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PlayStation Plus users get a big surprise: Final Fantasy VII Remake’s PS5 upgrade

If you own a copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake through PlayStation Plus, we’ve got some good news for you today. Square Enix has announced that PlayStation Plus copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake will soon be eligible for the update to the PlayStation 5 version of the game. Since those users thought they wouldn’t have the opportunity to upgrade, this will likely be a pleasant surprise indeed.

When Final Fantasy VII Remake was offered through PS Plus back in March, Square Enix and Sony made it very clear that copies claimed through the service wouldn’t be eligible for the update to the PS5 version. Those who wanted to play on Sony’s latest would have the buy the PS5 version separately, the companies said, and up until today, that held true.

However, Square Enix revealed via Twitter today that PlayStation Plus owners of Final Fantasy VII Remake will indeed be able to upgrade to the PS5 version of the game, dubbed Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Those upgrades will become available on Wednesday, so if you’ve got a long Christmas weekend coming up, you’ll be able to sink your teeth into Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 5.

While Square Enix’s tweet doesn’t say whether or not the upgrade will be free, Polygon reports that there will be a fee attached to it. We don’t know how much that fee is for the time being, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for a charge that’s on the lower end, like $10 or something suitably small.

Square Enix also revealed today that the DLC expansion for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Episode INTERmission, will be discounted by 25% beginning Wednesday as well. The expansion features Yuffie Kisaragi and shows us what she’s up to during the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Normally $19.99, a 25% discount will bring Episode INTERmission down to $14.99 for the duration of this sale.

So, this is indeed a pleasant surprise for the Final Fantasy VII fans on PlayStation. On the PC side of things, Final Fantasy VII Remake has been the subject of some controversy lately. Not only did the game launch as an Epic Games Store exclusive – a decision that always upsets a portion of the PC player base without fail – it also seems that the PC version is a little underwhelming (as reported by PC Gamer) here at release.

We’ll see if the PC version gets some fixes for the stuttering issues users are reporting, but beyond that, we’re also waiting for word on when the follow-up to Final Fantasy VII Remake will arrive. Final Fantasy VII Remake only covers a portion of the original Final Fantasy VII story, with Square Enix planning to continue the narrative in a new game. We’ve heard next to nothing about that game yet, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more.

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How To Fix Final Fantasy Xiii

If you are trying to install or update Final Fantasy XIII-2 on Game Pass PC or have already finished playing it and would like to uninstall FF13-2. This article will show you how to troubleshoot update, installation and uninstallation problems that are known issues with Final Fantasy XIII-2 on Game Pass.

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Game Pass PC is my favourite gaming service at the moment which is surprising because I’ve always been a huge fan of Steam. However, you can’t deny the fact that Game Pass is super good value, has a ton of different games on offer, with a list that seems to grow faster than you can finish games. With over 100 games to choose from, Game Pass is a no-brainer. A one-month subscription is cheaper than buying any single game outright.

As most people who use Game Pass on PC already know, the Xbox app and the Microsoft Store app on both Windows 10 and 11 are useless. We’ve all had more problems with Game Pass than decades of Steam use. The worst part is that all these issues are universal and affect every Game on Game Pass, including Final Fantasy XIII-2.

So how exactly do you Update Final Fantasy XIII-2 on Game Pass? Final Fantasy XIII-2 won’t update on Game pass.

For whatever reason, some Game Pass games won’t update automatically in the Xbox App. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is one of them. So you’ll need to do the following to manually force an update.

Next, change to the Games tab and you will see all the Games installed on your computer from the Microsoft Store and Xbox app.

How do you uninstall Final Fantasy XIII-2 from Game Pass? Final Fantasy XIII-2 won’t remove from a drive properly.

If you can’t seem to uninstall Final Fantasy XIII-2 from Game Pass, there are several different things you can try. You may have to try all of these until you find the one that works. Yes! Game Pass really is that annoying. We’ve listed the options in order of ease so work your way down the list. Be aware that games sometimes remove from the catalogue but the space on your drive stays used.

Try using the Microsoft Store to Install or Uninstall Final Fantasy XIII-2.

If you have installed Final Fantasy XIII-2 on a secondary drive. Try unplugging it then plugging it in again.

The third option is to physically unplug the drive where the games are installed on your computer. If you have the option that is. Disconnect the SATA and power cables. Wait about a minute then reconnect the drive to your computer. Once the drive reappears you should be able to manually delete the files from the installation location using File Explorer. Just be aware that this method does come with the potential to corrupt or damage other data on the drive, however, I’ve used it quite a few times and never had an issue. But it’s still important to mention it.

