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The Nokia PureView brands are reunited and the potential is huge

The Nokia PureView may well return, with HMD Global reclaiming the storied photography trademark and in the process stoking rumors of camera-savvy future smartphones. Nokia, back in the days before the Microsoft acquisition, created PureView as a brand for its innovative camera technologies.

That started – and is arguably still most memorably for – the Nokia 808 PureView. Launched in mid-2012, it was the culmination of five years of development by the Finnish company, squeezing a sizable 41-megapixel sensor into a Symbian handset. Combined with Carl Zeiss optics, it promised a new age of mobile photography.

The 808 PureView previewed a number of technologies and techniques which have gone on to be commonplace in smartphone cameras. With its oversized sensor, for example, it could deliver a lossless digital zoom, cropping a section of the frame to mimic the effect of an optical zoom but without losing pixels in the final shot. Combining data from clusters of pixels could make for more accurate colors and contrast.

Nokia went on to use the PureView brand on a number of photography-minded handsets, with the Lumia 1020 also packing a 41-megapixel sensor. The subsequent Lumia 920 and 1520 may not have been the most successful devices, running Windows Phone, but few doubted the abilities of their cameras, particularly in low-light situations or when avoiding hand-shake. Microsoft, after it acquired Nokia’s phone business, went on to release a PureView handset of its own, the Lumia 950.

Since then, though, the brand has been idle. HMD Global, the Finnish company which acquired the phone business from Microsoft in 2023, did not get the PureView trademark at the same time as it did the Nokia name. That changed on August 23, 2023, Nokiamob reports, with the new holding now confirmed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Gaining control of the PureView name doesn’t necessarily mean that HMD Global will actually use it, of course. The company’s current smartphone range -which uses Android – has focused more on core competencies than anything outlandish, pitching factors like affordability first. All the same, it’s not unimaginable that a new Nokia PureView device could be on the roadmap.

The Nokia 8 announced in mid-2023, for instance, has Zeiss lenses. The German lens company worked with Nokia on the original PureView technology, delivering the sizable optics the 808 PureView required to work with its huge sensor. At the same time, we’ve seen a rise in dual and even triple lens cameras from other phone-makers, using different combinations of color and monochrome sensors, telephoto lenses, depth sensors, and more.

With photography – and computational photography specifically – such a key selling point of modern smartphones, it would seem a wasted opportunity for HMD Global to have access to PureView as a name but not actually use it. Whether whatever device may end up bearing it is worthy of the branding will remain to be seen.

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Opinion: The ‘Apple Is Doomed’ Messages Are Booming, But Are Entirely Wrong

The idea that ‘Apple is doomed’ has been a constant refrain from some quarters throughout the decades, and has been given something of a boost during the coronavirus crisis.

First, there was the opening quarter of the year – Apple’s fiscal Q2. There was a dramatic difference between Apple’s original guidance and the actual numbers …

Delays do not mean Apple is doomed

Apple originally guided an extremely high $63-67B for the quarter, then withdrew the guidance and actually delivered $58.3B. On paper, that’s a dramatic hit.

In reality, not so much. There’s a very simple reason for that gap: the delayed launch of the new iPhone SE.

Given that Apple’s revenue for the same quarter last year was $58B, there was no possible way that guidance $5B to $9B higher made any sense unless the company anticipated a huge chunk of extra income this year. That extra income was clearly expected to be from iPhone SE sales.

It didn’t happen, because the iPhone SE wasn’t launched that quarter. But once it was, in this quarter, reviews were favorable – and early indications are that the new budget model is selling well. Indeed, financial uncertainties mean that a budget smartphone with decent performance becomes more, rather than less, appealing, so it may now be selling even better than Apple had expected.

So my guess is that much of the revenue Apple expected during Q2 has simply been shifted into Q3.

Then there’s talk of a delay to the launch of the iPhone 12. We don’t know for sure, but a lot of reports suggest this is at least plausible, and I’d actually say it’s more likely than not. Given that the new flagship models normally go on sale within a week or so of the end of Apple’s fiscal Q4 (calendar Q3), it would take only a very short delay indeed to kick all of the revenue into the following quarter.

But again, so what? Whether the revenue hits Apple’s balance sheet in one quarter or the next is hardly of great significance to anyone other than short-term investors in the stock.

