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In this week’s episode of the Marketing Nerds podcast, we are joined by Robert ‘RSnake’ Hansen, who is VP of WhiteHat Security Labs, well-respected DefCon speaker, world renown hacker, writer of Slowloris, and creator of

In our discussion, we talk about a number of really important topics, such as what webmasters need to focus on when it comes to website security, hiring a forensic team to evaluate your site, HTTPs and whether it helps, whether WordPress is a secure platform, should we really be worried about NSA, Facebook, and other companies tracking our data, finding Hillary Clinton’s email servers, and China’s new social engineer hack that is pretty damn scary.

This is definitely a Marketing Nerds Podcast you don’t want to miss.

Here are a few of transcribed excerpts from our discussion, but make sure to listen to the Podcast to hear everything:

What Companies Should be Considering to Stay Secure Online Today

Let’s take a retailer as an example as opposed to a bank or something. I think retailers have an interesting problem because they generally like to have user-generated content on their site. Things like feedback, or somebody asking questions, or send a friend functionality, or shopping lists, or whatever, all that stuff is user-generated content. Maybe not in a way most people think of it, but it doesn’t matter. If I’m storing something in a database that’s being reflected back at some point, that is definitely user-generated content.

I think if you’re going to say there’s one massive problem, it’s people just generally don’t do good sanitation of inputs and they don’t do good sanitation of output. The problem with that is they intermingle it with things that are actually sensitive. It’s not particularly sensitive what my shopping list or my wedding list, that kind of stuff. That’s not particularly interesting.

What is interesting is if I somehow find a way to escape out of a query and make a call to your database and pull out your user name and password, that, on the other hand, is very interesting.

Because all this stuff is intermingled and it’s all in one big database, different table but one big database, and using one database user with all the same permissions as if it was an admin, that simple design choice makes it incredibly easy to attack.

You have to decide how bad is it if something bad happens. If this happens on some brochure where there’s nothing there, it doesn’t matter. If it happens on your main corporate website where people actually do purchase things, on the other hand, that might be the end of your company. It just depends on what we’re talking about.

Once you’ve decided that it’s something you actually want to deal with and it’s a vulnerability that’s real or whatever, generally speaking, if you know the vulnerability is there it’s very easy to fix. Super easy. There are only a couple of vulnerability classes out there that actually are tricky to solve. For the most part, it’s usually one or two lines in your code and you’re done.

If you don’t know that it’s there, there are several things you can do. One is you can hire a penetration testing firm, a company like ours that does manage security testing. Two, you can hire a bug bounty team. You basically say, “Any takers, anybody who wants to break into us we’ll pay you if you find a vulnerability.”

There are some issues with that. You have to be fairly mature to even go down that model, but the nice part is you get a robust group of random people who are all trying to hack you all at once. The third way, even if both of those fails, what you can do is you can get cyber insurance. Cyber insurance is wonderful, assuming that you’re covered, which means usually they ask you some questions like, “Do you do security auditing?” So you must have one of the first two things nailed down before you can go down that path.

I think one of the scarier things I’m seeing right now is a move to rapid redeployment where you have a website that they think it’s compromised, you just immediately replace all the code back to its known good state. It doesn’t matter that much if you get compromised then. As long as you have pretty good monitoring, you can quickly get the site back up and running.

That stops infections from taking hold in some cases where they’re not cloaking it, as a good black hat SEO would know. What it doesn’t solve is the data theft part. If you’re dealing with digital goods where it doesn’t really matter if they steal the digital good and you don’t really have any valuable information in their database, that rapid redeployment model works really well.

Does HTTPS really secure your website or just an SEO thing?

It is both. I think before you make a decision, one way or another, you should understand what the economics of it are and also understand that Google is doing this, in my opinion, primarily to prevent ad injection companies, ISPs or whatever, from injecting their own adds. Looking at the economics of it, I know that’s horrible but I’m a cynical bastard.

The real reason that I think to do it is not just the immediate ranking boost, which I think it’s probably more like if you have a competitor who’s exactly the same rank as you, it’ll put you above them. It’s not much of a ranking factor beyond that. I think the actual value is any links you get between now and the point at which you switch over to HTTPS will have a 15% link penalty, approximately, until you get to change their link over to HTTPS because of the 301 redirect from the HTTP to the HTTPS.

Let’s say you have 200 links and 50% of them you can get them to change over to HTTPS, the other 100 you can’t, you’d have a 15% penalty. It’s like showing up to work and missing 7 and a half percent of your work week or whatever.

In my opinion, it is worth doing sooner than later for that reason alone. You don’t want to have to sacrifice any links unnecessarily.

How secure is WordPress overall?

I found a lot of vulnerabilities in WordPress over the years. I’ve also used WordPress as a core platform for a bunch of my websites and I would say gradually they’ve gotten quite a bit better. I really like the fact that they are doing more automated updates. I think that’s very clever. I think with something as simple as that plus WordFence and you’ve got a pretty decent defense, I will not go on a limb and say that the plug-ins are very good, though. The plug-ins, in general, are a gigantic crap shoot and tend to be full of vulnerabilities.