Format your drive to uninstall Final Fantasy XIII-2 from Game Pass.

This will wipe the drive clean and remove everything on it. If you have a secondary hard drive I would suggest setting this as your Game Pass games drive so that you can format it quickly and easily in the future Game Pass is notorious for storage issues.

All Final Fantasy Games In Order By Release Date

“Sin is Jecht.”

Final Fantasy is the acclaimed Japanese anthology sci-fi media franchise. The household name includes about 103 games, various animated films, a short anime series, manga, and other media.

We’re looking at the 15 titles that make up its core series. Main series games are numbered, and the number goes from 1 to 15. On top of these, we’re adding the relevant sequels and remakes. The total number of main Final Fantasy games is 21.

The Final Fantasy “anthology” takes elements from classic European, Asian, and Middle-Eastern tales.

The anthology series started in 1987 with the original Final Fantasy for NES. 

Nowadays, you can find official remakes or remasters for older main series games.

Most FF games have critical and commercial success as well. The series has seen a steady increase in sales. Currently, the main titles have over 164 million sales worldwide.

On top of that, several main FF games are best-sellers of their years or console generations. In particular, FFVII, FFVIII, and FFX are the series’ best-selling titles.

The 2023 FF remaster is part of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series.

The original Final Fantasy title is a turn-based RPG game by “Square.”

The game debuted for NES in 1987, and there’re various remakes for other consoles. For example, you can find a 2023 remaster on Steam with new audio, graphics, and remodeled 2D characters.

The story follows the Light Warriors, each one carrying one of the four “Crystals.” The Four Elemental Fiends darkened the Crystals, so the young heroes must restore the light to save the world. The party explores and levels up by randomized turn-based combats.

The original game was not intended as a series. However, its success sprawled the Final Fantasy franchise. For that reason, it’s the most influential RPG Nintendo has ever had.

FF changed the leveling system. The new method is recurring across the series.

Final Fantasy II debuted in 1988 for the “Family Computer,” a Japanese-only NES version. 

The game didn’t premiere outside of Japan until many years later. In fact, FF IV debuted in the USA and Europe as FFII. Currently, you can find a remastered version on Steam, which is also part of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series. 

The story centers on four young orphans. They lost their parents during the war when the Palamecia Empire invaded their hometown. The characters join a rebellion against the empire.

The game introduced a staple of the series, “Chocobos,” and the Easter Egg “Cid.” Also, it changed the XP leveling system for an activity-based progression. The latter means characters evolve according to the skills they use and acquire. 

Final Fantasy III introduced a new class system.

Currently, you can find it on Steam. It’s also part of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series. 

FFIII’s story focuses on four orphans, drawn to a light Crystal. The Crystal gave them powers and instructed them to restore balance and save the world. 

The game introduced a job-change system, which means characters could change classes over time. 

There’re many FFIV ports to other consoles, an enhanced remake, and a 3D remake for the Nintendo DS. You can also find it on Steam as part of the remaster series.

The story follows dark knight Cecil. He’s fighting against Golbez, a sorcerer seizing powerful crystals to destroy the world. A group of allies joins the quest to defeat the evil villain.

FFIV introduced the “Active Time Battle” system (ATB), present in other FF games. ATB is a timer that urges players to choose a movement before the enemy attacks. Lastly, the game introduces set classes for each character.

Final Fantasy V enhanced the series’ Job System.

Final Fantasy V debuted in 1992 for the Super Famicom, the Japanese-only SNES version.

There’re ports to PlayStation, Game Boy, and other consoles. In particular, the PS version is one of the console’s greatest hits. Currently, you can find it on Steam.

The game follows Bartz, a wanderer researcher investigating a fallen meteor. There, he learns about the four Crystals that control the elements. The Crystals are also sealing Exdeath, an evil sorcerer. Bartz and his party must prevent the villain from resurging in the world.

The game introduced player customization via an expanded Job System (classes). Also, it’s the first FF to have a direct sequel, although it’s not a game. 1994 anime series Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals continued the game events.

It’s the first game not directed by the series creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi. Yoshinori Kitase took the role after Hironobu’s departure. 

The story follows a cast of 14 playable characters in an Industrial Revolution world. The plot is about a rebellion against a military dictatorship. Contrary to previous games, the overall theme is mature, dark, and violent. 

