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So you have decided on the main components that will go into your PC. And it’s now time to grab the best case that will house your system. Yet, you don’t seem to find your ideal fit because you want the smallest ATX case you can get.

We’ve compiled the best compact cases that fit ATX components without compromising on performance. We have also added bonus tips on the key aspects you need to consider before settling on your ideal small form factor ATX case.

With PC parts getting even smaller, going small on the case makes a lot of sense. You will build a PC that can fit even in the tightest of places, but still powerful enough to give you some 4K VR gaming. Or serve as your productivity powerhouse without taking up all the space on your office desk.

Corsair is reputed for designing superior PC products. The Carbide Air 540 compact PC case is one of their best PC cases designed for smaller, neat builds.

It employs a dual-chamber in a cube design. With the drives and PSU on the back chamber, and the motherboard, CPU, GPU, and memory on the main chamber.

The result is a system that runs cool due to the direct airflow hitting the main chamber components. It suits anyone looking to overclock their system and push them to the limits.

Key Features:

Supports E-ATX, ATX, mATX, and Mini-ITX.

Up to 6 x 120mm or 5 x 140mm case fans.

Features 4 x 2.5”, 2 x 3.5”, and 2 x 5.25” drive bays.

3 pre-installed 140mm Corsair Air Series AF140L intake and exhaust fans.

Maximum: GPU length 320mm, CPU cooler height 170mm, and standard ATX PSU length 250mm.

Comes with a front dust filter to keep the build clean.

An edge-to-edge tinted flush-mount side window (Acrylic).

8 PCI-E slots.

Front I/O with USB 3.0 x 2 and Audio In/Out ports.

This case offers tons of room to expand your build with high-performance coolers. You can slot in a 360mm liquid cooler on the front panel or a 280mm top radiator.


Runs quiet.

A steel-made cube design that is spacious.

Outstanding cooling capabilities.

Tool-free PCI-E and storage drive installation.

Easy cable management with routing channels.


A little bit pricey for budget PC builders.

Only comes pre-equipped with the front dust filter.

BOTTOM LINE: It stands out as the best compact atx case. Thanks to its superb design with high-performance air cooling and a spacious interior for expansion.

The Cooler Master Q500L is the successor to last year’s Q300L, which is a stellar Micro ATX case. The Q500L is only slightly larger, but adds ATX motherboard compatibility! Combined with the airflow-optimized front and top panels, the huge side panel window, and plenty of fan mounts, this is easily one of our top picks for smallest ATX case.

Key Features:

Supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX.

Made of high-quality steel and polymer with mesh front bezel.

Maximum: GPU length 334mm, CPU cooler height 180mm, and PSU length 180mm.

Packs 2 x 3.5”/2.5” internal drive bay plus 2 x 3.5”/2.5” and 2 x 5.25” external drive bays.

Supports up to 4 fans: a 200mm at the top, 2 x 120mm in the front, and a 120mm rear fan.

7 PCI-E for expansion.

Front I/O with USB 3.0 x 2 and Audio In/Out.

Two Top-Panel designs: windowed for showing off or meshed for a superior cooling.

The case comes with two pre-installed durable XtraFlo fans in the front. It can also support a 240mm radiator for powerful airflow to keep your system running cool.


Fairly cheap

ATX motherboard support on what used to be an mATX case

Detachable dust filters

Strong airflow

Adjustable side panel I/O.


Only one fan included.

Bottom line

The Q500L isn’t just one of the smallest ATX cases- it’s one of the best, too.

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini is a beautiful small form factor chassis that is a smaller version of the original PC-O11 Dynamic. And Lian Li hasn’t cut corners in making the O11-Dynamic Mini more compact. In fact, you could actually fit an ATX board in the O11-D Mini.

Also for a small case, the O11-D Mini has excellent cable management and thermal regulation. You can install up to nine 120mm fans or six 140mm fans and even customize the case a little to support water cooling.

There are very few things that might draw builders away from the O11-D Mini. One such thing is the lack of support for a typical ATX PSU. This is understandable given the SFF of the chassis. The O11-Dynamic Mini supports SFX or SFX-L PSUs.

Key Features:

Supports E-ATX (under 280mm width), ATX, mATX, and Mini-ITX

Up to 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm case fans on top, 2 x 120mm or 2 x140mm fans on the side, 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans at the bottom and 1 x 120mm fan in the rear.

Supports 2 x 2.5”/3.5” SSD/HDD (back), and 2 x 2.5” SSD (Right).

Maximum: GPU length 395mm, CPU cooler height 172mm, and SFX or SFX-L PSU.

Comes with four dust filters (1 x Top, 1 x Bottom and 2 x Side) to keep the build clean.

Supports 7 horizontal PCI expansions.

I/O Ports: 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C, 1 x HD Audio.