I’ve never liked the fact that their admin page is accessible in a known location. That’s just a big problem point. I don’t like how trackbacks work. I think those are very dangerous. I don’t like how the web user owns all the files. That’s very dangerous.

I don’t like how their database is set up, especially everything having the same level of access, usernames and passwords combined with text, all that stuff. There are some very strange design decisions that came from antiquity, back when WordPress was tiny that I think we’re stuck with, which modern-day, I would say, don’t do it that way. Don’t have your usernames and passwords in a PHP file and the root directory. Little things like that.

Should people turn off Trackbacks in WordPress?

Absolutely. Immediately, as a matter of fact.

Should we be wary about things like NSA spying on us or the rights we give to Facebook in their app?

I think people are right in being concerned in so much that the architecture itself allows for it. Let me give you an example. Right now, even without all of those crazy permissions, if I sent you an account, or a little light app, or something, there’s a million of those on the Android platform, I don’t actually need all those permissions to snoop on you.

I think it’s important for people to be aware that this is possible more than it’s necessarily being worried about the implications of any existing app or whatever in so much that if I download a bunch of apps and I have 50 on my phone, I should assume that at least one of them either has a vulnerability or is maliciously developed to do something bad to me.

That way, having that mindset just means maybe I shouldn’t bring that phone into the meeting, or maybe I should pull out the battery if my phone is capable of that, or maybe I shouldn’t have this conversation. You know what I mean?

Your Adversaries are Much More Capable Than They Used to be

Once upon a time if I wanted to find an exploit, every single web server, let’s say, that was vulnerable to some exploit, it would take me effectively the end of my life to scan the entire internet because by the time I finished scanning the internet, it would have changed so much because it took so long that I’d have to start the scan all over again. We’re talking, in some cases, months to scan even a very small chunk of the internet.

Nowadays there’s a change at Linux kernel that happened a couple of years back that makes it so I can scan much, much, much, much faster than I used to be able to. I’m no longer bound by a number of sockets that a computer can open and now I’m bound by bandwidth. Bandwidth is cheap. It’s easy to get a lot of bandwidth. Now I could scan, let’s say, the entire internet on a single port in a few minutes, handful of minutes.

What that really means is I know that sounds bad, I can basically find every vulnerable machine in a few minutes, but it’s actually worse than that because what I can do is take that data and shove it in your database, and the internet doesn’t change that much that rapidly. I can run that scan, let’s say, once a day, or once a week, or whatever.

Then let’s say a new vulnerability comes out for WordPress or whatever. I can go to my database, look for all the vulnerable things that are in that database, and then start attacking them.

I can literally compromise every single machine that’s vulnerable on the entire internet in a few minutes. Long are the days of patch managements in terms of effectiveness once that really become weaponized. We won’t have the opportunity to get in front of it. You won’t even have the time to download the patch and start installing it by the time you will be compromised.

What that really means is you need to look for other things. I think DevOps is a really interesting movement in our industry towards rapid patch management, rapid fixing, detection. There are some interesting tricks out there for doing detection of somebody who’s compromising you, that kind of thing.

China’s New Social Engineering Hack: The Human Credit Score

China has a new credit score the country is considering, I think it actually originated from Alibaba or something so it’s not a guarantee that this will happen. Effectively, if you and I are friends, and I’m a political dissident and China knows about that, you and your credit score would get dinged because you and I are friends on some social network. If you buy things like dishwashers and baby food, your credit score would go up. If you buy video games, your credit score would go down.

Anything that the states want you to do, you’d get a higher credit score, and that credit score actually means something. It helps you get a better passport, they actually give you money, you get better jobs. If you get a lower credit score you get ostracized by your friends, you cannot have certain types of jobs, again, you can’t travel internationally, and so on.

I think that is one of the most interesting hacks I’ve ever heard of because it’s very similar the way the Stasi used to work. You never know who’s part of the Stasi, your best friend could be, so you never really want to say anything negative because you can always be ostracized or outed by the very person who you have dinner with. This is at a mass scale and it basically shows how incredibly dangerous social networking is because now they really do have a very powerful platform for identifying this.

It would be a public score that anyone can check on anyone else’s score, which is interesting. The government hasn’t come out and said they were definitely doing this, but the idea is on the next couple of years. It’s already there, it already exists, but in the next couple of years the theory is this might become law, in which case you better start working on your credit score right now because down the road it will impact your ability to get loans, have friends, and all kinds of stuff.

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5 Ways To Escape Website Tracking On Android And Iphone

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You can escape trackers on your android smartphone by several methods. This includes using privacy-focused browsers or tweaking settings on your existing browser. Read on.

Firefox is quite a popular choice of browser among users across the world, and it is worth noting that it comes with options to enhance your privacy by helping you escape trackers on your mobile browser.

