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Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a technology present since the emergence of computers and utilizes the interprocess communication technique. Its primary purpose is to enable a client and a server to communicate with each other over the network. Some users after completing an upgrade to a newer version of Windows 11/10 might notice that executing any remote command fails with the error message The RPC server is unavailable, Error 0x800706BA – prior to the upgrade these remote commands execute successfully. In this post, we will identify the potential causes and then provide the possible solutions that you can try to help remediate this issue.

The error message The RPC Server is unavailable can be triggered by any of the following:

One or more services required by RPC are disabled.

Remote assistance is disabled by the Firewall.

IPV6 or File Printer Sharing is disabled.

The IP address is crashing the RPC server.

RPC services are disabled via Registry.

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The RPC server is unavailable in Windows 11/10

If you are faced with this error, you can try the recommended solutions below.

Check RPC service on your computer

Enable Remote Desktop/Assistance in Firewall

Change Startup Selection from Selective startup to Normal startup

Enable IPV6 and File & Printer Sharing for the connected network

Flush DNS & Renew

Force RPC services to start using Registry Editor.

Other sugegstions.

Now, let’s delve into the detailed steps of these solutions.

1] Check RPC service on your computer

This solution implies that conflicts with other third-party applications or changing the system systems might force the RPC service to go from the default (Automatic) value to manual. This means that RPC might not start automatically when needed.

To check RPC service on your computer, do the following:

Press Windows + R, type chúng tôi in the dialog box and hit Enter.

Once in the Services window, search for the following processes:

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

RPC Endpoint Mapper or Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator

DCOM Service Process Launcher

Once in properties, make sure that the service is Started and the Startup type is set as Automatic.

Save changes and exit.

Restart your computer and see if the issue is resolved.

2] Enable Remote Desktop/Assistance in Firewall

To allow Remote Assistance in firewall on your computer, do the following:

Press Windows key + R, type control in the dialog box and hit Enter.

Once the control panel pops up, type Firewall in the search bar at the top-right side of the window and hit Enter.

Restart your computer and see if the issue is resolved.

3] Change Startup Selection from Selective startup to Normal startup

The selective startup is a booting method which allows your computer to turn on with a minimal number of items loaded. This is usually done when troubleshooting issues with your computer which might involve other third-party applications. However, whenever you boot using selective startup, your computer will also not load all the RPC components onto your computer. In this case, we will select the normal startup and see if this fixes the issue. Here’s how:

Press Windows key + R, type msconfig in the dialog box and hit Enter.

Once in the startup configuration, select the tab General and choose the option Normal startup.

You will be prompted for a restart. Restart immediately using the popped-up window and check if the error message is resolved.

4] Enable IPV6 and File & Printer Sharing for the connected network

In some cases, you might encounter the Error 1722: The RPC server is unavailable issue in instances where there’s a network connection interruption caused by one or multiple settings. In this case, enabling IPV6 and File & Printer Sharing for the connected network could resolve the issue. Do the following:

Press Windows key + R and then type chúng tôi in the Run dialog box and hit Enter to open up the Network Connections window.

Once you get to the Properties of your network connection, go to the Networking tab and scroll down through the list of items.

Locate File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks and Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and make sure that both associated boxes are checked.

Restart your computer and see if the issue is resolved at the next startup.

5] Flush DNS & Renew

This solution requires you to ensure that the services involved in the RPC connection are running (as outlined in solution 1 above) before you proceed to flush the DNS and renew the connection.

If you’re certain that the required services are running, then follow the instructions below to flush the DNS and renew the connection.

Launch command prompt in elevated mode.

Inside the elevated Command prompt, type the following command and hit Enter to flush the current IP Configuration:

ipconfig /flushdns

Once the command is successfully registered, type the following command and hit Enter to renew the IP Configuration:

ipconfig /renew

Once the IP has been renewed, close the elevated Command Prompt and execute remote commands and see if the issue has been resolved.

