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Our Review Pros Can help you create automated process documentation Lets you customize projects heavily Seamless operation and deployment Cons Can only be used offline Requires an account to use, which is impossible to obtain at this point StepShot free trial

The main issue with programs nowadays is that many require buying a license to use them. However, StepShot offers you a 14-day trial, so that you can take its features for a spin. On the downside, StepShot has recently joined the UiPath team and their product is no longer available.

More so, the 14-day trial is probably the best thing you could get out of StepShot in this situation. If you’re this late to the game, know that you won’t be able to purchase a StepShot subscription, not a monthly one, not a yearly one, not even a lifetime one. Starting March 31, 2023, you can only use StepShot in its offline mode.

However, for this to be a reality, you need to provide the app with a StepShot Guide account. If you haven’t got one already, it will be impossible to create a new one.

How to install StepShot

Setting up StepShot on the target PC could not be easier. You just download the installer from the website, launch it and wait. The rest of the process takes place without any additional assistance required on your side.

It’s a bit annoying that you can’t even decide where the program will be installed. As you’d expect, it will be automatically deployed in your Program Files folder, most likely in your C: drive, along with all your other programs that have been sent by default to that location.

However, for the sake of being user-friendly and hassle-free, StepShot reached its goal. Even novices with no previous PC operating skills can easily install this program on their computers.

Create manuals and help documentation with StepShot

As we’ve told you before, you can use StepShot to create manuals and helpful documentation. What we didn’t tell you is that this program can help you do that automatically. How? Well, after you launch the program, you need to select the New Guide option.

All the screenshots that StepShot takes during the process will be available in the main window of the app. There you can configure them and add them to your help documentation or whatever project you’re working on.

Many customization options

If you’re not exactly a fan of automation, you can take matters in your own hands. The bottom-left section of the screen holds various useful tools that you can use to create the perfect project.

Create a video presentation with StepShot

StepShot can help you if you want your training material to be more dynamic. You can turn your tutorial into a video without significant efforts. Just head to the video section, import all the material you find to be relevant to your cause, then customize its shape until you’re satisfied with the result.

Each step can take a different part of your video, and you can also add step narration. The right side of the screen has a text-to-speech section where you can just type text, select a narration language, and choose a voice. StepShot will take care of the rest.

Many export and publish options

Notice that this program provides you with several outputs. Some of them include StepShot Cloud (but that’s not an option anymore), PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Video, HTML Export, and WordPress.

Based on your needs, you can select the media of your choice, then do the required configuration to make sure that your documentation will be top-notch. For instance, you can choose your project’s name, type the author’s name, or even add a description.

The Export & Publish section also lets you access a bunch of templates that you can choose from. Additionally, you can see a preview after selecting the template of your choice, so you’ll know what you’re dealing with.

StepShot – a handy all-in-one documentation authoring tool

To sum it up, StepShot is a handy software solution that could take care of all your documentation creation needs, ranging from helpful tutorials to step-by-step guides, tech reports, and guides.

You can create any of these projects in no time by making use of StepShot’s automation tools. However, if you’re not entirely satisfied with how your project turned out, you can also perform heavy editing on it, since it also provides you with the means of doing that.

Note that StepShot is not supported anymore and you can only use it in its offline mode starting March 30, 2023. The offline mode means no more support, no cloud storage, no auto narration in the video export mode. More so, you’ll need a previously-created account to use StepShot, as creating a new one is impossible to achieve at this point.

FAQ: learn more about StepShot

What can StepShot help me do?

You can use this program to create guides, tutorials, and help documentation in a seamless manner.

Why is StepShot not available anymore?

StepShot joined UiPath and created another product called Explorer Expert. This tool can help you evolve in Process Understanding, discover automation ideas and save you the hassle of mundane, repetitive tasks.

Can I still use StepShot?

If you have an account, you can still use StepShot in its offline mode after March 30, 2023.

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Slashgear Week In Review

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 25 2011

The next version of the iPhone is said to be in the final stages of testing and set for a September launch. We are still wondering if the Verizon version will get LTE support or not. Chris put up his review of the HTC ChaCha Facebook smartphone. He figures the Facebook button has little purpose in this iteration.