But what about the long-term economic impact?

Coronavirus lockdowns are likely to last for many months yet. We don’t know in what form and to what extent, but there are a couple of plausible scenarios.

One, a very gradual easing of lockdown conditions that would see the economy make a gradual return to some kind of normality. Two, a faster easing of restrictions once the immediate crisis has passed, followed by a tighter lockdown over the winter when the virus may be more deadly and when hospitals will also need to cope with the usual seasonal flu outbreak at the same time.

Beyond the end of the year, no-one knows. The most optimistic scenario would be that, like the original SARS outbreak (SARS-CoV-1), it simply fades away. That seems less likely this time around, as it has spread further and faster, so containment is just a distant dream at this point – but it’s not impossible. The most pessimistic view is that it remains a significant threat on a permanent basis, either constantly or seasonally.

Between the two views is my own: that some mix of immunity from those who have had it, and an effective vaccine, means that it remains but is reduced to more of a background problem rather than a major threat.

Whatever the future holds, the economic hit will be huge, and long-lasting. It would be entirely fair to say that many businesses will fail, and many others will struggle for some considerable time. It would also be fair to say that during economic downturns, people will rein-in discretionary spending – which certainly includes buying an expensive new smartphone every 2-3 years.

There’s no reason Apple can’t thrive in a new normal

But even if we take the more pessimistic suggestions, there’s no reason Apple can’t thrive.

It may be that the crisis accelerates the lengthening of iPhone replacement cycles – that people start holding onto their phones for four or five years rather than two or three.

But that was a trend we’ve been seeing for some time now. An increasing number of people were of the view that the smartphone innovation curve has flattened, and we’re seeing only incremental changes each year, so they might as well hold onto their existing model for longer.

Apple was already responding to that trend. It was already offering a cheaper semi-flagship model each year – the iPhone XR and the base-model iPhone 11. It was already discounting models in more price-sensitive markets, like India and China. And, of course, it was quietly working on a new budget model, the iPhone SE.

It’s a similar story with the iPad. Back in 2023, Apple launched the $329 base-model iPad, a move which made a very well-specced model – all the iPad many people would need – for a much lower price.

Feasible because a huge proportion of the cost of an Intel chip is the intellectual property. That costs way more than the silicon. Apple could have TSMC make its own chips for dramatically less than the cost of buying current Intel ones.

Beneficial because Apple needs to persuade developers to convert their apps, and the best way to do that is to show them that there are a huge number of ARM Mac users out there.

That we might see, in effect, a new iBook or eMac.

But that’s just one end of the scale. If previous financial crashes have taught us anything, it’s that there is always demand for premium products even in a crisis. Some people remain wholly or largely unaffected. Even for people who may struggle, it’s in tough times when little luxuries become even more appealing – and small, everyday luxuries is Apple’s bread-and-butter. Apple will continue to make plenty of money from its premium products too.

There are new products on the way

Finally, Apple isn’t just about the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Its wearables have been an increasingly important part of the product mix. Services continue to grow. Plus there are completely new products in the pipeline.

Cook yesterday said what he of course always says:

This business [has] our best product pipeline ever.

But hyperbole aside, it will always be true that Apple has new products in development. There will be big gambles, like Apple Glasses, which may be huge (perhaps eventually replacing the iPhone) or a complete flop. There will be small things like AirTags, which are likely to be enormously popular. And there will be in-between things, like over-ear headphones, which aren’t likely to be technically exciting but will be fashionable and almost certainly sell well. Plus, of course, all the things we (and perhaps Apple) don’t yet know anything about.

Apple is not doomed

So no, Apple isn’t doomed. Its business may contract in certain areas. The challenges of re-opening retail stores may limit sales opportunities for a time. It may well sell fewer flagship iPhones this year and next.

But the company now has a broad range of products at a wide range of price-points. It has new product categories coming down the line. It has huge cash reserves to see it through any choppy waters. And it is busy buying back its own shares to benefit from the inevitable financial recovery at whatever pace and point that occurs.

Apple may see temporary setbacks, but if there’s one business I’d bet on riding out this storm better than most, it’s the one with the spaceship campus.

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Top 21 Brands Getting The Most Out Of Tumblr

Tumblr Is Not Just Social Media

The thing is, Tumblr is more than a social media site. Instead, it’s a microblogging platform that has not been utilized by a majority of brands. Which is unfortunate. There are a lot of perks that should be discovered by more companies.