A small form factor Computer Case that is perfect for ITX, but also supports ATX

Gives the builder plenty of room to play around creatively

Shows an overall good thermal performance

Supports water cooling

Cable management is great

Price is reasonable


Front I/O panel is a bit slow

Does not come with any built-in fans

Bottom air filter is ugly

For something with ‘Mini’ in its name, it isn’t exactly petite

Bottom Line:

For a small case, the O11-Dynamic-Mini does not cut corners. It can support full-sized ATX motherboards, 3.5-inch hard drives and even a water cooler, all with excellent cable management.

Like its name suggests, the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO is excellent at regulating the thermal levels of any high-end PC.

With support for plenty of fans, a 240mm radiator at the front and a 120mm radiator in the rear, the HAF XB offers excellent air flow capability. It even comes with two pre-installed 120mm XtraFlo fans. You can remove the side panels to further improve the ventilation.

There are four dust panels that help prevent the accumulation of dust. This makes maintenance much easier.  

One of the coolest features of the HAF XB EVO is the removable motherboard tray. This is ideal for enthusiasts who want to test their rigs on the bench. The hard drive trays are also tool-less and removable. This gives the HAF XB more flexibility. It also comes with rigid side handles that make it a very portable pc case.

With this case, builders will be paying for a top-class case. Thermal regulation is suitable for any high-end PC and there’s plenty of room for customization. But assembling it can be a bit tiresome and it isn’t the most compact PC case.

Key Features:

Supports ATX, mATX, and Mini-ITX.

Supports 1 x 200mm fan on Top, 2 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans at the front and 1 x 120mm or 2 x 80mm fans in the rear.

Comes with two 120mm XtraFlo fans pre-installed at the front.

Features 4 x 2.5”/3.5” and 2 x 5.25” bays.

Maximum: GPU length 334mm, CPU cooler height 180mm, and standard ATX PSU length 180mm.

Comes with four dust filters (1 x Top, 1 x Bottom and 2 x Side) to keep the build clean.

Has 7 PCI expansion slots.

Front I/O Panel: 2 x USB 3.0, HD Audio In & Out.


Extraordinary airflow with ventilation from all sides

Has a removable motherboard tray

Sturdy design that promises durability

Has plenty of room for creative customization and large hardware

Drive trays are tool-less and easy to insert


Can be difficult to assemble

Top only supports a 200mm fan (and does not support standard 120/140mm fans)

Can take quite a bit of space

Is a bit on expensive side

Bottom Line:

The Cooler Master HAF XB EVO offers one of the best ventilation systems in the market. Its sturdy design, wide customization/expandability options and portability make it a perfect choice for a gamer.

The NZXT H510 (and its i-series counterpart) is the successor to the last-gen NZXT H500 chassis. Like before, it has utterly stellar build quality, cable management, and minimalist aesthetics.

Key Features:

Motherboard Support: Up to ATX

GPU Length: Up to 381 mm

CPU Cooler Height: Up to 165 mm

Fans Preinstalled: 2 120mm fans included for intake and exhaust

Fan Slots Available: 2 120/140 mm slots on front, 1 120/140 mm slot on top, 1 120mm slot on rear

Side Panel Window: Tempered Glass

PSU Size Support: Standard ATX PSU

I/O Ports: 1 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A

Extras: Extra color options, RGB lighting with -i version

Pretty much everything you need is here. If you’re wanting for more the -i version adds RGB to the mix.


Compact size for a full ATX chassis

Support for custom loop liquid cooling

Updated I/O ports with USB Type-C

PSU basement for cable management


High price- especially if you opt for the -i Series version

The SilverStone Grandia GD09 is built for the ultimate Home Theater PC (HTPC) experience, and its form factor shows it.

Key Features:

Motherboard Support: SCI-CEB, Micro ATX, and ATX

GPU Length: Up to 309 mm

CPU Cooler Height: Up to 138 mm

Fans Preinstalled: 1 120 mm intake fan on the right

Fan Slots Available: Up to 3 120 mm fans

Side Panel Window: N/A

PSU Size Support: Up to 140 mm (standard ATX)

I/O Ports: 2 USB 3.0, 1 Audio

Extras: Supports Kensington lock and rack mounting

As long as you can keep your CPU cooler in check, you have plenty of room for expansion with this one.


Compact, intelligent form factor

Rack mounting and Kensington support

Adaptable drive cages, no external adapters needed


High price

Only one included fan

The Corsair Carbide 175R is the latest addition in the Corsair Carbide Series that offers a decent minimalist design for a low price.

Sure, there is plenty we could discuss the limitations of the 175R or where it could have been better. But the truth is, this is a budget chassis. And for this price, you won’t find anything better.

The case comes with a tinted tempered glass side panel and a 120mm rear fan with programmable RGB lighting.

Airflow is excellent, as this case supports upto six 120mm or four 140mm fans. There is even room for a 350mm cooling radiator, giving the 175R a decent thermal performance for the price range.   

