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If you’ve been paying attention to my longwinded reviews, you’ll know that

If you’ve been paying attention to my longwinded reviews, you’ll know that I am a board game fan . Put some squares on a thick piece of cardboard and throw down some dice and you’ll have me on your porch with a 2-liter of Mountain Dew and some red vines in a matter of minutes.

Ravensburger has been around for more than 100 years and makes some top quality games. Las Vegas! first launched in 2012 and just recently found its way into the App Store. Interestingly, the iOS version of this game is actually better than the physical board game…


Just like Las Vegas, this game is all glamour and glitz. The colors are bright and there are lots of blinking, glowing, and sparkling things. However, unlike Las Vegas, you won’t lose your vacation fund in one evening if you gamble all night. There are also no white tigers or “ladies of the night.”

Players compete either online against real opponents, locally in pass-and-play style, or solo against computer-generated opponents. CG opponents can be selected for their difficulty level from easy to hard.

The board consists of a game table, complete with green felt and designated areas for the numbers, six towering casinos that players compete for winnings from, and multi-colored dice so that each player is represented by a different hue.

The graphics are amazing. Almost everything in the game is stationary, but the dice can be shook and released by touching them and then dragging your finger across the screen until you want to let go. If you just tap the dice, they will roll subtly. If you toss them in the air, they will bounce around for a few seconds before settling down.

In online multiplayer mode, you must wait for your opponent to take his turn before you can move on, which can be frustrating if the other player isn’t paying attention. In solo mode, you can actually fast-forward through the CG player’s turns so that you don’t have to sit around waiting for them to move.

The audio features jazzy tunes that play quietly in the background so that you can play dice and drink your White Russian without too many distractions. When dice are placed in one of the casinos, the building “activates” and features a small animation.

Game Play

Start by choosing your avatar. You can be a punky young woman, a cigar-smoking mobster, a blue-collar worker, or one of about a dozen other characters. If you are playing with friends in a pass-and-play game, have each person choose their character. If you are playing solo, pick your computer-generated opponents by selecting from their skill level of easy, medium, or hard.

When you are ready to start the game, each casino will be stacked with a randomly generated amount of money. Some casinos will only have one winning sum, while others may have two or three different winning sums. If there is only one, the player with the most dice in that casino wins. If there are two sums, then the winnings are divided out by each player’s standings in the casino.

For example, if one casino has a winning sum of $30,000 and another for $20,000, and you have two dice in the casino while your opponent only has one, you will win $30K and your opponent will win $20K.

When you roll the dice, the resulting numbers will be placed in the casino that represents that number. There are six casinos and you start with eight dice. So, if you roll a 2, 3, two 6s, two 4s, and two 1s, those dice will go to the corresponding casinos. You will then choose which casino you want the dice to stay in. All others will go back to your hand.

The goal is to have the most winnings across the most casinos. Don’t put too many dice into any single spot because your opponent might win more money by spreading their dice across all six casinos.

For example, if you put five dice into a casino with $100,000 in winnings, you will probably win that casino, but if your opponent wins three casinos, each with $60,000 in winnings, you will lose the round.

In this game of chance, strategy is surprisingly important. You can’t just put your dice anywhere. To win, you must outwit your opponent by filling as many casinos with dice as possible. You’ll also have to play more dice in each casino than your opponent, so keep that in mind.

My strategy was to try to tie the dice count in each casino. If there is a tie on a casino, then no one wins the money. That leaves only a couple of casinos for all players to compete for. Which makes it easier to come out on top.

The Good

The game looks great and plays smooth. You can choose from two to four players for each tournament. If you play solo, you can speed up the CG opponents’ turns so you don’t have to wait so long to play again. If you play online, you can be paired up with as many as three additional players for a true multiplayer experience.

The Bad

Online multiplayer mode is a bit dodgy. It took about five minutes to connect me with a player. Once I was connected, my game froze up and I had to close the app and restart it. The app froze two more times while I was trying to access the online multiplayer game. However, after that, there were no issues and I received an alert when my opponent had taken a turn.