The unlocked iPhone 4 landed for sale in the US this week. The device is priced from $649 making it quite expensive. Apple settled the Nokia patent battle last week and ended up paying licensing fees to Nokia. Apple will also pay ongoing royalties as well.

Sources claimed that a new MacBook Air would be landing this month. The machines are expected to get Intel Sandy Bridge processors. According to a report this week it might coast as much as $1.3 billion a year to run iTunes. That number breaks down to $113 million monthly.

Devs are claiming that the coming Nintendo Wii U is 50% more powerful than a PS3 or Xbox 360. It had better be good; Nintendo is hurting right now and needs a popular product. An artist took a bunch of old computer parts and used them to build a room. The finished product looks interesting and a bit creepy.

Game devs are claiming that the Xbox 720 will debut at E3 2012. The name of the console is said to be sort of a working title and the hardware is yet to be confirmed. The JVC Kaboom boombox landed this week looking like the 80’s. The device has an iPhone and iPod dock on the front.

Nintendo confirmed that the Wii lacks the ability to play Blu-ray or DVD movies. I think that is something that any modern console should include. HTC went back on the statement made earlier in the week that the Desire would get no Gingerbread update. After a huge backlash HTC put the Gingerbread update back on the map.

I wondered at the time HTC said Gingerbread was coming back how they would fit it in since the citied lack of storage as the reason to skip it originally. HTC came back and said it would drop apps to fit Gingerbread. YouTube gave the Nyan Cat video its own Nyan Cat custom load bar. It’s cool for sure, but Davies was unable to explain to me the point of Nyan Cat, apparently, I am too American.

Lenovo confirmed that it’s ThinkPad Honeycomb tablet would be landing in August. The K1 tablet has a Tegra dual-core and lots more. The Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack will hit Xbox Live later this month. The pack will bring four new multiplayer maps and a new zombie map.

The Palm/HP Pre 3 has been pegged to launch in the UK on July 8. The tip comes from chúng tôi and the smartphone has decent specifications for people that like WebOS. Panasonic announced a new ToughBook Android tablet that will be coming this year. The tablet will have a 10.1-inch screen, active stylus, GPS, and optional 3G/4G connectivity.

Apple changed its complaint in the patent battle with Samsung adding more products. Apple also worded the complaint more strongly and is going after Samsung with more verve. We put up our review of the HTC Evo 3D smartphone. Cory figures the new smartphone is a worthy update from the original Evo. Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Huawei Ascend P7 Review




 is the best phone 


 has made, but falls short of really differentiating itself from the titans of the smartphone game. A great front facing camera compliments a decent rear facing shooter, and an accessible software experience compliments an equally accessible handling experience.

We’re seeing some good releases out of the Chinese market this year, and in this review we look at an update to a phone from veteran company Huawei known for being one of the thinnest around. This is our review of the HUAWEI Ascend P7.


While it does add a little to last year’s remarkably thin P6, we’re still dealing with a very streamlined design here. With modest improvements over its predecessor, HUAWEI has sought for an incremental design update, and it’s arguably the better looking of the two. A metal skeleton holds together double Gorllia Glass 3 panels, making for a phone that could feasibly withstand a little punishment, if that’s your sort of thing.

While a flat profile is found all around the sides, two rounded corners up front are opposite a nicely rounded bottom portion. All the buttons are on the right and below them are the dual SIM and microSD trays. For international travellers, and others that like to have access to two different network carriers, dual SIM functionality is an absolute necessity.

At the top, you’ll find the headphone jack and on the rounded bottom is the microUSB port. With optics and speaker on the back, you’ll find a patterned design just under the glass on the rear, ever subtly so. In terms of its design, what stands out here is not just how thin this device is, but how well it rocks the 5 inch screen. Its thin bezels and refined edges result in it being one of the best handling phones of its size, making it, to an extent, better at handling than the majority of current mainstream flagships. HUAWEI is to be commended in this regard, because the device is remarkably well balanced in the hand.