There is also enough space to support a full sized ATX board and enough additional clearance for excellent cable management.

If you’re looking for a minimalist budget computer case, the 175R is the right choice for you. If you’re looking for something sturdy to support a heavy build, you might want to opt for something else. The Corsair Carbide 275R is a great alternative in the Carbide series offering slightly better features for more money.

Key Features:

Supports mATX, ATX and mini-ITX.

Supports up to 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans at the front, 2x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans on the top and 1x 120mm fan in the rear.

Comes with one pre-installed programmable RGB fan.

Features 2 x 3.5” and 2 x 2.5” bays.

Maximum: GPU length 330mm, CPU cooler height 160mm, and standard ATX PSU length 180mm.

Has 7 PCI expansion slots.

Features programmable RGB Lighting.

Front I/O Panel: 2 x USB 3.0 and Audio In & Out.


Comes with cool RGB lighting

Cable management is great

Comes with good water cooling support

Has tempered glass side panel to show-case your build

Is very affordable


Pre-installed RGB fan isn’t very good

Side panel isn’t very sturdy

Thermaltake Core G3 is one of the high-quality small pc cases that embrace a slim design. It is designed to fit on your desk or a tight living room. The spacious compartment allows you to build a powerful rig for 4K VR gaming.

Key Features:

Supports 12” x 9.6” (ATX), 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX), and 6.7” x 6.7” (Mini ITX).

Supports 2 x 2.5” or 2 x 3.5” storage drives with HDD cage.

Supports 2 x 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator in the front and a 120mm top fan.

Maximum: GPU length 310mm, CPU cooler height 110mm, and SFX PSU length 130mm.

Handy Top-Front I/O with USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 2, and HD Audio jacks.

Compatible with up to NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080/1070.

Two expansion slots.

Core G3 features a nice transparent acrylic side window panel to show-off your build. It has been equipped with a custom GPU mount for a floating GPU design.



Lightweight design.

Can orient vertically or horizontally.

Comes with 2 pre-installed 120mm fans.

Very compact ATX case made of high-quality SPCC.


Doesn’t support the standard PSU.

Cable management can get tough.

Bottom Line: Core G3 features a nice transparent acrylic side window panel to show-off your build. It has been equipped with a custom GPU mount for a floating GPU design.

At a glance, the Fractal Design Meshify C looks no different from its more expensive sibling, the Define C. It is however different both in terms of price and features.

The Meshify C is a great mid-range computer case that has a price tag that justifies its features. It is slightly noisier than most cases, since the front panel does not reflect the noise from the internal components back into the case.

Key Features:

Supports ATX, mATX, and Mini-ITX.

Supports 2 x 120/140mm fans on top, 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans at the front, 1 x 120mm fan in the rear and 1 x 120mm fan at the bottom.

Comes with two Dynamic X2 GP-12 fans pre-installed (one at the front and one in the rear)

Radiators: Front 120/240/360mm and 140/280mm + Top 120/240mm + Rear 120mm

Features 2 x 2.5”/3.5” and 3 x 2.5” (dedicated) bays.

Maximum: GPU length 315mm, CPU cooler height 170mm, and standard ATX PSU length 175mm.

Dust filters: Bottom Fan + PSU, Front Fans and Top Fans.

Has 7 PCI expansion slots.

Front I/O Panel: 2 x USB 3.0, Audio In & Out.

This Meshify C offers optimal airflow, with support for up to seven 120mm fans. It even comes with two pre-installed retail grade Dynamic X2 GP-12 fans. This case however wasn’t designed with liquid cooling in mind.

If you’re in the market for a mid-range chassis with a sturdy build, the Meshify C is the right choice for you. If you’re not a fan of noisy cases or plan on installing a liquid-cooler, you might want to consider some other options.


Supports multiple water-cooling radiators

Airflow is good

Cable management is excellent

Comes with two excellent 120mm fans

Is easy to assemble

Has plenty of dust filters

Build is sturdy


Can be slightly noisy

Front I/O panel isn’t that great

Spacing is quite compact and does not support oversized ATX boards or longer PSUs

Bottom Line: For the price range, this case is an amazing chassis. It offers solid build quality with plenty of airflows and enhanced liquid cooling support.

The Rosewill Challenger S is our budget pick, but it’s still packed with features.

Key Features:

Motherboard Support: Micro ATX and ATX

GPU Length: Up to 360 mm

CPU Cooler Height: Up to 170 mm

Fans Preinstalled: 2 120 mm intake fans, 1 120 mm exhaust fan

Fan Slots Available: Up to 5 120 mm fans

Side Panel Window: N/A

PSU Size Support: Standard ATX

I/O Ports: 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, and 1 Audio Port

Extras: LED intake fans

The included dual blue LED intake fans are a pleasant extra, as is the 120 mm intake fan. If you’re a budget user, this case is especially appealing, since it has a fully-functional airflow setup out-of-the-box, without any extra tweaking needed from you.


