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This restomod 1997 Acura SLX is super-stealth “Super Handling” genius

Your eyes do not deceive you: this is indeed a 1997 Acura SLX, the automaker’s first SUV, but the classic lines hide a thoroughly more entertaining restomod. Forebear to the MDX and RDX, the automaker’s current SUVs, the SLX was hardly commonplace to begin with, but thanks to an engine more powerful than what you’d find in a Civic Type R, along with some other improvements, this reimagined modern classic is even more unusual.

The original SLX was actually built for Acura by Isuzu, and was launched in late 1995 as the SUV market began to gather momentum. Fewer than 7,000 were sold in the US over the course of four model years, bridging the gap while Acura’s in-house development of the 2001 MDX took place.

Come fall 2000, the wraps came off the MDX and the SLX was retired. This particular restomod started out as a Fir Green Metallic example, to which Acura’s engineers along with Pikes Peak racing drivers James Robinson, Paul Hubers, and Jordan Guitar set to work creating a “Super Handling SLX” with a thoroughly modern drivetrain.

Out went the original 3.2-liter V6, and its 190 horsepower and 188 lb-ft of torque. In its place is the 2.0-liter turbocharged DOHC VTEC engine donated from the RDX, along with a 10-speed automatic. That’s been custom-tuned for 350 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque. The old 4-wheel-drive system was dumped in favor of the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive from the RDX, too.

It demanded a fair amount of work to bring the old and new components together. The original boxed ladder-frame was restored, and then fitted with new front and rear subframes; the old solid rear axle was swapped out for the RDX’s multi-link independent rear suspension. The brakes came in for an upgrade too, with larger discs behind the bigger, 17-inch wheels.

The green paint job was ditched in favor of Performance Red Pearl paint – a more eye-catching finish from Acura’s 2023 range – though paired with champaign-silver accents on the bumpers, fenders, and lower cladding. Acura added a custom body-color hard shell for the spare tire, too, and special badging.

Inside, there’s new dark grey leather for the seats and a rewrapped steering wheel with added paddle shifters. Dark grey wood trim and custom floor mats go along with the original carpet and headliner; it’s a fairly restrained update, rather than a more dramatic change.

Indeed you could well argue that this whole Super Handling SLX is a perfect example of a sensitive stealth mod. Acura started the project to bring the reborn SLX to the RADwood Car Show, which will take place in Orange County on December 7. That celebrates the cars of the 80s.

While Acura’s bread and butter remains strong-selling SUVs like the MDX and RDX, the automaker has been experimenting with more unusual fare over the past twelve months or so. The high-tech facility used to produce the NSX coupe turned its hand to a super-limited-edition run of handbuilt 2023 TLX PMC Edition sedans earlier this year, for example, applying the same sort of attention a supercar would get to what’s typically a mass-market vehicle. It’ll be the first in a series of PMC Edition vehicles, elevating models from Acura’s line-up into something altogether more special.

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Super Troopers 2 May Start Filming This Summer

Super Troopers 2 may start filming this summer

Apparently it seems like a fabulous idea right meow for the folks at Broken Lizard Industries to hinge their next movie on a crowdfunding campaign. Working with Indigogo, the five-man group has summoned a singular campaign to fund the second Super Troopers. This film would be a direct descendant of the first Super Troopers movie, also written by, directed by, and starring the five comedians in Broken Lizard back in 2001. This time the movie is bypassing collaborative studios and going straight for the money shot.

*Actually hold on a second – there’s a tiny bit of talk with “the studio.” The Broken Lizard folks suggest that “while the studio has given us permission to make the sequel, and agreed to distribute it (at least in the USA and Canada), we need to fund the movie ourselves.”

They also suggest the following: “Broken Lizard is solely responsible for these messages and fulfilling these obligations. No one else had anything to do with the creation of this page or with the campaign.”

So they’re still making it. Broken Lizard will still handle everything they handled in the first movie – as far as creative business – while the studio distributes it. Good times.

Produced at full film quality, the following preview / announcement video places Officer Farva in the trunk of a patrol vehicle. From there, the rest of the team are holding him ransom for the full amount of cash needed to make the second movie.

Therein lies our conundrum. The team, including Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, Kevin Heffernan, and Jay Chandrasekhar, are asking for a cool $2,000,000 USD.

Below you’ll see a chart which shows the three tiers of funding-ness. Below $2,000,000, and no movie will be made ever, and Farva will die in the trunk. This is fine. Even though this campaign has “Flexible Funding”, which means they keep whatever money is raised even if it doesn’t reach the goal – sure, that’s fine.