It features flat but minimally sized sides bezels, which make for a comfortable feel, one that is reminiscent of the iPhone 5S, of which this phone has been noted to take inspiration from. Move along, legal teams, move along.

Related: Best HUAWEI Ascend P7 cases.

There’s no doubt that it features a rather pleasant aesthetic as well, and in particular; it’s white edition is quite attractive. When you consider how large its display truly is, it’s impressive when you have it in your hand.


HUAWEI has opted to graduate its P series to a 1080p screen at 5inches in size, bringing in tow a 441 PPI density, which is to say the screen affords exceptional clarity, where you will be quite hard pressed to find pixels of any kind. Further, it’s not hard to get impressed by the colors this screen puts out, especially with how colorful Huawei‘s user interface is. Colors appear incredibly vibrant and even at pretty steep viewing angles it retains all that fidelity. Even playing highly addictive game Injustice with its much darker tones was easy with this punchy display, as it exhibited great contrast and nice deep levels in the dark areas.

Somewhat interestingly, you do get the option of adjusting the screen’s color temperature, if you really feel the need to, and a high sensitivity allows usage even when you’re wearing gloves – a boon for those in less than ideal climates.



When it comes to hardware, there’s things we like to see, and other things we don’t appreciate as much. HUAWEI’s Ascend P7 pulls ahead of the pack in terms of hardware with the inclusion of a microSD card slot, an often sought after feature that here allows for expanded storage over the included 16GB.

Of course, the Ascend P7 offers the full range of connectivity options as well, including NFC, as it is plainly shown in the notification area when turned on. Call quality on the AT&T network brought us no issues, which is to be expected.  Its rear facing speaker facing speaker, despite the less than ideal placement, is a decent performer. It affords the user quite loud sound, but is not as rich as some of the smartphone titans of today, like the HTC One M8, for example. That being said, while it is not too rich, it still does a decent job of showcasing the low end of the audio spectrum pretty well.

For those among us that like to game or watch videos, the P7 suffers a common problem: it’s rather easy to covering the grill with a finger –  effectively stifling the sound.

As far as battery  life goes, the 2500mAh battery did quite well for me. A five hour stint filled with playing music via Play Music and an almost full hour of playing Injustice brought the battery down to 70 percent. For most but the heaviest users, it should easily get to the 12 hour mark with moderate to heavy usage, and we’ve  no doubt the good standby time observed can help it go the distance. As is the norm these days, power saving modes are available and include projected hours of usage.  One mode can bring the phone down to its essentials if you really need to eke out as much as you can, which is likely to be helpful when one nears the dreaded sub 15% battery mark with still things to do in the day.

Camera Samples Gallery


Finally, in software, the Emotion UI returns once again in a very colorful and quite pleasing manner. As was mentioned before, the lack of transitions make for a really snappy experience, though the notification dropdown doesn’t quite exhibit this as well; still, it all makes for one of the nicer Chinese interfaces around. But it does come with the usual Chinese interface trope – a lack of an app drawer means you’ll have to organize your apps into folders – or get a  new launcher. Ultimately, the Emotion UI looks like a pretty simple skin over what is essentially Android Kitkat, with a simple recent apps screen and easy to navigate settings area.

Huawei‘s own additions serve some good purposes, too – in particular, a Phone Manager that provides all the tools needed to accelerate the phone by closing background apps, freeing up space by deleting files, and much more that are listed when it scans the entire phone for issues. It’s nice to see a manufacturer like HUAWEI attempt to go the extra mile in this regard. As anyone who’s used Android extensively knows, even the most powerful devices can get slowed down by unnecessary files and the like. With this feature, anyone who’s nitpicky about what goes on in their phone will have that extra sense of control with it.

Arguably one of our favorite aspects of the Emotion UI is the Easy Mode, wherein everything is presented in large buttons on an attractive grid – it manages to still provide everything that is needed while minimalizing and keeping things really tight. Perfect for those less than familiar with the complexity that Android can appear like to newcomers.

And finally, all of these elements are able to be easily customized in the Themes application – not only are there a slew of built-in themes already available, you can easily tweak any single aspect from within the actual application. A very nice addition indeed.

