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Solo Woman Traveler? Smarten up your Trip with These 7 Apps!

We’re sure you ladies must’ve had moments when the quest. In such times, all you wish for is to spot your favorite location, alone. There’s surely no harm in this as we believe solo travel makes you stronger and smarter in multiple aspects.

You are not the only one scared of such challenges, like being lonely in a strange place alongside a multitude of other fears. And to minimize such unease while making life a little simpler, scroll down for some amazingly curated and probably the best travel apps that women can use for

1. ‘Pack Point’ for Hassle-free packing:

What does it do?

Quite popular among the solo female travelers, Pack Point, will learn your destination, time of travel and number of days. This will let the app generate a list of essentials you must carry alongside any leisure objects.

Shows automatic weather forecast to decide the essentials. 

Divides business and leisure trips or combine as you may like.

Download here.

2. ‘Tourlina’ connects with female travel buddies:

You can surely count Tourlina as a secure trip planner app that lets you not die of boredom or loneliness. Meeting and exploring the culture together would be no less than fun.

What does it do?

This is one of the most thoughtful travel apps amongst the listicle to make solo female travel interesting. It pairs you up with other female travel companions once you enter your destination. Interestingly, you can also choose your buddy by swiping left or right (Argh, the era of Tinder)!

Why download:

Make new friends on your solo trip.

Experience a similar company.

Explore the town with your buddy and get acquainted with her culture along.

Download here

3. Stay safe with ‘MayDay’:

What does it do?

precise location in a quick.‘Overwatch’ feature has its own interesting side you keep this app updated before leaving for your destination so it can play its role well by the time needed.

Why download?

Safety comes before anything else.

Tracks your location for quick reach.

Download here

4. ‘Google Translate’ breaks the barriers:

We understand that language can become a major hindrance when you are willing to speak with locals. And here bounces out again from the list of best travel apps: Google Translate.

What does it do?

Girls, more than 103 languages could be translated on your fingertip now. Even if your internet is not connected due to any reason, you still have a list of 59 languages that will support the concept of solo female travel. What’s more exciting is that you can translate a sign by pointing the camera towards it. Great, isn’t it?

Why download?

Easy communication with the locals.

Quick learning of the new languages.

Work even during poor internet connection.

Connect you with street sign language

Download here

5. Live situation through ‘RedZone’:

you shall avoid alone? Probably, the best thing out there! Meet RedZone which is quite different from its major travel apps.

What does it do?

reason could be traffic, fires, vandalism, prostitution or anything which is surely not very safe and kind. Moreover, you will also be provided with a safe way that you may walk or drive from while escaping the rest of the situations.

Why download?

Stay away from unnecessary hassles.

Alternate routes to avoid the clutter.

Safety from multiple unknown problems.

6.  The whole and soul ‘TripAdvisor’:

Also rated as one of the most trusted travel apps around the world, TripAdvisor becomes your best buddy when in search of your favorite activity or delicious cuisine to kill hunger.

What does it do?

It is wonderful when you can sort the services before striking any location through this app.  Be it travel destination, hotels, restaurants or an attraction, you will be expressed about them from the traveler itself. Along with reviews and star ratings, they provide subtle information about the tips to follow at a location. Such a huge channel it is! No wonder why people call it one of the best travel apps in the industry.

Why download?

Real-time information from fellow travelers.

Ratings and reviews to judge the services.

Post pictures on the forum and feel it as your personal blog.

Download here

7. Be a ‘Smart Traveler’:

We won’t say it’s a ‘women travel’ exclusive app but the information you need is as smart as you wish.

What does it do?

This app certainly shows you the visa needs as well as the help required to sort things out. Apart from that, you get to know about the vaccines required, information on local embassies, consulates and ways to connect in case of any mishaps.

Why download:

Stay connected with the local services.

Required traveling information

Download here

Have a Happy Tripping!

Let’s just say, traveling and exploring solo once in a lifetime is essential for a happy time. We wish you a very beautiful exploring and traveling time!

Just make sure you keep a check on these apps to sort your genres, from packing to food to smartness. Thank us later once your cameras are filled up amazing pictures and of course, these apps to travel once again.