Step 3: Turn on the toggle for Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Step 4: Turn on the toggle for Off, so that you enable this setting. This will block all requests that are included as a part of your browsing traffic, and ensure tracking is disabled and your data is not collected by websites.

To escape trackers on mobile browsers, it is highly recommended to use a browser like DuckDuckGo, albeit you might lose out on features offered by browsers like Chrome, Brave, etc.

Step 1: Open DuckDuckGo, tap the three dots menu on the top right corner.

Step 4: Turn on the Toggle for Global Privacy Control – (GPC). This ensures that DuckDuckGo disables trackers and enhances your privacy online.

Recently, DuckDuckGo also introduced an App Tracking feature on its browser, which is a very simple way to block trackers around your apps. Trackers inside apps are a major hindrance to maintaining your privacy on your phone as they constantly collect data related to your app usage, which can also include your personal data.

Once you enable App Tracking Protection, DuckDuckGo will detect when and how your Android apps are about to send data to third-party tracking companies found in their tracker list, and effectively blocks those requests.

While this is quite a unique and interesting feature, it is currently under testing, and here’s how you can request an invite to access this feature.

Right from the start, Safari has been a privacy-focused browser that prioritizes a safe browsing experience for users. Enabling these additional options only takes it a step further by providing transparent data to users.

Here’s how you can disable and escape website tracking in Safari on iPhone and iPad.

Step 2: Select the Safari option to access the relevant settings.

Step 3: Enable the toggles next to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking, Block All Cookies, and Fraudulent Website Warning.

These options will help prevent trackers in Safari and ensure you have a privacy-focused browsing experience.

Step 4: Open Safari and access the website you want to check the Privacy Report for.

Step 6: Tap on Privacy Report.

Step 7: You will now see an elaborate report from the last 30 days detailing several privacy parameters.

This report includes the number of trackers prevented in the last 30 days along with the percentage of websites that contacted trackers. You will also get a glimpse of the most contacted tracker by the websites you visit.

There’s a graph displayed below that arranges the websites in descending order of trackers used along with a graph for visual indication. Switching to the Trackers tab will display the same information but will list the tracker names instead of websites.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 4: Turn on the toggle for Opt out of Ads Personalisation.

It is always a good practice to disable trackers on your web browser, for the sake of enhancing your privacy online. We hope this guide helped you escape website tracking in mobile browsers on your Android and iPhone. Stay tuned for more such guides to enhance privacy while browsing the web.

Cas Alum Creates A Different Species Of Podcast

CAS Alum Creates a Different Species of Podcast

Environment & Ecology

CAS Alum Creates a Different Species of Podcast Macken Murphy wants to bring people closer to nature

During the summer months, BU Today is revisiting some of the past year’s favorite stories. This week, we feature stories about podcasts created by students and alums.

“Oh my god, you wouldn’t believe how many pets I had,” Macken Murphy (CAS’20) says with a cackle. 

He lists a family menagerie that over time included four or five hamsters, frogs, guinea pigs, four dogs, several birds, lots of fish, rabbits, a couple of rats, and “we may have had a turtle.”

“I was obsessed with animals,” he says. “I wore a T-shirt that said, ‘Hamster Man,’ I had animal trading cards, I watched nature documentaries all the time.”

“I said when I started, I’d be thrilled if a hundred people listened to it—that would be insane,” Murphy says. Currently, he averages around 24,000 listeners a month, “and that’s across 153 countries. I don’t even know how to work with those numbers.

“I go down the list of what people have asked for, and I try to mix it up so I don’t have too many episodes on, say, spiders. If it’s a kid—like, ‘Hi, I’m Kyle and I’m nine years old, I want you to do an episode on raccoons’—that goes to the top of the list every time.”

What keeps listeners coming back is a mix of Murphy’s personal voice and his  determination to be factually accurate, while putting forth an angle or an insight you haven’t heard before.

“I could do basically a fact sheet that I’m reading aloud for 20 minutes, but nobody would listen, because you can get that just by opening Wikipedia. I’m more interested in telling stories in a way that I’m conveying all the information, but sneak it in in a way the listener doesn’t even notice I’ve done it. I want them to accidentally become experts on that species of animal.”

Murphy’s “career in promoting understanding and feeding curiosity about animals—and, not incidentally, animal well-being—has already taken off,” says Parker Shipton, a College of Arts & Sciences professor of anthropology and of African studies, who taught Murphy. “The Species podcast shows what he can do in making this vital material vivid (even irresistible?). One can hardly guess what else he might accomplish and establish for causes like these.”

A different Species of podcast

A recent Species episode on the zebra begins with a long quote from Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories for Little Children on how the zebra got its stripes. After that, Murphy mixes science with a wry comic tone, and scientific language with distinctly millennial turns of phrase: “Why didn’t zebra riding become a thing? And why doesn’t it become a thing?”

