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Are you looking for a fun new App Store game to install on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to entertain your inner gamer? Look no further than Rototo: Space Survival, which is survival game where you actively defend yourself from incoming threats using a rotating shield.

About Rototo

In the game Rototo, you are actively defending your core from incoming threats as they try to take you out. Some threats will shoot at you, and others will simply come right up close and bombard you.

You have only one defense in the game; a rotating shield that you need to swing into the direction of enemies before they get anywhere close or have the ability to shoot at you. Shots will bounce back towards the enemy exactly 90º to the angle of your shield, and if you angle the shield just right, the shots will actually hit and destroy the threats.

Other threats will actually detonate on impact when they hit your shields, but if you let them in too close, they’ll do damage to your core, and you can only handle so much core damage before it’s game over and you’ll have to start all over again.

Threats will also damage you if you’re too slow to move your shield in their direction, which is where things can get challenging because the amount of threats on the screen will continue to increase as the game progresses.

How to play

The only control you have in Rototo is a tap gesture – you tap anywhere on the screen to angle your shield in the direction of the tap. Ideally, you want to angle the shield as close to 90º (perpendicular) to the enemies as possible so that they’ll always either shoot at the shield instead of you, or collide with the shield instead of you.

For enemies that are shooting at you, trying to make their projectiles bounce back at them is one way to destroy them, but as for the threats that appear to head in your direction only to explode on impact, your only defense is to let them crash into your shield.

As you get hit by enemies, your core will shrink. You can only take three hits before you explode and have to start all over again, so you want to keep any threats at bay for as long as you possibly can. This gets tricky because when you get so far in the game, more and more enemies appear on the screen, limiting your reaction time to fractions of a second and increasing the stress levels.

My thoughts on Rototo

It’s rare that I download a free game from the App Store and keep it on my device for longer than 10 minutes. Many of them are either lame, terrible, or repetitive. Fortunately, Rototo: Space Survival is one of those games where I have been able to keep coming back to challenge myself.

The game play will always be randomized each and every time, giving you what feels like a fresh game experience each time you play. Bringing together its pleasing touch controls, active game play, and quirky graphics, Rototo provides endless hours of entertainment for the impatient child and even the bored adult.


Wrapping up

Rototo: Space Survival is a free download from the App Store, but it’s not known how long this deal will last, so grab it before it goes back to the original price of $1.99!

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Apple Caught Testing Related Search Suggestions In The App Store

With over a million apps now available in the App Store, discovering software related to your needs outside the charts and featured sections increasingly feels like finding a needle in the haystack. Apple two years ago bought a company called Chomp, presumably to make app discovery easier, but thus far the acquisition – apart from a few functional tweaks here and there – hasn’t yielded visible improvements to how folks discover iPhone and iPad applications.

Then on Tuesday, one developer noticed a sweet new feature in the App Store storefront on his iPhone which offers a way to filter search results based on Apple-provided suggestions. I was able to test this on my iPhone 5s and though the feature appears a bit rough around the edges, it pretty much works as you’d expect.

Read on for the full reveal…

As first spotted by developer Olga Osadcha (via MacStories) and evidenced on screenshots throughout this article, search suggestions appear as a row of scrollable keywords at the top of your search results.

Seen top of post: Apple’s suggestions for the term ‘photos’ (left), ‘music’ (middle) and ‘video’ (right). At post time, suggestions were unavailable in the iPad App Store. I couldn’t access them in iTunes for Mac and Windows either, indicating Apple is currently testing out the feature.

Because of this, search suggestions may not show up on your device yet. Apple could also pull the feature at any time..

As illustrated below, the row with suggested search terms can be scrolled horizontally to quickly explore all of the presented keywords. You can see below that how I was able to swipe left and right to browse through all the suggestions related to the term ‘puzzle’.

Some terms produce fewer suggestions than the others. In an example below, searching for ‘news’ put up a bunch of suggestions related to news applications and being able to scroll through them horizontally really helped a lot.

But Apple didn’t stop there as some items take you to sub-categories offering additional search suggestions based on the nested keyword. For example, searching for ‘news’ yields a number of suggestions related to ‘business news’, ‘finance news’, ‘game news’ and more, as depicted below.

Notice font issues on the bar at the top?

Yeah, this is obviously work in progress.

Again, some of the suggestions are tappable and reveal specific items related to the parent keyword, thus helping narrow down your search. A pair of screenshots right above serve to illustrate how additional suggestions appear upon tapping one of the presented items which have sub-categories attached to them.