In the end, the lack of an app drawer for anyone used to having one in their Android will find quite a bit to like in this snappy take on it. And, as most of us know – apps often go to the app drawer to rest – not be used.

All in all, HUAWEI is to be commended for the iterative and appreciated improvements across the line it has made to the HUAWEI Ascend P7. It’s a solid performer with great build quality, fast performance, good battery life, and a dynamic and sharp display.


So, what do I think? I find myself enjoying the Huawei Ascend P7 mostly because of its ease of use, both on the outside with its slim and light profile and on the inside with aspects like the Easy Mode. But while I did find quite a bit to like about the phone, I will admit that unless you are looking for those experiences and perhaps the powerful selfie camera, there isn’t too much distinguishing this phone from the more mainstream competitors. When compared to the behemoths in the market, no one defining feature really separates the P7 from them. But when you look at the whole package, you find a smartphone that succeeds at bringing power, function, and accessibility in a fairly unassuming way. It won’t be the life of the party, but it definitely deserves to be a part of it.

Oracle Netsuite Crm Review 2023

Did You Know?

There is a $500 charge for an accounting cleanup and onboarding for the first month. After that, you’ll be charged monthly based on your average monthly expenses over three consecutive months.


If you have a large company, consider pushing for certification training for a few key internal users and administrators to ensure your team has the knowledge and skills to maximize your NetSuite investment.

Key Takeaway

NetSuite ensures your sales representatives and customers are able to find the right product quickly and easily.

NetSuite CRM Pricing

Unlike the vast majority of sales CRM software providers, NetSuite does not have publicly listed pricing or a variety of monthly plans separated by available features. NetSuite’s sales CRM software is considered an added module to the core platform that requires an annual license fee. The total cost for NetSuite with the CRM add-on is based on the number of account users. NetSuite also charges a one-time implementation fee to cover the cost of the initial setup. According to our research, small businesses can expect to pay well over $1,000 per month for the licensing fee, add-on modules and additional user fees. Prices will vary greatly based on the sales CRM features and additional tools you include in your Oracle NetSuite platform.


NetSuite requires a one-time implementation fee for the initial setup process. Because the setup for the CRM also requires NetSuite’s ERP, the full implementation process can take weeks, if not months, of planning, data migration, configuration, testing and training for your team to use the platform efficiently. In most cases, you’ll need to assign a reliable project manager to work with your NetSuite representatives to ensure a smooth implementation and launch. With so much time and effort involved, NetSuite’s CRM is best for companies that plan to commit to NetSuite as their main SaaS provider.

Customer Service

Any user can reach a NetSuite support specialist at any time from within the program via the help button. You can also contact a support specialist by phone or web chat at any time if you have your account information. However, NetSuite recommends customers use the online form or the company’s SuiteAnswers knowledge center for any how-to-related questions or technical issues.

For larger projects and custom integrations, you may want to consider reaching out to a certified NetSuite consultant or agency. NetSuite offers numerous product certifications for administrators, users, consultants and developers. The existence of these certification programs speaks to the complexity of the platform and its seemingly endless potential for customization in any industry. Many of the certification programs recommend at least one year of experience in managing NetSuite, in addition to coursework and a timed exam that consists of multiple choice and matching questions.


For small businesses in particular, the lack of transparent pricing and estimated high costs are among the biggest drawbacks of NetSuite’s CRM. To accurately compare NetSuite with competing software, you’ll have to speak with an Oracle sales representative about the many features and tools you’ll require, and they’ll give you a custom quote. For many small business owners who may not know exactly what they need from their CRM and related software services during the consideration stage, NetSuite can be a difficult sell.

Businesses that aren’t ready to adopt NetSuite for more than the basic CRM software will likely need to purchase NetSuite Connector as an added module to integrate with selling tools such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay and Walmart. While NetSuite does have a robust set of native cloud-based tools for nearly any business process, accessing them typically comes with an added monthly module fee.


