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A great method to gain exposure to one of the most fascinating emerging technology trends is through metaverse exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These ETFs provide investors with a simple way to enter this expanding sector and contain some of the world’s greatest tech businesses. Discover the best metaverse ETFs to buy in 2023 by reading this article. Investors have access to metaverse ETFs, which make investments in a range of businesses to expose them to the development of metaverse technology. This might not necessarily refer to businesses that are solely involved in virtual or augmented reality; for instance, several metaverse ETFs hold stock in firms like Apple and Alphabet.

Let’s discuss the top 10 metaverse ETFs

First Trust Indxx Metaverse ETF – The First Trust Indxx Metaverse ETF strives to replicate the performance of the Indxx Metaverse Index and is traded on the Nasdaq marketplace under the symbol ARVR. In comparison to the other ETFs we’ve discussed in this post, the largest assets of the First Trust Indxx Metaverse ETF are somewhat unusual. Nexon is now the ETF’s largest holding, followed by Xiaomi, Netflix, Sony, and Nvidia.

Roundhill Ball ETF- The Roundhill Ball ETF stakes in 40 businesses that are actively involved in creating or developing the metaverse. 20% of its holdings are located in Asia, with the remaining 80% being in the United States. METV makes investments in some of the biggest tech firms in the world, such as Microsoft and Apple. 

Horizon Global Metaverse- The Solactive Global Metaverse Index performance is what the Horizons Global Metaverse ETF aims to mimic. MTAV, a Canadian-based ETF that trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is comparable to Evolve above. This ETF is new, therefore there isn’t much historical price performance to study. Horizons’ varied sector allocation sets it apart from the other ETFs on our list.

Evolve Metaverse ETF- The Evolve Metaverse ETF, which is the first of its kind in Canada, gives investors access to an actively managed, diverse portfolio of businesses engaged in the metaverse’s growth. Companies from all around the world are represented, with an emphasis on those from Asia and the United States.

Subversive Metaverse ETF- Trading on the CBOE platform, the Subversive Metaverse ETF is actively managed. It was established in January 2023 to make investments in businesses involved in the infrastructure and software for the metaverse. It is indeed interesting to note that the Subversive Metaverse ETF intends to include a short position on Meta, but only up to 5% of the fund’s total assets under management. 

21Shares Decentraland ETP- 21Shares Decentraland ETP is an exchange-traded product that is completely focused on Decentraland and represents 21Shares’ first venture into the metaverse market. Instead of focusing on the industry as a whole, it gives the chance to make predictions about the success of a particular metaverse. The ETP was initially introduced in February 2023 and is listed on the Swiss stock exchange.

Fidelity Metaverse ETF- The world’s largest provider of financial services, Fidelity, offers the Fidelity Metaverse ETF. The Fidelity Metaverse Index is what the fund is intended to follow. The ETF typically invests as least 80% of its assets in securities that are part of the Fidelity Metaverse Index and global depository receipts that represent such securities, following its stated goals.

Simplify Volt Equity Web3 ETF – The blockchain, cryptocurrency market, and metaverse are all closely related. One may consider each to be a development of the other. What benefits one usually benefits the other two as well. That’s also how the Simplify volt equity web ETF operates. 10% of the funds in the metaverse ETF are allocated to the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

ProShares Metaverse ETF VER- To link itself to the overall health of the metaverse, the ProShares Metaverse ETF is similar to many of the other alternatives. The linked outcomes theory governs the majority of metaverse ETF choices. The ETF should perform well if the verse is doing well. Also, the metaverse should prosper if the metaverse ETF does.

Fount Metaverse ETF- According to some especially creative approaches, the Fount Metaverse ETF, also known as MTVR, wins the top listing. While examining how MTVR selects investment possibilities for their metaverse ETF, one of the most plainly obvious ones becomes apparent. The Fount Metaverse ETF and the Fount Metaverse Index complement each other well. This index aids the MTVR in making informed choices regarding the long-term feasibility and prospects of any particular venture on the metaverse.