6] Force RPC services to start using Registry Editor

To use Registry Editor to force RPC services to start, do the following:

Launch Registry Editor.

Inside the Registry Editor, use the left-hand pane to navigate to the following location:


In the properties box, set the Base to Hexadecimal and the Value data to 2.

Next, use the left-hand pane or the navigation bar at the top (paste the registry path and hit Enter) to navigate to this location:


Then, set the Base to Hexadecimal and the value data to 2.

Lastly, navigate to the following location by using the navigation bar at the top or by using the left-hand pane:


Then, set the Base to Hexadecimal and the Value Data to 2.

Close the Registry Editor, restart your computer and see if the ‘The RPC server is unavailable’ issue has been resolved at the next system startup.

7] Other suggestions

Check for incorrect DNS settings.

Check for incorrect Time and Time zone settings.

Ensure that TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service is running.

Ensure that Remote Registry service is running.

How do I enable RPC server? The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)

If you see The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA) error message then it could mean that either your RPC service is not working properly or that your RPC packets are blocked by firewall.

Restart the Remote computer

Run the following command to check if your Port 15 is open – Test-NetConnection -ComputerName MyComputer -Port 135

Ensure that all the RPC Services are working OK

Check your Firewall settings and logs and see if thr protocol is being blocked.

Similar error code: Windows Update error 0x800706ba

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Your Internet Access Is Blocked In Chrome In Windows 11/10

Sometimes when you are browsing on Google Chrome, you may come across an issue where the websites do not open. This issue may be a result of internet access being blocked by Google Chrome. And you may get an ERR_NETWORK_ACESS_DENIED error. Read on to know what are the possible causes of issues where your internet access is blocked by Google Chrome in Windows 11/10.

Why is my Internet access blocked on Google Chrome?

Getting an error while working on Google Chrome can be frustrating. Here are a few reasons why you may be getting it.

Using the internet in a restricted area: If you are using the internet at your workplace, any public place, or any educational institute, there may be restrictions on access to certain websites. To get access, you may have to contact the authorities.

Malware attack: This is yet another common cause of internet access being blocked by Google Chrome and getting the error. Malware, spyware or certain types of virus attacks that take place via a malicious file may change the network and browser settings. Due to these changes, you may get the Your internet access is blocked error.

The issue with network driver: Sometimes an issue with the Network driver may block internet access on Google Chrome.

Firewall: Most of the antivirus programs have an in-built firewall utility. These firewalls block internet access if the program detects any suspicious files or websites.

Fix Internet Access is Blocked in Chrome

Now that you know what may have caused the issue of Internet Access is Blocked in Chrome, along with the error, read further to know the solutions to fix this issue.

There are several ways to fix this error. Here are some solutions that are Chrome specific:

Clear the cache

Disable third-party extensions

Delete Chrome profile

Change the Firewall settings

Reset Chrome.

1] Clear the Cache:

The solution can be as simple as clearing the cache of your Google Chrome browser. Some browser history and cookies hinder the website’s IP address and this causes the internet access to block.

This solution may resolve the issue of Internet Access is Blocked in Chrome.

2] Disable third-party extensions:

3] Delete Chrome profile:

At times, deleting the Chrome profile helps in fixing the error.

There are two ways to delete the Chrome profile:

You can end the chrome.exe task from the Task Manager.

Rebooting your PC can also delete the Chrome profile. For this, follow the next steps after the PC is restarted:

1] Press Windows key + R to open Run

2] Type the following in the textbox and hit Enter:

%LOCALAPPDATA%GoogleChromeUser Data

When the file explorer opens, search for Default and rename it as chúng tôi .

4] Change the Firewall settings:

In case, the firewall is blocking Google Chrome’s access to the internet. Change the settings for the Firewall so that it lets Google Chrome open the website. To allow Chrome to access the Network in your Windows Defender Firewall, follow these steps:

Open the Windows Defender Firewall using the Search box

In the Allowed Apps window, press the Change settings button

In the Allowed apps and features list, select Google Chrome

Select Private and Public options for Google Chrome

Press OK.

