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These are the top VR shooters for the PC right now




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Who wouldn’t want to blow things up and shoot bad guys without any repercussions found in the real world? Thanks to the first person view most shooters employ, players oftentimes have experienced a deep dive into the game and step in the shoes of the protagonist. And now, today’s technology takes this one step closer with the help of VR.

The promise of virtual reality technology has made way for a new sub-genre of games: VR shooters. For those that seek the ultimate first person experience to put them right into the action, here are the top VR shooters compatible with Windows.

The best VR shooters Onward

The first game on the list is Onward. While Onward is still in Early Access, it is promising game that includes beloved elements of regular shooters to the VR world. In Onward, players team up online with a team of other “military strategists” for a tactical shooter experience.

With many calling it hands down the best VR shooter currently on the market, it’s definitely worth a try considering its developers are constantly adding new modes, maps, fixes and other goodies.


Holopoint is another great VR shooter experience that strays from the crowd with its own unique take. While most shooters of are military-based and packed to the teeth with rifles, pistols and machine guns, Holopoint puts the bow and arrow in the spotlight.

In this game, players take on a very intense VR experience filled to the brim with samurai and ninjas while they go through the motions of using the bow and arrow, from drawing the arrow to releasing it with the utmost precision.

Out of Ammo

This VR shooter plays on the scenario of the classic war hero. Everyone knows and loves those movies and in the game, players are tasked with defending a point with almost no ammo, no backup and a huge swarm of invaders approaching. If they can heroically pull it off, they’ll go down in history. Players can now be in that position with Out of Ammo.

In this VR game, players defend a point against an insane enemy numbers using high precision and different weapons and just the tools available in the base. Are you ready for the challenge?

Raw Data

The VR experience generated by Raw Data presents a cybernetic future in which players aren’t safe, called to action as one of the three available characters: Bishop, Saija and Boss, each specializing in guns, blades and fists respectively. This choice is important as players get the opportunity to choose their fighting style as well, switching between a large variety of guns and swords or just keeping it simple with close-quarters combat.

In this futuristic shooter, players fight an evil corporation that fights back with an arsenal of robots, ninjas, drones, mechs and tons of explosives. When it gets too hectic, they can team up with a real life friend and battle the corporation together.


Those that fondly remember about the classic on-rails game Virtua Cop will surely take a liking to HordeZ. This title brings on-rails gameplay to the VR scene in ultimately is very diverse experience where players get to choose between multiple weapons to fight multiple types of enemies on multiple levels.

Expert tip:

The Brookhaven Experiment

The rise of VR shooters have included the genre of survival shooters, which have become their own genre over the past couple of years, cultivating a large following behind them.

In The Brookhaven Experiment, players crawl through levels while managing their supplies and making sure they don’t run out of their extremely limited and important goods and ammo. After a failed experiment put the entire human race in peril, players must survive in a world filled with monstrosities that are more than happy to hunt them down and see to it that they don’t.

House of the Dying Sun

More than that, players are in control of the entire fleet, giving their reign over the other ships, commanding them to fulfill specific actions and tasks in a very intricate tactical shooter set in space.

Pavlov VR

Some of these VR shooters are great but for some they might appear as being just a bit too fancy. Traditional gamers whojust don’t like all these new features or are having a hard time getting the hang of them can opt for Pavlov VR instead. The perfect way to keep this player segment connected to the VR phenomenon, Pavlov VR brings the classic multiplayer shooter experience with a tiny twist.

While the game is as multiplayer shooter-based as it can be, it does have an MMO-inspired feature that has players traverse the map as ghosts to reconnect with their out of body selves at the new location.

War Thunder

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Last but definitely not least is Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. Veteran gamers will have no problem remembering this franchise’s days of glory when it was one of the most popular shooter franchises out there. While that shine has since faded, Serious Sam still holds a special place in many people’s hearts and memories.

Now, players have the chance to hop into a VR experience focused on killing dozens upon dozens of demons, monsters and freaks into a new, more realistic light. The game is still in Early Access, which means that the developers will be adding more content regularly but the game is available to play right now.


