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Rh!noX, a project based on digital Rhinos, offers a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs with an eye toward design and numerous utilities. With a unique algorithm and a dose of originality, Rh!noX transcends similar NFT projects without significant utility. Instead, it is challenging the paradigms of NFTs, the metaverse, and the former’s integration with the gaming industry.

To do that, Rh!noX is integrating with the DeFi and GameFi industries. Rh!noX envisions benefitting from the GameFi model, which, combined with its artistic merit, gives it strong value across the Web3 space. Recognizing the potential for excellence offered by this innovation, Rh!noX has made substantial investment growth. To garner the attention of the gaming industry, it has rallied two major platforms to market its NFTs.

Binance NFT currently offers a final selling price of 7 BNX for each NFT in the collection, whereas Rh!noX chúng tôi offers a price of 9 BNX. The numbers are approximately 900 BUSD more than the collection’s opening prices, meaning the pieces have almost doubled in value to date. These numbers should give a sense of confidence to those gamers and NFT enthusiasts who wish to become part of Rh!noX and its journey.

The founder of Rh!noX has an impressive vision for the project’s future and its association with GameFi. As it draws on the concepts of the Web3 space and introduces different applications, it will continue to strengthen its ties with the gaming community. With an eye toward the growth of the project, Rh!noX is exploring a new credit system for users. Rh!noX NFTs will be available through various GameFi and DeFi applications across the BNB Chain in the form of avatars; when used, they will be credited in the form of Soulbound Token, the official token of the Rh!noX project.

To implement this system in the existing gaming industry, Rh!noX intends to develop a professional on-chain behavioral analysis system, which will entail grading every Soulbound Token and making data accessible for other end-users and projects. This would create multiple benefits that would have a direct impact on the existing gaming community and the GameFi industry.

With a credit system integrated across the ecosystem, one based on the NFT holders’ historical behavior, different tokens and future NFT airdrops would be built across the BNB chain. Rh!noX thus not only benefits its holders but everyone on the chain, helping them build value through various means. This vision is a clear point of distinction for the project. Its sales report further indicates solid numbers, with Rh!noX selling out 8000 pieces in a Dutch auction at 9 BNX. 

Rh!noX is officially one of the most promising projects that will continue to impress with its many utilities for the gaming industry. Now is an optimal time for gamers and NFT enthusiasts to make a bet on the project and help it build a stronger and more dedicated community in the ecosystem.

About Rh!noX

Rh!noX, from “Rhinos,” showcases a unique collection of NFT art based on a unique algorithmic structure. The project intends to move into the GameFi industry and bring further value to DeFi and Web3 users. It anchors key principles of the digital ecosystem with diverse utility.

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The Incredible Staying Power Of Cryptodickbutts Nfts

CryptoDickbutts was born in 2023, and it quickly cemented its place in NFT history and culture. At this point, it’s an essential project that every self-proclaimed NFT aficionado must be familiar with to be taken seriously. Need proof? CryptoDickbutts has a dedicated space in Punk6529’s Open Metaverse, more than 1700 unique holders, and a total volume of over 7k ETH on OpenSea. The NFTs regularly sell for thousands of dollars, and during the 2023 NFT market collapse, it was one of the few projects that kept the same floor price.

How did a project that is literally about dick-butts achieve such popularity? And does the collection actually have any staying power?

Surprisingly, sussing this out is far from easy. There are many nuanced reasons for its accelerated growth and continued popularity. What’s more, NFTs are still largely a new phenomenon. So it’s exquisitely hard to predict what the future will bring. Here, we do our best to identify the factors that contributed to the rise of CryptoDickbutts, dive into the core elements of the NFT project that make it a powerful representative symbol of Web3, and attempt to predict where it’s headed.

Hold tight. This one is going to be a long, hard ride.

The story of CryptoDickbutts 

Dick Butt was initially born more than fifteen years ago. Specifically, it came into being on July 2nd, 2006 in a webcomic by KC Green. It was called “Tree, You’ve Been Good to Us” and was created as part of his Horribleville series. 

The Dick Butt character went viral almost instantly.

Due to its widespread popularity, Green was unable to control the character’s narrative or brand affiliations. As a result, he denounced all association with his creation in 2023.