5] Reset Chrome:

We often make changes in the settings of browsers that suit our requirements. Some of these changes in Chrome settings may cause the error of internet access being blocked. Hence, resetting your Chrome browser may fix the issue.

Now refresh your browser and check if the issue of Internet Access is Blocked in Chrome is resolved.

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Hope this helps.

Bluetooth Is Greyed Out On Windows 11/10

Bluetooth has long been the standard for connecting wireless devices to computers, including mouse, keyboards, speakers, earphones, and other peripherals. Furthermore, the connectivity feature is used to transfer files between computers and other devices. However, some users have complained that Bluetooth is greyed out on their Windows 11/10.

This particular bug will render the Bluetooth connection ineffective on such a computer, resulting in the inability to connect to some wireless devices. If you’ve come here to read this article for that reason, we’ve got some solutions for you. This article will go over the reasons for Bluetooth being greyed out on a Windows PC, as well as the best techniques to fix it.

Why is Bluetooth greyed out in Windows?

The causes for the Bluetooth option being greyed out in some parts of your Windows computer can usually be broken down to two things: A problem with your PC’s bluetooth drivers or a general connectivity issue.

When the Bluetooth driver needs to be updated or you need to make some modifications to it, the computer may be unable to connect to any Bluetooth device until the solution(s) is/are performed. The same can be said for the second reason, however, to assist you, we’ve listed some of the best methods for resolving the problem in the next section of this article.

Fix Bluetooth is greyed out on Windows 11/10

If the Bluetooth option is greyed out on your Windows 11/10 computer, then follow these suggestions to resolve the issue:

Restart the computer and the router

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Check Bluetooth Services

Update Bluetooth Adapter Drivers

Check-in Clean Boot State.

Before you begin, check for Windows Updates manually and install them if any are offered.

1] Restart the computer & the router

Users may view this approach as a cliche, but it remains one of the most effective ways of solving minor computer issues. So, if your Bluetooth on your PC is merely greyed out because of a little issue, restart the computer and see whether your Bluetooth works. You could also add the router to internet device.

This solution is recommended to be used first before moving on to other fixes because it is the easiest and does not involve any system tinkering. If that doesn’t work, go on to the other alternatives.

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2] Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Another thing you could try out to fix this Bluetooth issue is to run a Bluetooth troubleshooter on the computer. Here is how it is done:

Windows 11

Press Windows + I keys to open Settings

Inder System settings, select Troubleshoot

Select Bluetooth and run the troubleshooter.

Windows 10

Press Windows + I keys to open Settings.

Select Update & Security.

Hit Run the Troubleshooter and follow the on-screen prompts if the troubleshooter finds any issue.

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3] Check Bluetooth Services

For Bluetooth to work, the following services have to be running properly, so check if they are set to their default Windows configurations as mentioned below:

Bluetooth Support Services – Manual Trigger Start

Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service – Manual Trigger Start

Bluetooth Driver Management Service – Automatic

Bluetooth Handsfree Service – Manual Trigger Start

Bluetooth – Automatic

Bluetooth Device Monitor – Manual Trigger Start

Bluetooth OBEX Service – Manual Trigger Start

Do note that you may see all these mentioned services on your system, so check the settings for only those that you see in your Service Manager.

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4] Update Bluetooth Drivers

Updating Bluetooth drivers also helps in fixing lots of Bluetooth problems on Windows. Follow one of the methods below to update your Bluetooth drivers:

You may check for Driver Updates via Windows Update to update your drivers

You may visit the manufacturer’s site to download the drivers.

Use a free driver update software

If you have the INF driver file already on your computer then:

Open Device Manager.

Select Update Driver.

Follow the on-screen wizard to finish updating your audio drivers.

Make sure your network connection is on while doing this to make the operation successful.