The game also improved the overall graphics, setting, and soundtrack by tenfold. It’s a retro-RPG watershed, part of dozens of greatest-of-all-times games lists. 

The 2013 PC port has various new features: cloud saves, achievements, micro-transactions (Character Boosters), and optimization.

The game follows Cloud Strife, a mercenary. He joins Avalanche, an eco-terrorist group trying to stop a mega-corporation from using the planet’s life force as energy.

Cloud and the group pursue Sephiroth, a former member of the corporation. Alongside a group of endearing friends, he must find a way to save the world.

Although the game follows the series’ basic formulas, it’s one of the most beloved and successful entries. It sold over 13.3 million copies, and it’s regarded as one of the most influential games ever. Moreover, it won multiple GoTY awards and popularized the RPG genre for consoles.

Final Fantasy VIII follows a stable formula.

Moreover, it’s the first FF game to have a vocal piece as part of the OST. Other changes include dismissing magic points for spellcasting and realistic proportions for characters.

The story follows Squall Leonhart, leader of a mercenary group. They are in conflict with Ultimecia, a sorceress. However, the game’s main focus is Squall, as he struggles with his roles as leader, companion, friend, and lover.

Final Fantasy XIX is one of the series’ best-sellers.

Final Fantasy IX debuted for PlayStation in the year 2000. According to many video game lists, it’s known as one of the best games of all time.

Similarly, the game has Easter Eggs, allusions to the rest of the series. Moreover, it introduces new features like “Active Time Event” cutscenes, otherwise known as “Quick Time Events.” There’s also a complex skill system.

Final Fantasy X overhauled the series’ graphics.

Final Fantasy X debuted in 2001 for PlayStation 2. There’re also HD Remasters for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. 

FFX introduced many gameplay elements. In particular, every character shares the same passive three. The three was a massive grid, and each character started in a different position, which represented a class. In time, though, a character’s path could overlap another class. 

The game is also one of the greatest titles of all time. It’s also my personal favorite.

Final Fantasy XI is not available anymore.

Final Fantasy XI Online is an MMORPG. It debuted in 2002 for PlayStation 2 and Windows. It was the first MMORPG to offer cross-platform play.

The game has evolved steadily since its debut, even if Square Enix is placing more focus on FFXIV.

The game is still running and receiving fair developer and player-base support. You can find it on its official page. However, only the PC version is available.

You play as a warrior of the Crystal in Vana’diel, a fantasy world. You undertake a vast array of quests to progress the plot. Lastly, the story revolves around defeating the Shadow Lord, an entity that commands a legion of demons.

X-2 debuted in 2003 for PlayStation 2. It’s a cannon sequel to FFX, which means it’s the first sequel in the Final Fantasy main series.

The story continues with former co-protagonist Yuna, as she searches for Tidus after the last battle.

The game adds character classes, multiple endings, and a ludicrous spell system.

FFXII is a commercial and critical success. It won multiple GoTY awards and sold over six million copies.

Final Fantasy XII debuted for PlayStation 2 in 2006. The game introduced many novelties, like open-world, a fluid battle system, a controllable camera, and more.

For example, it has a “Gambit System.” It allows players to control the character’s AI during battle. There’s also a “License system,” which determines character abilities and equipment. Lastly, the game has side quests, which revolve around hunting optional bosses in the open world.

The setting is Ivalice, a fictional land where Archadia and Rozarria empires live. There’s an endless war between them, and Archadia conquers Dalamasca, a smaller kingdom. You play as Ashe, Dalmasca’s process leader of a resistance movement against the Archadian Empire.

Currently, FFXII – The Zodiac Age is available on Steam. It’s a PC remaster that enhanced the Job system.

Revenant Wings is a Nintendo DS sequel for FFXII. It debuted in 2007. You play as former co-protagonist Vaan, a sky pirate, on a treasure hunt.

FF13 introduced fast-paced combat.

Final Fantasy XIII debuted for PlayStation 3 in 2009, Xbox 360, and Windows. It’s also available for the Xbox One and the Xbox Series via backward compatibility.

The game changed the battle formula and introduced a fast-paced combat system with active-timer elements. Moreover, it overhauled the ability system (“Crystarium”) and the class system (“Paradigm”).

The game follows Lighting, a former soldier. She lives in the floating world of Cocoon, ruled by a deity. When the rulers begin purging the citizens, Lighting and his allies must save Cocoon from the evil Gods.