Consequently, the CryptoDickbutts NFT collection isn’t actually associated with the original creator. Rather, this most recent iteration of the character was born in the CryptoPunks discord, where it was created in homage to (and as a gift for) several early holders of CryptoPunks NFTs. 

The original release for CryptoDickbutts consisted of Series 1 and Series 2, which were capped at 52 and 104 NFTs respectively. Collectively, these are known as the “OG version.” However, due to widespread popularity, these collections were shortly followed by an extended Series 3 in July 2023. This third collection has 5200 NFTs in total. 

In the months following the mint, the NFT collection saw immense growth and successfully established itself as a legitimate brand. The project received a head nod from Naughty America, the team created an online store, and CryptoDickbutts even had an exclusive CryptoDickbutt ball hosted by Meltem Demirors. There were also a host of derivatives and artistic collaborations with some of the biggest names in NFTs — including Killer Acid, Sergs, 3D Alpacadabraz, and Gremplin.

CryptoDickbutts today: Meet the DAO

Today, the CryptoDickbutts community continues to be vibrant and strong. In fact, the community established a DAO. The CryptoDickbutt DAO’s members include any current NFT holder across the OG and Series 3 collections. Its mission? To acquire a physical “Gooch Island,” which will give the holders (and their CryptoDickbutt NFTs) a place to roam freely. 

The raison d’etre for this mission extends from lore the community invented around the characters. In short, the story is thus: The various CryptoDickbutts were all exiled from Gooch Island after a period of great unrest. The former utopia is now in disrepair and nearly unlivable, save for the sole inhabitant known as Cryptoadz Leader Colonel Floorbin. The CryptoDickbutts are now working to get back home.

As the search for the island is still underway, any holder is invited to join and work to fundraise, identify potential locations, and develop a plan for the ongoing management of a soon-to-be reclaimed utopia. 

That is essentially the story of CryptoDickbutts. And now, on to covering how the heck it got so popular and achieved so much.

Leveraging comedic appeal and satire

At the risk of oversimplifying things, after the most basic needs in Maslow’s hierarchy are met (food, safety, and so on), you get into the needs that are less needs and more desires. These include things like aesthetic pleasure and higher emotional needs. To this end, most commercial products and services are marketed to evoke emotions through strategic narratives and cultural signifiers.

Luxury brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ferrari, and Lamborghini are just some of the many examples that cater to feelings of significance and social signaling. 

At the core, people really just want love and affection. But since you cannot demand genuine love and affection through transactions, people settle for proxies like power and material wealth.

— Eric Lombrozo 🎸🎶 (@eric_lombrozo) April 30, 2023

Although a vast majority of unicorn NFT projects like CryptoPunks and BAYC started at prices that are relatively affordable (and in some cases even free), for better or worse, the projects are now associated with qualities akin to the aforementioned brands. In other words, they are status symbols. Owning one makes the holder feel important and like they have a meaningful connection to other holders. In an interview with nft now, prominent NFT collector GMoney noted that he purchased his CryptoPunk for exactly this reason i.e., because he wanted the status that came with it. “With an NFT, by posting it as my avatar on Twitter and discord, I can quickly ‘flex’ with a picture….It has the same effect as wearing that Rolex in real life, but digitally,” he said.

This is cultural signaling only exacerbated by the recent influx of celebrities buying into projects like CryptoPunks and BAYC. 

But while ego and hierarchies are inherent to our social and biological discourse as human beings, the braggadocious element of flaunting a six-figure or multimillion-dollar NFT also causes resentment from those who can’t afford the items. And even when that’s not the case, there are always counter cultural individuals who go against the grain and are diametrically opposed to mainstream cultural mores.

This ultimately creates an emotional pull towards NFTs that represent the antipode of traditionally valued classes through self-effacing and satirical humor. 

We can see this exemplified through CryptoDickbutts. First, the project was created as a joke. It never had lofty goals or ambitions. Second, it is a dick meshed with a butt. It’s hard to imagine an image that could more effectively satirize premier NFT projects and communities.

So, in short, many flock to the CryptoDickbutts collection because it mocks the overly serious, self-indulgent NFT careerists, influencers, and investors that use PFP NFTs to farm engagement and curate public perception. 

