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Since its inception, the Vine application has grasped the attention of various people worldwide as this mobile application enables them to record six second videos that can be shared on different social networks like Twitter, Facebook and more. In just 6 months, this application has grown to 13 million users. Various eCommerce merchants see the value in Vine. Today, you will find various eCommerce businesses that are using Vine videos for their eCommerce business for different purposes.

Users of this app can easily shoot very short clips and edit those clips together, in order to create effective animation videos. Across the world, various businessmen understand that Vine videos that can help them to promote their products and services on the web. Here, you can find why eCommerce businesses are using vine videos for their eCommerce business.

Endorse New Products

Now, it becomes easily possible to promote your new product on the web through vine videos. You can market your new products among your customers and get huge response from them as vine videos are helpful to promote your products and services. You just need to create six-second video by which you can attract your customers towards your new product.

In this given vine video, you can see that Gap has introduced its new product line for special summer season. Through this vine video, the company is promoting its new clothing line and grabbing the attention of lots of people globally.

Attract Customers through showing Your Skills

Using Vine videos, you can also attract customers on your website and stay connected with them. Believe me, when I first heard about this application, I was asking myself  how it would be possible for big brands to attract more customers through six seconds videos. There are various brands that are utilizing Vine videos efficiently to attract more and more customers on their website. Showing different products in context can boost conversions on your site.

Make sure to opt for creative clips that generate demand. Techno Gym does this by creating creative a six second vine video that contains 6 different exercises that fits the attention span of the social media user. In six seconds’ video, Techno Gym includes its 6 different exercises that are effective. This video can ignite various people to join their gym to get slim and trim body fat:

Share How To Tips & Demos

One of the best things you can do through vine videos is share how to use tips and demos of your products, as it will help your customers get  information about your products. On the web, you will find numerous companies that have started providing a series of videos that offer tips. Barcardi has shared how to videos with their customers that is a perfect for providing their customers information about their products. In this video, they are showing users how to prepare a perfect drink by adding different ingredients. This video gives their customers an insight into their various products that are obtainable and how to use them.

Take a Tour of Inside Your Business

Vine videos are also effective to use to take a tour of inside your business that you can show your customers. By providing a behind the scenes look of your business, employees, and working area to your customers, you can win their trust. Most people trust other people rather than brands. By using vine, you can put a human face on your business and win your customers’ trust. Marc Jacobs, the most popular fashion designer, shot a vine video of his employees sporting their personal clothing styles.

Offer a Contest

eCommerce retailers can also create content for their customers on Vine. By creating an exciting and creative contest for their customers, they can promote their business worldwide.

Urban Outfitters has teamed up with Converse to introduce a contest that offers a cross-country trip for the best vine that documents “a day in the life of your Converse sneakers.” Both the companies have invited their fans to submit a vine videos and tweet it using hashtag “”#yourchucks.”

Closing Thoughts

These six-second videos have proved to be just as effective as any commercial. Today, any eCommerce businessman can create creative vine videos of their products and business to attract more customers to their website. Make sure to create exceptional vine videos!

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Are You Searching For The Right Way To Manage Your Business?

In a day and age where the business world seems even more competitive, how would you describe your ability to manage your small business?

With 2013 off and running, hopefully you have already set aside goals to better manage your company over the next 12 months. If so, where do things like social media, checking your online reputation, and cozying up more to technology figure into the mix

According to research from the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, nearly 80 percent of the 2,100 business surveyed stated they are either using or intend to utilize social media channels moving forward

That being said, only a mere 12 percent of those companies believe that they are properly using them. Lastly, a large percentage of businesses indicate they are still taking their time to seriously focus in on social media. Some two-thirds of users noted not having any formalized social media strategy, with only 7 percent having integrated social media into their overall marketing plans.

So, where should some of your business management focus be this year? Keep an eye on:

* Social media – First and foremost, get more social with the public. Given the fact that more consumers are using social platforms to shop for and buy goods and services, you need to be there awaiting their visits. If you have company Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest pages, how active are you on them? Do you share, tweet, post and pin regularly, or are you one of those business owners who does it just because the competition does? Make sure you have a sound strategy going forward over these next 12 months to put yourself above and beyond the competition;

* Technology – Lastly, what emphasis will you be placing on technology during these next 12 months? From mobile payments to videos and podcasts touting your business, be prepared to give everything a try if you are not already doing so. As more and more of your customers want their goods and services purchased and delivered yesterday and not today, you need to stay up to speed on consumer demands. While having a company blog is great and all, have you dabbled in videos and podcasts? These can be great tools to educate and inform the buying public as to what you offer. If you do not have the time or expertise to do such materials in-house, consider outsourcing the work to professionals who can make your company stand out from the rest.