The answers are not really clear, but the one convincing theory he has found, he says, is that thanks to lions and hyenas, predation pressures on zebras were much more intense than those on ancestral horses in Eurasia—“a chiller place”—so zebras were more elusive. Humans “could never get close enough to begin the domestication process.”

And why not try it now? For one thing, zebras have evolved formidable defenses, namely their hooves. “If you try to ride a zebra, in all likelihood they’d kick your face in,” he tells his podcast audience. “While they look quite pretty and zany, these animals are lethal weapons. They are all trouble.”

“I just watched a video where this animal appears to accidentally knock a wildebeest out,” he continues. “They’re all grazing, wildebeests and zebras, and the zebra, without looking, twitches their leg back just a little, like they’re just shaking it out. It really doesn’t look like there’s any animosity to it. And their hoof connects with a wildebeest who immediately goes to sleep.” 

You’ve already learned something, and been entertained too, right? 

“Every single day I hear from someone about it. I just got a very long message from someone in Pakistan explaining how they love the show,” Murphy says. “The idea that someone in the Middle East is not only listening to it, but also that their family recommended it to them, it just blows your mind. Not what I expected at all.

“The good thing obviously is, I’m doing something people like. That feels good from a personal perspective,” he adds. “But more important, I’m spreading information on a topic that’s really important to me, and that’s also a lot of added responsibility.”

He writes books, too

We had planned to do this story last spring, pre-pandemic, before Murphy graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences with a double major in history and biological anthropology. We caught back up with him this fall to find he’s working for AmeriCorps, helping to teach science to seventh graders in the Providence, R.I., schools. But he still produces Species in the closet of his apartment every week, and is working on two book projects.

A Boston Bestiary was his Keystone Project for Kilachand Honors College, a book exploring the everyday fauna all around us that we often overlook, from crows to turkeys and from starlings to, um, rats. He’s working with illustrator Kate Louise Powell and hopes that it will be published sometime in 2023.

“Macken said he wanted people to look closely and to appreciate the animals we consider mundane, or even nuisances, and to make the familiar strange and interesting,” says another of his professors, Andrew Robichaud, a CAS assistant professor of history and director of undergraduate studies.

The second book, due in 2023, already has a publisher (Macmillan), but beyond confirming that it’s a nonfiction children’s book also involving nature, Murphy says he’s not at liberty to talk about it yet.

It’s quite a résumé for a recent grad, but animals haven’t been his only obsession.

“In high school, I took a hiatus from animals and became obsessed with boxing,” he says. “I’d wake up at 5 am to train. I didn’t have much of a social life.” He won a New England championship at 14 and did well in Golden Gloves. Quitting the sport in his sophomore year at BU when he realized it wasn’t his future left him with a huge windfall of time and “a pretty serious depression.”

At BU, he first majored in history, then found another focus in biological anthropology. “A friend said it is everything you talk about all the time, you should check it out. Biological anthropology is the study of humans as if we’re an animal—because we are an animal,” he says. It frustrates him that other social sciences treat humans as if we are “animals without instincts, animals that haven’t been completely molded by evolution, and that’s just not true.”

Eventually he rekindled his interest in other animals, too. Shipton, Robichaud, and other  professors, he says, “looked at animals through a broad, interdisciplinary lens, and really opened up the idea of animals as a tool to think with.” 

As someone who had listened to a lot of podcasts for years, Murphy eventually contrived to put the two interests together in Species—and fill some of those hours that used to be devoted to boxing. 

“I didn’t expect it to be listened to by anybody,” he says. “But that’s not what happened.”

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To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

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Do you need AI to help you build a website?

Well, for starters, AI can help you mitigate the errors that you would do while building a website. Moreover, with AI, you don’t need to know coding to build a website and this is more than sufficient to lure someone to use AI to build a website.

Which are the best AI website builders?

Wix ADI is the perfect choice for beginners who want to set up a website without needing to fiddle around with complex things.

You need to answer the questions and give the details about your business or profession, and based on that, the AI tool will build a website. The best part is that no two websites look the same, which lets your website stand out.

The website creation experience is smooth and hassle-free and is perfect for small businesses, a professional, and even start-ups.

Here are some of the key features of Wix ADI:

You can customize the website with the full suite of functionalities

Creates a website just by asking you a series of questions

Consists of 900+ website templates to choose from

Easy-to-use and drag-and-drop style editor


Create and customize your website with a complete set of features.

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Hostinger is a great AI website builder and works well for both professionals as well as beginners. There are a ton of features that you can use and it comes with an easy-to-use editor.

There are over 100+ templates to choose from from different categories such as websites, online stores, portfolios, landing pages, etc.

Hostinger AI is powered by the popular ChatGPT and it takes around 30 seconds (as claimed on the website) to build a website. You can customize the website all around to suit your needs.

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GetResponse is a great option if you are looking for an AI website builder that builds visually brilliant websites.

You can use the website templates to create your website or start from scratch. GetResponse lets you customize everything using its drag-and-drop editor.