Furthermore, given the influence of self-identity with the PFP genre, an argument can be made that just as inherent wealthy or seasoned collectors may identify with the narratives of a CryptoPunk, Murakami flower, or Fidenza, so too are CryptoDickbutts representative of those who have the ability to laugh at themselves and simply share in the collective appreciation of this new form of memetic comedy.

In essence, while not everyone can appreciate or relate to the subtleties of generational wealth, everyone does have the capacity to laugh at a silly meme. In this regard, CryptoDickbutts status as a viral sensation was almost a guarantee.

Preserving the original ideals and essence of CryptoPunks 

People who identify as punks see themselves as a collective of independent thinkers, rather than a cohesive community. The same is true of CryptoPunk holders. However, a recent IP transition granted CryptoPunks holders commercial rights to their NFTs. Now, any holder can build out a personal brand for their CryptoPunk NFTs.

This has muddied the ethos of the collection, which was initially inspired by the London Punk culture of the 1970s. Does someone buy a CryptoPunk because they identify with ultra-wealthy investors like Jordan Belfort or Gary Vaynerchuk? Or do they stay away because of the association with these people? The question clearly plagues some NFT collectors, and it pushes them towards projects that currently better represent the “degenerate” ethos that first gave birth to the NFT community — projects like CryptoDickbutts.

please go away

— chúng tôi (@loomdart) October 25, 2023

The original anti-monopolistic sentiments of CryptoPunks is weakening, but the sentiment remains strong in its community-born progeny i.e., the CryptoDickbutts collection. This drives many who are longing for that former punks feel to the CryptoDickbutts NFTs. In fact, the contract address and name of the collection both highlight key themes of crypto culture (420…691D1B). 

Leveraging a CC0 framework

While commercial rights may suit collectors with the experience and resources to build personal brands, when it comes to the influence of NFTs, a CC0 framework (Creative Commons) offers more flexibility and room to scale in some directions. Specifically, CryptoDickbutts are beloved because of the CC0 licensing, which gives it an innate ability to resist corporate alignment. This allows the project to grow and scale without losing its core ethos, and it stands to reason that this lends the project staying power.

The most interesting intellectual question on PFPs right now is whether commercial rights or CC0 is a better model.

— 6529 (@punk6529) April 30, 2023

Furthermore, CC0 frameworks helped create the success of Web2. Various platforms built on top of the internet were able to spread quickly because of the open, collaborative effort of coders the world over. In the same way, CC0 collections such as CryptoDickbutts function as an open-source library for the metaverse. They invite new users to experiment, build, and grow. This benefits the individual and also CrytopDickbutts’ brand, helping it expand and gain even more staying power.

Community overlap

Another powerful indicator of the value and standing power of an NFT collection is the amount of organic social cohesion and community overlap it has. This is seen in the overlap of creators and shared lore between CryptoDickbutts and CrypToadz, which has even inspired hybrid collections like Dicktoadz that people can customize and build for themselves. 

Ethereum as a foundation

The underlying blockchain also determines the future success or decline of various collections. While Ethereum has dominated the discourse around NFTs, ambiguity remains with the nature of the protocol post-merge. 

Regardless, a theory among Ethereum aficionados is that as more layer 2’s emerge, a majority of Layer 1 resources will be spent powering these newer infrastructures. The result is that, while Layer 2 will allow for larger collection sizes due to the significantly cheaper transaction fees, NFTs built on L1 (including derivatives) will become an uncommon relic by default, as conducting activity on any layer 1 will be too expensive for most individuals.

This is especially the case with on-chain collectibles that mitigate against the potential risk of images being changed or removed if marketplaces close or stop paying fees for data hosting.  

While not on-chain, as CDBs are an Ethereum-based collection, so long as the core developers continue to improve on the protocol’s functionality, so will the memetic impact of a dickbutt forever remain for posterity to admire.

The phallus as a cultural motif 

The one is more of a stretch. But along with its innate comedic power, the phallus is a core motif in CryptoDickbutts and could be another factor contributing to its widespread popularity. The importance of the phallus symbol dates back more than 8,000 years.