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Top 10 Metaverse Jobs In Big Companies To Apply For In June

Metaverse jobs are in high demand with lucrative salary packages. Here are the top ones to check out.

Metaverse is the hottest term in the global tech market. Companies developing Metaverse are focused on building innovations and features to enable users to interact with each other efficiently and effectively in the digital world. Metaverse jobs are in high demand with lucrative salary packages. Multiple Metaverse vacancies can enhance the immersive experience of digital players and avatars in this newly formed virtual world. Metaverse companies are at the forefront to transform the digital world with immersive experiences in the future. The metaverse may be all about virtual worlds, but as companies increasingly incorporate it into their business models, it’s yielding several job opportunities. Let’s explore some of the top ten Metaverse jobs in big companies to apply for in April 2023.

Unity 3D / Unreal Developers for AR/VR/Metaverse solutions – Cyient

Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Working in a small project-oriented development team to create custom AR and VR experiences for enterprise use cases (engineering, biomedical, Utilities, etc.) in Unity/or Unreal Engine

Collaborating with other developers and clients to evaluate project needs and come up with solutions

Setting up virtual environments for a wide range of AR or VR scenarios, depending on the project type

Implementing user interfaces based on mockups and storyboards

Apply here

Metaverse Business Analyst – Accenture

Mumbai, Maharashtra


You’ll work on meaningful and innovative projects that radically change the way our clients view what is possible while engaging in transformational initiatives powered by the latest Metaverse technologies.

You’ll have ongoing support in your learning and growth, with Accenture investing in opportunities for you to research, understand, and eventually help define the Metaverse as it continues to evolve and take shape.

Apply here

Metaverse Tech Innovation Strategy Manager – Accenture

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Incubating new business value for our clients in the Metaverse. From Multiparty Systems (Blockchain, Tokenization, NFTs) to Extended Reality (Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality), you will help clients transform through technology by shaping, leading, and implementing strategic assessments and technology solutions

Demonstrating significant innovation and thought leadership in technology architecture that will be applied across multiple clients globally to create established success in sales and/or delivery

Apply here

Metaverse Tech Innovation Strategy Consultant – Accenture

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Supporting the development of Accenture’s Metaverse strategy and response to emerging technology components in the market and shifting how businesses apply those innovations

Apply here

XR Lead – Hexaware Technologies

Chennai, Tamil Nadu


The candidate should be hands-on developer programming modular code for the implementation of Metaverse (Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality / Virtual Reality) real-time applications as per the design.

Maintain consistently high standards for accuracy, aesthetics, and productivity.

Integrate media Assets and implement technical designs.

Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code.

Apply here for one of the best Metaverse jobs.

Metaverse Developer – Advantage Club

Gurugram, Haryana


Drive new feature development – from ideation to PoC to testing to scalable production deployments

Write reusable, testable, and efficient code

Implement highly scalable, secure, robust, and fault-tolerant systems

Work on continuously improving tools and systems

Apply here

Lead for Metaverse DAO – Polygon



Develop Governance mandates for the DAO and community projects

Work closely and coordinate with the Marketing, Business development, and community development teams about Metaverse/NFT projects

Communicate with all stakeholders and the community on governance issues as a representative of the DAO

Write governance proposals, grant proposals, and content regarding governance

Apply here

Senior Unity Developer – McKinley Rice

Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Plan and implement game functionality. Transform design specifications into functional games.

Implement solutions promptly.

Analyze information to determine, recommend, and plan the installation of a new system or modification of an existing system.

Analyze user needs and software requirements to determine the feasibility of design within time and cost constraints.

Apply here for one of the best Metaverse jobs.

React Native Developer (Metaverse Games) – Purple Brush Digital Solutions


Required Skills:

Strong experience with React and React Native (Ideally demonstrated with a published or working project.)

Experience in building applications to client requirements and demands

Front End Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Must have experience building Android & IOS apps

Experience working with Metaverse/ Games (Important)

Apply here

Metaverse Developer – CELP



Understanding of modern 3-D graphics and rendering

Expertise with 3-D modeling tools such as Maya, Blender, or 3DS Max

3D engine unreal or unity

A scripting language, such as C# or Python

Apply here for one of the best Metaverse jobs.