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5 Apps To Automatically Back Up Your Photos In Android

With improved technology and better Android smartphones, there is a lot more space that you can use to store your photos and videos. Unfortunately, you cannot rely only on your Android phone to do the safekeeping. First of all, space is limited on your device. It will start to lag behind or even start losing some of your data as time goes on. Also, someone could steal your Android phone, and your photos and videos would be lost with the device. At this point, backing up comes in.

If you have a solid Internet connection and don’t mind trusting your photos to the r Web, these five Android apps can automatically back up your photos and videos and will do their part to make sure your memories are safe and sound.

1. Google Photos

Google Photos houses all photos and videos on an Android phone. You can search the photos by places, things, and people who appear in that photo.

You can set up an auto backup that applies to every photo or video that your device receives. When backed up, you can also access all your photos and videos from another device.

When you choose to back up on Google Photos, you can store up to 15 GB of data on a single account. When you opt for the Storage Saver option, the original size is maintained. However, if the photo is above 16MP, it is resized. This applies for videos above 1080p resolution, too.

With Express quality, the photos are stored at a lower quality. It saves more storage space than the Storage Saver Option. All photos are resized down to 3MP if needed, while videos are resized to 480p.

The Google Photos application backs up almost all image formats, such as PNG, GIF, JPG, and even RAW. For videos, the app supports both the standard and uncommon formats such as AVI, MOV, M4V, MPG, and MP4, among others.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox offers free storage of data up to 2 GB of space.

3. OneDrive

You’ve picked up on the trend by now for sure. All of the most popular cloud storage providers are willing to store your photos automatically. If OneDrive is your backup solution of choice in Windows, you can try out its Android app too. OneDrive gives you 5 GB of storage for free. Users can upgrade to a different home or business plans to add more storage capacity.

You will find the same option to instantly back up your photos and videos that the competition has. You can then browse through them within the app via a traditional grid view.

5. Mega

If you have too many photos and videos saved on your device than any of these services are can handle for free, check out Mega. This storage solution provides 20 GB of free space to its users. That’s enough space for many folks to get by on without having to jump up to a larger plan.

Your Memories Safely in the Cloud

These are, however, not the only applications to back up your photos in Android. There are many more cloud storage services with an auto uploading feature, like pCloud. Share with us which one is your favorite.

Rahul Nambiampurath

Rahul Nambiampurath started his career as an accountant but has now transitioned into working full-time in the tech space. He is an ardent fan of decentralized and open source technologies. When he’s not writing, he’s usually busy making wine, tinkering with his android device, or hiking some mountains.

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Change Your Mindset And Your Output With These Five Productivity Apps

The digital economy, the gig economy, the anxiety economy – these are all ways we describe the world we live in today. But when it comes down to it, we’re really living in the productivity economy.

The need to be ever more productive is the crux of why the pace of life seems to be continuously accelerating, why we’re implementing automation to manage that acceleration, and why some people are burning out and taking a new minimalist direction, living untethered from the societal norm of “getting things done” faster and more efficiently.

Table of Contents

But you don’t have to “cut the cord” to live a happier life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how much you have to (or want to) accomplish in a day, these five productivity apps could be the solution.

Fabulous – Goal Setting and Habit Tracking

Download: iOS, Android

If you’re looking for a productivity app that wants to understand your current state and guide you to an improved state where you’re more productive, Fabulous is a fabulous choice. This app wants to help you shift your mindset by establishing better daily routines that feed into a more productive, healthier, happier lifestyle.

Backed by Research

To start, Fabulous asks you a series of questions during setup to get to know you–i.e., When do you wake up? Do you get enough sleep? Do you exercise?

These aren’t the arbitrary curiosities of an application developer; Fabulous was “created at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University, a lab dedicated to studying what makes people happier and healthier with behavioral science,” the app’s makers say.

It’s essentially a channel through which years of research and science are now being leveraged to help everyday people improve their lives.

Take a Journey

Based on what you tell Fabulous, it provides you with a personalized plan to get your mind and body on the right path. Once you subscribe (or sign up for a free trial) to access a space called Sphere, the the app sets your first goal for you. You begin what it calls An Unexpected Journey.

You’ll start with something simple, something easy you can accomplish. Fabulous will challenge you to drink water first thing when you wake up for the next three days to get your mind moving towards a new state.