According to historians, phallic charms (often winged) were ubiquitous in Roman culture and frequently appeared as jewelry and ornaments such as pendants, finger rings, lamps, and more. These were known as fascinus. The image also features prominently in Pagan and Wiccan practices. For example, in Raven Grimassi’s Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft, the fascinus is cited as one of the most effective talismans against dark sorcery.  

Further examples of related symbolism include the ancient Egyptian deity Min, frequently shown holding his erect phallus. Regions spanning across the Far East such as Indonesia, India, Korea, and Japan are no exception either, often using the phallus as a symbol of fertility in motifs on their temples and in everyday life.

It only makes sense that humans in modern society also feel a connection with the phallic symbol.

Storytelling and lore

From religious and historical allegories to beloved fictional tales like Harry Potter, stories have the power to embed generational values, preserve cultural motifs, and shape our overarching social and evolutionary discourse. They can also unite and divide communities in shared appreciation or detest of characters and their respective journeys.

While a more subtle aspect, the story and journey that CryptoDickbutts is crafting uses relatable elements of light-hearted humor. But more than that, at its core, it reflects key cultural motifs. Specifically, there is the image of the wandering protagonist who is seeking self-actualization through the prophetic vision and end-goal that is Gooch Island.

And in that respect, given our drive to find purpose and meaning in life, it is something we can all relate to. 

Top 10 Impacts Of Ethereum And Nfts On The Art World

The adoption of Ethereum and NFTs by artists, collectors, and art institutions to produce, market, and acquire digital art has a profound impact on the art industry. The ownership of a distinctive piece of content, such as digital artwork, music, film, or even tweets, is represented by NFTs, which are digital tokens built on the blockchain.

Top 10 Impacts of Ethereum and NFTs on the Art World

NFTs have created new opportunities for artists and collectors alike, challenging traditional notions of art ownership and value. In this article, we will discuss the Impacts of Ethereum and NFTs in the art world.

The Rise of Digital Art

The development of digital art has also been aided by Ethereum and NFTs. Digital art used to frequently be thought of as being inferior to more traditional kinds of art, such as painting or sculpture. NFTs, however, have given digital art a fresh sense of legitimacy and worth.

The Democratization of Art Ownership

The democratization of art ownership is one of Ethereum and NFTs’ most important effects on the art world. In the past, only the affluent elite could afford to purchase and display works of art in their homes or private collections. Yet, NFTs have made it possible for anyone, regardless of their financial situation, to own a work of digital art.

Increased Transparency in Art Transactions

The transparency of art transactions has also grown because of Ethereum and NFTs. Buyers and sellers can quickly confirm the validity and ownership of artwork because NFTs are recorded on the blockchain, lowering the possibility of fraud or counterfeiting.

Challenges for Traditional Art Institutions

While Ethereum and NFTs have given artists and collectors new opportunities, they have also raised difficulties for established art organizations like museums and galleries. These organizations could find it challenging to keep up with emerging platforms and technologies, as well as the shifting nature of the art world.

New Revenue Streams for Artists

The development of new sources of income for artists is another big effect of Ethereum and NFTs on the art world. Artists used to frequently receive a one-time payment for their work in the past, and they had little choice over how it was utilized or disseminated. NFTs, on the other hand, give artists the chance to keep control of their creations and profit from each sale by taking a cut of the proceeds.

The Impact on The Environment

Concerns regarding the environment have also been expressed about Ethereum and NFTs. Several environmental activists have criticized NFTs since they take a lot of energy to produce and trade, which is why they exist.

The Potential for New Collaborations and Partnerships

New prospects for collaborations and partnerships between artists and other industries, like gaming and virtual reality, have been made possible by Ethereum and NFTs. This could lead to the development of fresh, cutting-edge artistic mediums that straddle traditional and cutting-edge media.

The Need for Education and Awareness

The Blurring of Boundaries Between Art and Technology

Another factor in the blending of the lines between art and technology is Ethereum and NFTs. Software and technology are frequently used to create digital art, and the creation and exchange of NFTs using blockchain technology only serves to emphasize this relationship.