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Top 10 Robotic Innovations In 2023

Here are the top 10 robotic innovations in 2023

The machines have long since left the confines of research labs to explore new realms. They are anticipated to continue their massive spread into pharmacies, the automobile industry, and other industries. Numerous robots are already helping to improve product quality and reduce turnaround times in the manufacturing industry. These robots are proven to be effective at simple tasks and jobs. Robots are prone to fewer mistakes, need less maintenance, and are more cost-effective. As a consequence, they have greater retention rates. But, like with any machine, someone must run it and fix it if it malfunctions. This is where folks with a background in mechatronics may help. Let’s move on to the main topic of the latest innovations in Robotics in 2023.  

Robotics in 2023

The automotive sector was the first to use smart factory systems that included the use of industrial robots on assembly lines, which have dominated conventional vehicle production for more than a century. The networked interplay of robots and automated guided vehicles – or rather automated mobile robots – is the technology of the future.  

Latest Robotics Innovations Humanoid Robots

Humanoid robots are a type of professional robotic system that has been designed to replicate human movement and interaction. Research and space exploration are only a few of the uses for these robots, which also include personal support and caregiving, arts and entertainment, repair and construction, and healthcare. In 2023, its market is expected to be worth US$3.9 billion.  

Multi-Tasking Robots

Modern robotic technology has permeated every sector, performing a wide range of human activities with accuracy. For example, Ross robotics has developed a new generation of flexible, durable, and cost-effective driverless vehicles capable of performing a wide range of activities. Its multi-purpose UGVs can take the place of people in locations where working is too dangerous.  

Hadrian X

Hadrian X is a building robot that is in charge of all brick loading, chopping, routing, and installation. The robot, created by Fastbrick Robotics in Australia, employs FBR’s dynamic stabilization tech, which adjusts to ambient variables in real-time, allowing precision robots in large-scale outdoor tasks.  

Ocean Robot

The ocean is a vital aspect of our existence, and we have no idea what lurks under its surface. The introduction of high-tech ocean robots, on the other hand, has made it feasible to explore the ocean depths. Eelume, a Norwegian firm has created the Eelume EELY500, a high-tech marine robot. It’s made for underwater inspection and repair in industrial environments.  

Saul Robot

Saul Robot is a robot that shoots strong pulses of very energetic UV rays at the Ebola virus, melting it into worthless bits of genetic material. When effective therapies for this illness were in short supply, the Air Force utilized this robotic equipment to eradicate the infection in rooms where relief workers were quarantined.  


Dr. Takanori Shibata created the therapeutic robot. Paro is controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) and alters its behavior in response to a variety of sensors for monitoring light, sound, temperature, and touch. This robot is designed to help caregivers and patients communicate more efficiently and reduce stress.  


Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot that adjusts its behavior based on the moods of the people around it. The robot, created by SoftBank Robotics, detects and responds to emotional states such as grief, surprise, excitement, and rage in a natural and appropriate manner. Pepper detects noises with multi-directional sensors.  

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners are floor-cleaning devices with sophisticated programming. They are easier to use since they are self-cleaning. Robotic vacuum cleaners may be stored beneath beds, tables, and closets, but a normal vacuum cleaner takes more room. For example, iRobot’s Roomba is the smartest and most efficient robot vacuum.  

Asus Zenbo

The Asus Zenbo is a low-cost robot that can roll around on its own and accepts voice directions. It’s made to assist people to remember things like exercise and medication routines, as well as doctor’s visits. This robot can also monitor its surroundings and link to smart home elements such as surveillance cameras, lighting, and door locks to identify any emergencies.  

Delivery Robot

In today’s congested industry, efficient last-mile courier services have become critical for businesses to stay competitive. Robotic courier services promise a slew of new options for service providers. For example, a delivery robot, Amazon’s scout, delivers products to clients by driving along the sidewalk and opening up when it approaches their front door.  


Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks To Buy During The Bloodbath

There are speculative cryptocurrency stocks to buy among the top performers, here are the top 10 of those

The original idea behind blockchain technology, a digital ledger that automatically tracks transactions between parties and confirms ownership of a crypto asset, was to create a borderless, peer-to-peer electronic cash payment system that’s efficient and secure. Investors can certainly invest in cryptos themselves, perhaps by buying small amounts of several different cryptocurrencies. But a better way to gain exposure to the sector is to invest in companies even bigger, more established companies that benefit from the increased popularity of blockchain and crypto-assets. This article lists the top 10 cryptocurrency stocks to buy during the bloodbath.

Roblox Corporation

Market cap: US$39.99

Roblox is on the mission to bring the world together through play. The company enables its users to imagine, create, and have fun with their friends and explore millions of immersive 3D experiences. It took only one session for the RBLX stock to surge from US$77 to US$110, which indicates that it might turn into one of the hottest crypto stocks in 2023.

Coinbase Global

Market cap: US$55.41

Coinbase Global is one of the top cryptocurrency trading exchanges where users can buy and sell major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and enable them to trade more than 50 altcoins. The success of this trading platform is contingent upon the increase in crypto prices. Coinbase earns a small transaction fee every time someone places an order to buy or sell cryptos. The platform also offers game-changing innovations for the customers.

Voyager Digital

Market cap: US$0.26

MicroStrategy Incorporated

Market cap: US$187.68

MicroStrategy is a leading business intelligence company that also provides mobile software and cloud-based services. The company aims to serve intelligence everywhere. The analytics platform delivers instant answers to all complex questions.

CME Group

Market cap: US$204.36

CME Group operates the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange allowing investors to trade futures, bet on, and secure the future price of an asset. CME Group’s exchange trades a diverse assortment of assets, including agricultural and mining products, energy stocks, and currencies. Crypto derivatives are still a small market for the CME, but the company is introducing more exchanges for crypto assets in the future.

Robinhood Markets

Market cap: US$8.40

Robinhood Markets is a popular discount brokerage app that allows users to buy stocks, rare metals, and cryptocurrencies. Investors can buy and sell large cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin on a commission-free basis. The platform combines this commission-free model with the scaling of the number of cryptocurrencies on the platform, giving massive competition to traditional and decentralized platforms.


Market cap: US$3.46

Biting mining has changed dramatically over the past few years. Nowadays, companies such as Canaan design high-powered, application-specific integrated circuit machines specifically for brute-forcing guessing the network’s correct hash. The company’s next-gen Avalon ASCIS can make trillions of guesses every second to detect the correct hash to validate blocks on the Bitcoin network.

Argo Blockchain

Market cap: US$0.52

In Q3 2023, Argo Blockchain mined 597 Bitcoins and BTC equivalents. As a result, the company increased its total Bitcoin holdings to 1,836. The company aims to power blockchain technology as it continues to grow and influence the global economy. It also has huge plans to diversify beyond mining in the coming years.

Hut 8 Mining Corp

Market Cap: US$1.47

Hut 8 Mining Corp is a Canadian digital asset miner with a special focus on Ethereum and Bitcoin. Last, the company reported 264 mined Bitcoins, with an average production rate of 9.11 Bitcoin per day. This company is one of the top picks in the crypto mining space and has great potential to grow next year.

Hive Blockchain Technologies

Market cap: US$3.37

Top 10 Computer Vision Startups In 2023

We use our eyes and brains to see, visualize and understand the world around us. Technology has enabled computers to give a similar, if not better, capability. Computer Vision empowers a machine or computer to obtain data and information from images or multi-dimensional data sources to transform them into valuable insights. Computer vision is the automatic extraction, analysis and understanding of useful information derived from data sources extracted from a single image or a sequence of images. It is the theory and technology for developing artificial systems that obtain information from images or multi-dimensional data. Computer Vision is increasingly been deployed to new age applications like face recognition, gesture analysis, medical image analysis, pollution monitoring, security and surveillance among other tech-powered uses. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 computer vision startups that will make a disruptive change in the time to come.  