As you complete challenges like this, you’ll unlock new ones. The idea is that you’ll continue to maintain the habits you’ve formed with previous challenges, and over time you’ll change your routine for the better. You can see what’s up ahead on your Journey Roadmap.

But that’s only one journey. There are others, like A Fabulous Night (learn “how to manufacture a great night’s sleep) or The Art of Stoic Living (learn how to use “Stoicism to uncover new opportunities and succeed in high-stress situations”). There are also Sphere Series, which are six-month collections of journeys intended to help you create better routines, increase energy and cut out bad habits.

Make Yourself Fabulous

With Make Me Fabulous, you can access several activities intended to help you improve your health and happiness. Complete a seven-minute workout, take a 20-minute power nap, or for ultimate productivity, try a Deep Work session where you don’t break for minutes or hours.

When you’re more motivated to change and achieve milestones, you’re more productive. That’s the basis of Fabulous. It does the hard work of coming up with new routines and adjustments for you; all you have to do is execute on them.

Download: iOS,Android

Because changing your mindset being critical through meditative practices and was built around the practices of former monk and renowned mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe.

Basics Course

As a beginner, using the free Basics Course of the app gets you a 10-session trial with two techniques to leverage. This is to get you familiar with the foundational techniques of meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation Library

There are hundreds of sessions built around improving areas of your life, such as focus, physical activity, and sleep. You also get tips and nuggets of wisdom to help you stay on the right path.

Other one-off features like Mindful Moments and SOS sessions area available for moments when you feel the need to practice mindfulness or squash stress at any point throughout the day. You can track all of this progress to see how much you’re improving.

Maintaining mindfulness of what you’re trying to accomplish and doing it with a clear mind to ensure negative or burdensome thoughts don’t get in the way is critical to improving and maintaining

Productive – To-Do Lists and Goal Planning

Download: iOS

It’s great to get your mind in the right place to ensure you can be as productive as possible. But at a certain point, you may want more of a structure to organize and manage what it is you’re trying to be productive with. An app like Productive can help with reminders and statistics that keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Choose or Create Better Habits

Habits are the foundation of Productive, and really the foundation of your productivity as a person. The entire point of this app is to make it easier to set and stick to those habits that help you meet daily goals. Productive offers a range of habits to choose from: Hit the Gym, Tidy the House, Talk to a Stranger–the options are seemingly endless. You can also create custom habits.

When you choose a new habit, you also choose an icon to represent it as well as determine the duration of the activity and when/where it will occur. The habit is then added to your list of things to accomplish and will appear when you’ve set it to, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, or once. Upon completion, you simply mark it as done.

Habit Stats

You’ll be able to see your progress or lack thereof with Productive’s Life Log feature. This provides a calendar view indicating on which days you’ve completed all or only some of what you set out to, giving you visibility of when you’re most or least productive. Stats include:

Total perfect days

Your current streak

Your best streak

Total habits done

Average per day

Productive is really a simple app, which is actually very appropriate given the nature of its purpose–to enable higher productivity for users through a minimally distracting architecture and interface.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Download: iOS,Android

It wasn’t until recently that people began yearning for new digital ways to manage productivity. But some people still prefer notebooks and planners to stay on track.

If this is you, it may be nice to stick with a simple productivity app like Google Keep. Nothing fancy to see here; Google Keep just gives you a modern way to keep track of thoughts, create lists, and organize everything else in your life.

Capture, Organize Thoughts

Capture thoughts, from typed or speech-to-text notes to doodles to images you take or upload. Organize these under labels to group them how you like and make them easy to find.

Or, find them by type, e.g., see all of your images in one place, regardless of label. Either way, considering this app is from Google, it’s really easy to search on whatever notes, images, doodles, or lists you create.

Lists Galore

If you’re a serious list-maker, Google Keep gives you an easy way to create them with checkboxes you can mark off as you go through. In particular, a perk of the app is it actually helps you fill out your grocery list with suggestions. You can also set reminders for lists as well as notes and images to ensure you take care of what needs to be done at the right time.

If you’d prefer to keep things simple but organized with just a touch of help, Google Keep is perfect. It’s a straightforward yet modern variation of the notebook planner, and it’s more advanced than the native notes app you likely have on your smartphone.