For an unbelievably low price of only $2.99, you will enjoy hours of gambling either alone, or with real opponents. Board game apps usually cost about five bucks, so this is a great price. Plus, the physical board game is $35, so you are getting a game that comes with its own players for a fraction of the price.


This app is actually easier to play than the physical board game. It is part strategy and part luck. Gamers who like gambling will appreciate the dice rolling aspect. You don’t have to be a board game fan to enjoy this game. Las Vegas! is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

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6 Essentials To Pack For Vegas #Pubcon 2014

I love to travel. A lot. Which means I put a good deal of thought into striking the perfect balance between “I have five suitcases and have to pay $300 in checked luggage fees.” and “Holy crap, I only brought one pair of shoes.”

With Vegas just a few short days away,  I decided to give you a look into my Pubcon suitcase – including some essentials you might not have thought to pack.

Power Strip

Kelsey and I are rooming together and I really want to avoid a power struggle over the power outlets. (See what I did there?) The extra outlets should also come in handy at the convention center. Who’s got two thumbs, a power strip, and a few new best friends? This girl.

Multiple Pairs of Shoes

This isn’t about fashion. This is about standing and walking for hours on end. This is about shoving my swollen feet back into the same shoes two days in a row. Ouch. After bartending for 10 years, I know the value of swapping out shoes. (The Betsy Johnson heels…well those might be about fashion.)


Being hungry sucks. Having to smile and talk to people while you just want to stuff your face sucks even worse. Snacks will be a savior during those times when we eat dinner really late or I don’t have time to grab breakfast.

Wired Mouse

I expect to be working (at least a little!) on my laptop while at Pubcon, and the trackpad makes it hard to highlight, copy, and, paste when I am editing. Seems insignificant, but my mouse makes life a lot easier on the road. Definitely worth the space in my bag.

I take this bad boy everywhere, and it should really come in handy in Vegas. As a Floridian, I am used to an extremely humid climate, so I expect the dry Vegas air to hit me pretty hard. The built-in filter makes all water tastes like bottled water, so I won’t spend a ton of money staying hydrated.

The SEJ Pubcon Survival Guide

This is a must-have item! Sure, I might be a little biased, since our team did put this fantastic e-book together. Our guide has all the vital info you need to get around Vegas – including restaurants, a map of TI, a list of important Pubcon sessions, and tons of #ProTips. Plus, it is free and easy to download – which means you won’t have to struggle with overwhelmed wi-fi at the conference.

Las Mejores Películas Disponibles En Netflix México

A continuación encontrarás nuestra selección de las mejores películas que puedes encontrar hoy en el catálogo de Netflix México. Hemos incluido un poco de todo: dramas, filmes basados en hechos reales, comedias… No te las querrás perder.

Si te encuentras fuera de las fronteras mexicanas y alguno de estos largometrajes no está disponible en tu área, lo tienes tan fácil como utilizar una red VPN para conectarte a un servidor localizado en México y así cambiar tu dirección de IP.

La lista de Schindler

Argumento: Esta película de Steven Spielberg relata la vida de un empresario alemán que ayudó a salvar del Holocausto a más de mil judíos polacos.

Lo que dice la crítica: Sus siete premios Óscar ya demuestran lo bien que fue recibida La lista de Schindler en su día. Hoy en día, es considerada una de las mejores películas de la historia.

Forrest Gump

Argumento: Forrest Gump es un buen hombre de Alabama con una leve discapacidad intelectual que será testigo privilegiado de algunos de los acontecimientos más importantes de la historia de Estados Unidos. 

Lo que dice la crítica: Forrest Gump es un clásico y los elogios llegaron desde el momento de su estreno. En especial, se alabó su original historia, así como la actuación de Tom Hanks.

El viaje de Chihiro

Argumento: Chihiro es una niña de 10 años que, al trasladarse a un nuevo barrio, entrará en el mundo de Kami. Sus padres se convertirán en cerdos y tendrá que trabajar para ser devuelta al mundo de los humanos.

Lo que dice la crítica: El viaje de Chihiro tuvo un éxito internacional y sigue siendo una de las películas favoritas de los fans del Studio Ghibli. De hecho, para muchos fue la película del año.


