Ctrl+Shift+P to launch your browser window in Incognito or Private Mode and then see if it helps.

5] Use another browser

It is also possible that you are facing this error because are running a faulty or outdated version of your browser, or there are internalities like bad cookies that are causing this error to occur. In such a case, you are recommended to switch to a different browser, which isn’t as tedious a task anymore since we have a plethora of options these days like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, etc.

 6] Use VPN and see

If none of the aforementioned fixes are of any luck to you, you can try running a VPN to bypass the Something went wrong issue on Gmail. Using a VPN will be of help in this case if the fault lies in your IP. VPNs change your IP as well as give you a security cushion while browsing the web by adding a layer of security to your private and public networks.

Read: Gmail address tricks to get more out of your email ID.

Why does Gmail keep saying something went wrong?

If you’re wondering, what is it that causes this error to occur, the answer is that it may be triggered if your Gmail account settings are outdated. Another scenario that may lead to this issue is if you’re trying to log in using incorrect credentials, in which case you may also face this issue.

What will happen if I clear data on Gmail?

A common doubt that people have while clearing data on their Gmail account for the first time is if it will result in the deletion of the account’s emails; both sent and received. If you’re one of them, then your fears can be put to rest, since clearing data using the ‘Clear Data’ option on the app doesn’t result in this. It is only the settings, passwords and configuration of your Gmail account that will be deleted.

We hope that this post was of help to you.

Update the detailed information about Mia For Gmail: Access Gmail From Your Mac’s Menu Bar on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!