Flora – Focus and Habit Tracking with Gamification

Download: iOS, Android

Many of the situations we find ourselves in require multiple individuals to stay focused for a group to collectively be productive–whether it’s a business meeting, study session, or get-together. It’s often our smartphones that distract us.

Flora is a productivity app that makes it a little easier–and more fun–to ensure these sessions are productive by helping everyone to keep their eyes off their phones.

Plant Trees for Productivity

The concept behind Flora is simple. You set a timer to stay focused on the task or activity at hand without going to your smartphone for a break from the interaction. When you begin the session, a virtual tree will being to grow in Flora. Before beginning, you can invite others to join by sending them a unique code.

As the tree grows, you have the option to take a break or give up. Any break time you use will be subtracted from your final focus duration time, whereas giving up will kill the tree. Flora shares your tree-growing and tree-killing record with your community of peers (you can keep it private if you’re too ashamed) so they can see how truly productive or unproductive you are.

To up the stakes, you can also set a real monetary price you’re willing to pay to plant a real tree whenever you fail a Flora tree-planting session. If you complete a session, you won’t be charged and Flora will reward you with a prize.

Map Planting to Goals

Flora enables you to tag sessions, set time-based goals, and set reminders for when things are coming up. This way, you can see how productive you are under different circumstances based on how well you do with planting trees during these sessions.

If you can’t stay focused on your own, incentivizing your productivity could be a useful step to take. Flora not only makes you pay the price for breaking focus, it also turns those shortcomings into something vitally important to our world: trees.

Get Back on Track

Whether you take on too much work, try to be involved in too many activities, or try to make time for too many people, attempting to accomplish more can easily become a burden and lead to the feeling or outcome of being less productive.

9 Mobile Apps To Easily Share Your Location With Your Family

There are times you don’t want others to know your whereabouts, but there are also times when it’s a good idea. For those times when you do, you can share your location using one of the specialized apps that are currently available to download and install. This post rounds up some of the best apps you can get on your phone to share your location with your family.

1. Life360

Price: Free / $11.99 per month

The app also has an option that lets you check in so that everyone else in the group knows when you’ve made it to a safe location. You can also set up an SOS button to alert the group if you are in danger. Once a person has agreed to join your circle, you’ll be able to view their current location and have access to other relevant information, such as battery status and driving reports. You can enable “Crash detection,” too, so that you can be notified if a family member gets into an accident.

The app has a paid version, which unlocks even more options, like the ability to forward your distress signal to a 24/7 emergency dispatcher, ID theft protection, 30-day location history, and much more.

2. GeoZilla – Find My Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Price: Free / $14.00 per week

If you want even more options, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid subscription, which unlocks even more monitoring alerts, lets you create to-do lists and provides you access to driving reports for people in your circle.

3. My Location – GPS Maps, Share & Save Locations

Price: Free

My Location (Android) is a straightforward location-sharing app that doesn’t require making an account (unless you want to, of course). As you open the app, it will pick up your coordinates immediately. You can then select the “Share Live Location” option, which will generate a link to send to friends or family members.

Like with the other apps we included in this post, you can set up a list of places you visit frequently and even access your own location history. There’s also a Night mode which you can switch to.

4. Family Locator – GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone App

Price: Free / $21.99 per month

Family Locator (Android) is a nice app with a modern-looking interface that lets you create Groups to which you can add family members and other people you wish to keep track of. Once someone has agreed to be added to your group (via a code), you can enable real-time tracking for them and receive movement notifications. Interestingly, Family Locator also includes a Flights option, which allows you to track the progress of a flight. (You’ll need the flight number for that.)

In addition, you have an SOS distress button you can activate from the app, as well as the option to chat with your group from within this app. While all of this sounds good, keep in mind that the Family Locator’s free tier is pretty limited. If you wish to access what the app has to offer in full, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium.

5. Messenger

Price: Free

Just open a chat in Messenger (individual or group) and press the four dots in the lower-right corner of the display. Select Location, and after granting the necessary permissions, the other party will be able to view your whereabouts as long as you keep the session active.

6. Snapchat

Price: Free

You can select which friends get to see your whereabouts, and there’s also a quick toggle which lets you go off the grid (Ghost mode) whenever you wish to keep your location private.

7. Google Maps

Price: Free

In the app, simply tap on your profile picture and select the “Location sharing” option from the menu that pops up. Once the feature is enabled, your location will be updated even when the app is not in use. You can then share your real-time location via popular apps, including Gmail, WhatsApp, Telegram and more.