Final Fantasy XIV was a 2010 MMORPG. It debuted for Windows, but it wasn’t very successful on release day.

Either way, the setting is the fictional world of Eorzea. Players take control of a customizable character, explore the land, and participate in a war against the Garlean Empire invasion. Moreover, there’s the threat of the Primals, deities in a war against the Garleans.

The game had a very negative response at launch. Graphics, gameplay, interface, and the overall plot were unfinished. As a response, Square Enix ended subscription fees and postponed console versions indefinitely.

FFXIII – 2 is 2011s FF13 sequel for PS3 and Xbox 360. Studio tri-Ace joined Square Enix to deliver a much better product than before.

The game follows a time-travel plot. It introduces a gameplay mechanic that lets the protagonist, Serah Farron, travel back and forth time.

Serah is looking for her older sister, Lighting, lost in time after her last battle against Pulse.

Lighting Returns is the final part of the FFXIII trilogy. It debuted in 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows.

The plot happens 500 years after the previous title. Lighting awakes from hibernation, 13 days before the world’s end. Once again, she must save the world from its dark fate.

A Realm Reborn is the main FF Online game available.

A Realm Reborn premiered in 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s currently available for PS4, PS5, and macOS as well.

After the commercial and critical failure of the original game, a new Square Enix team overhauled the title. As a result, the 2013 version debuted in place of the 2010 premiere.

The “new” game fixed most of the issues that plagued the MMORPG. Moreover, it added new content, a new game engine, and better server infrastructure. More importantly, the team revamped the gameplay, the story, and the interface.

The plot is largely the same, though. Your avatar joins the war against the Garlean Empire.

Nowadays, the game sits as one of the best and most populated MMORPGs.

Final Fantasy XV has six available DLCs.

The game features an open-world, an action-based combat system, quick weapon swapping, elemental magic, a vehicle to travel, and camping. Further gameplay elements became available via various DLCs, such as a multiplayer option.

The setting is Eos. The Niflheim empire dominates much of the land. They stole a powerful Crystal from the Lucian Royal family. Meanwhile, you play as the Lucian throne heir, traveling the world to restore the Crystal to where it belongs.

Either way, everything is new, even the story. You “re-play” the events of the same game as if it were another “timeline,” and mysterious beings are pushing the events towards their original casualties.

Moreover, the game overhauled the combat system. It’s an action game featuring real-time action, strategy, and RPG elements.

Xbox and PC players are still waiting for the proper ports. It debuted as a timed PlayStation exclusive, but there’s still no word of other versions.

That said, there’s a PlayStation 5 version, the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Final Fantasy I -1987

Final Fantasy II -1988

Final Fantasy III -1990

Final Fantasy IV -1991

Final Fantasy V -1992

Final Fantasy VI -1994

Final Fantasy VII – 1997

Final Fantasy VIII -1999

Final Fantasy IX – 2000

Final Fantasy X -2001

Final Fantasy XI – 2002

Final Fantasy X-2 – 2003

Final Fantasy XII – 2006

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings – 2007

Final Fantasy XIII – 2009

Final Fantasy XIV – 2010

Final Fantasy XIII – 2 – 2011

Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – 2013

Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn – 2013

Final Fantasy XV – 2024

Final Fantasy VIII Remake – 2023


Yes, there’re various Final Fantasy games for Android and iOS. That includes the original game, FF IX, FF VIII, FF VII, FF VI, FF III, FF II, and FF. There’re also 3D remakes of older games, plus dozens of spin-offs, some of which are free-to-play.

Who Created Final Fantasy?

Japanese game designer Hironobu Sakaguchi created the Final Fantasy franchise. He’s a former”Square” employee, the company that later became Square Enix.

Square Enix holds the rights for the franchise. Sakaguchi left the company in 2003. Currently, he’s working on mobile games for his own company, Mistwalker. Recently, he created the mobile series Terra Battle, as well as Terra Wars.

Why did Final Fantasy Leave Nintendo?

Square moved away from Nintendo during FFVIII’s development. They needed the extra power the CD-ROM format could offer to deliver the game’s pre-rendered sequences. As such, they moved production towards Sony’s platform.

Are There Common Elements Across Final Fantasy Games?

Many gameplay elements and details are present throughout the series. Most games blend sci-fi and fantasy inspired by European, Asian, and Middle-Eastern tales.

The base inspiration creates recurring spells like “Holy,” “Ultima,” or “Meteor.” Other examples include regular “summons” like “Masamune” or reappearing swords like “Excalibur.”