The 3 included fans

The low price

Decent support for GPUs and air coolers, despite its size


Only 1 USB 3.0 port

The Corsair iCue 220T is part of Corsair’s new iCue case series, focused on providing the best experience with their RGB product lineup.

Key Features:

Motherboard Support: Up to ATX

GPU Length: Up to 300 mm

CPU Cooler Height: Up to 160 mm

Fans Preinstalled: 3 120 mm RGB fans

Fan Slots Available: Up to 6 120 mm fans

Side Panel Window: Tempered Glass

PSU Size Support: Up to 180 mm

I/O Ports: 2 USB 3.0, 1 Audio Port

Extras: RGB intake fans, removable dust filters

The included RGB fans, great intake design, and not-too-small design make this a great choice for any user.


3 included RGB fans

Fairly solid build quality and building experience

All-around great support for CPU coolers, GPUs, and PSUs


Fairly high price

No included exhaust fan- though this can be fixed by moving one of the three included fans to the back

Bottom Line:

The Corsair iCue 220T is one of the best small ATX cases out there, but its RGB extras come at a price premium.

Just because it is a small form factor ATX case doesn’t mean it won’t house the standard ATX components. When buying compact cases, you want to focus on the following:

Build’s Components – If you already have the main parts of your build, you want to go for a case that is roomy enough to house them. Not a snug fit that will give you a tough building experience. Check the CPU height, GPU length, and PSU length.

Case Build-Quality – Don’t be carried away with good looking cases that have been constructed with cheap materials. All-steel or aluminum cases offer the best chassis for durability.

Expandability – Consider how easy it is to expand your system in the future. More drive bays and PCIe slots ensure that you can add some extra components to improve the performance of your system.

Air Flow – Apart from going for a case with a roomy design, focus on the cooling options. Most compact ATX cases come with poorly designed fan/radiator locations. Some only pack less than two 120mm fan options. Ensure that your ideal case offers the best airflow to keep your system running cool.

Cable Management – Just like airflow and interior space, also consider cable management. Go for the options that have cut-out spaces and cable routing channels.

Buying your ideal small computer case doesn’t have to be an overwhelming undertaking. With the above cases, you should be able to find your ideal pick that will make a compact yet powerful PC build.

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Best Cases For Airpods 1 And 2 In 2023

AirPods are white in color and precious. They require care and protection. To keep them safe and clean, it is a good idea to invest in a case. That is why we have compiled a list of best cases for AirPods to protect them from scratches and accidental drops. Crafted with quality materials, any of the following covers can be a long-lasting companion of your wireless earphones.

1. Newdery Silicone Protective Cover

Available in black, grey, and red colors, Newdery’s AirPods case will keep your expensive earbuds protected. The case comes with an anti-loss cord that holds the two pods together always. Check that detachable metal carabiner to secure your AirPods against loss and thefts. Moreover, you can attach the case to your travel accessories.

Newdery has crafted this case from silicone material so that you can hold it tightly in your hands. The non-slip design ensures that your AirPods are safe even though you place them on a smooth surface.

2. Amasing Slim Fit Silicone Case with 2 Ear Hook

Amasing brings a seven-in-one design for your AirPods. The case is available in eleven vibrant colors. For better comfort, Amasing gives you ear hooks to anchor the pods in your inner ear. The soft grip of the hook does not cause pain even if you wear the pods for a long time.

Apple provides the pods and its case in pure white, hence, it is difficult to retain its beauty in pristine order. With Amasing’s carrying case, you can protect the luster of your AirPods.

3. Rockindeer Silicone Case with Watch Band Holder

One of the best features of Rockindeer’s AirPods carrying case is Apple Watch band holder. Check that band holder, which you can install on your Apple Watch strap. Next, fix the pods in the band holder and continue your workout in a gym or outdoors.

Get all-around protection for your AirPods and charging case. Rockindeer has crafted this case from 6D premium soft silicone to protect your AirPods case from bumps and bruises.

4. Fintie PU Leather Magnet Closure Case

Wow, Fintie looks so refined! Crafted out of very soft PU leather, it feels pretty smooth. The case is fully capable of providing the essential safeguard to your earphones from drops and scrape. Magnetic buckle allows you to open and close the case comfortably. What’s more, Fintie comes in four attractive colors to choose from.

5. elago AirPods Hang Cases for AirPods

Flaunting a sophisticated design, elago is adorable from all aspects. The case is carved out of quality silicone material. Being very soft and smooth, it offers the needed protection to your earphones from scratch. With the carabiner, you have the desired comfort to carry your AirPods. Moreover, you can choose elago in five beautiful colors: black, blue, pink, grey and white.