Argumento: Los Kim son una familia pobre de Seúl que empezarán a trabajar para los Park, una familia que vive en la parte rica de la ciudad. Nada es lo que parece y todo cambiará en cuestión de segundos.

Lo que dice la crítica: Ser la primera película surcoreana en ganar un Óscar ya dice mucho de Parásitos, que también se ganó el favor de la crítica en su lanzamiento.


Argumento: Lo último que recuerda Leonard antes de darse un golpe en la cabeza es su intento de evitar el asesinato de su mujer. Desde entonces, tiene una memoria a muy corto plazo, por lo que tendrá que tatuarse lo que va recordando sobre su muerte.

Lo que dice la crítica: Una de las películas de Christopher Nolan mejor valoradas, se ha destacado su capacidad de presentar la historia como un puzzle, pero como un interesantísimo thriller al mismo tiempo.

La habitación

Argumento: Joy Newsome vive con su hijo Jack en lo que ellos conocen como “la habitación”, un pequeño habitáculo del que no pueden salir y al que solo tiene acceso su secuestrador.

Lo que dice la crítica: El pequeño actor Jacob Tremblay se ganó los corazones de medio mundo con su magnífico debut en la gran pantalla. Le acompañó en el reparto una también brillante Brie Larson que en 2024 se llevó el Óscar a la mejor actriz.

Orgullo y prejuicio

Argumento: Basada en la famosa novela de Jane Austen, gira entorno a la familia Bennet, centrándose sobre todo en Lizzy y sus varios pretendientes.

Lo que dice la crítica: Esta es una de las adaptaciones más aclamadas del clásico de la literatura inglesa, y muy especialmente la actuación de Keira Knightley.

tick, tick… BOOM!

Argumento: La joven promesa Jonathan Larson quiere conseguir el éxito antes de cumplir los 30 y hará todo lo que esté en sus manos para componer su primera gran obra de teatro.

Lo que dice la crítica: Considerada una de las mejores películas del año, ha sido nominada en los principales premios cinematográficos, como los Globos de Oro y los Critics’ Choice.

Blue Valentine

Argumento: Blue Valentine narra la historia de amor (y desamor) de Dean y Cindy a lo largo de los años y dando saltos en el tiempo: desde que se conocieron y se enamoraron perdidamente a su divorcio años después.

Lo que dice la crítica: Las actuaciones de Ryan Gosling y Michelle Williams fueron muy aplaudidas y les valieron varias nominaciones. La película fue considerada una de las mejores de 2010.

A todos los chicos de los que me enamoré

Argumento: Lara Jean Covey es una joven enamoradiza que se la pasa escribiéndole cartas a sus amores platónicos. Estas misivas son secretas hasta que un buen día misteriosamente serán entregadas a esos chicos de los que se ha quedado prendada.

Lo que dice la crítica: Lo que podría parecer una comedia juvenil más consigue jugar bien sus cartas con unos personajes muy cercanos a la realidad y un reparto de actores con un talento que encandilará a todos los públicos.

¿No te convence ninguna? Recuerda que este 2023, Netflix ha anunciado que estrenará como mínimo una película nueva cada semana.

Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial (23 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial

Course Name Online Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial Bundle

Deal You get access to all 23 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 174+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Sony Vegas PRO Overview, Interface Window, Interface Timeline and Shortcuts, Preferences and File Types, Editing Functions, Scripts and Montage Creation, Masking, Media Generators & Cookie Cutters, Titler Animation, Track Motion Animations, and VFX Animations

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Vegas Pro and wants to make a career in Video Editing

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge of using editing software

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 23 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced Video Editing skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required  You can download the software from the official website

System Requirement for Vegas Pro

Microsoft® Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit)

2.5 GHz 4-core processor (3 GHz and 8 cores recommended for 4K)

8 GB RAM minimum (16 GB recommended; 32 GB recommended for 4K)

1.5 GB hard-disk space for program installation; Solid-state disk (SSD) or high-speed multi-disk RAID for 4K media

Supported NVIDIA®: For hardware rendering (NVEnc), GeForce 9XX series or higher with 4 GB; AMD/ATI®: Radeon with 4 GB and VCE 3.0 or higher (Radeon Pro series with 8 GB for HDR and 32-bit projects) or Intel®: GPU HD Graphics 530 series or higher

