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Is Valorant download stuck for you? Here is a complete guide on how you can fix the issue. A lot of users have complained that the Valorant download speed is forever stuck on at 0.1 kb/s or at 0%, 95%, 100%, etc. for them. It may also happen during updating process of Valorant. Now, if you are experiencing the same issue, this post will help you with the fixes of the problem.

Why is my Valorant download stuck?

Your Valorant download may be stuck due to various reasons. Here are some potential causes:

The issue is most likely to be caused due to an unstable internet connection. Hence, make sure you are connected to an optimal internet connection.

It can also occur if you are dealing with a DNS server issue. If the scenario is applicable, you can try switching to a more reliable DNS server like Google DNS.

Your network settings might be at fault for causing the issue of Valorant download being stuck. So, you can try resetting your network settings to fix the problem.

Another cause of the problem at hand can be your firewall. It might be interfering with the download process of Valorant and thus the download is forever stuck. If the scenario applies, you can fix the issue by allowing Riot Client through your firewall.

You can try a suitable fix from the below-mentioned solutions based on the scenario most suited to you.

Fix Valorant Download or Update Stuck on PC

Here are the fixes that you can try to resolve the problem of Valorant download or update being stuck at 0.1 kbps:

Restart the Riot Client launcher.

Check your internet connection.

Close bandwidth-hogging apps.

Reset Network Settings.

Switch to Google DNS Server.

Set Riot Client Priority to High.

Allow Riot Client through your Firewall.

Let us discuss the above fixes in elaboration.

1] Restart the Riot Client launcher

The issue might be caused due to some temporary glitch with Riot Client. So, if the scenario is applicable, you should be able to fix the problem by simply restarting the Riot Client launcher. See if this fixes the issue for you. If not, you can move on to the next potential solution to fix it.

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2] Check your internet connection

A stable and high-speed internet connection is needed to download or update Valorant. If your internet connection is not stable and reliable, you might experience the issue at hand. Hence, you need to make sure you. So, you need to make sure that you are using a stable internet connection with good internet speed. In case your internet connection is not optimized, you can try the below tips and tricks to optimize it:

Firstly, test your internet speed and check if it is good enough for downloading or updating the game. In case the speed is low, you might need a better internet plan to enjoy online gaming without hiccups.

A lot of games recommend using a wired internet connection instead of a wireless connection as it is more stable and reliable for gaming. Hence you can try switching to a wired internet connection and see if it fixes the error for you.

If there are some network or internet issues on your PC, fix the WiFi problems.

You can also try disconnecting other devices connected to the same internet to avoid bandwidth throttling.

Try performing a power cycle on your router/modem to clear the bad router cache.

If your internet connection is stable and optimized and you still getting the same problem, move on to the next potential fix to resolve the issue.

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3] Close bandwidth-hogging apps

If you have too many bandwidth-hogging apps running in the background on your PC, it can cause the problem at hand. As the apps consume the required internet speed and bandwidth, it may cause your Valorant download or update stuck at 0.1 kbps forever. Hence, shutting down such apps will be effective in this case.

You can open Task Manager using Ctrl + Shift + Esc and from the Processes tab, select the high bandwidth-consuming app. And then, press the End Task button to close the app. Similarly, close all other apps consuming your internet speed.

If this doesn’t help you fix the problem, go ahead and try the next potential fix to resolve the issue.

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4] Reset Network Settings

If the problem is caused due to conflicts in the network, you can try resetting your network settings to fix the error. This also reinstalls corrupted network adapters and resets your IP address. Here is how you can reset your network settings:

Firstly, launch the Settings app using Win+I hotkey and navigate to the Network & internet tab.

It will then start resetting your network settings; wait for the process to finish.

When done, relaunch the Riot client and see if the problem is fixed or not.

If this method doesn’t work for you, try the next potential fix to get rid of the issue.

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5] Switch to Google DNS Server

Here are the steps to change to Google DNS Server on Windows PC:

Firstly, open the Run dialog by pressing the Windows + R and then enter ncpa.cpl in its Open field to launch the Network Connections window.

Now, select your current active internet connection and press the right-clcik on it.

Then, from the appeared context menu, tap on the Properties option.

Next, in the Properties dialog window, select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and then press the Properties button.

Preferred DNS server: Alternate DNS server:

Next, you need to go back to the previous screen and select the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPV6) option.

Now, choose the Use the following DNS server addresses option and enter the below addresses in the given fields: Preferred DNS server: 2001:4860:4860::8888 Alternate DNS server: 2001:4860:4860::8844

Now, relaunch Riot Client and see if the issue is resolved or not.