Just so long as they raise the full $2-million dollars, there should be no break between promising movie posters, DVDs, tickets to movies, and on-site visits, just so long as the movie IS being made.

Below you’ll see a number of features the team suggests the movie may get if they raise enough cash above and beyond the initial $2-million.

• The ability to hire someone who knows how to operate a camera.

• Bathrooms for the women on set (men will still have to use the woods).

• Bigger stunts.

• Fancier cars to chase.

• Louder explosions.

• Cameos from real Hollywood actors.

• More bearf*****g (or as Erik’s mom likes to call it ‘making out with the bear’): this time, with real bears and real reciprocation!

• More powdered sugar.

• More full-frontal Farva.

• Diamonds on the soles of our shoes.

• More sexy 70’s icons playing women in positions of authority. (Don’t you want to see Lee Majors in a wig?)

• Kate Upton.

Sound good to you? Let us know if this sort of venture from the team says “future movie really and truly getting released soon” to you, or if you’re feeling the other way around.

ALSO: The campaign suggests that “if this campaign goes really well, we’ll be able to start shooting sometime this summer, and we’d aim for a release date in early 2023.”

A Look At The Engineering And Architecture In This Year’s Super Bowl Stadium

Almost every aspect of the Super Bowl has changed in its 51-year history. The first game, played between the National Football League and the now-defunct American Football League in 1967, was a relatively low-key affair. The teams battled it out on the Bermuda grass at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. At halftime, there was nary a star to be seen; instead, two college marching bands performed. And the weather was one for the history books. Despite it being January, the open-air stadium was a balmy 72 degrees at kickoff.

Super Bowl LI will be rather different. On Sunday, the New England Patriots will square off with the Philadelphia Eagles on bright green turf. Justin Timberlake will perform. And all of America will be watching in HD. Most striking, however, will be the difference in venue. This year, the big game will be played at U.S. Bank Stadium, a futuristic glass shard in frigid Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The stadium in its natural habitat. Courtesy of HKS Architects

John Hutchings of HKS Architects served as the principal designer for the stadium. While most people will be rightly focused on what’s happening on the field, he says the stadium is worth a close look, as it was designed with economics, enjoyment, and the Midwest’s unique environment in mind.

“We consider ourselves almost anthropologists,” Hutchings says of the architectural research process. “We get in and understand a given region or climate and all of the factors weighing in on a given location.” That’s why his team first looked at other construction in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region for inspiration.

They found it was dominated by striking Scandinavian design, with strong geometric shapes and a reliance on glass—all traits visible in the final stadium design. This was a departure from other NFL stadiums Hutchings has worked on. Lucas Oil Stadium, built for the Indianapolis Colts, is an expansive brick structure, designed to match the old industrial neighborhood in which it was built. And AT&T Stadium, with 100,000 seats and the spirit of the Dallas Cowboys, is the largest in the NFL, because, well, everything’s bigger in Texas.

The permanent roof, as seen during a game. Courtesy of HKS Architects

Local aesthetics are an important consideration, but it was clear from the start that the real X factor in the Minneapolis project was the snow. From 1982 to 2013, the Vikings played in the Metrodome, which relied on an air-supported fiberglass fabric roof to keep out the cold. Almost from the moment the ceiling was raised, it was falling. The material tore and leaked; in 1981 (yes, that’s before it even opened), 1982, 1983, 1986, and 2010, it deflated like a busted balloon, dragged to the turf by the weight of recent snowfall. The new U.S. Bank Stadium was constructed on the same site and even uses some of the same hull at its base. But everything else had to be brand new and improved—especially the roof.

“We initially had a brief that required a retractable roof,” Hutchings says. “But as we began exploring the number of times a year in the Minnesota locale that the climate would afford them the ability to have the roof open, it was a very small number.” Instead of paying for a retractable roof that would rarely be used, Hutchings turned to ethylene tetraflouroethylene, more commonly called ETFE foil, to construct a permanent ceiling.

Used to great effect in the Beijing Olympics (remember that wild water cube?), ETFE is a thin, translucent material that can be layered to form a thin membrane that attaches to the building frame. Within “the plastic pillows,” Hutchings placed small cables that gave the roof a slight slope so that snow slides off into a supersized gutter. These innovations, along with a heating system just below the rooftop to melt additional snow and ice, keep the roof intact. Coincidentally, they also keep the stadium warm; while it’s a world away from Super Bowl I in California, Super Bowl LI in Minneapolis will also be 72 degrees come kickoff (at least indoors).