Aside from the classic elements, the core games share other design elements. These include interfaces, art styles, character styles, sound effects, and similar OSTs.

Are There Characters Present in Every Final Fantasy Game?

Each title is a stand-alone experience, happening on entirely new universes with no connection.

Still, the studio has a couple of “recurrent” characters across all titles. The first one is “Chocobos,” the cute and weird bird characters can ride. There’re also “moogles” and “cactuars,” races that serve as the franchise’s pets. 

Another one is “Cid,” a human character that appears or is mentioned across most FF media. Every installment features a different “Cid,” though, so it’s more of an Easter Egg. Biggs and Wedge are also common names, but the roles vary greatly. 

Lastly, there’s Gilgamesh, a legendary swordsman. He’s often a summon.

Chocobos are often present in open-world sections.

Are There Common Stories Across Final Fantasy Games?

Common stories include a group of rebellious heroes fighting against an evil organization, evil deities, or evil authorities. The hero is often reluctant, being “chosen” to take part in the story.

Are There Common Themes Across Final Fantasy Games?

Common themes include religious conflicts like the apocalypse. Similarly, some of the best games revolve around a nature vs. technology conflict.

Also, the lore of most games revolves around “Crystals,” “Magic Orbs,” or “Life Forces.” Control over these crystals often drives the plot.

Are There Common Gameplay Elements in Final Fantasy Games?

Final Fantasy games allow you to command a party of characters and progress by exploring and defeating enemies.

In combat, you have commands like “Fight,” “Magic,” “Item,” and some kind of “Summon.” You use a combat interface in battle, albeit every game in the series has different battle systems. However, every combat system revolves around turns, timers, and counters.

Design-wise, FF games are linear. However, they often have an open or semi-open world section where characters can use an airship to travel.

How Do Paypal Users Get Scammed?

PayPal is considered to be one of the pioneers of online payment. It is one of the most secure ways to send and receive money on the Internet. PayPal has established itself as the best alternative to more traditional, paper-based money transfer methods (checks and money orders). It’s simple to use, can be installed on any platform or operating system, and has global coverage, not to mention being firmly ingrained in the freelancing sector. Even though PayPal boasts its security measures, scammers always find a way to fraud people and make money.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an American multinational financial technology company that operates an online payments system in most countries, allowing for online money transfers and serving as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. The firm charges a fee to act as a payment processor for online sellers, auction notified that they are entitled to a particular sum of money, which might be an inheritance, a lottery win, or any other form of compensation.

The possibilities are unlimited, but regardless of the scenario, the victim PayPal) and may have to fill out a form with personal information in order to collect the funds. Upon payment, the message sender vanishes, and any personal information revealed is stored in a database and may be traded on the dark web.

How to prevent − Do not send money or give your personal information to strangers. The majority of these letters contain several red flags, such as excessively large prizes or compensation, grammatical problems, a sender’s address that appears to be more fit for a robot than a human, and so on. Pay attentive attention to every detail and don’t make hasty conclusions.

Problems with PayPal Accounts

We have an issue in Houston. This con starts with an e-mail from PayPal claiming that something is amiss with the recipient’s account. But don’t worry; the issue may get resolved by following this link and logging in.

Now pause for a bit. That sounds suspiciously similar to phishing!

In 99% of situations, the link takes you to a website that appears almost identical to the legitimate PayPal site but on a different domain. When you log in from there, both your username and password are sent to the fraudsters.

In the most serious circumstances, resolving the purported account problem may necessitate the installation of a program “to assist in the restoration of access.” It will, in reality, be a Trojan.

How to avoid the scam − Look for mistakes in the message and Web addresses that do not match the service’s official address, and keep in mind that PayPal will never send you an e-mail with that sort of phrasing if there is a problem with your account.

Installing a security solution that protects you against phishing and online fraud is much easier − it will automatically detect harmful Web pages and stop them, even if you’re rushing or distracted.

Scammers are now disseminating phishing links not just through e-mail but also through social media. Someone may, for example, create a Twitter account called PayPalGifts and use it to target unsuspecting customers. Of course, the account won’t stay long, but it can gather a lot of user credentials while it’s active.

Overpayment Refund Scams

Let’s look at some of the methods fraudsters use to persuade individuals to pay them money nearly totally of their own volition. Overpayment scams are among the most popular in this category, in which a buyer gives a seller payment, but for whatever reason, sends more than the sales price. The buyer says it was a mistake and requests a refund of the difference, but the buyer cancels the initial transaction as soon as he receives it.