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 SP1

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Online Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial Curriculum

Let’s have a look at the Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial in detail below:



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


Sony Vegas Pro is video editing software used for editing videos both 2D and 3D. The software is used by designers and editors worldwide. Vegas Pro has a special set of tools that allow the user to perform easier video and audio editing. this software is not only used for editing but it has features that enable it to perform multiple functions such as create composites, color editing video, audio editing, and mixing and many more such functions. The sole purpose of this training is to train students and professionals so that they can master the program and create their projects and presentations.


As we are all aware Vegas Pro is a non- linear audio and video editing program that runs on a Windows operating system. This training will help the students in learning the software on a much deeper level and help them to master the program on their understanding. In this training we shall learn the core concepts of the program such as the interface of the program, command, and tools, working with the audio and video files simultaneously and learn how to render files with the utmost quality and finishing.

Course Highlights

Just like any other training tutorial, this tutorial is also divided into four major sections. Of which the 1st section includes all the theoretical chapters. The remaining three chapters are project-based practical chapters that teach us the various functions of Vegas pro in a practical manner. 1st let us take a look at the course highlights of the training:-

The 1st chapter of the training is based on the beginner’s level of understanding. The topics covered in this chapter are an introduction to Vegas Pro 13 that includes how to download and install the program, Neat Video and software essential. The chapter also includes a lesson on Top Menu and Toolbar. This teaches us about Ripple editing, Compositors, Envelops, time stretch, Crossfades and many more functions.

The 2nd chapter is about the Interface Window. This chapter includes topics about customizing the toolbar, project media, media explorer window, CD Information, Transition packs, Video FX and Media Generator, Video Output, close captioning and Master Bus Window.

The 3rd chapter is about Interface Timeline and shortcuts. The topics included in this are Mute and Composite level, Timeline, Vegas Pro Track Headers, Event Effects, Video and Audio Properties, Channelization of Tracks, Track Headers and The Bottom Toolbar.

The 4th chapter is based on Preferences and File Types. Topics covered in this chapter are General Setting Tab, Video Setting Tab, Thumbnail Settings, Video Preview Settings, Audio Tab, Display Tab, CD Setting Tab, External Controls Tab, Changing Project Properties and Audio Project Properties. The Chapter Also Contains Lessons on Top Menu and Folder Structure and Organizing Workspace.

The 5th chapter is about Editing Function in Vegas Pro. The chapter includes topics on Adding Tracks and Events to Time, Basic Editing Functions, Basic Edit Tutorial, Multi-camera Editing, and Editing with Proxy Files.

Project Highlights

Let us take a look at the project highlights below:-

The 1st project is based on Montage Creation. Topics covered in this chapter are working with Vegas Pro Scripts, Working with Inbuilt Transitions, Video Event Pan and Crop and Montage Creation Exercise.

The 2nd project is based on Masking. This chapter includes topics such as Basic Masking, Oval Masking Tool, Carve Out Videos, Multiple Masks, FreeHand Masking, Editing Masks, Advanced Animation Masking, Animated Mask, Rhythm Of The Mask, Keyframe Animation, Path Selection, Final Feathering Of The Mask, Pan, Crop And Masking.

Certificate of Completion

What is Sony Vegas?

Sony Vegas Pro is a Non-linear Video Editing Software Package. It was originally published by Sonic Foundry in 1999 which is now owned by Magix. When it was developed, it was used as an audio editor, later it developed into an NLE for both video and audio. Some of the major strengths of the software are that the software comes with great professional features, it has Useful Plugins, Collaborative app & is also affordable as compared to other editors.

The NewBlue FX Video Essentials included in the software enhances one’s project in the VFX areas it consists of 100 presents in 10 different plugins. When we face issues with missing files while editing a project we can use a feature included in the software called Project Archiving which helps the user to archive the media associated with the project or the media used in the timeline. Work Flow of Vegas Pro software is considered to be among the best in the world along with software flexibility and customization options.