A design rendering of the stadium’s west side, which includes the record-setting hinge doors. Courtesy of HKS Architects

The roof’s not the only thing to ponder in between punts. The stadium also has the biggest hinge doors in the world. Five glass doors, each 55 feet wide and between 95 and 75 feet tall, line the western side of the stadium, near a three acre plaza where fans can congregate in warmer weather. “It seemed very logical to us that that operability on a very nice 72 day or 62 degree day would afford a unique experience,” Hutchings says. “It won’t be open for the Super Bowl, I promise you.”

As with many other facilities of its size, the $1 billion U.S. Bank Stadium had to be flexible enough for year-round use. Though it’s first and foremost home to the Minnesota Vikings, the stadium can also accommodate baseball, basketball, and soccer. “We actually have 32 rows on the north side that retract in order to give a big enough field to play baseball,” Hutchings says. “We were told that no one has done 32 rows that retract back.” But with the help of Irwin Seating Company, they found a way. “It also helps because a soccer pitch for a FIFA soccer game is wider than an NFL [field],” Hutchings says. If the facility manager pushes back just seven of the 32 rows, the Minneapolis stadium can easily accommodate a regulation FIFA pitch.

The building isn’t without its flaws—its enormous walls of glass kill a lot of birds, for one. But it’s serving its stated purpose well. “If you spend 1 billion dollars,” Hutchings says, “you want something that’s totally unique—totally bespoke.” As you’ll see for yourself on Sunday, that’s exactly what Minneapolis got.

Is This The Social Media Backlash?

We ask is social media marketing “Mostly a waste of time”?

Some marketers and PR professionals like Nicola Swankie from Society felt the need to respond to his video on behalf of Social Media Practitioners. She responded in a long post reminding him that

‘Social media has given us the new power that people have is vital to consider for any marketer, because it’s shifted marketing forever — it’s given us the control to personalize and choose the media we see and it’s given us a voice.’

She says that great marketing should engage – it shouldn’t be something people want to ignore. But Social, is the most honest of any media and so it’s where lazy, unengaging marketing is most in evidence. That is not a reason to ignore Social, it should be a challenge to us all to think about how to make our marketing more compelling and relevant.’ Well said!

Are marketers guilty of an infantile fantasy, as Bob Hoffman says?

Here’s another case where a respected marketer lays into social media marketing. Bob Hoffman a traditional ad man, you may know as author of the Ad Contrarian, has this withering quote delivered at Advertising Week Europe which featured in AdRants.

‘The theory that people want to engage with brands online and share their enthusiasm with their friends, and that their friends will share their enthusiasm with other friends through social media channels has turned out to be an infantile fantasy’

What do the research and analytics insights tell us ?

At Smart Insights we believe that the union of content and social media marketing has created a fantastic platform for creative businesses to engage audiences leading ultimately to increased reach, preference and ultimately sales.

When we look at  the analytics you do see a relatively low proportion of visits are driven by social in many sectors, particularly retail where you might expect it would be much higher if you believe the hype. For example benchmarks from SimilarWeb shows traffic sources in different sectors and here it shows that, indeed social is insignificant compared with search, direct and referrals from other sites.

How do active marketers rate social media in comparison with other media?

In our Managing Digital Marketing 2023 research in association with TFM&A 2023 event, we wanted to explore the perceptions of marketers at the ‘front line’ of digital engagement.

Gerraint Holliman, Director of Strategy and Head of Content Marketing at DIRECTIONGROUP acknowledges the potential value of social media but questions how social media is being used by companies, he believes that ’most marketers are willfully misusing it’. He puts this down to a misperception of how we use social media explaining:

Kieran Flanagan, HubSpot’s EMEA Marketing Director doesn’t feel there is any backlash against social media and says he sees the return if it’s measured and used properly. He feels it’s a victim of its own hype and expectations were unrealistic:

‘ I do think it was initially over hyped by marketers. Most people on social media are not in buying mode so how you market to them has to be different. It’s also becoming more competitive. When you have a lot more business in the market spending money for the same audiences attention, some of those businesses are not going to be happy with their results’.

‘It’s how the channels work together that’s important in my view, not which one is ‘best’. After all, what use is email without search, content and social media to get you subscribers in the first place? What about the ability of email to bootstrap blog views and social sharing, or to segment audiences for retargeting?’