8. Built-in Options

The majority of Android phones these days feature an Emergency mode which can be activated by long pressing the device’s power button. Depending on the device model, this mode may allow users to share their location, place an emergency call or trigger an SOS sound or the flashlight. On OnePlus models, you can even make a list of emergency contacts.

Some phone models come with additional safety measures incorporated. For example, the Pixel devices bundle the Personal Safety app. Here you can add one or more trusted contacts. The app also asks you to enable Location sharing in Google Maps.

Once you’ve done this, you can go ahead and create a Safety Check. When the time comes for the Pixel to perform the check, you’ll see the options to confirm that you’re okay, start emergency sharing or go straight to 911.

What’s more, you can add your medical information to the app as well as set status updates for events, such as placing a phone call or your device being on low battery. Google also bundled a car crash detection system into the app as well as the crisis alerts option.

As for iPhone users, they can share their locations with a contact by going to the specific contact card and selecting the “Send My Current Location” or “Share My Location.” Read our complete guide on location sharing on iOS. In addition, iOS devices also have an emergency call feature that can be activated by holding down the power button together with one of the volume buttons.

9. Most GPS Apps

The majority of GPS apps feature a location-sharing feature of some sort. However, they lack other tracking features that some of the apps in our list boast. If you’re looking for a simple but worthy GPS app, check out our list of the eight best choices.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. How does GPS work?

If you’ve ever wondered how GPS works, we have you covered with a full article which explains this modern wonder in great detail.

2. How can you improve your location’s accuracy?

Sometimes these apps have trouble pinpointing your exact location. If your location is inaccurate or missing, you may want to try things like tapping the “Your location” button in the app, checking your Wi-Fi connection, calibrating your device or restarting it. On iPhones, you should also enable “Location services” under “Content & Privacy”

3. Are there any other gadgets that can help me remain safe?

There are instances when carrying a phone is not convenient, for example, when going out for run, in which case a smartwatch like the Apple Watch is the better option. The wearable lets you easily place a call to local emergency services. There are also other alternatives, such as, InvisaWear, a company that specializes in jewellery that can keep you safe. It sells everything from keychains and necklaces to bracelets and other matching accessories. These items have hidden panic buttons that when pressed will immediately text your trusted contacts.

Along with sharing your location, you can also stream on Discord to your friends or watch Netflix together. While technology can keep people apart, there are also many ways it can bring people together.

Alexandra Arici

Alexandra is passionate about mobile tech and can be often found fiddling with a smartphone from some obscure company. She kick-started her career in tech journalism in 2013, after working a few years as a middle-school teacher. Constantly driven by curiosity, Alexandra likes to know how things work and to share that knowledge with everyone.

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Freezer Bags Are The Secret To Eating Well On Your Next Camping Trip

But not all rough-and-ready sustenance gets the job done. Ideally, your food will fit three criteria: It must taste good, cook fast, and not require too much precious stove fuel. That’s why freezer-bag cooking works so well on the trail.

I discovered the brilliance of this method at age 18, while taking an overnight trek with my aunt. For the previous 10 years, ever since my first hiking trip with my dad, I followed my father’s food preferences. He has always been the kind of backpacker who doesn’t worry about the weight of his pack, stuffing in cans of beans, tins of tuna, and boxes of Velveeta macaroni and cheese.

This preparation is cheap and easy, and it also saves waste, weight, and water. What you carry into the wild, you have to carry back out. But no one likes toting a pack stuffed so full of garbage that you can’t find your eating utensils. Most of that waste comes from the packaging around your trail food. So remove those boxes, tins, and plastic wrap and place all of your ingredients in one compact zip-top freezer bag before you leave home. When you eat its contents on the trail, all that’s left to throw out (or wash and recycle) is the one bag.

With no unnecessary packaging and perfectly-portioned servings, you’ll also have less weight to carry. This is of the utmost importance to backpackers, who often cut toothbrushes in half to save an ounce or two.

This cooking method also requires less fuel, because you don’t have to simmer the food over a flame: You just add hot water and let the meal cook in the bag. On top of fuel, you save water: Instead of rinsing cookware with your precious liquid reserves, there’s zero cleanup, so you can save the H2O for the hike out.