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6] Set Riot Client Priority to High

You can also try changing the priority of Riot Client to High in order to enhance the downloading speed of Valorant. This has worked for many affected users, so you can try the same and see if it helps you resolve the issue at hand.

Here are the steps to set the priority of Riot Client high:

Firstly, press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc hotkey to open Task Manager.

Next, from the context menu, select the Go to details option.

Finally, go to the Set Priority option and choose High.

7] Allow Riot Client through your Firewall

The culprit might be your firewall which is interfering with the Valorant’s downloading process. So, if the scenario is applicable, you should be able to fix the problem by allowing Riot Client through your Firewall.

You can try the below steps to allow Riot Client through your firewall:

Now, tap on the Allow an app through the firewall option from the left side panel.

Next, press the Change Settings button present on the Allowed Apps page.

Once done, enable the Public and Private checkboxes for Riot Client.

Hope this guide helps!

Fix: Riot Vanguard Crashed Error on Valorant

What is error code 43 Valorant?

The error code 43 on Valorant is a game client error. It basically shows up “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client.” error message. To fix it, you need to make sure the servers are not down. Other than that, you can also try updating your network adapter driver, flushing DNS, or enabling the Vanguard service in System Configuration.

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Steam Download Stuck At 0 Bytes

If Steam download stuck at 0 bytes then this post is sure to help you. In some cases, users are not able to download games on Steam due to the unstable internet connection. So, if you experience this error, first, please check your internet connection. If your internet connection is working fine, you can proceed towards the solutions explained below.

Fix Steam download stuck at 0 bytes

The following solutions may help you if your Steam download is stuck at 0 bytes:

Pause and resume download

Restart Steam

Change the download region

Scan for Malware

Disable the proxy settings

Verify the integrity of game files.

Let’s have a detailed look at these solutions one by one.

1] Pause and resume download

When a Steam game download stops at 0 bytes, one thing that you can try is to pause the download, wait for a few seconds, and then resume it again. This might work.

2] Restart Steam

According to some users, restarting Steam helped them fix the issue. You can also try this trick. First, pause the game that you are currently downloading on Steam and then exit Steam. Now, wait for a few minutes and restart Steam. After restarting Steam, resume the download and see if the issue still persists.

3] Change the download region

When you download games on Steam, you have to select a region. You can select any region but your current country is generally preferred. If there are server issues with Steam in the area that you have selected, your games will stick at 0 bytes. In such cases, changing the download region can help you fix this issue.

The following steps will help you with that:

Launch Steam

Select Settings

Select another country.

Do note that, you may also experience the same problem after changing the download location if the country that you have selected also has Steam server issues. In this case, you may have to change the download region several times to fix the issue.

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4] Scan for malware

Some users have reported that they were experiencing this error because of a malware infection. When they scanned their system with an anti-malware program, the issue was fixed. You can also use some good anti-malware tools, scan your system, and see if it brings any changes.

5] Disable the proxy settings

If the proxy is enabled or turned on your Windows 11/10 computer, then this might also cause this problem. Therefore, you should disable the proxy settings on your Windows 11/10 computer and see if it helps.

The steps to disable proxy on Windows 10 are:

Launch the Settings app using Win+I hotkey

Select the Proxy page from the left pane

Scroll down and turn off the Use a proxy server button available under the Manual proxy setup section.

The steps to disable proxy on your Windows 11 computer are as follows:

Use Win+I hotkey to open the Settings app

Select Network & internet category

Turn off Use a proxy server button

This might help you.

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6] Verify the Integrity of the game files

Follow the instructions given below:

Launch Steam

Navigate to the Library section

Select Properties

Hope this helps.

Can you increase Steam download speed?

There are many reasons for which you may experience download speed issues with Steam. One of the most common issues is the high Steam traffic in the country the server of which you have selected to download the game files. We have talked about this cause in this article. If you are experiencing download issues with Steam for a long time, we suggest you change your ISP.

Why does Steam get stuck at 100%?

This usually happens with large game files. After downloading the game, Steam unpacks it to bring it in a readable format for your computer. The time to unpack the game depends on the storage speed.

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Gpu 100% Usage When Idle Or Gaming (Good Or Bad)

While GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) runs at 100% usage (Windows 11 or Windows 10) is not necessarily a bad thing, it may not be good in certain situations especially when your computer is idle. Apart from knowing how to use your computer to game or work, sometimes you should also know how the hardware parts in your computer ought to behave under high usage.