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5] Check-in Clean Boot State

Perform Clean Boot and see if the problem still appears. If it does not then it means that some 3rd-party process is interfering and you need to manually troubleshoot further. Clean-boot troubleshooting is designed to isolate a performance problem. To perform clean-boot troubleshooting, you must take several actions, and then restart the computer after each action. You may need to manually disable one item after another to try and pinpoint the one that is causing the problem. Once you have identified the offender, you can consider removing or disabling it.

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Why can’t I turn on Bluetooth on my Windows 10?

Bluetooth may stop working on Windows systems for a variety of reasons. However, these causes can be reduced to a few: Bluetooth driver issues and minor computer issues. Usually, these issues can be resolved by updating Bluetooth drivers or using a Bluetooth troubleshooter. The previous section of the article has covered the details on how to perform this troubleshooting in detail. This post will help you if the toggle to turn Bluetooth On or Off is missing.

How do I fix Bluetooth in Device Manager is missing?

If Bluetooth is missing in your Device Manager, try these solutions:

Enable hidden devices in the Device Manager

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Uninstall the latest Windows Update

Download Bluetooth Driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Hope the post helped you.

Cannot Rename Folders In Windows 11/10

Some users are having trouble when trying to rename a folder on a Windows computer. Sometimes, the context menu doesn’t allow users to rename the folder, whereas, sometimes, the user is faced with error messages. In this article, we are going to see what should be done if you cannot rename folders in Windows 11/10.

Can’t rename or delete a folder, The action cannot be completed because a file or folder in it is open in another program

Why can’t I rename a folder on my PC?

There could be various possible factors that can stop a folder from getting renamed. More often than not, if there is a file, located inside that folder, that is active or is getting used by any other program, the folder can not be renamed. Also, some things like corrupted system files or misconfiguration can trigger this issue. We have talked about all the solutions you need to resolve the issue and start renaming folders.

Fix Cannot rename Folders in Windows 11/10

If you cannot rename Folders on your computer, go through the following suggestions, solutions, and workarounds.

Restart File Explorer

Check if a file inside the folder is opened or is being used by another program

Try Handle

Check if you have permission to alter the folder

Run SFC and DISM

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Use Reset This PC.

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Restart File Explorer

2] Check if a file inside the folder is opened or is being used by another program

You need to make sure that the folder that you are trying to rename doesn’t have any file running in the background. So, if you know which file is opened, just close it. In case, you have no clue which app is the troublemaker, just restart your computer as that will close all the files and folders anyway. Hopefully, you will be able to rename the folder afterward.

3] Try Handle 4] Check if you have permission to alter the folder

First of all, let us check if you have permission to rename that folder and if you don’t have the privilege, we will see how to gain it back. To do the same, follow the prescribed steps.

Go to the Security tab and check if you, the user, have all the required permissions

If this doesn’t work, you may need to take ownership of the folder and then try.

5] Run SFC and DISM

There is a possibility that the issue has occurred because of corrupted system files. It is quite simple to repair these files using some CMD commands. Launch Command Prompt as an administrator and then run the following commands.

First of all, we will run System File Checker which will scan your system files and then repair them quickly. To do the same, copy the command mentioned below, paste it into CMD, and then hit Enter.


DISM tool can also be used to repair system images. if SFC didn’t work for you, execute the following command and see if that helps.

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

6] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

If there is a third-party app installed on your computer that is conflicting with basic Windows functionality such as renaming a folder, you should perform Clean Boot to find out the culprit. Clean Boot allows you to disable all the processes that may hinder the process and then you can manually enable processes to find out the troublemaker. Once you know which is the culprit, all you have to do is remove or disable it for the time being and your issue will be resolved.

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7] Use Reset this PC

If nothing worked, your last resort is to use the Reset this PC option to dial back your computer to the point when the folders were able to rename. So, go ahead and use Reset this PC from the Windows Settings, making sure that you opt to save existing files and data, and see if the issue is resolved.

TIP: This post will help you if you cannot rename files in Windows.

How do I force a folder to rename in Windows 11?

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How do I rename a file in Windows 11?