How to prevent being duped − Accidents sometimes happen, but overpaying is almost always unlikely, and it should always be a warning signal. In the event of an error, it is preferable for both parties to cancel the erroneous transaction and enable the payer to resubmit the proper amount while carefully inspecting every one, zero, and decimal point. If they refuse, call PayPal’s customer service department immediately away.

Fraud Involving Delivery and Payment Cancellation

A delivery fraud is another popular ruse. When fraudsters masquerade as customers, they may urge a seller to ship products via the buyer’s preferred delivery option, which they claim gives a discount. The thieves alter the delivery address before filing a complaint alleging that the products were never delivered.

Another possibility is that the delivery firm is a ruse, allowing dishonest buyer to reclaim their money using established legal channels for products provided in good faith.

Finally, address substitution may be used to perpetuate this type of scam: the customer offers a phoney address, and after multiple failed delivery attempts, the corporation asks them where they want their goods delivered. In this approach, they receive the shipment but submit a complaint with the vendor stating that they did not receive it. PayPal may trust the fraudster based on multiple reports of failed deliveries.

To prevent being duped, only use delivery services that have been directly confirmed by you or individuals you trust. Never ship anything until you’ve received money, and save all receipts.

“Creative” Payment Schemes

Honest individuals might be duped by shady money schemes as well. PayPal, for example, offers a money transfer service with discounted prices for family and friends. Scammers will sometimes request a money transfer in this manner in order to save commissions and promise a discount in exchange.

However, this technique is not intended to be used to pay for items, and no consumer protection program applies to such transfers, according to the platform’s guidelines. Anyone who pays a “friends and family” payment to a fraudster can say goodbye to their money — and their products.

Scams of this nature also involve promises to send money by alternate methods that are ostensibly more convenient, cheaper, or better for whatever reason the vendor deems superior. In general, if the opposing side insists on anything like this, or begins spinning stories, or attempts to generate urgency (last opportunity to strike a deal, I’m travelling to Alaska in an hour to live off the grid for the next 20 years), something is probably wrong.

How to prevent being a victim of a con − Requests for alternative payment methods should be ignored. PayPal offers excellent protection procedures for both sellers and purchasers, but they only apply to regular platform payments.

Scams Involving Charitable Contributions and Investments

You may find people who send out phoney charitable contribution requests. It is fairly commonplace for such folks to use PayPal to accept “donations” or “contributions.” Cancelling the payment won’t help if the fraudsters collect the monies as soon as possible (which they almost certainly will), so double-check everything ahead of time.

During natural catastrophes and other force majeure occurrences, be extra wary of pleas for charity donations; be assured, scammers will always be there to profit from others’ suffering.

Profitable possibilities, also known as investment opportunities, might present themselves at any time. The frauds are similar to those involving phoney charities, but they frequently include promises of huge riches with no specific risks. Of course, life isn’t quite that simple.

How to prevent being a victim of a con − Investigate and verify intriguing offers. Check out the reputation of any charity foundation (or investment firm) to which you’re thinking of donating. It’s preferable if you have connections or colleagues who have worked with the organisation and can speak for its integrity, but you may also use sites like Charity Navigator, the Better Business Bureau, and Charitable Giving to verify charities on the Internet.

Never ship to an unfamiliar address, and only to the address specified on the transaction page.

PayPal’s safety mechanisms do not cover the other money transfer methods offered by con artists.

Don’t believe an offer that appears to be too good to be true; it most likely isn’t.

Give out only as much personal information to the other party as is required for the transaction. Never disclose your password, and never download any extra software or questionable items were given to you over e-mail. PayPal does not operate in this manner.

How to Stay Out of PayPal Trouble

Let’s consolidate and describe some broad guidelines to assist you to guard against the bulk of fraud, account hijacking, and other unpleasantness −

Look for red flags in messages like grammatical errors, attempts to elicit a feeling of urgency or danger, and e-mail addresses and URLs that differ from official ones (even by one letter).

Don’t put your faith in communications blindly. Check your personal account on the Internet or in the PayPal app for any potential errors (this is especially crucial when it comes to notifications verifying the crediting of funds).

How To Get Permission Card Tyrone In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy released the 1.5-update on 15 September 2023.

The update includes a new map called the artificial island, a home system, a new 8-player cooperative “raid” gameplay, and more.