Also see: How to Know Which App is Using The Internet in Windows 11

Well, it depends. GPU runs at 100% usage (sometimes between 99% and 100%) doesn’t mean it is being excessively stressed or burning itself out. It just means that it is currently being used under 100% load – its absolute max performance. Graphics card is designed to work at 100% usage for maximum graphics performance.

However, there are a few things you should check to determine if having GPU constantly running at high usage (near or consistently 100%) should be a concern to you. Does the GPU usage spikes to 100% only when you play games, or does it also happen when the computer is idle (while you are not using it and no app is running)?

No, GPU runs at 100% usage while gaming is not a bad thing at all. It is completely normal to see GPU usage constantly at 100% while you game. It just means that your GPU is being fully utilized by the game to run the game as best as it can. GPU will almost always run at 100% for modern and high graphics games.

Graphics card performance determines the resolution you can play the game with, the frame rates, the graphics quality in the game, etc. GPU runs at 100% usage while playing a game simply means the GPU is being used to the absolute max to produce the best gameplay experience it can for you.

Other than games, graphics-intensive apps (such as video editing and processing software) can also cause GPU 100% usage if the app is squeezing the maximum performance out of your GPU. It is nothing to worry about as long as the app is the one that is utilizing the GPU.

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If you are not running any app or game and your computer is basically in an idle state and yet you still see GPU usage constantly at 100%, it signals something else is using the GPU without your consent. You should check what process is actually consuming the GPU and then decide if you should close or uninstall the rogue program. We will discuss about this in the next section below.

Additionally, similar to any other hardware, GPU has a life span. The life expectancy of a GPU is mostly determined by how much it is used. The more you use your GPU, the faster it will reach the end of its effective life. However, most modern graphics cards are designed and built to last a good couple of years (depending on how you use it).

Generally, you should not worry too much about your GPU life span if it is only running at its maximum performance (100% usage) while you are running a game or an app. But if your GPU runs at 100% at all times, you should find out what’s wrong and which process is consuming the GPU unnecessarily.

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When you are not running any app, program or game but the GPU usage stays at 100% at all times, here are how to find out what process is consuming your GPU and what you can do to fix the 100% GPU usage problem in Windows 11.

You can check which app or process is using up your graphics resources from the Task Manager in Windows 11. Follow the steps below to do so.

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

After determining the source of the problem, you should then decide if you want to completely remove or uninstall the problem app or program which has been constantly exhausting your GPU.

A malware, Trojan horse or virus could also be the cause of unknown 100% GPU usage. It is especially common since the introduction of cryptocurrency because a malware may inject a crypto miner that uses your GPU resources to mine cryptocurrency on your computer without your consent.

It is always a best practice to have an antivirus software actively protect your computer against such malwares and threats. If you don’t already have an antivirus software installed on your computer, install one. Then, try to run a full scan using your antivirus software to check for potential threats (that may be the cause of the 100% GPU usage issue) on your computer.

If GPU starts to run at 100% usage soon after you start your computer (on every restart), it may be due to a program that is set to run automatically on startup. Consider disabling any startup program that you don’t need to eliminate possible causes of high GPU consumption you may not be aware of.

Read: How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11.

A driver tells the operating system how to work with a piece of hardware properly. An incorrect, corrupted or outdated driver may cause issue to the hardware and affect how it works. It can cause the 100% GPU usage in Windows 11 as well. Thus, it is always a good practice to make sure your graphics card driver is up to date.

To learn how to keep your GPU driver updated in Windows 11, go to: How to Update Graphics Driver in Windows 11.

Commencement Set For Sunday At Nickerson, Rain Or Shine

Students celebrated in the rain at the 2006 Commencement exercises. Photo by BU Photo Services

The flowers are planted, the programs are printed, and the 5,500 graduates at Sunday’s Commencement ceremony know what they’ll be wearing — academic robes in Terrier scarlet. Only one area of uncertainty remains: the weather.

Boston University’s 134th Commencement ceremony will take place — rain or shine — on Nickerson Field this Sunday, May 20, at 11 a.m. Some 5,500 students will receive degrees, and another 20,000 people are expected to be in the stands, cheering.

This year’s main speaker is Steven Chu. The 1997 Nobel laureate in physics is currently leading a multidisciplinary initiative to create sustainable, carbon-neutral sources of energy. Chu will receive an honorary Doctor of Science from BU.