This Sony Vegas Tutorial is an in-depth comprehensive course that teaches every aspect of Editing Audio and Video projects with Vegas Pro. This training offers the learner to study the techniques and process easily and logically, and by learning these editing techniques, the learner can improve their skills at a high level. This program would increase the knowledge of learners on Editing, Audio Mixing, Compositing, Image Animation, Color Correction & Color Grading.

Students will learn to organize the project files in the software, learn an efficient workflow for editing with Sony Vegas and choosing the right effects in the program. With this training, the students will be able to have a clear understanding of the interface, various commands & tools, working with videos and audios and rendering the files.

Some of the skills that the learner covers in this training are Interface Timeline, Editing Functions, Scripts, Montage Creation, Masking, Media Generators, Cookie Cutters, Title Animation, VFX Animations.

Requirements / pre-requisites

Basic knowledge about computers is a must with internet connectivity.

A passion for learning Audio & Video Editing with lots of ideas and patience is a much-needed pre-requisite before starting this Sony Vegas tutorial. There should be a desire and dedication to study the software through this course, then only the results would be positive.

Basic knowledge of Audio & Video editing tools is also required before the students start using this training. Since the training is based on workable knowledge teamed with various demonstrations and skills, the student needs to have a prior understanding of the minor basic needs of editing.

Target Audience

This Sony Vegas tutorial targets huge audiences who are willing to learn Advanced and Professional Audio & Video Editing with Sony Vegas Pro 13.

The Sony Vegas tutorial is aimed at the audiences who are dedicated to learn and grasp the skills in no time.

Students & Professionals who wish to become Editors & Visualizers can take this training.

Film Editing students and professionals can also take up this Sony Vegas Tutorial.

Sony Vegas Tutorial FAQ’s- General Questions Will this Sony Vegas Tutorial help me to grow my career?

Yes. It is a career based training, aimed to teach different methods of Audio & Video Editing and it will help you to create Fantastic videos and professional quality video presentations. If you take up this course you will not only learn the software but also obtain command over the various methods and processes of Digital Video Editing, which in turn will automatically open many career opportunities.

Will this Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial teach me about the scripting with Vegas also?

Yes, this course is included with lectures that teach scripting and about Codecs in depth.

Can I make a career as a VFX Artist by learning this Sony Vegas Tutorial?

Yes, why not. This training includes lectures on Advanced editing and effects. It also teaches us about the VFX Animations. So, I would say yes you can positively go for the desired job.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Sony Vegas tutorial is a career-oriented training that particularly aims at enhancing the skills and providing the learner to comprehend many various strategies of learning Audio & Video Editing through this course. This training aims to give the participants a solid familiarity with many of the tools in Sony Vegas and to start creating their own polished and professional video presentations.

In this Sony Vegas Tutorial, we all will learn skills that will not only provide a boost to our careers but also will help us to design our future. Despite, the fact that learning Editing using Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a challenging software to learn, this training provides techniques and methods that describe everything with great ease and simplicity. The choice of career and the ability to use their capability & skills are in the hands of the learner.

This Sony Vegas tutorial opens many possibilities for the students and professionals to choose from various career options. From Beginners to experienced participants, anyone can take up this course who is interested in learning Audio & Video Editing using Sony Vegas Pro 13. Learners can go for jobs like a Data Analyst, Audio Video Editor, 3D Artist, Roto Artist, 3D Visualizer, Motion Graphic Designer, and Animator.

Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial Reviews

Vegas Pro 13 Course

This course is about the Sony Vegas software which teaches us how to use the software many other things and it also gives information related to video cropping which very useful. The course is fully practical oriented which makes you PRO is using this software. M very much satisfied with this experience of training.

Manisha Vijay Chaddi

Sony Vegas Software


Shaza Aijaz Ahmed

Informative Course.



Brugada Syndrome Causes Symptoms Diagnosis And Treatment

Brugada syndrome is an uncommon but occasionally hereditary cardiac rhythm disorder (arrhythmia) that can be fatal. Brugada syndrome patients are more likely to experience irregular heartbeats that start in the lower heart chambers (ventricles).