6. Catalyst Military Grade Soft Silicon Cover

If you are ready to go for some extra yards for a premium case, Catalyst would be an excellent asset for your pricey earphones. The most appreciable feature of this case is the ability to offer MIL-STD 810G military-grade protection. That means AirPods will remain secure even if they have an encounter with a nasty drop.

IP67 water resistance further enriches its quality. Beyond protection, Catalyst comes in six charming colors.

7. MoKo Snap Closure Protective Cover

Looking at the comparatively low price and adorable craftsmanship, MoKo is a steal! It’s beautifully crafted with very soft PU leather. There is a smooth interior to offer the desired care to your earphones.

With magnetic closure, AirPods securely remain inside, while detachable strap offers needed flexibility Better still, you can select MoKo in six enchanting colors.

8. CaseSack Travel Cases for AirPods

Comfort and simplicity are the main aspects of CaseSack. The case is neatly woven with PU leather. With soft fleece interior, your AirPods have the needed shield to keep scrape away. The zipper makes it a lot easier to open and close the case. That’s not all; CaseSack is available in six vibrant colors.

9. iMangoo Shockproof Travel Case

iMangoo carrying is shockproof and offers complete protection to your earphones. Made of top quality EVA material, it can last longer. The smooth coating provides better grip and built-in pocket stores things like memory cards, USB cable. It’s available in two colors like black and pink.

That’s all for now!

What’s your pick?

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Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Best Battery Cases For Iphone 12 Mini In 2023

The iPhone 12 mini is a great compact phone, but one downside is less battery life than other devices in the series. You can overcome this with the best iPhone 12 mini battery cases that help you power up your phone on the go. This makes it super convenient to keep making calls, watching videos, playing games, and more without interruption. Check out the list below to find the best battery cases for iPhone 12 mini. 

1. NEWDERT battery case: Best overall

Here’s a 4700mAh battery case that can double your iPhone 12 Mini daily lifespan. Keep your iPhone powered for a longer time. An LED indicator light can clearly let you know how much power is left. Press the switch button to turn it on/ off.


Supports Apple CarPlay and Apple Pay

Advanced audio transmission technology

Comfortable grip


Difficult to remove phone from case

Check out on Amazon

2. JERSS: Best low-cost option

Your iPhone 12 Mini has a smaller battery than bigger phones, but you can keep it going for longer with this 6000mAh battery case, certificated by CE, FC, and RoHs. It supplies enough power to fully and safely charge your device for extended talkative, music, movies, and internet surfing.

The soft top part makes installation easier. You just have to slide your phone into the case. You also get a 12-month money-back guarantee for convenience and reliability.


Sync-through technology

Compact fit

12-month warranty


Grip could be better

Check out on Amazon

3. Beseller: Best rugged battery case

Here’s an iPhone 12 Mini battery case made of soft TPU with a stiff back shell for the dual purpose of protection and charging. The built-in durable 4700mAh Li-polymer battery is sufficient to keep your device powered up on the go.


All-round protection

LED indicator lights for the convenience

Good customer support


Feels bit bulky

Check out on Amazon

4. Allezru battery case: Best versatility

Keep your iPhone 12 Mini powered up with this 3600mAh battery case made of a high-quality soft silica gel material and a hard-shell backplate. It offers 360-degree protection to keep your iPhone safe from scratch and bumps.

Press the power button for three seconds to start the charging and press again for three seconds to stop it. You can also charge your iPhone and the case simultaneously.


Durable design

Simultaneous charging

Three color options


A bit bulky

Check out on Amazon

5. SNSOU: Best ultra-slim charger case

Check out this sleek battery case that boasts 6000mAh power that gives you 50 hours of music time, 18 hours of phone talk time, 12 hours of video time, and 15 hours of website browsing. So, there’s no chance of you missing calls when out and about.

It’s super easy to install and use, and the LED indicator lights let you know how much charge is left. The raised rubber bezel surrounding the phone’s screen gives your iPhone maximum protection, avoiding scratches and bumps.


High capacity

Four color options

Indicator lights


Build quality could be better

Check out on Amazon

6. Fey: Best battery charging case

This iPhone 12 Mini charger case is made of durable material, provides full back cover protection against scratches or daily damage. It’s convenient for daily use and packs 4000mAh power that provides a boost of 150 percent for everyday convenience.

It also features 4 LED indicators, making it easy to let you know how much charge is available (0–25%–50%–75%–100%). Further, it’s got internal protection against overheating, overload, and short circuit so you can use with confidence.


Minimalist design

Snug fit

Safe and convenient


Slightly pricey

Check out on Amazon

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Best Iphone Se 2023 Kickstand Cases In 2023

A kickstand case is super useful for a hands-free video conferencing or movie-watching experience on the go. That’s why we’ve curated some of the best iPhone SE 2023 kickstand cases for you. They’re available in a variety of designs and can match both a casual and professional look. Take your pick from this selection.