There are many unknowns yet to be answered.

For example, we have no idea where Apple pulls suggestions from.

Developer-provided keywords, perhaps? Or iTunes app descriptions? Chomp algorithms, anyone? Or, how abut curated App Store sections that Apple built over time, such as the latest ‘Indie Game Showcase’?

For all we know, these suggestions could be even curated by human editors, it could be any of the above or a combination thereof. Frankly, average users shouldn’t care about the underlying technology as long as the feature helps them find that needle in the haystack.

And what’s your take on the App Store’s search suggestions?

Again, for the time being search suggestions appear to be live only in the App Store on the iPhone.

Apple Defends Itself Against Monopolistic App Store Claims In New Webpage

After the US Supreme Court gave the go-ahead for an antitrust case against Apple in regard to its App Store practices, Apple responded with a brief statement. It has now expanded on that with a new webpage entitled App Store Principles and Practices.

The company takes a pretty strong line, stating that while it welcomes competition, it also needs to protect its customers.

It’s our store. And we take responsibility for it …

The web page opens by explaining Apple’s twin goals for the platform and goes on to explain the protections the company chooses to put in place.

We created the App Store with two goals in mind: that it be a safe and trusted place for customers to discover and download apps, and a great business opportunity for all developers […]

We believe that what’s in our store says a lot about who we are. We strongly support all points of view being represented on the App Store. But we also take steps to make sure apps are respectful to users with differing opinions, and reject apps for any content or behavior that we believe is over the line — especially when it puts children at risk. For example, we strictly prohibit any app that features pornographic material, discriminatory references, torture and abuse, or anything else in exceptionally poor taste.

We created the App Store Review Guidelines to provide clear guidance to developers on building the best apps for our customers. The five pillars of the guidelines — Safety, Performance, Business, Design, and Legal — require that apps offered on the App Store are safe, provide a good user experience, adhere to our rules on user privacy, secure devices from malware and threats, and use approved business models.

It says that the ‘rigorous review process’ is key to that.

Apple shares a few stats, noting that it reviews about 100,000 apps per week, of which 60% are approved. Developers have the option of revising the app or appealing, and Apple says that the review team makes about a thousand calls a week to help developers get their apps approved.

Apple also notes that the App Store doesn’t just offer paid apps from which it takes a commission. There are actually eight different categories of apps, and Apple makes no money on four of them:


Free with physical goods and services (eg. gadget companion apps)

Reader (all content purchased outside the app, eg. Kindle)

There are a further four categories where Apple takes a commission:

Free with in-app purchases (30% commission)

Paid (30%)

Free with subscription (30% year 1, 15% thereafter)

Cross-platform (30% only on purchases made within the app)

The company also points out the substantial investments in makes to help developers create apps – everything from compilers and SDKs to the Apple Developer Academy and WWDC scholarships.

Finally, it gives examples of third-party apps that compete with its own, illustrating competitors to Calendar, Camera, iCloud, Mail, Maps, Messages, Apple Music, Notes, Podcasts, Apple TV, FaceTime, and Safari.

We learned more about the app review process yesterday from Apple’s former head of App Store approvals. The antitrust case itself is quite a nuanced one, and may not actually go to court.

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Best Survival Games In The Steam Summer Sale 2023

Best Survival Games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023

Here are the best Survival games we found discounted during the Steam Summer Sale.

The Steam Summer Sale is upon us and with it comes some of the best discounts you will be able to find all year. We’re here today to show you the best discounts that can be had on Survival Games in the Summer Sale. So sit back and relax, we did all the hard work for you. Here are the best Survival Games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023.

If you’re looking for more deals during the Steam Summer Sale, we’ve got a special page just for you. Check it out to discover all the best discounts available in the sale. It’s your one-stop hub for finding incredible deals on games during the Steam Summer Sale.

Best Survival Games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023

We have scoured Steam to bring you the best Survival game deals during the 2023 Summer Sale. We will list our findings below in no particular order.


Terraria can be had for a 50% discount this Steam Summer Sale.

Terraria provides an endless array of possibilities, from digging for rare treasures to constructing elaborate structures, fostering creativity and endless hours of gameplay enjoyment.


Astroneer can be had for a 60% discount this Steam Summer Sale.

With a focus on exploration, survival, and cooperative multiplayer gameplay, Astroneer offers a visually stunning and immersive experience where players can uncover mysteries, discover new technologies, and reshape entire worlds in their quest for discovery and colonization.