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Fix : Bad_Module_Info Error In Windows 10/11

When the computer is low on resources, like physical and graphic memory, the error “bad_module_info” can pop up, crashing your application. Due to this, you might lose any progress on the application/games.

To fix the crash, you should know the error that is displayed in the crash-dialog box. If the error says “bad_module_info has stopped working”, you can find a few of the causes and their solutions below.

Bad_module_info is a type of error that can show up while running games or applications. Low memory on the graphics card can lead to these crashes while running some graphics-heavy tasks. Corrupted files can also cause your applications or games to crash mid-session.

The main reason we see the “bad_module_info” is if the computer is low on primary memory (especially RAM) and graphics memory. Now, let us get to some reasons your computer is low on resources. 

Multiple graphics-heavy tasks in the background

Full-screen optimization enabled

Problems with Windows update

Outdated graphics driver

Application not compatible with the Windows version

Game mode and Xbox game bar enabled

First, make sure that the computer has enough primary and graphics memory to run the application. Check the minimum system requirements for the applications. If the application still crashes despite having enough resources, you can opt for any of these solutions.

When any game runs on maximum FPS (Frames Per Second), it uses a lot of physical and video memory. Try limiting the in-game FPS for less resource consumption. For most games, you can limit the maximum FPS in video settings. 

The Fullscreen Optimization feature in Windows allows you to improve the FPS and performance of your game when it runs on full screen. This option is on by default for any games that run on full screen. However, this can also be one of the reasons for the error message. So, to disable this feature, you can follow these steps.

The executable file will be a .exe file with no shortcut sign on the icon. To find the executable file follow these steps.

A file explorer dialog box will now appear. Some games will have the .exe file on this dialog box. If you cannot find it, search inside the folders for the file.

Note: Your in-game FPS will decrease once you disable this feature.

While you are on this screen, enable the run as administrator option. Running a program as an admin gives the computer more resources to run the application.

If the application is old, it might not be compatible with the latest Windows. The Compatibility Mode allows older applications to operate on newer versions of Windows. To run a program on different compatibility modes, follow these steps.

Sometimes a bad Windows update can cause some incompatibility issues between the OS (Operating System) and the application. You can use the Windows Update Troubleshooter to find and fix any issues with the Windows update.

Restart the computer once it finishes the troubleshooting process. If the game still crashes with the error bad_module_info, you can revert to the previous stable version.

If the Windows Update Troubleshooter did not fix your issue with the update, you can always uninstall the recent updates. Follow these steps to uninstall Windows updates.

If you have some graphic-heavy process running in the background, the computer can run out of physical and graphics memory. To close the background applications, you can follow these steps.

Some applications may not be compatible with your Windows, which can cause the bad_module_error. The Program Compatibility Troubleshooter checks and repairs your program that is incompatible with the version of your windows. Follow these steps to run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. 

Game Mode is a feature in Windows that boosts your in-game performance by limiting the resource used by the background process. Xbox game bar is a tool that streams your gameplay, captures your gameplay with a press of a button. 

Sometimes, a Windows update or any driver update can cause the Game mode or Xbox game bar to malfunction which causes the error. You can follow these steps to disable the Windows Game Mode and Xbox Game Bar.

When a game runs on full-screen windowed mode, it doesn’t use high resources. Therefore, you can run your games with a slight decrease in performance.

To enter a full-screen mode in any game, go to video settings and select display mode to Windowed Fullscreen.

If a computer running an application runs low on memory, you might get the bad_module_info error. If you have an outdated driver, updating it might help with resource management. To update your GPU drivers, you can follow these steps.

If you face the bad_module_info crash on Fortnite, you can disable the full-screen optimization of the Epic Games launcher. As Epic Games runs in the background while running Fortnite, disabling this option can solve the issue.

To go to Epic Games Launcher executable file, follow these steps.

When the crash error pops up, check if the game still runs in the background. If it does, you can follow these steps.

Go to video settings once the game opens. 