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Kickstand Case

Just a look at Spigen Ultra Hybrid S, and you would know that style and protection can go hand-in-hand. The cover features a crystal clear profile that allows the smartphone to showcase the design, including the famed Apple logo. And with the durable PC back panel along with the rubberized TPU bumper, it can take on bumps as well.

Another notable feature is the metal kickstand, which lets you place your 2nd generation iPhone SE horizontally for much-improved hands-free video-calling. Thanks to the soft frame, the cover also provides a comfortable hold so that your palm won’t feel slippery.

Impressive clear design

Durable metal kickstand

Rubberized TPU bumper


May lose clarity overtime

Check out on Amazon

2. Encased DuraClip Kickstand Case

If protection matters more than anything else for your needs, you shouldn’t fail to check out Encased DuraClip. The case features an exceptionally rugged casing that can take on impact with ease. And with the rubberized finish, the protective cover also provides an enhanced grip so that you can hold your iPhone SE 2023 comfortably.

For an additional scratch-resistance, the case features soft microfiber lining. Thus, your device can stay safeguarded against scuffs. Beyond protection, DuraClip features a handy belt clip so that you can carry your device securely.

That aside, the belt clip also plays the role of a handy stand to let you prop up your smartphone both vertically and horizontally for convenient video-conferencing and movie streaming. Long story short, DuraClip is a top-notch protective kickstand case for iPhone SE 2023.


Highly protective casing

The super handy belt clip also doubles as a kickstand

Rubberized finish


Looks a bit bulky

Check out on Amazon

3. ESR Clear Case with Metal Kickstand

If Ultra Hybrid S claims to be the most stylish kickstand case for iPhone SE 2023, this offering from ESR isn’t behind in the race. Yeah, you heard that right. Whether it’s the all-clear design or the metal kickstand, it’s got all the notable features to stake the claim of being a top bet.

What has caught my eyes in this cover is the lightweight yet fairly protective casing that can withstand shock. And with the raised bezels, the single camera on the back and the 4.7-inch display have the essential shield against scuffs. Plus, the kickstand can let you hold your smartphone not only vertically but also horizontally. With these appreciable specs, I guess it deserves a safe spot in your favorite collection of the highly-rated iPhone SE 2023 covers.


Appreciable clear design

Lightweight yet protective casing

The kickstand offers both vertical and horizontal viewing angles

Secure grip


May turn yellow

Check out on Amazon

4. ESR Bumper Kickstand Case

Just in case you aren’t a fan of an all-clear design, I would recommend you to give serious consideration to this durable yet slim iPhone SE 2023 bumper case. Made of TPU material, the ESR case is both pretty soft and flexible. As a result, it not only offers a better grip but also gets installed/removed painlessly.

The presence of beveled edges plays a vital role in keeping the touchscreen and the rear camera scratch-free. Just like its sibling, it also has a metal kickstand that delivers horizontal and vertical viewing angles. Another thing worth taking note of is that the metal kickstand won’t hamper wireless charging.


Compact yet durable form-factor

Pretty soft and flexible casing

The metal kickstand doesn’t obstruct wireless charging


The buttons could be more responsive

Check out on Amazon

5. Vena Military Grade Kickstand Case

Let me set the record straight! Vena vCommute isn’t a typical kickstand case for the iPhone SE 2023. So, why should you even consider taking a look at it?

Well, vCommute can serve multiple needs. For instance, it has a hidden slot on the rear to let you store up to three cards. Spot-on for the times when you wish to keep your pocket light without missing out on credit cards.

Besides, the foldable leather flap also plays the role of a useful stand when you want to free your hands for a comfortable video-calling or movie watching. With the integrated metal plate, vCommute works with magnetic car mounts as well.


Hidden card slot

Impact-resistant form-factor

Military-grade protection


Might not please those who prefer a simple kickstand cover

May obstruct wireless charging

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6. SHIELDON Leather Wallet Kickstand Case

Before you begin to raise eyebrows over the inclusion of this classy leather wallet cover, let me tell you that it’s primed to fit into multiple needs. So, whether you wish to take it as a full-on travel companion or a handy kickstand for comfortable hands-free usage of your iPhone, it can live up to the billing. And that too without much compromise.

First and foremost, SHIELDON leather cover features multiple slots and a separate pocket to carry cash. Times when you wish to watch videos by propping up the device, the front cover can double up as a useful stand as well. With these notable features, the $30 price tag seems quite reasonable.


Genuine cowhide leather

Multiple slots for cards

Shock-resistant TPU interior


The retro design may not attract everyone

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7. Venoro Ring Holder Kickstand Case

Should you want your kickstand case to sport a sleek look for a nice-looking pair, Venoro may be the case for you. The case comes with a ring holder that not just offers a secure grip but also turns into a rotatable kickstand. So, you can hold your second-gen iPhone SE in the preferred orientations.