Days Gone

Days Gone can be had for a 67% discount this Steam Summer Sale.

With a dynamic weather system, immersive storytelling, and intense combat against both human and infected enemies, Days Gone offers a gripping and emotional journey filled with exploration, crafting, and strategic decision-making in order to survive and uncover the mysteries of this desolate world.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 can be had for a 50% discount this Steam Summer Sale.

The game Dying Light 2 is an open-world action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic urban environment. Players assume the role of Aiden Caldwell, a skilled survivor equipped with parkour abilities, as they navigate a city infested with zombies and factions vying for control.

With a dynamic narrative and player choices that shape the world around them, Dying Light 2 offers intense first-person combat, a day-night cycle that affects gameplay, and a vast, interconnected world where decisions have far-reaching consequences. It promises a thrilling and immersive experience filled with suspense, exploration, and strategic decision-making.

Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 can be had for a 50% discount this Steam Summer Sale.

The game Risk of Rain 2 is a fast-paced, multiplayer roguelike game that challenges players to survive on an alien planet filled with relentless enemies. As a team of survivors, players must scavenge for resources, unlock powerful abilities, and defeat challenging bosses while constantly dealing with escalating difficulty.

With its 3D graphics, cooperative gameplay, and a vast array of unlockable items, Risk of Rain 2 delivers an intense and unpredictable experience where every run is unique, offering endless replayability and cooperative fun with friends.

When will the Steam Summer Sale discounts on Survival games end?

Edit And Share Game Clips With Game Dvr In Xbox App On Windows 11/10

The Gaming community is discovering more ways to share their gameplay footage with others. Microsoft’s Xbox One allows capturing a screenshot or record the last thirty seconds of gameplay as a video on Xbox app in Windows 11/10. We covered this method in our earlier post on how to use the hidden Game DVR Screen Recorder. Today, we see how to edit and share game clips with Game DVR (Game Bar) in the Xbox app on Windows 11/10.

Edit and share game clips with Game DVR

Ever since it was introduced, Xbox Game DVR feature on the Xbox One became an amazing tool for sharing gameplay moments with friends or the world. The only shortfall of this feature was limited recording time (5 minutes) of gameplay. Nevertheless, this shortfall only made the gaming community turn more innovative as they had to fit the whole amazing gameplay moment into a 5-minute long video.

This tutorial is divided into 3 sections. Each section serves as a prelude to final outcome leading to sharing of the game clips with Game DVR in the Xbox app on Windows 11/10.

Editing game clips

For creating a perfect gaming montage, it is essential to trim unwanted parts by editing the game clip. You can edit clips from your Xbox One or PC in your favorite video editor. You can also use the built-in Trim tool in the Xbox app if you just need to trim the beginning or end of a clip that focusses on the best moment.

You can then share your edited clips to your favorite social media, including Xbox Live through the Xbox app.

How to trim a game clip

Open the Xbox app, and select Game Bar.

(Note: Editing in the Xbox app is restricted to ‘Trim’ at this time, but it’s useful if you just want to remove some parts – front and back to focus on one moment.

Proceeding further, choosing the clip you want to edit. You can choose from ‘On this PC’ or clips you ‘Shared’ from Xbox One.

If you chose a clip from ‘Shared that you haven’t downloaded yet, select Download. To shorten the clip, select Trim.

Move the left bar to trim length from the beginning, and the right bar to trim the end of the recording.

When done, hit the ‘Save copy’ button to finish.

Now, you need to add tags to the clip and rename it.

Adding tags and renaming the game clip On Xbox One

Game clips are originally named with the game title, the date, and the time so that you can quickly find it, but you can change the default settings such as the name before you share your clip with the community.

To do so, select the clip you want to rename first. Then, choose ‘Rename’ option.

Once done, enter the name you’d prefer and hit ‘Enter’ key.

Finally, you can share game clips and screenshots on Xbox Live and elsewhere.

Share game clips and screenshots on Xbox Live

To do this, go to the Xbox app and select Game Bar and choose ‘On this PC’ option.

When done, select the game clip or screenshot you want to share and hit ‘Share’ button.

Game clips of slightly longer duration (under 30 minutes) and screenshots of popular PC games and any game available through the Windows Store can be shared with Xbox Live. They aren’t automatically uploaded from Windows 11/10.