The update also fixed multiple issues like icon displays, stuns, interface, and more.

Artificial Island contains new quests, activities, and monsters.

You can also solve puzzles, get gold nuclei, and loot supply pods.

However, you might not know how to solve the puzzles or the locations of the gold nucleus and supply pods.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get and use Permission Card Tyrone in Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Permission Card Tyrone in Tower of Fantasy

To get Permission Card Tyrone in Tower of Fantasy, you need to get 3 Rapid Repair Devices, use the Repair Consumable Tool Set, and defeat Aberrants to get the Institute Key Card.

After that, use the keycard to activate the transmission device (east of the Water Treatment Plant) to go to North Gemini Island.

Lastly, go southeast of North Gemini Island towards the transmission device, stand on it to go to South Gemini Island, go on top of the mountain with large roots, and collect the Permission Card Tyrone inside the container.

Part 1: Rapid Repair Device I

Navigate to the sea near Broken Tooth Island (-813.4, -382.3).

Collect 3 fireflies on top of 3 small boats.

Activate the 3 “Fog-repellent light: firefly” on the big boat.

Collect the Black Nucleus to get the first Rapid Repair Device.

Part 2: Rapid Repair Device II

Navigate to the sea south of Stranded Remains (-265.7, 844.2).

Collect 3 fireflies on top of 3 small boats.

Activate the 3 “Fog-repellent light: firefly” on the big boat.

Collect the Black Nucleus to get the first Rapid Repair Device.

Part 3: Rapid Repair Device III

Navigate to the sea east of the Island of Pins (309.5, -1083.5).

Collect 3 fireflies on top of 3 small boats.

Activate the 3 “Fog-repellent light: firefly” on the big boat.

Collect the Black Nucleus to get the first Rapid Repair Device.

Part 4: Use the Repair Consumable Tool Set

Go to the east of the Deserted Water Treatment Plant (821.8, -389.0).

Purchase the “Fine Gift” from the Crystal Dust Store.

Use the “Fine Gift” and select “Tool set”.

Select “Repair Consumable: Tool Set x1”.

Part 5: Get the Institute Key Card

Farm the Aberrants (e.g. Ex Researcher Angry Aberrant Damlen) around the Artificial Island for the Institute Key Card.

Some of its locations are Deserted Water Treatment Plant, Stone Mountain, Feiyun Mountain, and more.

Part 6: Go to the North Gemini Island

Go back to the east of the Deserted Water Treatment Plant (821.8, -389.0).

Go east towards the transmission device.

Select “Use Institute Key Card to activate the transmission device”.

After you’ve selected “Use Institute Key Card to activate the transmission device”, you’ll be teleported to North Gemini Island.

Part 7: Go to the South Gemini Island

Go southeast of North Gemini Island towards the transmission device.

Stand on the transmission device to go to South Gemini Island.

Part 8: Get Permission Card: Tyrone

Go south of South Gemini Island and go on top of the mountain with large roots.

Go inside the container and pick up the pass (Permission Card Tyrone).

Part 9: Use the Blue Portal

Go to the north of South Gemini Island.

Go inside the Blue Portal to go back to North Gemini Island.

Part 10: Use Permission Card: Tyrone to go to the Sea Horizon Stand

Go west and climb up a mountain until you reach the transmission device.

Use Permission Card: Tyrone to activate the transmission device and stand on it.

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A Big Building For Big Ideas

A Big Building for Big Ideas At 17 floors, Data Sciences Center would be hub for collaboration

The stretch of pavement between BU’s College of Arts & Sciences and Sargent College will, if all goes according to plan, soon give way to a towering addition to the Boston skyline: the BU Center for Computing and Data Sciences. Encompassing mathematics and statistics, computer science, and the Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering, the 17-floor building will orient this intersection as the academic heart of BU. It will also be awe-inspiring.

In spring 2013, the University’s leadership team held a design competition to “find an architect that would make a statement,” says Robert A. Brown, BU president. They selected Toronto-based KPMB Architects to construct a building that would “mark the dynamic change in the University and talk about the century we’re in”—one driven by computational and data sciences.

“Every industry is being formed by new and novel uses of data,” from medicine to media marketing, Brown says. “And those uses of data are going to keep transforming the way society works. It’s becoming inculcated in every discipline, so every one of our fields is developing a data science piece. As a university, we asked how we’ll meet that demand.”