Noted journalist, editor, and author Bill Kovach will deliver the main address at Sunday morning’s Baccalaureate service, which will take place at Marsh Chapel at 9 a.m. Among the publications Kovach has worked for during his extensive career are the New York Times and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He is now senior counselor at the Project for Excellence in Journalism in Washington, D.C. Kovach will be given an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters.

All degree candidates are to arrive at the lineup areas via Harry Agganis Way no later than 10:15 a.m. University marshals will direct graduates to the appropriate school or college lineup areas.

Although the University will not be distributing MBTA passes this year, shuttle buses will operate continuously along Commonwealth Avenue to transport guests to Nickerson Field and on-campus convocation sites. Hours of service will be from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. The buses will stop upon request.

Family and friends not able to be at Nickerson Field can watch the Commencement ceremony via live Webcast or listen locally to WBUR 90.9FM, Boston University’s National Public Radio station.

Sunday’s ceremony caps a weekend of Commencement and Reunion activities, and students and their families can choose from a number of options at BU. Saturday will kick off with opportunities to view the Boston University Experience, a multimedia presentation that showcases the University’s role as a force for social change throughout its 168-year history. A picnic and University block party will follow at the Fuller Building at 808 Commonwealth Ave. Riverboat cruises along the Charles River will run all day, and an All-University Buffet Celebration will take place at 5:30 p.m. Finally, the 16th Annual Comedy Night, featuring comedian Greg Fitzsimmons (CGS’87, CAS’89), will begin at 8:30 p.m.

Two event locations have been changed: The Golden and Silver Terriers Reception, scheduled for 5:30-7 p.m. Friday on Alpert Mall, has been relocated to the GSU BackCourt, 775 Commonwealth Ave., and the Trustee Scholars Alumni and Seniors BBQ, scheduled for 6 p.m. Friday at 25 Lenox St., has been moved to the Photonics Center Colloquium Room, 8 St. Mary’s St., 9th floor.

Out-of-town visitors can also get to know the city of Boston, with some extra help from the BU community. Students, faculty, and staff participated in a University-wide “Best of BU” contest last fall, nominating and voting for the best places to shop, people-watch, eat, and explore. To see the results, visit the Best of BU Web site.

Vicky Waltz can be reached at [email protected].

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A Look At Ios 9’S Jailbreak

iOS 9 has brought a lot of new features to the table, and many of those features have been borrowed, whether by coincidence or not, from already existing jailbreak tweaks. In this post, I summarize some of the tweaks that have been natively added to iOS 9 beta 1. Did your favorite tweak make the cut?


In my review of SwipeSelection Pro, I called it one of the best jailbreak tweaks of all time. So it’s not totally surprising that Apple decided to adopt a similar feature in iOS 9. Here’s what I said in my SwipeSelection Pro review:

…Just sayin’.

Yes, Apple’s implementation differs from that of SwipeSelection, but the basic premise remains the same, and it’s arguably better since two fingers should result in a lot less accidental swipes than SwipeSelection’s single finger gesture. We’ll have much more on this awesome new feature soon.


It’s a tweak that’s so obvious, it’s kind of weird that we’re nine iOS iterations in before it finally appeared. ShowCase was a tweak that accurately portrayed the current letter case on the keyboard key caps. Now, this feature is native in iOS 9, and it will help eliminate confusion when typing.


Ryan Petrich’s legendary VideoPane tweak allowed us to detach videos and watch them while multitasking on our jailbroken iOS devices. It was rightly listed in many top jailbreak tweak lists, and brought genuine usefulness to iPhone and iPad users everywhere.

Along with Apple’s other multitasking efforts, it now allows for similar functionality to VideoPane. Ryan’s legendary tweak was of the greatest jailbreak releases, and the ability to have true Picture in Picture mode on iPad is one of iOS 9’s greatest features as well.


Searching the contents of the Settings app. Quite the novel idea, and jailbreakers did it first. The aptly titled Search Settings, allowed users to easily search the contents of the Settings app over the last year.

Search Settings, like the aforementioned VideoPane, was created by Ryan Petrich. Now the same basic functionality is available in iOS 9. I think we’re seeing a trend here. Apple should probably hire Ryan, don’t you think?


There are several jailbreak tweaks that aim to help save battery life, but BattSaver was one of the more popular releases to do so. It did so by tempering your iPhone’s radios, which, as I understand, is what iOS 9 does with some of its new battery saving techniques, albeit to a lesser degree.