Preventive methods for Brugada syndrome treatment include lowering the temperature and avoiding drugs that can cause arrhythmia. An implanted cardioverter-defibrillator is a medical device that certain Brugada syndrome sufferers require.

Brugada Syndrome: Causes

An issue with cardiac rhythm is called Brugada syndrome. Special cells in the right upper chamber of the heart provide an electrical signal that starts each heartbeat. Each of these cells has tiny holes known as channels that control the electrical activity that causes the heart to beat.

A shift in these channels results in the heart beating excessively quickly in Brugada syndrome, a potentially hazardous cardiac rhythm (ventricular fibrillation).

The heart, therefore, fails to pump enough blood to the body’s other organs. Fainting might be brought on by a brief, erratic rhythm. If the abnormal pulse doesn’t cease, sudden cardiac death can happen.

Brugada syndrome might result from −

A potentially difficult-to-discover structural issue with the heart.

Chemical imbalance that interferes with the body’s ability to communicate electrical impulses (electrolytes)

Using cocaine or certain prescription drugs

Brugada Syndrome: Symptoms

Brugada syndrome frequently has no discernible symptoms. Many Brugada syndrome sufferers are unaware of their condition.

Brugada syndrome may show the following signs and symptoms −



Breathing that is difficult, especially at night

Irregular or palpitating heartbeats

Incredibly rapid and erratic pulse


An abnormal electrocardiogram (ECG) result, a test that gauges the electrical activity of the heart, is a key indicator of Brugada syndrome.

Emergency medical attention is needed for Brugada syndrome complications. Complications of the Brugada syndrome include −

Unexpected cardiac arrest. This rapid loss of breathing, awareness, and heart function, which frequently happens while you’re asleep, is fatal if it is not treated very away. Survival is feasible with prompt, effective medical care.

Fainting. When someone has Brugada syndrome, fainting needs immediate medical intervention.

Brugada Syndrome: Risk Factors

The major risk factors include −

History of Brugada syndrome in the family. This disease is frequently inherited within families (inherited). One’s likelihood of developing Brugada syndrome is further increased by having family members who do.

Being a man. Brugada syndrome is more often diagnosed in men than in women.

Race. Asians experience Brugada syndrome more commonly than members of other races.

Fever. Brugada syndrome is not brought on by temperature, although it can irritate the heart and lead to fainting or sudden cardiac arrest in Brugada syndrome sufferers, particularly in young children.

Brugada Syndrome: Diagnosis

Brugada syndrome is often diagnosed in adults, while it can sometimes occur in teenagers. Young children are seldom diagnosed with it since the symptoms are frequently ignored.

A medical professional will do a physical examination and use a stethoscope to listen to the heart to diagnose Brugada syndrome. To examine the heartbeat and identify or confirm Brugada syndrome, tests are performed.


ECGs can be performed with or without medication. The electrical impulses in the heart are captured by an ECG, a simple and painless examination. Sensors (electrodes) are affixed to the chest and occasionally the limbs during an ECG.

The procedure can identify issues with the heart’s rhythm and architecture. If the test results show that the heartbeat is regular, the next step can involve wearing a portable ECG all day and all night. A 24-hour Holter monitor test is the name for this kind of examination.

Although some persons have Brugada syndrome symptoms, their first ECG and 24-hour Holter test findings are within the normal range. These persons might also have further ECGs that include tests for drugs administered intravenously that might cause irregular heartbeats.


Sound waves are used in an echocardiogram to produce pictures of the heart. Although this test is unable to independently diagnose Brugada syndrome, it can aid in the detection of cardiac structural issues.

Testing and Mapping Electrophysiological (EP) Processes

Some persons with suspected Brugada syndrome may have this test, commonly known as an EP study. In this test, medical professional inserts thin, flexible tubes (catheters) with electrode tips into various parts of the heart’s blood veins. After the electrodes are in situ, they can display how electrical signals move throughout the heart.

Brugada Syndrome: Treatment

Medication, catheter procedures, or surgery to implant a heartbeat control device are all possible treatments for Brugada syndrome. Treatment for Brugada syndrome is based on the likelihood of developing a significant irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia).