For starters, Tumblr hosts a smorgasbord of content (text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos) that is easily digestible for users. There’s something for everyone on a Tumblr blog that makes people want to come back for more, whether it’s a GIF or keeping up with current events.

Secondly, there’s a devoted, and growing, fanbase on Tumblr that includes 131.7 million blogs and over 58 billion posts. That’s an impressive amount of prospective clients. Finally, Tumblr is a simple and fun location for communities of people to engage and share and discuss the latest happenings of a brand.

Get The Most Out of Tumblr

If you are employed by a brand, or launching your own company, and are looking for a unique way to push new products onto consumers, Tumblr is a strong recommendation. If you need further proof and examples, check out the following 20 brands using Tumblr the right way.

21. IBM Smarter Planet

 The IBM Smarter Planet Tumblr has been around for a while and was always just a cool place to visit. It’s full of content that illustrates how technology and innovation can make the world a more efficient place to roam.

20. The Standards Hotels

The Standards Hotels Tumblr is an interesting and edgy mix that highlights all of the art, food, fashion, music and events that the boutique hotel has become known for.

19. Glamour

Glamour uses some of its best images to gain the attention of web surfers on Tumblr to drive them back to its official site. An easy enough tactic that works effectively.

18. Keds

Keds features a bright and youthful page to attract customers to the latest products. It’s also perfect for people who also can’t get enough of celebrity endorser Taylor Swift. Which is everyone, right?

17. The New Yorker

By using some their most recent cartoons, quotes or videos, The New Yorker has a sharp-looking Tumblr page that links back to previous articles as well.

16. Vans

Vans brings their audience back to their official site, as well as their Instagram page, by hosting all of their exciting skateboarding and snowboarding events on Tumblr. You might even catch some shoes on the blog too.

15. Life Magazine

Life Magazine is another publication that attracts viewers with their iconic images. There’s also some unpublished outtakes for those of us who are history buffs. Or, just like pretty pictures.

14. Coca-Cola

The soft giant has a fun and lighthearted Tumblr that celebrates the happier moments in life, which somehow also involve a refreshing Coca-Cola.

13. Newsweek & The Daily Beast

12. Nabisco

 Unlike most brands on Tumblr that are nameless and faceless besides a logo, Nabisco’s Tumblr features an actual person who posts images from sponsored events, and snacks too.

11. Sesame Street

You might be too old to watch Sesame Street, unless you have kids, but this is a great Tumblr with vintage clips, animated GIFs and press appearances for people of all ages.

10. Ann Taylor

 A simple white background with a magazine layout makes the Ann Taylor Tumblr stand out with it’s basic, yet stylish, design. There’s some content on the blog as well, such as a Style Builder and lots of galleries.

9. Stussy

Legendary street wear brand Stussy utilizes Tumblr to push new products and sell items by using retro-inspired photographs that eye-catching enough to get the attention of people passing through.

8. Lexus

A sleek, simple black and white layout  make the luxury vehicle Lexus seem even more desirable and classy. How can that be?

7. Comedy Central

Comedy Central was one of the first entertainment brands to embrace Tumblr. And, since the network is home to South Park, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Tosh.0, you can get your daily laugh fix via humours GIFS and updates.

6. Calvin Klein

A sharp, yet minimalist and effective, Tumblr that showcases fashion shoots and models – in the fashion label’s underwear, obviously – that help to continue to build CK as an iconic brand.

5. GQ

GQ is yet another publication that uses Tumblr to promote digital content via images. There’s also other short-form content and links to GQ’s official site and other social media mediums. Best of all, it’s just a clean and easy to navigate blog.

4. J. Crew

The quirky posts by J. Crew’s employees prove that they love the brand, which is refreshing when so many people can’t stand their jobs. The J. Crew Tumblr is also full book suggestions, interviews,”this week’s discovery,” and archival pictures. That’s enough to keep even the most of short-attention span people on the blog.

3. Target

A very nice clean and simple Tumblr that pushes products available at Target. Don’t know about you, but we’re ready to do some shopping…

2.  Whole Foods

Is it weird to describe a Tumblr blog as attractive? Maybe. But, that’s the perfect word to describe Whole Foods Tumblr. Besides pushing what the store has on shelves, there are also posts featuring recipes or content from other sites so that there’s a plethora of material to inspect.