All you need to do is answer a few questions about your business or profession and the AI wizard will create a website for you which you can further tweak as per your needs.

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Use GetResponse’s AI wizard and create your website in a bit.

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Another popular name in our list of best AI website builders is Zyro. Zyro offers a wide range of customizable options that are easy to use.

Even first-time users won’t find building a website using Zyro any difficult. This website offers a great set of customizable templates that is suitable for blog, business, resume, events, and more.

Expert tip:

Some of the best features of Zyro are:

Offers a drag-and-drop editor

Plenty of customizable AI tools

Comes with eCommerce functionality

Offers free hosting, payment gateways, and much more

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Bookmark is another popular name in our list of the best AI website builders. It makes use of its AI tool called Aida which helps create a website with just a little input from the user.

This has some similarities with the Wix ADI. Here also, you have to answer a few questions and the Aida AI tool of Bookmark will create a website for you.

The main thing here is that it takes just a couple of minutes (or less) to build a website using Bookmark. This also features a drag-and-drop editor to customize the look of the website as per the client’s needs.

Below are some of the best features of Bookmark:

Offers a drag-and-drop editor

Generates websites in a few minutes

Custom fonts, video background, and other features

Access to eCommerce tools and translations

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Are you looking for an AI website builder that can not only help you create a new website but also easily migrate your old website, then 10Web has all the answers.

With AI tools such as business name generator, marketing strategy generator, web design tool, and SEO tool, you can use 10Web to create a high-quality WordPress website with ease.

Some of the key highlights of 10Web are:

⇒ Get 10Web

One of the best AI website builders that you can try is Framer AI. This website has a uniqueness among other AI website builders, i.e., it creates a website from a single text prompt.

Just type in what kind of website you need and let the Framer AI do the magic. The AI will also produce multiple results, which you shuffle across and choose the one that suits your needs.

You can mix and match all the website elements such as fonts, color palettes, display fonts, etc. and change the look and feel of your website.

Here are some of the key highlights of Framer AI:

Generates a website from a single prompt

Gives you customizable elements to tweak

Unlimited AI generations and free templates

Lets you design flexible layouts and dynamic content

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That is it from us in this guide. We have a guide that lists down some of the best AI websites that you should check out in 2023.

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6 Best Website Builder Software

6 Best Website Builder Software [Most Used in 2023] Create professional-level sites with beautiful themes and designs




A website builder software for Windows is the best option for developers with less experience, but a lot of creativity.

We gathered some of the most popular website builders that let you create professional-level sites without requiring any coding whatsoever.

You will find budget-friendly and premium-level tools to help you build blogs, shops, portfolios, and more.

When choosing the best website builder, you should look for one that comes with plenty of themes and designs, domain names, good security, and responsive servers.

Get the right software to support your ideas!

Creative Cloud is all you need to bring your imagination to life. Use all the Adobe apps and combine them for amazing results. Using Creative Cloud you can make, edit, and render in different formats:




3D models & infographics

Many other artworks

Get all apps at a special price!

Website builder software for Windows enables you to create and design sites. If you are a beginner, these programs provide the tools you’ll need to set up the website.

Some web developers could probably design a basic website by entering HTML into a text editor and then uploading the files to an ISP site host with an FTP program.

Although online web design apps have become increasingly prevalent, there is still plenty of offline freeware website builder software for Windows.

What is the difference between paid and free website builder software?

When popular free website builders for Windows are compared to paid website builders, an intriguing story emerges. Of course, most free builders are less powerful than their paid counterparts, but that doesn’t imply they aren’t helpful.

A free site builder, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you want to use the site for a personal blog, a portfolio, or another non-monetized purpose.

Paid plans are only worthwhile if the financial benefits from the site surpass the monthly membership price. A free builder can assist you in growing a following for your new blog or starting a personal project.

Whatever you decide, selecting the best website builder for your needs is a critical first step in making your dream website a reality.

There are two types of website builder software for Windows:

HTML editors that you can manually enter HTML with and select tag options from their toolbars and menus.

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors are website builders with which you can design sites by dragging and dropping web page elements onto pages without entering HTML.

These are the best website builder software for Windows 10.

Adobe Dreamweaver is the perfect all-in-one choice for creating a website with an intuitive display adapted for each device.

You can have a website with a simple and flexible way of coding that supports web standards like Java, CSS, HTML, and more.

It is not surprising that creating such a responsive tool will allow you to rank in the top positions of Google SERP, as this tool is optimized for SEO.

We think it is an important criterion to take first in mind when you want to develop something purposeful.

Adobe Dreamweaver has some of the best design templates, Fluid Grid Layouts. It will be simple for you to visually build the pages as Adobe improved its design workflow, as well.

This tool gives you the ultimate experience in order to develop modern visual graphics in a single software environment.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Extensive pool of built-in templates for creating

HTML emails, About pages, blogs, e-commerce pages, and more.

Adobe is included in the Creative Cloud where you can search assets from Adobe Stock in order to improve the design of your website.