When you share your content on Xbox Live, it checks the content uploaded for any violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. So, there may be a slight delay before your clip or screenshot is visible to anyone else.

For sharing your captures on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter or by email, you’ll find all the files in the ‘Captures’ folder. From the Xbox app, select Open folder under the clip you want to share, and it will open File Explorer where that video is saved. Then, use the website or app for the social media network to share the clip or screenshot.

Read: Multiple ways to record Xbox One Gameplays Videos with Audio.

To whom will your game clips be visible?

Game clips uploaded to your Activity feed on Xbox Live are visible to people on Xbox Live, depending on the privacy and online safety settings you have set for them.

Can you edit captures on Xbox app?

Yes, you can edit captures on Xbox app on your computer. It is possible to trim the captured video, rename the file, and save a copy via the Xbox app. Whether you use it on Windows 11 or Windows 10, you will get the same set of options on either version.

How do I share Xbox clips on PC?

For your information, it is possible to share Xbox clips on PCs running Windows 11 and Windows 10. For that, you need to tap the Xbox button and select the Capture & share option. Following that, select the Recent captures option. Next, you can find the share button. You need to use this option to get the job done.

Access your privacy & online safety settings.

Select the Privacy tab. Then, adjacent to ‘See your game clips (Xbox One only)’, select who you want to share with (Everybody or just your Friends) or Block others completely from seeing your game clips.

Now take a look at this Xbox One Tips and Tricks post.

Motorola Sees Opportunities In The ‘Space Between’

ATLANTA — The next big opportunity for the mobile computing industry involves the work of bridging gaps between a growing universe of networked devices, the CEO of chip and cellular giant Motorola said Tuesday.

Without those connections, the concept of seamless mobility won’t be fully realized, Ed Zander told a keynote audience at the CTIA Wireless 2004 show here Tuesday.

“One of the challenges that we have as manufacturers and suppliers of technology is how we make these networks seamless, how we take the concept of mesh and ad hoc [networks] and make them converge” with cellular-based networks, Zander said.

The company said the A840 lets users be almost anywhere in the world and be able to segue seamlessly from CDMA to GSM without interruption. The handset is among the first handsets on the market that can offer what Motorola calls seamless mobility.

But the work of filling the gaps between incompatible networks is just getting started, and needs to be a focus in order to fulfill a vision of computing devices that can do more than talk to people, but can talk to other devices. “The opportunities are enormous, with security, medicine, telemetry,” Zander said.

The former president of Sun Microsystems , who has been on the job as Motorola’s CEO for about 2 and a half months, was brought in as part of the company’s turnaround plans. The 56-year-old is leading Motorola at a time when the company has slipped to third in handset revenues behind Nokia and Samsung Electronics.

Among the company’s initiatives, he said, is an added emphasis of how to target the spaces between mobile devices.

“It’s OK to talk about how many cell phones are in the home, or in the enterprise, but really the big challenge is how we move seamlessly between these spaces with the same devices and experience those unique technologies.”

With that in mind, Zander said Motorola is placing its tech bets in four areas, starting with what he called alternative networks that bridge the worlds of wireless networking with cellular technology.

The second area, he said, is devices embedded with smart processors, such as the use of smart dust in wireless sensors. The third is the “everything everywhere” concept of content moving through a number of devices without running into compatibility. The fourth pillar, he continued, is to design software stacks that enable these concepts.

Zander gave some examples of the concepts in action, in addition to the A840 world phone handset announcement. They included a new alliance with mobile e-mail application player Good Technology, in which the company’s GoodLink wireless messaging and corporate data access system is to be deployed on Motorola’s new MPx mobile handset.

The deal means that Motorola’s newest converged handheld device, based on its MOTOPro Innovation Platform, Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs, and the GoodLink system, are offering enterprise customers a secure system that enables wider access to Outlook connectivity and to other business applications.

Motorola also said it has chosen chipmaker NVIDIA’s GoForce 4000 processor for its new 3G mobile phones. The processor is built for delivering imaging and video processing for 3G phones. It also serves as a development environment for building new applications for multi-media phones.

The chips are helping support phones that can play extended MP3 music files, as well as MPEG4 videos.

“Think of it as a micro-tv-video-ipod,” Zander said Tuesday. Devices such as those help signal where convergence is going, he added. But for now, the work of stitching compatibility among networks is underway, at the same time the world is seeing exponential increases of “everything that has a digital heartbeat being connected to the digital network.”

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