Why build your own bags rather than buying pre-made freeze-dried meals? You can find backcountry fare lining the shelves at REI, but these meals cost about $8 to $12 on average. Plus, your options are limited, especially if you’re on a special diet. By crafting your own lightweight meals from grocery staples or bulk bins, you can save some cash and customize your meal plan.

Building your meal

A balanced diet is even more important when you’re on the trail. There, even the smallest deficiencies can seem monumental—just ask anyone who has backpacked the Grand Canyon in July without electrolytes or salty snacks. Fortunately, getting all the nutrients you need isn’t too difficult.

“Eat regularly, eat a variety, and eat often,” says Claudia Pearson, Rocky Mountain Rations Manager at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). “Those are the rules of food on the trail.”

Every meal you eat in the backcountry should contain three main components: fat, complex carbohydrates, and protein. Fat tops up your energy reserves, carbs offer a quick boost, and protein helps repair stress to your aching muscles. Salt and sugar play a part too, but at dinnertime, it’s all about refueling for muscle recovery and restocking your energy stores for tomorrow.

So when you craft your meal-in-a-bag, start with carbohydrates that cook quickly and easily, such as couscous, rice noodles, or ramen. Aim for starches that take no longer than five to seven minutes to rehydrate—otherwise, your carb may not cook fully with the freezer bag method.

Next, add a serving of protein like nuts or seeds, dried tofu, dried beans, or pre-cooked foil-packed tuna or chicken. If you opt for animal sources of protein, keep them separate in their foil-pack wrapping until you’re actually cooking the meal. That way you avoid spoilage.

And don’t forget the veggies. A few tablespoons of dried peas or mixed vegetable flakes offer necessary vitamins and minerals. To top everything off, bouillon cubes and dried spices add flavor.

It’s also worth your time to seek out foods that have the most calories for the smallest weight and size. Pearson says she often includes components like honey, peanut butter, coconut, chia, raisins, cheese, and powdered eggs, which are all nutritious and easy to prepare.

If you’re not comfortable creating your own recipes yet, we’ve provided a couple examples in the next section. Alternatively, Pearson recommends that you head to the grocery store and look for soups in bulk bins or instant cups. If you’re looking for prepackaged options, then dried refried beans, curried rice and vegetables, and ingredients like peanuts and miso paste all make for great freezer bag meals. Pearson regularly includes these foods in NOLS students’ meal packets.

“Your imagination is your only limitation,” she says. “It just has to taste good, that’s the bottom line.”

To make your freezer-bag fare, just add hot water. Pixabay


Although you can build a meal yourself, I have a few tried-and-true recipes that have served me well. One contains meat, and the other is vegan.

Spicy Couscous

1/3 cup couscous

2 tablespoons freeze-dried peas or other vegetables

¼ teaspoon cumin

¼ teaspoon spicy chili powder

½ teaspoon dried cilantro

½ bouillon cube

1 tablespoon dried cranberries

1 tablespoon sunflower seeds

1 pouch of single-serve foil-pack chicken

Salt and pepper to taste

Place all ingredients except chicken, sunflower seeds, and cranberries into a sealed double-zipper freezer bag before hitting the trail. At dinnertime, boil 1 cup of water and pour in enough to cover the couscous. Massage or stir the bag to mix the ingredients. Zip the bag closed, then wrap in a towel and let sit for five to seven minutes, or until couscous is soft, massaging once halfway through. When cooking is complete, stir the bag’s contents (if necessary). Then add chicken, seeds, and cranberries. For minimum cleanup, enjoy straight out of the bag, or transfer to a bowl if you prefer.

Vegan curry noodles

1 package of rice-noodle ramen, without seasoning packet

½ vegetable bouillon cube

2 tablespoons dried vegetables

¼ cup textured vegetable protein (TVP)

¼ cup Coconut milk powder

1 tablespoon curry powder or paste

¼ teaspoon ground ginger

½ teaspoon red pepper flakes, optional

Place all ingredients into a sealed double-zipper freezer bag before hitting the trail. At dinnertime, boil 1 cup of water and pour in just enough to cover the noodles. Massage or stir the bag to mix the ingredients. Zip the bag closed, then wrap in a towel and let sit for five to seven minutes, or until noodles are soft, massaging once halfway through to break noodles apart and encourage even cooking. When cooking is complete, stir the bag’s contents (if necessary). Again, you can eat out of the bag or move your food to a bowl before you dig in.