We considered all of the major CRM software providers for review in 2023. After performing our initial research into each platform, we selected 13 of the leading CRM solutions available today for small businesses, including Salesforce, chúng tôi Sales CRM, Freshsales, Zoho, Oracle NetSuite, HubSpot, Pipedrive and Zendesk. After spending many hours participating in live product demos and testing each platform, we identified the best use case for each of the 13 providers to help small businesses owners and managers choose the best CRM for their needs. We also took a deeper dive into nine of our top performers, reviewing them in detail to provide greater insight into the features and tools that separate the best CRM software from the competition. At its core, NetSuite is an ERP platform with native integrations for nearly every business process required to support online sales. The e-commerce module lets you easily manage inventory, collect payments and fulfill orders fast for same-day shipping in some cases.

NetSuite CRM FAQ Are SAP and NetSuite the same?

No. SAP and NetSuite are separate business service providers that specialize in ERP solutions. The two companies have similar CRM modules that can be added to the core platform for an additional monthly fee.

Does Oracle own NetSuite?

Yes. Oracle announced its intention to purchase NetSuite for $9.3 billion in July 2024 in an effort to become a cloud software provider. The sale closed in November 2024, and NetSuite began operating as part of a global business unit within Oracle.

What’s the difference between Salesforce and NetSuite?

NetSuite is first and foremost an ERP software service with an optional CRM product that’s considered an added module. Salesforce is primarily a CRM software provider that offers additional tools to support ERP across industries.

Overall Value

We recommend NetSuite CRM for …

Enterprise-level organizations seeking a unified data solution to manage all customer-related activities.

Organizations that already use NetSuite’s ERP software.

Businesses with complex software integrations in niche industries.

We don’t recommend NetSuite CRM for … 

Small businesses that don’t want to adopt NetSuite as resource planning software.

Small businesses looking for a simple CRM platform.

Small businesses that need the most cost-effective CRM solution.

Acunetix: Web Application Security Review

To launch a modern website requires a maze of proprietary programming, open-source libraries, and legacy features. Inspecting each component for vulnerabilities takes enormous time and labor resources unless the development or application security team can use automated tools.

Acunetix, an Invicti brand, delivers an easy-to-use web application security scanner with robust capabilities and high accuracy. For more about this product, see the following sections:

The web application security market is estimated to be over $6 billion dollars globally with a CAGR of more than 16%. As a division of a private company, Acunetix does not publicize full financials and external estimates vary wildly from $0.5 million to $10 million per year.

The hotly contested web application security market does not have any dominant products or solutions and is led by large competitors such as IBM Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Qualys Inc., Synopsis Inc., and Veracode.

Acunetix helps web application security teams to accelerate their hunt for vulnerabilities through the key features of their solution:

Automatically scan all websites, applications, and APIs for over 7,000 vulnerabilities

Schedule automatic scans to keep up to date 

In-depth scanning for a wide variety of web application components

Password-protected areas (using macros)

Multi-level forms

HTML5 & Javascript code

Single-page applications (SPA)

Blended dynamic (DAST) and interactive application security testing (IAST) scanning

Fast, accurate, and useful reports

Scan multiple environments simultaneously

Fast scans supply reports as soon as vulnerabilities are located

Vulnerability ratings and proof of exploit information help developers address issues quickly

Integrates with other tools

Web application firewalls (WAFs) to temporarily secure known vulnerabilities

Web application development workflow apps

Using any web application security tool should locate web code vulnerabilities and help teams eliminate them. Some of the specific benefits of using Acunetix include:

Acunetix automatically crawls the web URL and scans for potential web app components to test for vulnerabilities. The tool will scan multi-level forms, HTML5, JavaScript, password protected areas, and SPAs.

Web security scanning tools accelerate development time by reducing the time needed to hunt for bugs and other vulnerabilities. Acunetix automatically detects and identifies a wide range of vulnerabilities which will be ranked by severity and then sent to developers. This process helps developer teams to spend more time on fixing issues instead of finding them.

Using a web security scanner provides a record that can be used for internal and external reporting. Acunetix’s tool scans for a large number of vulnerabilities and can be set up for periodic automatic scans. These scans allow an application security team to continuously monitor for vulnerabilities and report on web application security status at any time.