Change the window mode to windowed fullscreen. 

Apply the settings and close Fortnite.

Open Fortnite. (the crash will pop up again. Ignore this and set the crash message dialog box to the side)

Again change the Window mode setting from Windowed Fullscreen to Fullscreen.

This will put Fortnite in the foreground and the crash message in the background. This will make your game playable even with the crash.

Validating any steam games will repair any corrupted files and check if all files are up-to-date. These corrupted files can cause errors, like loading screen glitches, crashes (bad_modle_info). To validate your steam games, please follow these steps.

Screensaver Not Working In Windows 11/10

Screensavers are moving visuals that appear on your system’s screen after the system has been idle for a while. However, at times the screensaver may not start or may stop working for various reasons. In case the screensaver is not working in your Windows system, then this article may help you.

Screensaver not working in Windows 11/10

Earlier, screensavers were necessary for CRT monitors since the monitor background could get discolored if the screen wasn’t changed for long. This isn’t the case with modern monitors but screensavers are necessary for hiding information. In many computers, screensavers aren’t activated by default. In other cases, Windows Updates can turn off the screensavers and you need to change the settings.

In case you encounter the issue of screensaver not working in Windows 11/10, try updating Windows. If this doesn’t help, proceed with the following solutions sequentially:

Check the Screensaver settings

Check Sleep settings

Keep your mouse clean and away from polished surfaces

Unplug the peripherals

Restore the default Power settings

Use the Power Troubleshooter

Update Display or Graphics Drivers

Run an SFC scan.

Let us see them in detail.

1] Check the Screensaver settings

It is quite possible that the screensaver is turned OFF. This could either be a default setting or could have changed after a Windows update. Some third-party programs are also known to alter these settings. The screensaver settings could be checked as follows:

Search for ‘screen saver’ in the Windows search bar and select the option for Change screen saver. This will open the Screen Saver Settings page.

Select the Wait time of your choice.

Hit Apply and then OK to save the settings.

2] Check Sleep settings

If your Sleep settings are set to turn off the screen or Sleep before the screensaver can activate, then you will never see it. So set your Screensaver to activate, say after 5 minutes, and PC to Sleep (Turn off the display time setting) after, say 10 minutes.

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3] Keep your mouse clean and away from polished surfaces

The slightest movement of a mouse counts as a movement for the system. If an optical mouse is unclean or kept on a polished surface, it will keep recording movements and thus the screensaver might not appear. To isolate this probability, clean the bottom of the mouse and keep it on white paper for a while. If the screensaver still doesn’t appear, move to the next solution.

4] Unplug the peripherals

When connected to the system, some peripherals send a message that the computer needn’t rest since the peripheral device is at work. In many cases, this instruction is encoded into the drivers.

In this situation, you can try unplugging all the peripherals and check if the screensaver appears. If yes, plug the devices back one by one to figure which one caused the bug. Now it is for you to decide whether or not to keep the peripheral.

5] Restore the default Power settings

The screensaver is governed by the power settings of the system. If a Windows update or third-party software messes up with the Power settings, the screensaver might not work right. In this case, you can reset the Power settings to default as follows:

Press Win+R to open the Run window and type the command chúng tôi . Hit Enter to open the Power Options window.

Select Restore default settings for this plan and hit Yes.

This will restore the power settings to default. Check if it helps with the screensaver.

6] Use the Power Troubleshooter

The Power Troubleshooter can fix issues related to the Power settings. The procedure to run the Power troubleshooter is as follows:

Select the Power troubleshooter from the list and run it.

Restart the system and check if it resolves your problem with the screensaver.

7] Update Display or Graphics Drivers

Update your Graphics Drivers and see if it helps. If you recently updated them, then rollback and see. Else you can download the drivers and fresh-install them.

8] Run an SFC scan

Missing or corrupted system files can cause the issue in discussion. The SFC  scan help in checking for missing files on the system and replacing them if necessary.

See this post if your Screen saver settings are greyed out.

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