With a new year oftentimes come resolutions. What will be your business resolutions for 2013?

How To Make Your Business Card Your Best Marketing Tool

12 easy steps to making your business card a successful offline marketing strategy that integrates online marketing

Do you give much thought on how your business cards are going to impact people before you give them out? You probably just place an order for a standardized one from your local office supplies store. What you may not realize is that you are sitting on potentially the most potent weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Maybe it is time you start thinking of your business cards as marketing tools and not just a way to give out your contact information. Here are 5 ways you can transform your business card into your best marketing tool before sending it out for business card printing.

1. Include testimonials

Potential customers are always interested to know what your previous customers have to say about your products or services through testimonials. Testimonials are included on brand websites to increase credibility and reliability so why not include some on your business card. Including one or two of the best testimonials, you have received on the back of your business card will speak volumes about your brand and receivers don’t need to go online to check your credibility.

2. Make your cards multi-functional

The end goal of making your business cards multi-functional is to make the recipients interact with them more times than they would interact with a typical business card. The more the interaction, the more your brand is memorable.

3. Provide links to online marketing

Is your brand present online? Your business card can be the best tool to link your offline marketing efforts to your online initiatives. If you have a website, provide a link. Also important are links to your social media pages. Most people receiving your cards are on social media and social media is arguably the best lead generation tool.

4. Put your face on your card

Can you remember all the faces behind the business cards on your desk? It is difficult to put faces on business cards long after you met them. The same applies to them putting your face on your cards. How about putting a photo of yourself on your cards? Your potential customers will remember you many months after your brief interaction and feel familiar to your brand. This can give you an edge against your competitors who cards are not recognizable.

5. Mention a cause you support           

Letting people know about the causes you support can be great for your business. For instance, your brand can have an immediate impact on a potential customer because they are passionate about the very cause you support. It also gives people a glimpse of what drives you and what you and your business stand for. Examples of causes that will resonate with your target audience are charitable causes and environmental conservation causes, especially against climate change.

6. Give recipients a challenge              

Everybody likes to test themselves and surprising recipients with something to tease their mind can go a long way. Be creative about it but make it related to your business. It could be a tricky question or a fun fact that will amuse them.

7. Give special offers

Your business card is likely to have a bigger impact when accompanied with a special offer. You could offer a free gift or a coupon for products on your site. Although costly, this will make recipients think highly of you and your brand.

8. Monitor your business card

Track your business card’s conversion rate. You can do this by plastering SKU or QR code on it. And whenever you distribute the cards, promise the recipients some impressive discounts or coupons for heading to your business website. This technique can give you a benchmark to improve things. For example, if the business card doesn’t convert as required, you can use another strategy.

9. Increase your business card’s recall value using beautiful design

Make use of design to curate a business card that beats the competition. You don’t have to pay a web designer to create a beautiful business card design for you. There are free websites out there that offer beautiful templates to create business cards. All you have to do is choose the style, color, and size of font. However, if you don’t want to spend time doing it yourself, you can get a good web design out at a really reasonable price.

10. Keep your business card simple

The primary reason for creating business cards is to get prospects to contact you. That’s why you need to put more emphasis on the information that will enable that. A long time ago, information such as fax number, address and the business name was the main aspects required for a business card.

These days, there is a bit of a shift. Business cards give you the freedom to customize them. So you may include information such as your name, your title, your business name, your email address, your phone number and your website URL on the front of your business card. Prospects can find other information such as fax, landline phone numbers, and address when they check out your URL.

11. Include your social media handles

According to Isentia, Social media is without a doubt, a valuable marketing tool today. So it’s prudent that you include your social media handles such as Twitter and Facebook, so that prospects can follow you there. Prospects can get a lot more information about your business on your social media pages. So together with your business card and your online marketing channels, potential customers can see a much broader look at yourself and your company.

12. Use quality material to make your business card

Many business people try to cut costs by using low-quality materials to make business cards. That’s only going to ruin your business reputation. A big percentage of mediocre quality business cards end up in the dustbin. Prospects will also judge you by the quality of business cards you give out. They will conclude that your products and services will not be any different if you give out poor quality business cards.