CaterTrax’s team of 100 employees provides catering management software solutions for managing orders, inventory, and web commerce for 2,500 clients. With credit card and financial transactions flowing through their applications, CaterTrax needs to show compliance with PCI DSS regulations and keep client data secure.

In selecting Acunetix, CaterTrax can produce PCI compliance reports and maintain regular scanning for vulnerabilities without going over their budget. Benjamin De Point, VP of software development & hosting for CaterTrax admits that “Acunetix has helped make our application stronger and given our clients the assurance that their data is safe.”

Miles Technologies provides IT, software, marketing, and technology consulting services and needs to maintain a high reputation for security. Their web security team used to use several different security tools for vulnerability scanning and reporting, which regularly took more than a week to complete.

“Acunetix is our vulnerability scanning tool of choice for situations where information security is a real concern and confidence in safety is key,” said JP Lessard, president of software services at Miles Technologies. “Setup is quick, and the different types of reports save time when it comes to delivering security assessments to different executive and non-executive roles.”

As a component of the U.S. armed forces and a government agency, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) faces constant attacks and a limited budget. Their web security team needed to develop their own security checks and policies, scanning capabilities against a large range of technologies and vulnerabilities with accuracy. The solution also needed to be simple enough to be used by USAF trainees.

After testing against multiple competitors, Acutenix was selected because it met all of these requirements and also performed at a higher speed.

“Acunetix has played a very important role in the identification and mitigation of web application vulnerabilities. Acunetix has proven itself and is worth the cost,” said M. Rodgers of the USAF IT security team.

Invicti purchased both Netsparker, now branded as Invicti, and Acunetix. While both products remain separate, the best features of each were added to the other which makes these solutions more difficult to differentiate from each other. However, there remain important distinctions for any web application security team’s evaluation of web app security tools.

Both Invicti and Acunetix share many of the same vulnerability detection tools and false positive evaluators that led Invicti to score highly in independent third-party testing. Both tools stand apart from their competition in ability to identify vulnerabilities without the false positives that waste developer time.

Acunetix automatically detects websites, applications, and APIs for a web domain with each scan to ensure no vulnerabilities may be overlooked. Acunetix can also be set up to automatically perform periodic vulnerability scans, so the web application continues to be tested against updated vulnerability lists.

Acunetix narrows the scope for integration options and the user interface, so teams can install the tool faster and get up to speed quickly—as little as five minutes. Should a team decide they need to graduate to the more sophisticated Invicti solution, migration between products is very easy.

Review site Rating


4.5 out of 5


7.0 out of 10


4.2 out of 5


4.5 out of 5


3.6 out of 5

Acunetix provides quotes for pricing, but does not display prices on its websites. Free trials are available, and outside sources estimate the starting price to be $4,495 per year.

Acunetix delivers a robust web application security tool with powerful features, high accuracy, and quick speed for setup and scanning. Its simple integrations and user interfaces will be a blessing for smaller or less experienced teams looking to get started fast and deliver strong results.

Timekettle Fluentalk T1 Translator Review

While traveling is supposed to be relaxing, it isn’t always. It can sometimes be so stressful that you return home even more frazzled than you were before your vacation, especially if traveling internationally. Language barriers certainly increase that stress, but you can eliminate that stress with a Timekettle Fluentalk T1 Translator. Find out more about this mobile translator and how it can help in this review.

This is a sponsored article and was made possible by Timekettle. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author, who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored.

Fluentalk T1 Translator Features

Timekettle developed the Fluentalk T1 Translator for natural and highly-efficient conversations between people who speak different languages. Yet, it also includes other features that could help with travel, such as built-in global mobile data and currency exchange rates.

The Fluentalk T1 features include:

Support of online and offline translation: 40 languages and 93 dialects are supported in online translation, while 8 languages are supported in offline translation.

Global mobile connection: up to two years of free mobile data when connecting to more than 200 wireless networks is built in.

Instant photo translation: an OCR offline translation engine works with an 8 MP rear camera to instantly translate text on photos.

Streaming ASR Technology: can translate speech in real time, similar in idea to subtitles.

High translation accuracy: built-in mic array with noise reduction to isolate voices from background noise.