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Here Are The Best Paramount Plus Movies You Can Watch Right Now


ViacomCBS decided in 2023 to relaunch and rebrand its CBS All Access streaming service to Paramount Plus, mainly because the Paramount studio name is well known around the world. Over the past year, more Paramount Plus movies have been added to the service. That includes movies that are exclusive to Paramount Plus, and others, such as A Quiet Plact Part II, Scream (2024), and Jackass Forever, that debut only six weeks after they are released to theaters.

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In the future, you can expect to see more major Paramount Pictures films to debut exclusively on Paramount Plus, just a few weeks or months after they debut in theaters. In the meantime, here are our current picks for the best Paramount Plus movies.

Don’t have it yet? You can sign up for the service for as low as $4.99 a month at the link below.

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus includes thousands of movies and TV shows from CBS, Showtime, and Paramount Pictures. It also includes new and original movies like The Good Fight, Infinite, and more.

See price at Paramount Plus

Best Paramount Plus movies

Editor’s note: This list will be updated as more Paramount Plus movies are added to the service.

A Quiet Place/A Quiet Place Part II

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Paramount Plus

Tom Cruise helped spearhead rebooting the 1960s Mission Impossible spy TV series into a movie franchise. As a result, Paramount now has six highly successful movies in the series (with at least two more planned). One of the best in the franchise is 2023’s Mission Impossible Fallout. You will need a crash course in all the previous films in the series, but it’s worth it. Cruise’s IMF agent Ethan Hunt has to stop stolen plutonium from being used by a group of anarchists. He also has to deal with an old enemy, and a new “partner,” a CIA agent played by Henry Cavill (and his great mustache). It’s certainly one of the best Paramount Plus movies.

Star Trek Beyond

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World War Z

Pulp Fiction


Quentin Tarantino cemented his place as one of the best modern movie makers with this film. The crime thriller has some of the most memorable scenes and characters in film history, as it weaves a non-linear narrative across three separate main storylines. The main highlight is the banter between two hitmen, played perfectly by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, but we also see some other memorable performances by Bruce Willis as an out-of-luck prizefighter who gets involved in a very nasty situation, and Uma Thurman as a wife of a gangster who has a classic movie dancing scene with Travolta.


The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run

True Grit (1969)

Console Wars

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

South Park Studios

Trey Parker and Matt Stone took their Comedy Central animated series and turned it into one of the most memorable movie musicals of all time with this film. The main South Park cast of four pre-teen boys has to deal with their parents who are going after the entire country of Canada. It’s sin? It produced the Terrance and Phillip movie that ” warps fragile little minds”. That’s just the start of the movie’s plot, which also has some truly memorable songs that will stay in your head for months afterward.

Paramount Plus movies — honorable mentions

Here are a few Paramount Plus movies that didn’t quite make our top list

PAW Patrol The Movie — This is a feature film adaptation of the popular kids’ animation series.

Election — Reese Witherspoon is perfect in this satire on school popularity.

Panic Room — Jodie Foster and a young Kristen Stewart play a mother and daughter trapped in an apartment’s panic room during a home invasion in this great thriller.

Skyfall — Daniel Craig’s third movie as James Bond is one of his best, and one of the best 007 movies, period.

The Warriors — This 1979 cult classic centers on an NYC gang falsely blamed for murder, and they must make it “home” to their own turf.

Star Trek The Motion Picture The Director’s Edition – Check out the true final version of the first Star Trek movie, now in 4K with some updated visual effects and more.

Major Paramount Pictures movies coming soon

In the very near future, we will see some big upcoming Paramount films show up on Paramount Plus very soon after they are shown in theaters. That will likely include Sonic The Hedgehog 2, The Lost City, and others. They could drop on Paramount Plus 45 days after their theatrical release date. Original Paramount Plus movies are also in the works, based on previous films and TV series like Pet Semetary, Teen Wold, Workaholics, and more.

Thanks for checking out our list. These are just some of the best Paramount Plus movies, and we will add more to this list over the coming months.

These Are The Top Google Search Terms In India During Lockdown

As the global lockdown due to the Novel Coronavirus continues to chain people indoors, the online world has seen some huge surges. Stuck indoors, people are now using the internet more often than not. So, Google search data revealed what Indians are searching on Google in these dark times.