A high-risk situation includes −

A history of life-threatening arrhythmias

Fading spells

Lived through a sudden cardiac arrest

Aggressively treat a fever. Those with Brugada syndrome are known to experience abnormal heartbeats while they are feverish. When a fever initially appears, use drugs that lower the temperature.

Avoid using medications that might cause an irregular heartbeat. Many medicines, including antidepressants and several cardiac medications, might raise the chance of having an irregular heartbeat. Alcohol abuse might also raise the risk. All of your medications, including over-the-counter remedies and prescription prescriptions, should be disclosed to your healthcare professional.

Avoid engaging in sporting competitions. Those who are highly susceptible to a significantly irregular heartbeat may be affected by this. If you’re unsure about whether you should stay away from certain sports, ask your doctor.


Some Brugada syndrome sufferers are given drugs, including quinidine, to stop potentially hazardous cardiac rhythms. These medications may be provided separately or together with a heartbeat-controlling medical device known as an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD).

Treatments such as Surgery

Surgery or catheter treatment may be required for Brugada syndrome patients who have experienced a cardiac arrest or a concerning episode of fainting.

Cardioverter-defibrillator implant (ICD). This tiny battery-powered gadget is inserted into the chest to continually track the heartbeat.

Ablating a catheter. A treatment known as radiofrequency catheter ablation may be a possibility if an ICD is unable to effectively and safely control Brugada syndrome symptoms.

Brugada Syndrome: Prevention

Genetic testing can be done to find out if you have Brugada syndrome or are at risk of developing it if someone in your family has the disorder.


A Brugada syndrome diagnosis must be made in a patient without a personal or family history of the condition since a single person’s initial diagnosis affects their whole family. Patients must also be warned against using anesthetics, antihistamines, cocaine, antiarrhythmics, and psychiatric medications because these substances have been shown to exacerbate Brugada syndrome.

The sudden symptomatology, high mortality rate, and propensity for the unusual presentation of Brugada syndrome make it a difficult illness to treat. Because of all of these factors, Brugada syndrome will continue to pose a serious hazard to human life that emergency doctors must be able to identify and treat.

Broken Ribs Causes Symptoms Diagnosis And Treatment

One of the rib cage’s bones breaking or cracking results in a fractured rib, a frequent injury. Hard hits from falls, auto accidents, or contact sports are the most frequent causes.

Many rib breaks are just fractured. Rib fractures cause discomfort. But, they don’t lead to the issues that fragmented ribs can. Major blood arteries, the lungs, and other organs can be damaged by the razor-sharp edge of a shattered bone.

Broken ribs often mend on their own in around six weeks. To be able to breathe deeply and prevent lung conditions like pneumonia, pain management is crucial.

Broken Ribs: Causes

The most frequent cause of broken ribs is a direct impact, which can occur from a vehicle accident, a fall, child abuse, or contact sports. In addition, repetitive contact from activities like rowing and golf, as well as extended, forceful coughs, can break ribs.

Broken Ribs: Symptoms

A cracked rib may be painful or may become more so as a result of the following −

Breathe deeply

The wounded area is under pressure

A body bending or twisting

When to Visit a Doctor?

See a medical professional if you have discomfort with deep breathing or if a region of your rib area is sore after an injury.

If you have discomfort in your shoulder or arm as well as pressure, fullness, or a squeezing sensation in the middle of your chest that lasts more than a few minutes, you should seek medical attention immediately once. Some signs of a heart attack are possible.

Internal organs and blood vessels may be harmed by a shattered rib. A cracked rib on more than one occasion increases the danger.

Which ribs shatter will determine the complications. Potential issues include −

Tear in the aorta, the body’s main artery. A major blood artery, such as the aorta, might be pierced by a sharp edge from a break in one of the top three ribs.

Lung tearing. A lung may collapse as a result of the jagged end of a fractured middle rib punching a hole in it.