The Potential for Further Innovation

Analyzing The Rise Of Nfts In Online Crypto Casinos

Exploring the rise of NFTs in online crypto casinos

NFTs, built on blockchain technology, have revolutionized the concept of digital ownership and are now making their way into the realm of online gambling.

This article delves into the exciting world where gaming and digital collectibles collide, exploring the rise of NFTs in online crypto casinos and the myriad possibilities they bring.

What is the significance of NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens have emerged as a groundbreaking concept in the world of blockchain technology. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, NFTs represent unique digital assets that cannot be replicated or exchanged on a one-to-one basis.

Each NFT carries distinct properties and metadata that verify its authenticity and ownership. This indivisibility, scarcity, and verifiable ownership make NFTs highly valuable and desirable.

The significance of NFTs lies in their ability to revolutionize the notion of digital ownership. With NFTs, creators and artists can tokenize their digital content, including artwork, music, videos, and even virtual real estate.

This opens up new possibilities for monetization and allows collectors to own and trade digital assets in a secure and transparent manner.

But what is the role of NFTs in online casino gaming?

The integration of NFTs into online casino gaming has introduced exciting opportunities for both players and operators.

Casino platforms now offer collectible in-game items as NFTs, which can range from virtual avatars and accessories to rare and valuable digital artifacts.

Players can acquire these NFTs through gameplay or by purchasing them on secondary markets, adding a new layer of excitement and value to their gaming experience.

NFTs have extended beyond individual games to encompass virtual land and property ownership within online crypto casino environments. Players can buy and trade virtual real estate represented as NFTs, giving them a sense of ownership and allowing them to create unique gambling experiences.

This immersive integration of NFTs in online casinos blurs the boundaries between gaming and digital collectibles, attracting a wide range of enthusiasts and collectors.

Closing the gap between gamification and NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens have introduced gamification elements into the online casino space. By incorporating NFTs as rewards and incentives, online casinos incentivize player engagement and loyalty.

Players can earn NFTs based on their achievements and performance in games, allowing them to showcase their skills and accomplishments.

Additionally, NFT-based leaderboards and competitions create a competitive atmosphere among players, driving them to strive for higher rankings and rewards.

The rarity of certain NFTs also contribute to their desirability, as players compete to acquire and trade these valuable digital assets.

The gamification of NFTs in online casinos not only adds a layer of excitement but also offers players the opportunity to earn real-world value through their participation in the gaming ecosystem.

How to trade and invest in NFTs?

The rise of NFTs in online crypto casinos has given birth to a new avenue for trading and investing.

Just like traditional collectibles and assets, NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on various online marketplaces. Players and collectors can engage in NFT trading, seeking out valuable digital assets to add to their collections.

Moreover, the value of NFTs can appreciate over time, making them an attractive investment option. As demand for certain NFTs grows, their market value can rise significantly, allowing investors to potentially earn substantial returns.

This aspect of NFTs in online crypto casinos creates an ecosystem where players not only enjoy the gaming experience but also have the opportunity to profit from their investments in digital collectibles.

What about ownership and authenticity?

This means that players can confidently showcase their digital collectibles, knowing that their ownership is secure and indisputable.

In the universe of online gaming, this concept of ownership becomes particularly significant. Players can display their rare NFTs within the game environment, allowing them to express their individuality and stand out from other players.

The sense of ownership and authenticity associated with NFTs adds a layer of prestige and value to the gaming experience, further enhancing the immersion and enjoyment for players.

Paving the way for collaborations and partnerships

The integration of NFTs in online crypto casinos has paved the way for exciting collaborations and partnerships.

Artists, musicians, and content creators can collaborate with casino platforms to create exclusive NFTs, leveraging their creativity and unique talents.

These collaborations result in limited-edition NFTs that hold immense value and appeal to both gaming enthusiasts and fans of the artists.

Furthermore, online crypto casinos can partner with popular brands and intellectual properties to release branded NFTs, combining the allure of gaming with the appeal of well-known franchises.

These collaborations not only attract a wider audience but also contribute to the growth and recognition of the NFT ecosystem within the online casino industry.

Crypto casinos and virtual economies

The introduction of NFTs in online crypto casinos has given rise to the concept of virtual economies.

Within these virtual economies, players can engage in various economic activities, including buying, selling, and trading NFTs, earning in-game currencies, and participating in virtual marketplaces.