Top 10 Google Search Terms

So here is a list of the top word(s) which Indian citizens are searching on Google amidst the lockdown:

Coronavirus Lockdown – This search term recently became popular in India by receiving over 10 million hits. A little more than two weeks ago, this term reached 10 million hits for the entire world and now the number is just from India.

Coronavirus – Most of the people already know about the Coronavirus, however, there is always some news about the pandemic. So, in hopes of hearing some good news one day, people keep searching for this term on Google.

Coronavirus Helpers – This search term has received over 5 million hits on Google from India alone. So, this clearly shows that Indians do care about the frontline health workers and want to keep themselves updated.

Lockdown Extension – This term has been searched for more than 1 million times on the platform. As Narendra Modi keeps on extending the lockdown, citizens are keeping a close eye at the news to know about the lockdown extension first.

Hydroxychloroquine – This term received over 600,000 hits after a study claimed that consuming hydroxychloroquine, the drug for curing Malaria, can help contain COVID-19. So, Indians started to search for whether hydroxychloroquine can actually help fight Coronavirus or not.

Coronavirus Symptoms – People are becoming more concerned about their health and health of others. So, if anyone even sneezes one time, people go to search the other symptoms of COVID-19. The term hit 500,000 in India, according to search data by Google.

Aarogya Setu App – The government of India recently launched

– The government of India recently launched the Aarogya Setu app to assess the risk of contracting COVID-19. Every Indian Citizen received at least one text message from the government prompting them to download the app. So, to gain more info on the app, Indians went to Google for answers and the term reached 320,000 searches from all over India.

India COVID-19 Tracker – As the Coronavirus continues to spread around the world, citizens constantly want to check the number of cases, deaths and recovery in the country. So, the India COVID-19 tracker received over 120,000 hits.

E-pass for lockdown – To help essential businesses, the government has launched E-pass that allows people with shops of essential amenities to get a free pass amidst the lockdown. To gather more info on the program, Indians searched for this term for over 50,000 times.

Plasma Therapy – Someone on the internet said that plasma therapy can help to contain COVID-19. So people started to search for this term. Indians searched this one 10,000 times.

So, here is a top 10 list of the most searched words/terms on Google, according to their search data. We have already seen the search term “good news” reach an all-time high during this time. Now, these Coronavirus related search terms are the most searched in India.

Want An Apple Laptop? Here Are The Best Macbooks You Can Buy Right Now

Kris Carlon / Android Authority

If you consider yourself an Apple die-hard, you’re probably not interested in Windows laptops. To that end, you might be saving up for a shiny new MacBook as your next computer. There aren’t too many models to pick from, but there are quite a few specs to weigh out. Here’s our list of the best Macbooks available right now.

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Apple keeps things simple with just two lines of laptops: the lighter MacBook Air and the heavy-duty MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro comes in 13-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch versions as well, and we’ll touch on all three configurations.

The best Macbooks you can buy in 2023

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the most powerful Apple laptop you can get, with the 2023 refresh making it a no-brainer purchase.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro is the best balanced Apple laptop offering, carrying the goodness of the new Pro lineup in a smaller profile and a lower price tag.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro (M1 Processor) is the cheapest Pro Apple laptop, powered by the M1 chip, and a solid value for money.

The MacBook Air (M1 Processor) is the cheapest Apple laptop out there, with a slim fanless design and great battery life.

The iPad Pro M1 with Magic Keyboard is our honorable mention on this list, being the closest thing to a touchscreen Apple laptop.

Editor’s note: We will regularly update this list of the best Apple laptops as new devices launch.

1. MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2023): The most powerful Apple laptop

Kris Carlon / Android Authority

Apple’s best and biggest laptop got a major refresh in 2023, bringing back some much-needed features that had gone missing from the MacBook Pro for a while. These include more ports, including a full HDMI port, and an SD Card reader. The MacBook Pro 16 is now the most powerful laptop you can buy from Apple, and the most powerful Mac overall, barring the newly introduced Mac Studio.

The 2023 MacBook Pro makes a triumphant return to targeting actual professionals. Almost all of the complaints of recent years have been addressed. Combined with the excellent performance of the new M1 Pro and M1 Max, the MacBook Pro once again lives up to its Pro name… and its Pro price tag.

2. MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2023): The best balanced Apple laptop


While the 16-inch MacBook Pro refresh takes the prize for being the beefiest machine on offer, the 14-inch MacBook Pro makes for the perfect balance for most folks. It carries a lot of the goodness of the 16-inch model. On top of that, you even get options between M1 Pro and M1 Max, despite this one being the cheaper, smaller machine. Other than the screen and thus body size, the major difference comes in with the battery size, which is expectedly smaller.

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You get more configurations, though. The M1 Pro models come in three trims: 8-core CPU/14-core GPU, 10-core CPU/14-core GPU, and 10-core CPU/16-core GPU. Memory is limited to 16 or 32GB. The M1 Max has two versions — 10-core CPU/24-core GPU and 10-core CPU/32-core GPU. Memory options for the M1 Max configurations are limited to 32 or 64GB.

The pricing for the 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,999. You can get the decked-out 14-inch model for $5,899.

3. 13-inch MacBook Pro (M1 Processor): The cheapest MacBook Pro laptop


The 13-inch MacBook Pro is probably the best Apple laptop for most people, especially now that it’s bid Intel adieu. The design itself hasn’t changed much at all, though — you still get the Magic Keyboard, Retina display, and three classy finishes to choose from. The 14-inch model is more or less a replacement for this one, but this 13-inch model is still alive and kicking.

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The M1 chip powering this laptop is a stellar offering from the company. Here’s what our own Gary Sims thinks about it.

4. MacBook Air (M1 Processor): The cheapest Apple laptop

Gary Sims / Android Authority

The MacBook Pro steals much of the thunder, but the Air is also ready for action with the Apple M1 chip. Apple just packed Intel hardware into each version of the Air before this. The new M1 chip, however, is an entirely different beast. There are plenty of reasons to choose a MacBook Air — the slim wedge design, leaving the temperamental Touch Bar in the dust, and even the 100% recycled aluminum body. 

The M1 MacBook Air is the perfect Apple laptop for anyone who loves the Apple ecosystem and isn’t a “power user”. I’ve been using it 8-10 hours a day for over a year and haven’t seen as much as a hiccup. The battery lasts all day, and MacOS is as sleek as ever. I can participate in Zoom meetings with 18 Chrome tabs open without the device catching fire. Unless you truly need the beefed-up specs of the MacBook Pro, the M1 MacBook Air is everything you need and then some.

The M1 MacBook Air relies on 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD at the base configuration, along with the lovable Magic Keyboard. If you’re looking to splurge but don’t want to go for the Pro, you can boost both the storage and RAM. Although, there’s no alternative to the M1 chip for performance. Apple’s new design is fanless as well, so you can work through tasks in blissful silence.

The MacBook Air starts at $999. You can spec it up to cost as much as $2,049.

5. honorable mention: iPad Pro M1 with Magic Keyboard (11 or 12.9-inch)

Unfortunately, our previous honorable mention, the 12-inch MacBook, is no longer available. However, if none of the MacBooks in this list caught your fancy, you may want to take a look at the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard combination. Granted, the limitations of iPad OS still cripple this combination. However, with the Magic Keyboard and the M1 powering the iPad Pro, this is the closest an iPad has come to being an Apple laptop.

Frequently asked questions

A: Apple currently does not make a rugged laptop.

Are You Searching For The Right Way To Manage Your Business?

In a day and age where the business world seems even more competitive, how would you describe your ability to manage your small business?

With 2013 off and running, hopefully you have already set aside goals to better manage your company over the next 12 months. If so, where do things like social media, checking your online reputation, and cozying up more to technology figure into the mix

According to research from the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, nearly 80 percent of the 2,100 business surveyed stated they are either using or intend to utilize social media channels moving forward

That being said, only a mere 12 percent of those companies believe that they are properly using them. Lastly, a large percentage of businesses indicate they are still taking their time to seriously focus in on social media. Some two-thirds of users noted not having any formalized social media strategy, with only 7 percent having integrated social media into their overall marketing plans.