Ripped liver, kidneys, or spleen. Due to their greater mobility than the upper and middle ribs, the bottom two ribs seldom fracture. Nonetheless, the spleen, liver, or kidney may sustain catastrophic injury from the ends of a fractured lower rib.

Broken Ribs: Risk Factors

The major risk factors include −

Osteoporosis. The likelihood of shattering a bone rises due to this condition in which bones lose weight.

Sports. Practicing contact sports, like football or hockey, increases the chance of chest injuries.

A rib with cancer. Cancer may weaken the bone, increasing the risk of fracture.

Broken Ribs: Diagnosis

The majority of isolated rib fractures are detectable during a clinical examination. Patients frequently describe recent severe or piercing thoracic injuries and discomfort there in their medical histories. Moreover, they could show signs of diminished capacity for full inspiration brought on by suffering.

The physical examination may indicate bone sensitivity to palpitation or crepitus as well as bruises on the chest wall. Any anomalies in the vital signs, such as hypoxia, tachypnea, or severe respiratory distress, should be further examined for further injuries such as pneumothorax, hemothorax, heart contusions, and pulmonary contusions.

Assessment of the kidney, liver, and spleen should be done in cases of lower rib segment injuries. A flail chest should be assessed in any patient who exhibits paradoxical chest wall movement or who may have numerous rib fractures, and appropriate management should be given.

Without using imaging, rib fractures can be diagnosed clinically based on the history and physical examination. Due to the generally benign clinical history of solitary rib fractures, specialized rib Xray series are normally not required. Imaging may be the next step if there is a suspicion of many rib fractures or substantial trauma with underlying organ injury.

Chest radiographs, however, have their limitations and can only reliably identify 50% of isolated rib fractures. Point-of-care ultrasonography is a reliable method for identifying rib fractures and their associated consequences, such as pneumothorax. The gold standard for finding rib fractures is a chest computed tomography (CT) scan, even if the fractures found may not be clinically relevant. In the overall evaluation of trauma for various injuries, the value of a chest CT scan is more significant.

Broken Ribs: Treatment

Surgical stabilization may be an option for more severe rib fractures or when conservative treatment is ineffective. Rib fracture nonunion, chest wall deformity or defect, persistent rib fracture pain causing respiratory failure, and flail chest are typical indications for surgical therapy. If surgery is required, early surgical intervention improves results and reduces or eliminates the need for artificial breathing.

Moreover, if necessary, a chest tube should be inserted to address any additional underlying injuries such as hem thorax or pneumothorax. Rib fractures can be treated either outpatient or impatiently, depending on the degree of discomfort and the severity of the damage that was received.

Rib fractures that are isolated usually heal successfully and don’t require any more treatments save pain medication, rest, and ice. Rib fractures that are many dislocated, or associated with further injuries may need to be monitored in a hospital setting for respiratory failure or may need to be surgically repaired. Older patients with rib fractures may require greater monitoring since they often have higher death rates than younger patients.

Broken Ribs: Prevention

To lessen the risk of a rib breaking, one can take the following preventive measures −

Safeguard against sports injuries. When participating in contact sports, use protective gear.

Decrease the likelihood of falls in the home. Take everything off the flooring. Immediately clean up spills. In the shower, use a rubber mat. Keep your house well-lit. To prevent sliding, provide backing to area rugs and carpets.

Bone sturdiness. Strong bones are a result of eating a diet high in calcium and vitamin D. Get 600 international units of vitamin D and 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day from diet and supplements.


Because that rib fractures in the elderly are linked to greater rates of mortality and morbidity, fall prevention requires special attention and funding to decrease the frequency of rib fractures. According to studies, a multidisciplinary team may dramatically lower the risk of falls in the elderly. As a result, hospital personnel and doctors should be trained in how to give the resources and tools required to avoid falls.

As with any serious trauma, early assessment, care, and stabilization require a team of skilled and committed experts, including emergency doctors, trauma surgeons, and emergency and ICU nurses.

To provide the best possible patient care and clinical outcomes, a team should focus on early diagnosis of probable patient decompensating and consider various treatments such as intubation, chest tubes, and thoracotomies. After the assessment, individuals with minor injuries and straightforward rib fractures can be safely discharged.

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