NFTs serve as a form of currency within these virtual economies, allowing players to transact and interact with each other in a dynamic and evolving gaming ecosystem.

The presence of virtual economies powered by NFTs adds depth and immersion to the online casino experience. Players can earn rewards, acquire valuable assets, and participate in economic activities, creating a sense of progression and achievement.

The vibrant virtual economies surrounding NFTs in online crypto casinos offer players a new dimension of gameplay and the potential to earn real-world value within the virtual realm.

Explore the rise of NFTs in crypto casinos!

The rise of NFTs in online crypto casinos has brought a new dimension of excitement and value to the world of online gambling.

From unique in-game items and collectibles to virtual land ownership and cross-platform interoperability, NFTs have reshaped the gaming experience. As the technology continues to evolve, the possibilities are endless.

Online crypto casinos are at the forefront of this revolution, providing players with novel ways to engage, compete, and experience the thrill of both gaming and digital collectibles.

By embracing NFTs, online crypto casinos are not only embracing innovation but also tapping into a vibrant community of artists, developers, and collectors.

Different Investments In The Metaverse

Although the primary focus of the metaverse is on the consumer side, it’s important to also explore the investment opportunities.

Over the past year, the term “metaverse” has seen a surge in popularity. The keyword was mentioned more than 135% in Q4 2023. Although the idea of a metaverse sounds intriguing, it became mainstream quickly after Facebook changed its name to Meta.

Other major players in tech have followed their lead. Google and Microsoft have made billions of dollars in metaverse technology. As expected, much of the talk is about how the metaverse can change people’s lives in the same way that the Internet did in the late 20th century.

Mainstream media tend to focus on the consumer side of the metaverse. However, it is equally important that mainstream media explore the investment opportunities associated with it. Many new terms, such as cryptocurrency, digital real estate, and non-fungible tokens, (NFTs), are used in conjunction with metaverse. But what do these terms mean?

Investment Ideas in the Metaverse

Although the metaverse is still in its infancy, it may not reach its full potential until the end of this decade. This potential has opened up a wealth of investment opportunities for startups and tech giants as they rush to create their own virtual worlds.

This raises the question: Which is right, ‘the Metaverse‘ or? The metaverses’?

It is yet to be seen if the multitude of groups creating their own virtual worlds will result in a vast network of interconnected virtual worlds controlled and managed by Meta. Or will there be a multitude of contributions and projects, powered by Web3 or blockchain technology?

Many are betting on the latter which means that digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs can be large investments in the metaverse.

The land is one of the most important investments in the metaverse. These virtual properties can be bought and owned using digital assets like NFTs. This brings up an interesting question: Are NFTs a new asset?

NFTs – Digital Art or a Brand New Asset Class

NFTs, like the metaverse, have seen a surge in popularity over the past year. There are many opinions on the subject, with some in favor and others against.

Proponents see much more. Blockchain experts recognize that NFTs are a natural human desire.

“We all desire that spark, that uniqueness that makes us stand out. There are also rare items in these [NFTs ]… Collectors want to collect the things that no one else has.”

These are the words and thoughts of Anas Bhurtun (CEO, co-founder of Arts DAO). He believes that NFTs have boomed due to their rarity.

People always want what others don’t have. These tokens, which can only be given one NFT, speak to an individual’s desire for something different and to prove that they are special.

What does this have to do with investing in the metaverse NFTs can be more than art. The bridge art and other assets are now digital assets themselves.

You can see things that you won’t find in traditional art spaces with NFTs. They are therefore one of the most valuable investments in the metaverse.

Bhurtun believes that the NFT is on the verge of maturation. It is becoming more like an asset class, which indicates that it has been financialized. These NFT holders are basically investors.

Enzo Villani is the founder and CEO of Alpha Sigma Capital. He had these words to say about NFTs and digital assets.

You would be able to borrow against it. Every digital asset will have someone who can lend against it and who will actually collateralize the asset. This is what we are trying to do. These assets are not collateralized and cannot be in the future. These NFTs can be owned, but they are valuable and you can borrow against them. This is very fascinating.