Live View feature to preview your changes immediately, whether it is about editing the text or changing the image.

Free trial available to test its excellent capacities

Adobe offers an extensive set of Dreamweaver tutorials that can help new users adjust to the features of the tool. You can find information about each and every step of website building.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Experience fast and flexible coding with visual aids to build stunning websites.

Check price Visit Website

Easily create the website of your dreams in just minutes with Webnode. Creating your own personal website has never been easier, and it feels like playing with blocks.

Assemble every part of the UI just the way you want to and make your vision a reality with the help of plenty of features.

You have lots of templates to choose from in order to stand out from the crowd. Uniqueness is key when it comes to Webnode.

Additionally, you can create online stores, where you can sell your products and make presentations for them, including descriptions, images, and much more.

Along with the pre-defined templates, Webnode also offers a wide range of page layouts. If you want to add a new page to your website, just browse the page library as you will probably find something that suits your plan. Besides, you can adjust it precisely to fit your preferences with the drag-and-drop functions.

You can create and edit your website directly from your browser of choice. There’s no need to install anything on your device. On top of that, you can use Webnode on mobile devices, as long as you have an Internet connection. This can be very helpful if you need to make adjustments on the go or add new materials to your website. 

Webnode comes with reliable hosting services providing you with powerful servers that support a large number of visits. You can change your plan as your website grows. This means quick and seamless loading of your website with a smaller risk of crashing.

This software is also a good option if we think of accessibility. You can build your website in over 24 different languages, and you can also translate your website if it is required.

Here are some of Webnode’s key features:

Great domain names

Full customization

Mailbox to communicate with your customers

Customer support

One more reason to try Webnode is that it lets you create a free website with the Webnode subdomain. If you just want to experiment and don’t want to make any investments yet, you really don’t have to. Use the toolbox and create a free website to see how it goes for you.


Stand out from the crowd with your unique website thanks to Webnode, one of the best website builders.

Free Visit Website

WordPress free website builder software for Windows is a one-stop shop for anybody looking to create a personal blog, portfolio, or business website. WordPress has something to meet everyone’s needs.

You may use specialized tools to install a virtual server on your Windows PC. This helps when you want to work offline and launch websites without an internet connection, while ready-made projects can be published later.

You have two options for getting started with WordPress:

Create a self-hosted WordPress website (

Create a free chúng tôi account.

WordPress, unlike many other website builders or web design tools, is free to download, install, and use. It was created for web developers, and there is a strong developer community that has created appealing free themes and templates, making it simple to get started quickly.

Although the WordPress platform is free, hosting and domain names are not. However, the overall cost is still less than a coffee, with a monthly cost of roughly $3 – $5.

There are around 60,000 plugins in the official WordPress plugin directory alone that may add a variety of additional features and functionality to your site.

Let’s have a look at the main key features of WordPress:

Free hosting choice

Offline Website Creation

100% Design Customization

Professional Blogging Platform

24/7 support on forums and chat

Mobile and tablet friendly


An open-source creation tool with thousands of powerful features, scalability, ease of use, and a well-known Content Management System.

Free trial Visit Website

Building a website is no walk-in part – or is it? Actually, it’s as easy as a breeze to do so with Weebly. Plus, it’s a free website-building software for Windows.

Weebly provides access to customizable webpage designs and all the tools you need to easily build your website for free. What’s more, you will enjoy extra perks such as starter guides and planning tools.

A fully customizable website builder, eCommerce tools and marketing tools, step-by-step guidance, and more bonus options, this is what you can expect from this incredible app.

Along with the easy website creation process, you get additional support with step-by-step guides that help you create professional-level websites without any hassle.

Whatever you want to integrate into your website, Weebly has you covered. It has built-in picture and video editing features, so you won’t need any additional tools if you want to add this type of media file to your website.

If you are comfortable with building with HTML/CSS and javascript, you can absolutely do that, even though you are not required to.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Professional-looking website themes and more design features to choose from

Custom domains and a full suite of SEO tools

Flexible drag-and-drop blog creation to showcase content

Free hosting infrastructure and fast loading times

Seamless integration with third-party apps

Integrated eCommerce, themes, and branding tools

Statistics tools to better understand and track performance

Weebly is available on mobile devices as well. As previously mentioned, it has a free option that comes with a Weebly branding domain, as well as various premium subscription-based plans.


Easily build any type of website and use integrated SEO tools to get good traffic in no time.

Free trial Visit Website

Squarespace provides an end-to-end solution for website building and more.

It includes anything from in-built beautifully crafted templates to get you started, a one-year free custom domain name, and highly versatile CMS website builder tools.

Speaking about versatility, you can personalize your website with text, fonts, color palette, and countless stock photo options.

There is even a logo maker included to help you design your own unique logo as well as social media and email marketing tools to help propel your website in the spotlight.

Squarespace comes with email marketing tools, providing a generous set of email templates. You can surely find a template that works for your brand regardless of the industry you work in.