1. Adidas Originals

A smooth and interactive Tumblr that highlights the products that the sportswear giant currently has available. Overall, this is a beautiful Tumblr that has a lot of features to explore, but most importantly, links customers back to the brand’s e-commerce site when they’re ready to enter their credit card numbers.

Featured Image: Deposit Photos

Apecoin And Bitcoin Show Revival,Is Standing Out Due Its Growth Potential

The crypto market has seen some exciting events in recent months, with the presale launch of Tradecurve being the biggest one. Due to its uniqueness and market viability, it has emerged as the strongest challenger to big caps like ApeCoin (APE) and Bitcoin (BTC). Early investors could be in for a 100x growth; hence, the excitement around the presale.

ApeCoin (APE) Proposes Two New NFT Collections

Recently, ApeCoin (APE) proposed the introduction of two new NFT collections to establish a connection with the Metaverse. However, the proposal tabled by ApeCoin (APE) has been rejected by the DAO community. With this proposal, ApeCoin (APE) wanted to create a bridge between its platform, and the Metaverse by connecting projects like The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Otherside. According to estimates, if the proposal had been approved, it would have cost approximately $168,000 to ApeCoin (APE). The 2 NFT collections proposed by ApeCoin (APE) were Ape Coin Pet Club, and the Multi-link Ape Coin Armory Club. Meanwhile, the price of ApeCoin (APE) has surged by 6% in the past week. As a result, the current trading price of ApeCoin (APE) has increased to $4.10.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) Use Cases Increase Significantly

A new research report by Trust Machines has revealed that there has been “explosive growth” in the use cases of Bitcoin (BTC). According to the report, Bitcoin NFTs, Bitcoin Name Services (BNS), and development on the Stacks blockchain have been the primary reasons behind the increased use cases of BTC. The report has addressed the critics of Bitcoin, who have long been criticizing BTC for lagging in the development activity, and being restricted to payments. Bitcoin’s (BTC) value has witnessed an increase of 7% in the past week. Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $29,336.86. Notably, the launch of Bitcoin Ordinals has been named the biggest development in the BTC ecosystem in 2023. However, Bitcoin (BTC) is still 57% below its peak price of $68,789.63.

Tradecurve (TCRV) Can Jump by 5000% In the Next Few Weeks

The global crypto market capitalization is projected to surpass the $3 trillion mark by 2027. User penetration in the crypto market is also expected to hit 12.5%, which is currently 8.8%. This shows that the market potential is there for a Hybrid Trading exchange like Tradecurve to disrupt the market. Ambitions for the project are sky high with a target raise of $20 million expected during the presale, surpassing the initial raise of market titan Binance, which attracted $15 million during its initial coin offering. will be a permissionless and borderless Web3 trading exchange that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies and other assets like forex, equities, CFDs, bonds, from a single account. It also helps traders maintain anonymity while executing trades, and protects users’ privacy through DeFi capabilities. 

A VIP account service and Metaverse trading academy are just some of the unique features that will be available on the Tradecurve platform making it distinct from other exchanges, like KuCoin and Coinbase.

TCRV, the utility token of Tradecurve is available to purchase at $0.01. Only a limited supply of 40% of tokens will be available during the presale chúng tôi short supply and rising demand analysts believe that the project is likely to grow by 50x during its presale phase, and by 100x after its listing on Uniswap and CEXs.  

For more information about $TCRV presale tokens:

What The Heck Is A Time Crystal, And Why Are Physicists Obsessed With Them?

You’re probably quite familiar with the basic states of matter—solid, liquid, gas—that fill everyday life on Earth.

But those three different sorts of matter that each look and act differently aren’t the whole of the universe—far from it. Scientists have discovered (or created) dozens of more exotic states of matter, often bearing mystical and fanciful names: superfluids, Bose-Einstein condensates, and neutron-degenerate matter, to name a few.

In the last few years, physicists around the world have been constructing another state of matter: a “time crystal.” If that seems like B-movie technobabble, it’s technobabble no longer. Using a quantum computer, a few researchers have created a time crystal that, they think, firmly establishes time crystals in the world of physics. 