These tips show that making minor changes to a typical business card can transform it into a powerful marketing tool. The key to unlocking this untapped potential is to use your cards to achieve two things. Firstly, foster deeper connections between recipients and your brand. Secondly, make yourself and your brand memorable.

Eye Tracking To Boost Conversion Rate Of Your Ecommerce Site

Do you know that your website images play a biggest role in boosting up the conversion rate of your website? To know the importance of your website’ images, you can give a look on eye tracking reports; however, you also need to run one. It is true that running eye-tracking software for your website is quite expensive, but you can boost conversion rate of your website in mean-time.

If you have decided to improve the conversion rate of your ecommerce website, you need to look at where the viewers’ eyes are going and have to conclude that it is a place where you want their eyes to go or not.

Here, you can find how you can boost conversion rate through eye-tracking:

People are more interested in Media than text:

As we all know that most of the people are interested in media like pictures to videos and etc. People will more focus on media if you put it on your page. As compare to the text on the page, they like to spend their time on media part of the page. You need to remember that how you used to look at Google search results before it adding pictures and videos.

And, now in the below image, you can see that Google has put some videos in the search results that got huge impact:

And now in the given image, you can see that Google has added some pictures of the product in the search results:

So, what you came to know from above example is that media is good, but make sure that you use it carefully. Using media to sell your products and services is completely best for you. However, media is a interruption, then you will reduce the conversion rates of your site.

Cautiously Utilize People in Your Images:

In this modern world, those stock picture sites are extremely infamous that have thousands of pictures of people. It is better for you to use a picture of someone on your website, but make sure that you use pictures accurately otherwise it can affect your conversion rate.

Here in this below given image, you can see that the girl is looking at you, not at the product. So, customers are looking at her instead of the product.

Nothing has been changed in this image except her eyes that plays a biggest role in this ad. Through eye-tracking, you will come to know that the direction of the model’s look compels you to look at the product.

People Spend Time to read Left to Right:

How many of you know that most of the websites have their navigation path from left to right because maximum number of people enters in the website and first they look at your logo and after that they turn on your menu bar.

So, you need to keep attractive pictures on the left side of your website that are the perfect examples of the eye tracking. As per the reports that average web users are spending their 69% of their time looking at the left side of the web page, so make sure your important and eye-catching elements should be placed on the left-hand side.

However, you can also have to test that which one is working best for you, but keeping essential elements on the left side will give you a wonderful start for your site.

Faces Plays Vital Role:

As we all that eye placement give huge impact on what you look at, but the position of the body also make even a big impact as compare to eye movement. Here in the below given images, you can see that in the first picture baby’s body position is in the front of you, so you will surely look him instead of products.

However in the second image, the body position of the baby is towards products that draws your attention to the product. If you prefer to use pictures on your ecommerce site’ landing page, make sure that you have them look at your product and services or you have their whole body face on it. It may help you to boost conversion rate of your website.

Above mentioned points can help you to boost the conversion rate of your ecommerce website without any hassle. As per the described points, you can make your ecommerce website more popular and create unique brand on the web.

Scientists Have Developed A New Way To Fight A Nearly Untreatable Brain Cancer

A new sound wave technique can help treat a deadly brain cancer called glioblastoma in only four minutes. The breakthrough report was published May 2 in the journal The Lancet Oncology and demonstrates the results of a phase 1 in-human clinical trial with 17 patients.

In the trial, the patients underwent surgery for resection, or removal, of their tumors and had an ultrasound device implanted. The device inside the skull opens the blood-brain barrier, repeatedly using sound waves to permeate the barrier and reach the brain tumor. IV chemotherapy is then able to reach the neurological tissues where the cancer can grow.

Treating this type of brain tumor, which has a 6.8 percent survival rate within the first five years of diagnosis, with the most potent types of chemotherapy is difficult. The strongest cancer medicines are typically unable to permeate the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier acts as a line of defense, making an extra wall around the brain to keep toxins and pathogens from getting into such a crucial area of the body. However, the repertoire of drugs that can be used to treat brain diseases is very limited. In 2014, scientists first found that sound waves could be used to permeate the blood-brain barrier and this study builds on that discovery.

[Related: Understanding glioblastoma, the most common—and lethal—form of brain cancer.]

The study reports that using a novel skull-implantable grid of nine ultrasound emitters made by French biotech company Carthera can open the blood-brain barrier in a volume of the brain nine times larger than the small single-ultrasound emitter implants originally used. This importantly helps treat a large region of the brain next to the cavity that remains after glioblastoma tumors are removed.  