You can also convert your blog posts or product pages into emails for additional consistency. You can also integrate and manage a newsletter to your website to build and grow your email list and promote your services to a larger audience.

As opposed to many other options, Squarespace integrates easy-to-follow, real-time website analytics. you can see how many people view your pages, the number of subscriptions, the number of people on your mailing lists, and much more. 

Squarespace lets you create content that is optimized for social media platforms. Post your pages and listings onto your social accounts without compromising on design and appearance.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Extensive range of templates for every industry

Integrated commerce platform

In-built logo maker solution

CMS website builder tools with fully customizable parameters

Browser extensions support to further refining your settings

150+ layouts, designer filters, fonts, stickers, and more

Online scheduling feature available

Squarespace is subscription-based with various plans depending on the features you want to integrate. 


Create and manage your online business with an easy website builder and various online marketing tools.

Check price Visit Website

GoDaddy Inc. is one of the world’s largest web services companies. It provides a wide range of services from web hosting to free online website builders for Windows and Mac.

GoDaddy’s website builder has a sleek, modern aesthetic with a utilitarian, minimalistic vibe. It starts with a simple website preview to give you a broad idea of the overall layout.

The GoDaddy Website Builder only provides basic options with limited customization. Although you can change the size quite considerably, you may have difficulties if you do things like adding share buttons, inserting picture boxes next to text blocks, or resizing videos.

While assistance is essential when developing a website, we can be honest about this one. It includes a very basic architecture and simple processes.

As a result, you may never require technical assistance. But just in case, there is a technical support phone number on the official website that you may contact during their working hours.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Professional imagery – add your personal images or Go Daddy’s from the library

Swipe-to-style interface – easy to create and update the design of your site

Customize every part of your website’s pages by using templates

Professionally designed styles and beautifully coordinated color sets

Setup for starting an online store

Inventory manager – add up to 500 products

Support for credit cards

Blog creation without plug-ins

GoDaddy is a subscription-based service. You can choose from multiple plans, depending on the features you want to include. Each plan comes with a 30-day free trial that does not require credit card information.

GoDaddy online website builder for Windows goes above and beyond the boundaries of a conventional builder to provide additional features for constructing a good commercial or eCommerce site.

It fulfills the description of a personal site builder as well as a simple online store builder in some ways.


This website builder caters to small business owners and professionals, with business functionalities.

Check price Visit Website

Wix is a hosted software, despite the fact that it is a free website-building software for Windows.

The sole difference between offline software and the online software is that you don’t have to download program files and find a location to host them. You receive an all-in-one solution with pre-hosted files and real-time saving of all modifications.

You may use these applications to add additional features and functionality to your website. Some are made by Wix, while others are made by third-party developers.

Let’s have a look at the key features of Wix:

Intuitive interface WYSIWYG

Free Wix App Market widget

Artificial Design Intelligence

Wix Mobile Editor

Wix is a fantastic Website Builder Tool and an all-in-one solution for an online store. It is one of the top online-selling platforms. It offers particularly developed templates and a plethora of sales options, making it an excellent choice for a small company.

Wix provides a free plan with restricted bandwidth and storage space. You may, however, utilize this plan to try out their drag-and-drop website builder.

The website builder has a reasonable price structure, with a free membership option as well as two premium plans: standard and Business/eCommerce.

It does not include a domain name, so if you intend to retain your website, you should consider upgrading to a premium plan. All Wix plans include a free SSL certificate, which you must activate for your website.


Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder with amazing functionality and designs, as well as App Market and WixADI.

Free trial Visit Website

What are the pros and cons of an offline website builder for Windows?

An offline website builder for Windows is a bundle of downloaded software parts. Every time you need to create a website, you have to download and install the necessary components onto Windows PC. You don’t need an internet connection to modify your website, unlike online platforms.

This aspect provides greater security and a reasonable level of backup. Your PC, on the other hand, is the sole means to access the builder. You will not be able to outsource or edit the website remotely.

Although they are more versatile than online builders, many proprietary offline website builder software products can be costly; nonetheless, there are many open-source website builders available.

There are plenty of website builders, but only a few manage to stand out as viable choices for professionals. If you are planning on investing in a website builder, you might as well get your money’s worth.

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#Appyweek With Ak: Enhance Your Podcast Listening Experience With Podbean

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular; almost every music streaming platform now supports the format, and many apps are being specially built around it. But which app or platform should you pick?

The hunt for a great podcast listening app directed me to Podbean. So, I took it as my next app for #AppyWeek with AK and tested it for a whole week to see if it makes me Appy or Unappy.

And most importantly, should you download and try Podbean for yourself or simply skip it? So here’s my week’s worth of experience, what I loved, liked, and hated in the app.

Review: Podbean Podcast App & Player for iPhone

I am an avid podcast listener and diligently follow a fair few, from tech, Harry Potter, storytelling, business to mindfulness. Managing and keeping track of them all in Apple Podcast or even Spotify becomes too tricky at times.