ReachApp wasn’t the only tweak that brought true multitasking to iOS, but it was one that I felt was the most sensible in its approach. ReachApp brought true side-by-side multitasking to iOS, and it did so very well.


This one is a little more obscure, but I thought it should be included in the list. iOS 9’s App Switcher has been completely redesigned, and with the redesign comes rounded App Switcher cards.


Last but not least, Dash was a jailbreak tweak released back in 2012 that allowed users to change the App Switcher look and animation style (CardSwitcher did it even before that in 2011). Not only did it allow for a full screen App Switcher, it brought a Time Machine-inspired animation style to the table, too. Notice anything similar about the App Switcher in iOS 9?

It’s a continuing trend that’s been going on since the very beginning of the iPhone’s existence, and as long as jailbreaking is around, I don’t see this trend changing. What do you think about all of the jailbreak tweaks that Apple has been inspired by or possibly borrowed from? Sound off down below with your thoughts, and opinions.

5 Ways To Fix The Gpu If It’s At 0% Usage

5 Ways to Fix the GPU if It’s at 0% Usage [In Idle, Gaming] GPU at 0 is a common PC problem that may be fixed in no time




GPU at 0 can be caused by outdated graphics drivers.

The problem can also stem from the CPU bottleneck.

One of the best ways to solve this error is to force GPU usage.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

GPU usage at 0 is one of the multiple errors when your device has an issue. The GPU handles intense graphic applications and processes to reduce the CPU load.

When these processes do not use the GPU, there might be a bottleneck. Since overloading the CPU is never a good thing for the system’s performance. It can lead to FPS drop, CPU overheating, and many more.

To fix this GPU at 0%, we have put together various troubleshooting solutions in this article. Ensure to follow the steps strictly for optimal results.

Why is GPU usage at 0?

This issue can be caused by a lot of things. But we will identify the most common causes below:

Driver issues: The most common cause of this problem is issues with the GPU drivers. The GPU performance may be drastically reduced if the drivers are corrupted or outdated.

The system using CPU integrated GPU: The CPU always has an inbuilt GPU integrated with it apart from the dedicated GPU. Thus, there are times when the system will use this GPU, and it may cause an overload on the CPU. Hence, the dedicated graphics will be useless and non-functional.

Bottleneck: The CPU is meant to provide data to process for the GPU. However, if the GPU is too strong for the CPU, this may cause bottlenecking in the performance.

Third-party apps influence: Apps like antivirus and others often tamper with the processes on the system. Hence, they can interfere with the GPU and cause the GPU at 0 issue.

Game-related issues: Some games are not well optimized to combine the CPU and the dedicated graphics. Hence, they feed off the CPU alone. Hence, the GPU becomes inactive.

How do I fix GPU 0 usage? 1. Disable third-party apps active in the background

Optimize your PC with just a scan by updating all drivers.

Free Download Now

3. Adjust Graphic card settings

These are the core settings that can affect performance usage. Adjusting all these should fix the GPU at 0% issue.

4. Change BiOS Graphic settings

Power on the computer and press the f10, F12, f2, or DEL to load the BiOS.

Search for a primary graphics adapter or onboard VGA.

Change it from Auto to your GPU.

While this is the last resort, be careful not to tamper with the BiOS unless you know what to do.

5. Adjust startup settings in Task Manager

Press Ctrl + shift + ESC to launch the Task Manager window.

Select the Startup tab.

Locate all the third-party apps and Disable them.

Restart your PC.

Expert tip:

Why is my GPU usage at 0 while gaming?

Consider these two options:

CPU Bottleneck: If the GPU is too powerful for the CPU, it may not process enough data that complement the GPU’s needs. Hence, the GPU may become non-functional.

The game may not be optimized to harness the GPU and the CPU: Hence, it may use the integrated GPU in the CPU. As such, this would make dedicated graphics cards useless.

How do I force GPU usage?

How do I switch from CPU to GPU?

Power on the computer and press the f10, F12, f2, or DEL to load the BiOS.

Search for a primary graphics adapter or onboard VGA.

Change it from Auto to your GPU.

These are the ways to fix your GPU at 0 problems. Although the problem is not common, that doesn’t mean you may not encounter it. Hence, equipping yourself with knowledge may be useful.

If you have issues with high CPU usage and low GPU usage, you can learn how to fix them by checking our guide here.

Further, if your GPU memory is full, we also have a guide on that. Likewise, if you encounter the problem, you can check out the Desktop Windows manager’s high GPU usage on Windows 10/11.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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