Based in China, SenseTime develops face recognition technology which can be applied to payment and picture analysis, deployed in many uses like bank card verification and security systems. Its products and services include Face Recognition Device, Face Recognition server, and Mobile Image Processing solutions offering lead AI solutions to power the future. The products and solutions offered by SenseTime are applied to Intelligent Security, Internet Entertainment, Intelligent Finance, Remote Sensing cases.  

Megvii from China develops Face++ Cognitive Services which is a platform offering computer vision technologies enabling applications to read and understand the world better. Face++ allows its users to add leading, deep learning-based image analysis recognition technologies into applications, with simple and powerful APIs and SDKs.  

Founded in 2024, with headquarters in Palo Alto, and offices in Dublin and Tokyo, Nauto is an AI technology company improving the safety of commercial and autonomous fleets. Nauto helps fleets achieve zero traffic collisions by enabling safer and smarter driving solutions. Nauto’s intelligent driver safety system assesses how drivers interact with their vehicles and the road ahead to reduce distracted driving to prevent collisions.  

Hawk-Eye operating from the UK, Germany, Italy, US, Australia, UAE, and China, is a leading innovator in sports technology. Hawk-Eye was first used as a broadcast tool to analyze cricket decisions, the platform supports 20 sports annually covering 20,000 games and events across 500+ stadiums happening in 90 countries. Hawk-Eye, a part of Sony has developed an edge in vision processing technology in the sports domain which enables it to track balls to mm accuracy and players and cars. Hawk-Eye Innovations vision processing technology coupled with an intelligent IT backed video replay, distribution software and creative graphics platform powers a number of products and services bring a new sports revolution.  

Founded in 2010, with headquarters in Jerusalem Israel, OrCam empowers blind and partially sighted people live their lives with a high degree of independence through its OrCam MyEye2 which can recognize simple hand gestures and helps its user to read any printed or digital text, identify faces, products real-time, detect money notes for easier payments, detect color for easy shopping experience. OrCam’s another product is OrCam MyReader2 offering sophisticated AI assistive reading device.  

Founded in Israel in 2014, Airobotics provides an end-to-end, fully automatic solution for collecting aerial data and gaining invaluable insights. The startup serves Mining, Sea Ports, Oil & Gas and Industrial facilities for Inspection, Stockpile management, Haul road optimization, Surveying & Mapping, Tailings dams and Security & Emergency response. Additionally, from Petah Tikva Israel, the startup has offices in Arizona, US, and Kardinya, Western Australia.  

Zebra Medical Vision is a path-breaking computer vision startup from Israel providing radiologists with the tools they need for the highest degree of medical care. Zebra Medical Vision significantly enhances the capabilities of radiologists; where providers use Zebra to alert them of patients at high risk of cardiovascular, lung, bone and other diseases. Zebra Medical Vision’s health providers manage the ever-increasing workload without compromising quality where scans cost a flat $1.  


Top 10 Beneficial Maven Interview Questions To Learn In 2023

Introduction to Maven Interview Questions and Answers

If you are looking for Maven Interview Questions for experienced or freshmen, you’re at the right place. In line with the analysis, Maven has a market share of concerning 75%. Thus in this Maven Interview Questions article, we have listed the frequently asked ten Maven Interview Questions that help you in cracking your interview & acquire your dream career as a Maven Developer.

Start Your Free Software Development Course

Following are the 2023 Maven Interview Questions that will help you for cracking an interview on Maven.

Part 1 – Maven Interview Questions (Basic)

The first part covers the basic maven interview questions.

Q1. What is Maven, and why is it used?

While building the software system, you would like to perform the subsequent tasks no matter your event methodology.

Gather necessities

Analyze necessities

Design solution

Develop (code) solution

Test solution

Deploy solution

Maintain solution

The above tasks are usually executed in the order listed above. For example, you cannot develop a solution before analyzing and designing the requirements. Some may argue that with Test Driven Development (Book), the test cases are created before the solution is developed. The tests are executed after development, regardless of when they were designed.