So what exactly is a time crystal? It might sound like the critical component that makes a time machine tick, some sort of futuristic power source, or perhaps an artifact of a lost alien civilization. But, to scientists, a time crystal is actually something more subtle: a curiosity of the laws of physics.

What defines any bog-standard crystal—such as a diamond, an emerald, or even an ice cube—is that the crystal’s atoms are somehow arranged in repeating patterns in space. There’s three dimensions of space—and a fourth dimension, time. So physicists wondered if a crystal’s atoms could be arranged in repeating patterns in time.

In practice, that works something like this. You create a crystal whose atoms start in one state. If you blast that crystal with a finely tuned laser, those atoms might flip into another state—and then flip back—and then flip again—and so forth, all without actually absorbing any energy from the laser.

If you step back, what you’ve just created is a state of matter that’s perpetually in motion, indefinitely, without taking in any energy.

That’s no small feat. It beats against one of classical physics’ most sacred tenets: the second law of thermodynamics. That law states that the amount of entropy, or disorder, always tends to increase. Think of it like a vase, teetering at the edge of a table. The universe wants to push that vase over and make it shatter across the floor. To piece it back together, you have to put in the energy.

Time crystals are actually a rather new idea, having first been theorized by Nobel-winning physicist Franck Wilczek in 2012. Not all physicists accepted that theory at the time, with some claiming that the second law of thermodynamics would rear its legalistic head.

Naturally, determined researchers found loopholes. In 2023, physicists at the University of Maryland managed to bodge together a crude time crystal from a collection of ytterbium atoms. Other groups have created time crystals inside diamonds.

[Related: In photos: a rare glimpse inside the heart of a quantum computer]

“The ability to simulate the rules…becomes so much harder” with traditional computers, says Gabriel Perdue, a quantum computer researcher at Fermilab, a national lab in suburban Chicago that focuses on high-end particle physics.

But, by arranging particles in a quantum computer’s processor, it’s possible to literally study systems of tiny particles as if they are building blocks. That’s a powerful ability, and it’s not something you’ll see much in the non-quantum world.

“We don’t compute, you know, how far a baseball goes…by building miniature baseball players and doing simulations,” says Perdue. But doing something quite similar on a very small scale, he says, is what the researchers used Google’s quantum computer to do to make their time crystal.  

In this case, physicists could take atoms, rearrange them, then pulse them with a laser to drive a time crystal. That setup has allowed researchers to create a time crystal that’s bigger than any time crystal before it. While many previous time crystals were short-lasting and unravelled within a few back-and-forth flip cycles, the scientists behind this latest time crystal effort are marvelling at the stability of what they’ve created.

“The thing that is most exciting here, for me,” says Perdue, “it’s a demonstration of using a quantum computer to really simulate a quantum physics system and study it in a way that is really novel and exciting.”

What Are The Digital Wallets And Their Types?

Digital wallets allow users to access online payments through digital wallets. This blog will provide an overview of digital wallets as well as how they can simplify your daily life.

Digital wallets make it possible to send and receive money and cashless online transactions.

There are many digital wallets available right now, and they offer all the benefits. Digital wallets will be a big trend in the coming years.

What are Digital Wallets?

Digital wallets (also known as e-wallets) are fintech apps that allow users to make online transactions quickly and without hassle. Users can make online transactions using their smartphones, instead of cards, notes, coins, or money.

Digital wallets can be used to make online payments and pay for items that you don’t own. Digital wallets include encryption features to ensure that your transaction is secure.

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Top 5 Automation Tools to Streamline Workflows for Busy IT Teams

Different Types of Digital Wallets

There are many options for digital wallets on the market. Let’s discuss them.

Closed Wallet

This digital wallet can only be used by a select group of users. A closed wallet has one of the best features. Users or businesses can only make transactions with the private key. It is best to not share the key with anyone else.

Semi-Closed Wallet

Open Wallet

Open wallets can be associated with multiple banks. All transactions are tracked and managed in one place.

To make online transactions, it is important to have an account in the same digital wallet. PayPal is an example of an open digital wallet.

Crypto Wallet

IoT Wallet


These digital wallets are highly in demand. Industries are now investing in digital wallet development to meet the demand of their customers.

A digital wallet development company can help you build the app you need and assist you if you’re a business owner.

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