So, where should some of your business management focus be this year? Keep an eye on:

* Social media – First and foremost, get more social with the public. Given the fact that more consumers are using social platforms to shop for and buy goods and services, you need to be there awaiting their visits. If you have company Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest pages, how active are you on them? Do you share, tweet, post and pin regularly, or are you one of those business owners who does it just because the competition does? Make sure you have a sound strategy going forward over these next 12 months to put yourself above and beyond the competition;

* Technology – Lastly, what emphasis will you be placing on technology during these next 12 months? From mobile payments to videos and podcasts touting your business, be prepared to give everything a try if you are not already doing so. As more and more of your customers want their goods and services purchased and delivered yesterday and not today, you need to stay up to speed on consumer demands. While having a company blog is great and all, have you dabbled in videos and podcasts? These can be great tools to educate and inform the buying public as to what you offer. If you do not have the time or expertise to do such materials in-house, consider outsourcing the work to professionals who can make your company stand out from the rest.

With a new year oftentimes come resolutions. What will be your business resolutions for 2013?

Top 10 Remote Data Science Jobs In India To Apply For Right Now

Here is the list of the top 10 remote data science jobs in India to apply for right now

Data science is an essential part of many industries today, that deals with vast volumes of data using modern tools and techniques to find unseen patterns. Remote data scientist jobs help organizations identify patterns and trends in their data to provide information about lucrative opportunities, necessary improvements, and potential innovations. Here is the list of the top 10 remote data science jobs in India to apply for right now.

Remote Data Scientist Jobs- Turing

This company handles millions of tasks for businesses looking to scale their ML development. These job responsibilities are doing end-to-end product analytics workflow, including formulating success metrics, socializing them across the organization, and creating reports. Identify, diagnose, and recommend projects to scale performance and operational efficiencies to the business to boost sustainable growth.

Apply here

Data Scientist Jobs in Bangalore- Turing

Turing’s mission is to unleash the world’s untapped human potential. The job responsibilities are identifying the business challenges and product improvement opportunities and finding solutions to business issues utilizing analytics and suggesting strategies. Develop models of user behaviors to analyze or power production systems.

Apply here

WFH Data Scientist Jobs in Hyderabad- Turing

This data scientist job requires you to coordinate with engineers and analysts to formulate guided, multifaceted analytic studies against a large volume of data and collaborate in research and indulge in analytic activities utilizing both unstructured and structured data points; work closely with cross-functional business units, and engineering teams to build a long-term data platform architecture strategy.

Apply here

Lead Data Analyst(FinTech)- Tide

Apply here

If selected for this job, the day-to-day responsibilities will include identifying valuable data sources and automating collection processes, and combining models through ensemble modeling. It includes presenting information using data visualization techniques, improvement of product development, marketing techniques, business strategies, etc.

Apply here

Analyst – Data Foundation-General Mills:

The Digital and Technology team of General Mills India Centre is looking for a passionate and enthusiastic individual to work in General Mills’ DnA organization. Job role responsibilities include maintaining and enhancing the supply chain GCP project. Understand the end-to-end supply chain business processes, data, and DnA technology • Effective verbal and written communication and influencing skills are a must.

Apply here

Remote Data Wrangling/Data Science Expert Jobs-Turing

For this job, the person should have expertise in statistical analysis as well as pattern and anomaly detection and expertise in data cleaning, data wrangling, quantitative analysis, and data mining. Responsibilities include collaborating with stakeholders to understand business requirements and analyze dashboards, manually convert, map, and organize data for convenient data consumption.

Apply here

Remote Machine Learning Data Scientist Jobs -Turing

A leading company active in the environmental sector and assisting battery manufacturers in making rapid progress ahead of the competition is looking for a Machine Learning Data Scientist. Job responsibilities are to collaborate and deliver against an ambitious product roadmap, improve the engineering processes to increase team effectiveness, and manage individual project requirements, priorities, and deliverables promptly.

Apply here

Remote Data Analytics/Operations Engineer Jobs-Turing

This job promotes the DataOps approach to the delivery process to automate data provisioning, and testing, and collaborate with data architects to build a data pipeline and optimize it for data solutions including data science products. Make sure to implement DataOps and automation initiatives for solution deployment in production.

Apply here

Senior Product Manager – Data Platform- Tide

This role is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in building internal products in a rapidly scaling environment and ensuring stakeholders are updated and informed about changes in our data platform Building and tracking metrics for the performance of our data platform team. You will be able to influence their roadmap, learn about best practices and be able to quickly see the impact of your work.

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