Take away your trash

After you eat your meals, pack up your tent, and check your boots for spiders, don’t forget to pack out your waste—freezer bags and all. As the non-profit Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics beseeches: Enjoy your world. Leave no trace.

Amp Up Your Results Using Retargeting

46% of marketers feel that retargeting is undervalued, so should you be using it?

For us as marketers, the digital age is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because it has never been easier to reach the target audience. It is a curse because everyone tries to capitalize on it. What we are left with is a highly cluttered digital environment and the battle to attract attention.

But to be fair, you are great at your job. You know all the little tips and tricks that will help your brand stand out online. So we will take a look at a method that most consider old hat – retargeting.

Retargeting, sadly, is a trick that 46% of marketers feel is woefully unvalued. Is it because it is an older trick? Or perhaps because it is not well understood?

In this post, we will go through a quick recap of what retargeting is. We will then move onto a practical example of how to retarget an ad on Facebook.

What is retargeting? Why bother?

What’s more, they begin to associate your brand with that particular item. Even if they’re not quite ready to make a purchase just yet. When they are, your company will be at the front of their minds.

Creating a Facebook Pixel

You are allowed to create as many as 100 pixels per Facebook business page. Using the Business Manager on Facebook is the ideal way to do this. Especially when:

You have a few sites or primary business lines.

To use the Business Manager, you must:

Create a Business Manager account.

Ensure that you are the admin.

Creating Your Pixel

For the purpose of this exercise, we will use a throwaway account on Facebook.

Select “Pixels.”

Choose a name for the pixel. It can be anything you like. If you are going to have a few, it might be worthwhile naming them for the specific page or the campaign goals. As long as you can distinguish one from the other, you are good to go.

Put your site’s URL in. That is not entirely necessary, but why not do it anyway.

Hit “Continue.”

You’ve now created your pixel.

What next?

Head over to your website and insert the code on the page that you want it on. If you want it to appear on every page, it has to be placed in the site’s head section. Just one more step and we’re done.

Now go back into your Ads Manager. Find the button saying, “Send Test Traffic.” Give it about half an hour or so. When the test is complete, you will see that the status says, “Active” – and now you are done!

Quick Win – How to do Facebook retargeting

Access the How to do Facebook retargeting

Where to put the Pixel?

Most people think that creating a pixel is the hardest part. If only that were true. In reality, the hardest part is finding the optimal spot to place the pixel. When in place, you can track just about any action you like.

Here are some examples:

If someone subscribes to your newsletter.

When someone abandons their cart.

If someone buys something.

When they look for something on your site.

To start off with, choose between one of the following:

Inline action – This is where you make the pixel active only after your visitors perform a particular task. For example, when they abandon their cart. This is a more effective way of getting sales because the client has shown definite interest.

Increase effectiveness by carefully targeting the Pixel

Say, for example, that you sell kids products – toys, diapers, and so on. Your site will be visited by parents and kids old enough to use the internet. The mother may visit the site to check out the game the son has been nagging for. She may also want to look at educational toys, baby supplies, and so on.

That’s where creating a more targeted pixel will come in handy. The eleven-year-old son is interested in the game, and possibly games like it. He’s not going to be interested in the latest special on diapers.

When creating your pixel, you could create a target group of 10 to 15-year-olds. Get even more specific by adding interests such as video gaming. Your pixel could then trigger an album of products related to the game. You could have the game, expansion packs, action figures, posters, and so on. You get the idea – you’re catering to the fanboy in the child.

This approach would likely fall flat for the mother. She might consider buying her child the game, but she’s not likely to be interested in action figures, posters, etc. Maybe her ad should show game bundles instead – she doesn’t have time to sort through all the paraphernalia out there, so this is a nice shortcut for her.

You could take it one step further. What about educational toys, or a quick selection of books suitable for tweens?

Final notes

There are several strategies that you can employ using pixels. Why not retarget people who bought a specific product? The ad could be related to what they have already bought, or try chasing after that abandoned cart.

There is no end to the creative strategies that you can come up with now that you understand how to create and place a Facebook pixel. What are you waiting for?

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