Situated at 645 Commonwealth Avenue, at the corner of Granby Street, now the site of parking lot, the proposed 345,724-square-foot building would be the tallest on campus, at 297 feet high, with a footprint of 20,500 square feet. (By contrast, nearby Warren Towers is 174 feet tall and the Prudential Center is 750 feet high.) “By putting this building at the nexus of campus, we’re making the statement that it’s central to the University,” Brown says.

Following an approval process with the city of Boston that could take up to a year, the project could begin site preparation, including drilling test geothermal wells, in spring 2023. The team anticipates full construction to be under way in fall 2023. When the building is completed, approximately 60 percent of all BU classes will be taught within a five-minute walk of the Data Sciences Center.

“This will be a significant building that will change the architectural fabric of the University, integrating a cutting-edge design into the existing campus and enhancing BU’s—and Boston’s—skyline. People will know where Boston University is,” says Walt Meissner (CFA’81), associate vice president for operations. “You can have modern and old right next to each other if they can work well together.”

The proposed design for the Data Sciences Center picks up elements of the surrounding buildings, like the warm reds of Bay State Road’s brick townhouses, and it will change color, depending on the direction of the sun as it passes across the building’s fins. These fins “likely would be metal, a screening device that would help animate the building,” says Marianne McKenna, founding partner of KPMB. In addition to being architecturally unique, the fins are essential to the building’s energy efficiency. “The profile of the building will be quite extraordinary,” she says. “It’s very timely for BU to step out to have a landmark.” The fins echo the ridged face of the Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering building, which opened in spring 2023, and its expansive windows reflect those of the new Joan & Edgar Booth Theatre and the College of Fine Arts Production Center.

The ground floor is designed to be a public space, incorporating a café, informal lobby spaces, and general-purpose classrooms, as well as BU’s Early Childhood Learning Lab. The second floor—which may be connected to the first by “collaboration terraces” and a grand staircase—would house the BUild and the BU SPARK! programs, as well as additional classroom, collaboration, and study spaces.

The higher, more specialized floors will be organized into departmental neighborhoods connected by a central stair. “Each department has developed a common language of modular offices clustered around open collaboration and computing spaces,” according to the KPMB executive design summary. Each department’s technology-enabled active learning (TEAL) classrooms and collaborative spaces will be tailored to its individual needs. For example, computer science (floors 6 through 10) will likely be designed on an open plan, while mathematics and statistics (floors 3 through 5) may have enclosed offices. The Hariri Institute will be housed on levels 11 through 17.

“The building is designed to have flexible spaces for students and faculty to gather informally and have opportunities to collaborate,” says Jean Morrison, BU provost and chief academic officer. “It’s really state-of-the-art space that is responsive to the needs of highly collaborative and interconnected work.”

Central to this initiative are the proposed interconnected collaboration terraces that form a ramp connecting the ground and second floors. These platforms may include furnished seating areas and walls and windows intended to serve as writing surfaces. Other floors may also feature terraces, event spaces, and cafés to establish the building as a public facility, and an indoor-outdoor conference room on the 17th floor will offer dramatic views of Boston and the Charles River.

“We’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about how this building will interact, on the street level, with its surroundings,” Morrison says. The design is intended to transform adjacent Granby Street into a two-way landscaped thoroughfare that will improve access to the new Dahod Family Alumni Center and BU Admissions at the Alan and Sherry Leventhal Center, both on Bay State Road.

The proposed plans also call for redesigning the park behind the building with terraced lawns, pedestrian ramps, and bicycle storage. “You’ll be able to walk through it to Bay State Road,” Morrison says. “We want the building to be a seamless part of Commonwealth Avenue so students can easily flow in and out of it.”

If all goes according to plan, the Data Sciences Center will promote sustainable practices like reducing potable water use through low-flow and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and mitigating light pollution by way of light features that comply with LEED requirements. It would also have between 40 and 55 geothermal wells that use the earth’s natural heat to control the building’s temperature. These, and many other aspects of the design, would ensure that the Data Sciences Center would be a 90 percent carbon-free building.

When the BU campus emerges from the snow in spring 2023 and this new building opens its doors, it will mark the University’s new architectural era and its investment in the burgeoning industry at the center of society.

“For us to build a beautiful building at the heart of our campus attests to the University’s growing strength and impact,” Morrison says. “It’s important to our continued growth as a world-class research university that we build the Data Sciences Center, and that it be architecturally significant.”

Read more about the new Data Sciences Center here.

Lara Ehrlich can be reached at [email protected].

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