For him last year, the ’emphasis seems to have been on integrating digital and traditional marketing. And while this is a great start, it’s all still very channel-centric. The focus is on which channel is the most effective.’

Deborah Lee, an international speaker and consultant focusing on social media says from her experiences on social media that many companies are struggling to use it, but are still seeing engagement on the major social platforms. She says:

What do you think?

Fix: This Website Is Not Properly Configured

FIX: This website is not properly configured




PC issues can sometimes prevent you from properly opening websites you want to visit.

The article below will showcase what needs to be done in such situations.

To read more about how you can fix your browser, visit our Browser Errors page.

SIte managers might also like to check out our Site Owner page as well.



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This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

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readers this month.

Anyone who has ever tried accessing a website either as the site owner, or a visitor and got an error message stating that ‘This website is not properly configured‘ will be pleased with the details here.

In most cases, everything appears to be rightly configured but whenever an attempt to access that particular site is made, this error shows up.

Not to worry, this article addresses this issue from two points of view and then provides helpful tips to get the problem resolved.

This error message could show up for several reasons, and to address it, a walk-through approach is needed. The suggested approach can be put to use by site owners, administrators, and to a certain extent by visitors.

For site owners experiencing this error, these are the things you should be looking out for:

How do I fix the website is not configured properly error? 1. Try a different browser

If you come to the conclusion that the issue is not server-sided but client-sided, then maybe you should try a different browser instead.

We recommend you try Opera because it is lighting-fast, has an enormous library of extensions, and you can customize the overall look of the browser in however way you see fit.

More so, it is very stable, and this is because of the Chromium engine it is built from, allowing for updates to flow in constantly.

It is also very secure, thanks to the built-in ad-blocker and VPN, so malware and spyware will surely no longer be the cause of future issues.

⇒ Get Opera

2. Clear browser caches and cookies

Getting rid of browser cookies, caches, and history in Advanced Browser Options will do a great deal of help in resolving this website is not properly configured error.

To clear browser’s caches and cookies, Windows users could use extensions (add-ons) or developer tools.

Using the developer tools is an efficient method to clear cookies and caches but using extensions can make the process a lot easier.

Extensions are available for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not have add-ons that clear caches and cookies; hence, the Developer tools are used.

To make use of IE developer tools on windows, follow these steps:

If all of this seems too complicated and you don’t want to delete the wrong data by mistake, you should go for a dedicated PC cleaner.

Dedicated memory cleaner software will scan your browser and find any unnecessary temporary files, cache, and cookies. It will let you know what can be removed.

Upon your approval, it will safely erase all this data, allowing your browser to run smoother and with fewer errors.

PC cleaners can also help you with leftover files in your PC, scan and fix your registry, and other similar procedures that can help you maintain your PC and help it run at its full potential.

3. Check browser configurations

An important step is to ascertain the state of your browser (IE, UC browser, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari) and fix it appropriately.

Reset your internet setting to default, and try revisiting the website, the error should now be resolved. Check proxy settings and ensure that it is set to detect proxy settings automatically.

Expert tip:

Opening the site Incognito or InPrivate should also fix “this website is not configured” error. To visit a site Incognito using Chrome browser:

Then Select New Incognito window

Type in the website’s address, pressEnter, and you should be good to go

5. The IE Developer Tools Option

Resolve DNS Problems

Troubleshoot and Configure your DNS servers.

In general, DNS issues are known to be the logical initiators of “this website is not configured” error.

These DNS problems could come as any of these:

Fix a DNS resource issue in your local machine

If the stale record is on your local machine, flushing your local DNS cache will just fix the error.

After clearing your local DNS cache, your computer will then request for a new value from your Internet Service Provider’s DNS server the next time you attempt to access the internet or the particular website.

Admin command prompt

To flush your local DNS cache, follow these steps:

For Windows users– Windows 7

For Windows users– Windows 8, 8.1, 10:

You can also use the following commands in addition to ipconfig/flushdns:





Ensure that the terminal in use is connected to a network before initiating these commands.

This is the message that will be seen with  the success of the command prompt: “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.”

Resolve A stale DNS resource record in your Internet Service Provider’s Server

Now, if the stale DNS record is in your ISP’s DNS servers instead, mere flushing your DNS cache will do no help. Try these fixes instead:

Having tried the above tips and suggestions, this website is not properly configured error should be gone, and the site should now be accessible.