An animation of the SonoCloud-9 implantable ultrasound device.  The SonoCloud-9 device uses pulsed ultrasound to transiently disrupt the blood-brain barrier to improve the delivery of chemotherapy to brain tumors. CREDIT: CarThera.

This is also the first study that shows how quickly the blood-brain barrier closes after being opened by the ultrasound. It closes in the first 30 to 60 minutes after the communication. and this will help scientists optimize what order to deliver the drugs to allow for better penetration of the brain. The procedure to open the blood-brain barrier only takes four minutes and is performed while the patient is awake. The new results show that the treatment is safe, well-tolerated, and some patients received up to six cycles of treatment. 

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Opening up the blood-brain barrier led to a roughly four- to six-fold increase in the drug concentrations in the human brain. The team observed this increase with two chemotherapy drugs called paclitaxel and carboplatin. These drugs are typically not used to treat glioblastoma patients, because they typically do not cross the blood brain barrier in normal circumstances. 

According to Sonobend, the current chemotherapy used for glioblastoma (Temozolomide) does cross the blood-brain barrier, but is weak. Sonabend also said that previous studies that injected paclitaxel directly into the brains of patients with these tumors had promising signs of efficacy, but the direct injection was associated with toxicity such as brain irritation and meningitis.

A phase 2 clinical trial is already underway. “While we have focused on brain cancer (for which there are approximately 30,000 gliomas in the U.S.), this opens the door to investigate novel drug-based treatments for millions of patients who suffer from various brain diseases,” said Sonabend.

Start Influencer Marketing The Right Way In 2023

From 2023 to 2023, businesses faced challenges due to the pandemic. However, one increasing trend that almost doubled over the past two years was influence marketing (See figure 1.) Business leaders and marketers are not ignorant to this trend, but also have the question in mind: What really is influencer marketing? How different is it than working with celebrities? Should influencer marketing be your top priority? In this guide, we will answer these questions and also give you a step by step guide to start with influencer marketing.

Figure: 1. Source: Statista

1. What is influencer marketing? 2. How is influencer marketing different than working with celebrities?

You may think that working with celebrities is not a new concept in marketing, but the definitions of celebrity and influencer started to be differentiated from each other. Traditional celebrities often gain fame through entertainment and media sector, such as acting or singing. Influencers typically build a fan base from scratch by creating content that attract people’s attention on social media. They don’t necessarily have to be in media or entertainment but gain public attention with their life style, a niche hobby or expertise.

3. What is an example of influencer marketing?

Let’s imagine you launched a new technology product and need to introduce it to potential buyers. A YouTube user, Marques Brownlee, creates original content only about reviewing technology products and has more than 15 million followers. Figure 2 is a part of one of his sponsored videos where a brand spokesperson is about to appear and introduce their product. Brownlee does not appear in a Hollywood movie, so you may not know him at all, but some people who are into using the newest technology products may even recognize him on the street. This is a typical example of influencer marketing, that could be applied for almost all types of products.

4. Should influencer marketing be your top priority?

Word of mouth or asking for a trusted friend’s opinion for our purchasing decisions has been always there. Especially for B2C products, new brands or launches, influencer marketing is critical to build a sustainable relationship with consumers. According to a 2023 report by Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers trust in influencer recommendations and 70% of teenagers trust in influencers more than traditional celebrities.

If you have a mixed presence of offline and online channels, or a wider range of consumers, you may consider influencer marketing as a part of your overall marketing strategy, and compare the success of different channels over time. If your main channel is online and your audience is younger, influencer marketing can be the go-to solution for a limited marketing budget or the top priority in your overall marketing strategy.

5. What are the best practices to start with influencer marketing?

If you are a big company, you may be working with a media agency for your marketing campaigns. However, if you follow these steps, you can also do it in-house. Even if you have an agency controlling your campaigns, knowing these aspects are important for a marketer to manage a successful influencer marketing strategy.

Bright Data offers automated web scraping data that enables brands to collect organic web data to find the right influencer. For a company that lists influencers for different businesses, Bright Data gathered a comprehensive dataset that includes social media hashtags those influencers use, the areas they’re in, and details about their follower audience.

For more on latest technology trends in marketing, check out our research in:

If you believe that your business may benefit from a web scraping solution, check our list of web crawlers to find the best vendor for you. And check our comprehensive hub of marketing solutions to explore different approaches in your business.

For guidance to choose the right tool, reach out to us:

This article was drafted by former AIMultiple industry analyst Bengüsu Özcan.

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





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