These sentiments are echoed by Nassim, a VC executive. “There are a lot of conversations about how to merge Defi with NFTs and a lot more products around how you can collateralize a loan against your NFT. This is what I find fascinating.

NFTs are not a new asset class. Others have reservations. Omar Item is the Arca MD and sees NFTs merely as a wrapper.

It’s a wrapper for a smart contract, which allows for instant transactions. It is transparent and allows liquidity to be created on otherwise ineligible asset classes. An NFT based on real property is not an asset class. The underlying asset is real.

DAOs, and The Metaverse

The metaverse ecosystem will benefit greatly from the influence of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). They make it simple for communities to participate in Web3 or the blockchain, which are both a major part of the metaverse.

DAOs are another way for investors to access NFTs and other metaverses. These organizations can also help with wealth management in the metaverse.

Keeping up Arts DAO

Bhurtun Zahedi and Danosch Zhedi founded Arts DAO. Bhurtun, a former corporate/M&A attorney, has dedicated his life to developing crypto, Web3, and digital content expertise.

Zahedi is an entrepreneur and serial entrepreneur who founded many companies in the crypto space. They co-host Crypto Sheikhs, the most popular podcast on crypto and NFT in the UAE.

Arts DAO is a community DAO that hosts the largest Web3 community in the Middle East. With the launch of the Ethernal Gates NFT collection, the founders intend to make it a collectors DAO.

Kristel Bechara, an award-winning artist, created the collection of 2,000 NFTs.

These NFTs will give holders access to Arts DAO social events and an allocation in DAO. Arts DAO will collect NFTs for their benefit by investing in a portfolio of blue-chip NFTs and seed Web3 founders as well as investing in other DAOs/NFTs. The ultimate goal is to increase the total value of the Treasury and provide a healthy return for its members.

Four Ways Smartphones Are Changing The World For The Better

For marginalized groups, taking to social media has become an effective way to appeal to the general public. This can backfire, as inevitably, our online presence makes the internet a domain of interest for governments. Thus, we have a struggle between opposing forces – on one side people demanding equality, privacy and liberties; on the other, authorities who want to control and regulate. Aaron Swartz, the late internet activist, once said, “It is not, you know, only certain people have licence to speak, now everyone has a licence to speak. It’s a question of who gets heard”.

In my opinion, we are living through a transition period triggered by a dramatic change in mobile networks in the last decade and personal experience tell me that transition periods could be painful. But sooner or later things will stabilize and everyday liberties enjoyed by leading Western countries will spread out throughout the world. Surely, the mobile networks are speeding up this process.

Abolishing boundaries

I have been searching for an informative graph showing how the average number of countries people visited changed in the last 300 years or so. Unfortunately I didn’t come across a good figure. We can intuitively say that the number is continuously increasing as travelling is becoming safer and cheaper.

I cannot express how living in other countries, communicating with people from other cultures can broaden one’s life perspective. By 30, I have spent much more time abroad than my whole family combined, and I think that the time we spend abroad will continue to increase for future generations. The mobile revolution is one of the key reasons why this is the case.

I believe that this convenience of travelling and staying connected to the rest of the world will bring about another positive transformation, although this may not happen during our lifetime. It is highly likely that someday, as more people interact and connect with foreign cultures, borders between countries will start to dissolve and the world will become a united planet were everyone will be able to travel and settle down wherever they like. In turn, this could promote world peace and abundant economical growth. Smartphones and mobile networks will be at the heart of this evolution, as they silently make it easier for us to travel far and wide.

Invaluable help for the most vulnerable 

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere. For many of us, this is a time to think of when and where to go for a summer holiday. Unfortunately, summer has a different meaning for terrorist organisations as conditions become more favorable to escalate conflicts. Consequently, summer means something totally different to the refugees who try to flee from war.

For the rest of us who should not have a refugee experience, the smartphone allows us to find information beyond what may be delivered to us by the mass media. Unfortunately, the refugee crisis feels like it is becoming an insolvable problem, and I am sure that almost each of us have an opinion on what the best solution may be. If we agree that it’s not possible to have a meaningful opinion without acquiring knowledge, I think mobile networks dramatically increased the breadth of knowledge on our fingertips.

Solving big science problems together

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