If permitted, the associate assistant may handle the repetitive steps while the team focuses on thinking. The assistant isn’t intelligent but knows the software system development flow and how to staple items. For instance, the assistant will produce the supported templates, transfer needed third-party libraries (also referred to as JARs) and their dependencies, build all elements, and build a deployable JAR, WAR, or EAR file. This assistant is termed a maven. This distinguishes Maven from alternative building tools like Hymenopteran (Homepage) or alternative build scripts.

In other words, Maven is a project management tool. Developers can utilize Maven’s complete build lifecycle framework to modify the project’s infrastructure, as Maven employs a default build lifecycle.

Q2. What are the Aspects Maven Managed?

Maven provides developers with ways in which to manage the following:








Mailing list

Q3. What Is Pom? What Information Does Pom Contain?

POM stands for Project Object Model. It’s a basic Unit of work in Maven. It’s an XML file. It perpetually resides within the base directory of the project as chúng tôi To create the project(s) contains numerous configuration details and data concerning the project employed by Maven.

Project dependencies



Build profiles

Project version


Mailing list

Q4. What is Maven Build Lifecycle? Name the 3 Build Lifecycle of Maven.

A Build Lifecycle is a well-defined sequence of phases that outline the order in which the goals will be executed. Here phase represents a stage in the life cycle.

The three build lifecycles are:

Clean: Cleans up artifacts created by previous builds.

Default (or build): This can be accustomed to build the appliance.

Site: Generates site documentation for the project.

Q5. What is Maven Artifact?

An artifact is a file, internally a JAR file, that gets deployed to a Maven repository. A Maven build produces one or more artifacts, such as “sources” JAR and a compiled JAR. Each artifact encompasses a group ID (usually a reversed domain name, like, an artifact ID (just a name), and a version string. The three unambiguously determine the artifact. A project’s dependencies are specified as artifacts.

Part 2 –Maven Interview Questions (Advanced) Q6. What are the Phases of a Maven Build Lifecycle?

Some major principles of agile testing are:

The following are the phases:

Validate: The project is correct, and all necessary information is offered.

Compile: The source code of the project.

Test: The compiled source code employs an appropriate unit testing framework, and these tests should not require the code to be deployed or packaged.

Package: Package the compiled code in its distributable format like a JAR.

Integration-test: Process and deploy the package into a suitable environment for running integration tests if needed.

Verify: Run any tests to verify the package is still valid and meets quality requirements.

Install: Alternative projects will use the package from the native repository as a regional dependency.

Deploy: Copies the final package to the remote repository for sharing with alternative projects and developers. It is done in an integration or release environment,

Q7. What is a Maven Repository?

There are 3 types of maven repositories:

Local repository

Central repository

Remote repository

Q8. What is a Maven snapshot?

A snapshot version of Maven is not a real version, and that will not have been released. An equivalent version might get several updates. Usually, exposure dependencies ought to exist solely throughout development, and no free version (non-snapshot) ought to depend on a snapshot version.

Q9. What features should a build tool have?

A build tool should have the following:

Compile Java code and build jar, war, and ear files for deployment and release.

Versioning and dependency management.

Run take a look at and report test results.

Run code quality check with Sonar, check style, Find bugs, etc.

Environment property substitution.

Files generations (WSDL, AspectJ, XSL, etc.)

Support for cross-platform (UNIX Windows) and IDEs (Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ)

Proper documentation and support.

Q10. List out the dependency scope in Maven.

The various dependency scope employed in Maven are:

Compile: The default scope offers the dependency within the project’s classpath.

Provided: It indicates that the dependency is provided by JDK or an internet server or container at runtime.

Runtime: This tells that the dependency isn’t required for compilation but is needed throughout the execution.

Test: It says dependency is offered just for the take-a-look-at compilation and execution phases.

System: It indicates you have got to give the system path.

Import: This means that the known or nominative pom ought to get replaced with the dependencies in this POM section.

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