However, domain owners experiencing this issue can leave a ticket with their hosting service provider if the problem persists.

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Succeeding In Marketing In Super

As your business engages in both traditional and digital marketing practices for different outcomes you will see cross-overs and similarities in the way you work

There are overarching “rules”, “guidelines” and marketing best practice you can follow but when you delve into more niche sectors, you will need to learn new and valuable approaches, giving you scope to alter your marketing processes across the board.

When you’re focused in a particular niche a whole new set of opportunities and marketing skillsets open up to you. The value of finding your specific niche and optimizing for that specific target audience is particularly important for search engine optimization and homing in on those very targeted buyers looking for businesses like yours.

Benefits of Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is an effective way of tapping into a ready-to-engage audience who are specifically looking for your product, service and/or content. You can attract super-relevant influencers and achieve better search engine ranking positions more quickly. With the right research and targeting you can find the right individuals relevant to your sector and focus your content on their needs.

Download FREE Resource – Digital marketing plan template

Our popular marketing planning template built on the Smart Insights RACE planning system.

Access the Free digital marketing plan template

Niche marketing is not going to deliver an instant result and it takes time to nurture and develop the relationships you need to succeed in such a niche area. You also need to make sure you have your marketing operations and systems set up in a way which support your niche focus. There is no reason you can’t succeed by tapping into the most relevant niches for your business.

Below is a more practical look at how you can achieve this. To shape this article, I aim to share lessons from the dentistry niche and to look at best practice for SEO for dentists as there are many lessons to be taken for the wider marketing landscape, which may not be apparent when you first consider dentistry as having any innovative dental marketing ideas to learn from, let alone those that can be applied across other sectors and niches!

How to Succeed in Niche Marketing Attract Engaged Influencers

As already mentioned influencers are key to success in niche marketing. 84% of marketers consider influencer marketing effective according to one study, and when you’ve closed down on a specific niche, it is easier to find those very relevant and engaged people worth working with.

Working with individual influencers requires a very personalized approach. You can’t simply send out some stock e-mail, so be careful to tailor your approach to the individual you are targeting.

Create Unique but Relevant Industry Terms

Smart marketers working in a niche area find ways to pull out industry-specific terms and give them a marketing twist. You should look to create and own industry-specific terms which have an immediate and clear meaning to both marketers and non-marketers.

If you consider the car industry you can opt for terms which are similarly relevant. Always avoid overly cheesy and obvious examples (such as “Get your website MOT here!”) and instead look at smarter angles, such as the digital and automated diagnostics that modern vehicles require to keep them up and running – the same could be said of a motor industry marketing campaign or similar.

Increase Referrals

Presenting niche and industry-centric content through your website and online campaigns will immediately draw in more attention and have the potential to increase referrals. Never overlook or underestimate the power of customer recommendations.

This could come in the form of case studies, testimonials or references, with referrals, of course, the best possible outcome. You don’t have to remain stuck in your niche when it comes to referrals either as the techniques you use can be applied to other niches, furthering your potential reach and increasing the opportunities available to your business. Never be afraid to ask or offer incentives to clients in exchange for referrals. As another old saying goes: “If you don’t ask, then you don’t get.”

Build Relevant Backlinks

Once you have pinned down your niche then you can begin working to reap the benefits. Building links are analogous to building relationships as you can quickly and easily be positioned as an expert in your field with the right niche keyword selection.

As you take a very niche keyword such as “dental SEO expert” you will find only those who are truly engaged and interested in dental marketing will search for this term. In turn, you’ll build better connections and attract more targeted users. The best practice you offer to others as a marketer must be something you apply to your own business.

To call on the old adage of the Mechanic Analogy – a mechanic’s customers’ cars are always in great condition but their own is falling apart – it can be very relevant to marketers. Positioning yourself as a niche marketing specialist in your area allows you to build credibility and trust. Just make sure your own “car” is in great working order!

Improve your Skills

As you become more experienced and build up case studies in your niche, your skillset develops. While every business is different you can get a feel for the methods that work in your niche and see each campaign build upon the last. As your efficiency improves so will your profitability, and the same goes for the tools and software you use to automate elements of your campaigns.

Finding your niche and owning it is absolutely key for many business areas. We cannot deny the level of saturation in the “mainstream” markets and therefore need to react and develop our approach accordingly.

Update the detailed information about This Restomod 1997 Acura Slx Is Super on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!