The case features an integrated magnetic plate so that you can attach the smartphone to a magnetic car mount. Therefore, you will have better viewing angles while being on the drive. In terms of protection, you can count on Venoro’s shock-absorbing TPU casing to resist impact and also put scuffs at a fair distance. Everything considered, Venoro can easily fill the spot of an elegant kickstand case for the second-generation iPhone SE.


Integrated magnetic plate

Shock-absorbing TPU casing

Ring holder offers multiple viewing angles


Obstructs wireless charging

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What’s Your Top Pick?

That’s pretty much it! With these notable iPhone SE 2023 kickstand cases lined up, I guess your all-new compact smartphone has got a more suitable pair. Whether you prefer style or like to go with protection, this roundup can help you get the right suit.

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So, which kickstand case has finally paired with your new iPhone SE? It would indeed be cool to know your preferred choice.

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Best Ring Holder Cases For Iphone Xs Max In 2023

Though I don’t have butterfingers, I never want to take things for guaranteed. That’s the reason why like pairing my iPhone with a ring case. It not just offers enhanced grip but also livens up hands-free FaceTime. If you are like me, you would love to have the finest ring holder cases for your iPhone Xs Max.

1. Neivi

“Neivi” looks more geared towards fashion with the slim and frosted finish structure making a befitting pair with the big screen smartphone. The PC material can resist fingerprints and also scrapes.

With just 0.9mm thickness, the cover barely adds any bulk to the smartphone. Thus the sleekness of the XS Max remains intact.

Like dark colors? Neivi comes in with five variants including black, blue, gold, rose gold and the most appealing red.

2. Hayder

I find “Hayder” up to the mark from various aspects. First things, it sports a slim yet protective design so that you can flaunt your smartphone without putting the defense at the backburner. The second, it provides improved gripping so that your device stays comfortable in your palm.

The ring holder works spotlessly as a handy kickstand to ramp up your media time. Do you use your device hands-free on the drive? Well, Hayder also supports magnetic car mounts.

Another notable thing is the availability of eight nice-looking color options.

3. SQMCase

I look at “SQMCase” as a complete ring cover for Xs Max. The feature that has appealed me a lot in the case is the durable yet quite slim casing. As a result, your style doesn’t come at the cost of protection.

You can use the ring to hold your phablet securely when snapping a selfie or recording fun-loving videos. It can also come in handy to spice up your movie time.

Regarding buttons and cutouts, they appear to alright. Besides, you get only two colors to pick from black and blue.

4. Liwarace

Love colorful design? If yes, you would love to have “Liwarace” under your radar.

The case looks thin and can fit the device snugly. Courtesy soft TPU material; it can also withstand minor shock. With the 360-degree rotation, you can make the most of your favorite movies in their full-fledged form.

You can choose this charming cover in three colors: red, blue, and pink. If you have red or blue iPhone Xs Max, the matching color can make the device look really hot.

5. Spilay

If there were a competition for the slimmest ring holder covers, “Spilay” would comfortably sit along with the most svelte looking cases. I really like its form-fitting design that makes a fascinating match with the Xs Max.

It’s carved out of soft TPU material that provides improved grip. Being exceptionally elastic, it gets installed and removed in a flash.

Just like most cases mentioned above, Spilay features metal plate on the back. Hence, it lets you use your iPhone Xs Max hands-free on the drive. Did I say; you have got four gorgeous color options as well.


When it comes to quality,  “WATACHE” is second to none. Unlike many covers mentioned in this roundup, it features double layers of construction. That means your smartphone has slightly more protection from drops.

The hard PC back enables WATACHE to endure shock, whereas the TPU frame assists it in preventing scrapes from damaging the smartphone. Furthermore, the rubbery frame also provides better hold.

7. Elegant Choise

As the name so is the functionality. Sporting appreciable hybrid design, Elegant Choise can ideally complement your fashionable lifestyle.

The thin profile topped by the soft edges look stylish on the phablet. With the brushed finish, the case prevents fingerprints and also keeps grime at bay.

Therefore, the cover is able to retain its shine for long. Lastly, Elegant Choise is available in three colors: blue, pink and red.

8. Casetego

Want to offer a bit more freedom to your Xs Max to flaunt its design? “Casetego” would be the right way to go.


For presenting your smartphone a more functional ring holder case, you can’t go wrong with “ICONFLANG.” Well, this cover has got all the qualities that the above-mentioned cases feature.

ICONFLANG may look slim, but it can fight out bumps with ease. The ring not just offers better grip but also provides a comfortable viewing experience.

That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

What’s the one quality you have found adorable in your favorite ring holder case? Besides, let me know about the features that you like to see in your best cases.