World clock and currency: quickly check the current time anywhere in the world as well as international currency rates.

High-performance CPU: computer-grade 12nm high-performance quad-core CPU with a computing power of 1.2GHz.

Compact size: 2.32 x 0.43 x 4.61 inches and 11.9 ounces with a 4-inch screen.


The Timekettle Fluentalk T1 Translator is very compact and has so many features that you don’t need anything other than what’s included in the box, save for an optional nano-SIM card.

Included in the box are:

Fluentalk T1 Translator

USB-A to USB-C charging cord



Slot pin

My only complaint here is that the manual is not complete. It does not include enough information about how to use the translator. It says to refer to the User Guide for more information, yet it includes no directions on where to find that. All I could find online was the digital copy of the printed manual.

It turns out that the User Guide is on the device itself. But you wouldn’t know that, as there is nothing to tell you that there are other menus on the device.

Fluentalk T1 Translator Setup

The Timekettle Fluentalk T1 Translator works via the included two-year data plan on the e-SIM, Wi-Fi, or a nano-SIM. The nano-SIM is optional and can be purchased on your own. A slot pin is included to help you open the slot to insert it.

You only need a nano-SIM to operate the translator if you want to use the device as a hotspot.

Do the same to turn it off. If you do a long-press on the button, you’ll have the options to power it off, restart, or SOS. The latter will alert authorities that you need help. As I’m located in the U.S., the device automatically set my SOS as 9-1-1 for alarm, emergency, and fire.

After choosing your desired language, the device presents you with a welcome screen in your language, then the home screen. The default is to translate to Chinese, but this can easily be changed by tapping “Chinese,” and choosing one of many languages and dialects.

Timekettle calls them accents, but they are more accurately described as dialects. I chose Spanish – Puerto Rico, as I will be stopping there on a cruise in January.

Scroll down from the top to reach the connection settings: Wi-Fi, Transfer, Airplane Mode, and Bluetooth. If you scroll down one more itme, you will reach the button to turn the flashlight on/off.

While the Fluentalk T1 Translator has the e-SIM built in, you can also sign in to your own Wi-Fi. Scroll to the right to find “Settings” and other functions.

Select “Network and Connection” to set up the Wi-Fi connection (WLAN).

Using the Fluentalk T1 Translator

Timekettle seems to have covered every possible way you would want to translate on the Fluentalk T1 Translator.

If you find it difficult to translate on the spot or want to take your time, you can pre-plan what you want to say and translate it beforehand, then have it handy to show someone who can provide an answer with the “Ask for Directions” feature.

If you’re listening to a speech and wish to translate and read it later, use “Spectator Mode.” You can also leave a “Voice Memo” for yourself for later on.

Most helpful could be the “Chat Translation” feature. Set the Fluentalk T1 Translator in the middle of you and the other person in the conversation, set it to this mode, hit the start button, and the two of you can speak freely while the translator does its thing.

Also helpful when traveling is being able to translate written words, whether it’s a street sign, flyer, directions, etc., with “Photo Translation.” Choose the function on the homescreen, then take a photo of the words, just as you would with your smartphone.

It took a few tries for me to find something easily translated, but that was me using things around the house and not while traveling. The above is a translation of a printed Black Friday ad I received in the mail.

If you scroll to the right of the homescreen, you will find other travel help, such as world clocks and currency exchange rates. It includes the clocks for Tokyo and Washington and the exchange rate from the U.S. dollar to the Japanese Yen, but the clock for Washington is wrong. It says it’s two hours ahead of me, but I’m located in the Chicago area, so it’s only one hour ahead.

Final Thoughts

Hands down, when I travel internationally, the Timekettle Fluentalk T1 Translator is a device I want to have. It will help me translate, and I can use it as a hotspot for other devices.

There are a few things left unanswered, but even in the few days of my review process, Timekettle updated the system on the device, so I know they are continuing to improve the system and functions. If they could update the manual and user guide to explain more fully how to use the Fluentalk T1, it would be a slam dunk.

You can pick up the Fluentalk T1 for $299 normally, but for Black Friday, a discount of up to 30% is being offered.

Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site’s sponsored review program.

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