This is where Podbean and its numerous features come into the picture. With tools like customizable playlists, intelligent speed, volume boosts, and more, the app aims at delivering a better podcast listening experience.

What’s more

Along with your favorite podcast episode, you can also enjoy live audio stream, FM, and a bunch of free audiobooks.

Although the app also doubles as a podcast hosting platform, my agenda was to test it as a player. So, I stuck to it and just explored that side of the app.

Note: If you have any queries regarding Podcast hosting and other services, contact Harshanki, the host of The iGeeksBlog Show.

Can Podbean really make a difference?

Let me take you a bit deep inside the Podbean iOS app to help establish my point.

Episode Management

I usually catch up on episodes while commuting, doing chores, running errands, or on the weekends. Though the auto-download feature helped, I needed something more organized.

The Following tab – Podbean sports a separate following tab, wherein you can view all the podcasts you follow. You can arrange them alphabetically or in order of following or update time.

Moreover, the app maintains a handy download tally, a combined on the top of the page and an individual on each podcast’s icon. (clearly, I have a lot of episodes to catch up on)

Note: While helpful, the ‘red’ marks could be anxiety-inducing; I wish there were a setting to clear the tally, hide it or altogether disable it.

Customizable Playlist – Hands down, my most loved feature! Just create a playlist, add podcasts, and newly published episodes of selected podcasts will be auto-updated.

All you have to do is just hit play! Plus, you can also manually add episodes to a playlist, making organizing your podcasts a breeze.

The only thing missing is an auto-remove setting that could remove listened-to episodes from the playlist at regular intervals.

Audio effects

Intelligent speed – Shortens silences from an episode without distortion.

Manual speed adjustment – Slow it down to 0.5x or speed it up to 2.5x.

Volume boost – Enhances the EQ for a more booming, balanced sound.

Discover new listen-worthy podcasts

According to a recent stat, there are over 1M active podcasts. So how can you find a great fix? Via recommendations and searching through categories, trending podcasts, and more.

Well, Podbean brings a healthy mix of all this. And even though I won’t call its algorithm as intuitive as Spotify’s, it certainly does a pretty decent job.

Additionally, you can also switch the region in mere seconds. Whether you want to see trending podcasts from the US, UK, Australia, India, or Thailand…all is possible.

More than Podcasts

As briefly mentioned earlier, Podbean also offer options for:

Networks and Radio – Depending upon your region selected, you can access a host of networks/radio stations and their shows.

Audiobooks – While it will not hold a candle against the wide variety of Audible books or similar apps, Podbean offers a decent collection. I am a happy girl as it offers Harry Potter’s Stephen Fry version.

Notably, the app also supports English, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Podbean vs. Castbox vs. Overcast

I was impressed with all that Podbean had to offer. But it dawned on me that before making a judgment, I should also check and explore other popular podcast listening app.

Castbox – Surprisingly, this one almost a copy of Podbean (or vice-versa); I don’t know who did it first. It has audiobooks, Livecast (live audio shows), networks, playlist options, and other similar features.

Plus, there is a meditation and sleep aid section, Zen Mode with soothing sounds, and a better Siri Shortcut Support. However, the access to playback settings and show notes is easier and smoother in Podbean.

Overcast – Now, this one is another story. It is just a platform for podcast listening and no other distractions. The interface is pretty bare-bones, but it indeed makes up for it in terms of features.

My most loved feature is that you can set custom skip intro & Outro timing for each podcast. Skipping all the small talk and directly taking me to the crux of the discussion.

Plus, its voice boost is better than the other two apps. If you want to hear podcasts pick overcast, but if you want more stuff like audio novels and live shows, Podbean or Castbox should be the one.

Is AK Appy or Unappy with Podbean?

I am somewhere in the middle; Podmean did manage to solve my critical problem of organizing and managing my podcasts. Plus, it offers free audiobooks and like rooms.

However, the features seem half-baked and well-thought of. I have to ultimately put in some additional work to manage my favorite podcasts, which gets exhausting sometimes.

So, I keep my fingers crossed, and hopefully, the developers will think about further enhancing their feature list.

AK Meter

User Interface: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝

Ease of access: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌜

Features: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝

Fun quotient: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌜

Audio quality and enhancement: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝

Episode management: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌜

Price: Free (VIP Member – $9.99)


What is #AppyWeek with AK?

It is a space you should surely follow if you love exploring new apps or doing thorough research before picking the right one for your device.

With #AppyWeek with AK, I pick up an app and explore an app for a whole week. After that, I share my honest experience to help you decide whether the app is perfect for you or not.

Author Profile


A self-professed Geek who loves to explore all things Apple. I thoroughly enjoy discovering new hacks, troubleshooting issues, and finding and reviewing the best products and apps currently available. My expertise also includes curating opinionated and honest editorials. If not this, you might find me surfing the web or listening to audiobooks.

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