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Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Best Leather Cases For Airpods And Airpods 2 In 2023

I never want to see my precious gadget like AirPods ridden with scratches. And I don’t think any of you appreciate them either. That’s the sole reason why I thought it would be great to explore the finest leather cases for AirPods or AirPods 2.

There are plenty of the best AirPods/AirPods 2 carrying cases designed to keep the earphones secure. However, the ones with the detachable hook are my favorite. Though the classy design is always my top choice, the cases with vibrant colors attract me as well. Would you like to check out my picks? Here you go!

1. Decoded AirCase2 full-grain leather case

Keep your AirPods safe and secure with the soft leader inlays of this case. The shockproof TPU further bolsters the protection against scratches, scuffs, and bumps. It has been handcrafted to ensure quality and durability.

Further, there’s a unique grip lid that ensures a snug fit and makes it easy to hold. The two-piece construction adds to the strength of this case. It also comes with a matching leather lanyard that makes it ideal for both travel and daily use.


Grip lid

Double-layer protection

Matching lanyard


No color options

Check out on Decoded

2. Twelve South AirSnap

Twelve South is well known for presenting top-notch accessories for Apple devices. And I have been a fan of its offerings.

AirSnap boasts an aesthetic design and provides the much-required safeguard to the AirPods without compromising on style. The full-grain leather with visible stitching makes it look a premium choice.

The useful clip allows you to attach the AirPods to a backpack and remain worry-free. Security aside, you get to choose from two pro-looking color variants like black and deep teal.

Check out on Amazon

3. Xberstar leather shock proof case

Xberstar presents AirPods case crafted from genuine leather. It looks elegant and elite, both at the same time. The case fits perfectly and it is fully compatible with wireless charging. It is slim and lightweight, hardly adds any bulk.

Most of the leather cases loosen up after some time, but this one doesn’t. It will fit perfectly, every time. Lastly, there are many different color variants along with different models available.

Check out on Amazon

4. MRPLUM leather case with metal clasp

MRPLUM’s AirPods case is made of natural cowhide leather, and therefore, it showcases an irresistible charm when you hold your earphones in the case. Over a period, leather will change its color and characteristics, and you will get a unique case.

Without interrupting the charging cable, this leather case protects your AirPods case with exceptional luxury and elegance. MRPLUM has handcrafted this Apple AirPods leather case from genuine leather.

Check out on Amazon

5. MoKo leather carrying pouch pocket

If funky design charms you, you should consider MoKo. It’s made of high-quality PU leather and features a scratch-resistant microfiber interior. You can also trust this case to withstand minor drops.

With the detachable strap, you have got the needed comfort to carry the AirPods. Besides, there is a precise cutout for the Lightning port to let you charge the AirPods case without any problem. Plus, the nine color variants ensure you don’t have any problem in choosing an appreciable cover for your device.

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6. Maxjoy leather protective case with keychain

Here’s another cute leather case that perfectly fits your AirPods.  It also has a keychain strap that may be helpful if you are a biker. On top of that, it resists dust and dirt to reach your AirPods.

The case offers unhindered access to the charging port; that means you won’t need to remove the case to charge your AirPods. Lastly, there are three different color choices available.

Check out on Amazon

7. Fintie premium PU leather case

Fintie AirPods case is made from premium PU leather, and it offers a wide range of creative designs and vibrant plain colors. This too provides a keychain strap over the case. Also, the magnetic closure firmly protects your AirPods from dust and dirt.

The precise cuts on the case facilitate seamless charging of your AirPods without needing to remove the case. Lastly, the designs and color options are suitable for every gender and age group.

Check out on Amazon

8. ICARER genuine leather case

When you talk about the classy-looking AirPods case, you can’t keep this one from ICARER away. The genuine leather construction reinforces both the design and durability. Whether it’s absorbing shock or fighting out scrape, it’s good enough to live up to the expectation.

Due mainly to the leather texture, it can retain its charm for long. Moreover, ICARER is available in three color options – black, brown, red, and khaki.

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9. Spaysi Airpods leather case with belt

A top-quality leather case like Spaysi deserves to find its place in this lineup. Its biggest highlight is the cowhide leather that provides it a vintage look. All the cutouts are pretty much on target, ensuring you don’t have any problem using your wireless earphones.

The inclusion of soft velvet lining enables the case to safeguard the AirPods against scrape. Another notable feature is the double hook holder to let you carry your device with more convenience. Additionally, you have three colors to pick from– black, brown, and burgundy.

Check out on Amazon

10. Air Vinyl design leather case

What makes “Air Vinyl Design” a pretty good option is the “refined handmade design.” The high-grade grain leather reinforces its structure to endure shock.

The pebbled texture adds more flair to its profile and also offers an enhanced grip. With the smooth interior lining, the case protects the AirPods case from scratch.

Furthermore, you can choose Air Vinyl Design in three nice-looking color variants like brown, pink, and red.

Check out on Amazon

What’s your pick?

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