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What are the best one-handed Skyrim weapons?

Here are some great one handed Skyrim weapons that you can grab in game.

Hello there, Nords, today we take you through Nord training school, getting you up to speed with martial practices over here in Skyrim. Are you planning on plating a Warrior, perhaps a Rogue, or a Battle Mage, or something entirely different? Well, if the answer is yes, we will guide you through the best one0handed Skyrim weapon.

Note, this article is taking into account anyone who is playing the Skyrim Special Edition, along with the Skyrim 10th Anniversary edition, which launches on November 11. If you’re new to the game or getting rekindled with one of the most popular RPGs of all time, this will get you up to speed in no time.

Best one-handed Skyrim weapons

Blade of Woe

Blade of Woe is one of the most iconic weapons in Elder Scrolls. The blade is part of the Dark Brotherhood (as are quite a few weapons on this list). You can grab the weapon by stealing it from the Dark Brotherhood’s Astrid or by finishing the “With Friends Like These” quest. The great thing about this weapon is it grants the player 10 life on hit, making it a cheeky weapon on harder difficulties.


Chillrend is an ice-themed sword, that has a chance to paralyze opponents. Not to mention it is one of the coolest weapons in the game. Whenever you unsheath the blade from its cabers, ice reigns down from the weapon, hissing as ice cracks and thaws. The weapon is fairly easy to come across, as you can earn it from Mercer Frey, the leader of the Thieves Guild. If you complete the quest, The Pursuit, inside Riftweald Manor, you will get to keep it. Alternatively, you can steal it from a  locked box inside the manor. Moreso, the weapon scales as you level up, so you can grab it at level one, and make it your main one-handed weapon.


Paladins, Clerics, rejoice, as there is a weapon for your chivalric, holy warriors. The Dawnbreaker is appreciably golden themed, reflecting the seven in its design. But, while it is visually appealing, it does have its benefits. The sword is a go-to for anyone crusading against all that is unholy and evil in Skyrim. Skeletons and Vampires will take extra damage against you, and will have a chance to ignite in a fiery blaze, turning to ash before your very eyes. Note the power of the sword is from a  Daedric Prince, one that is not entirely evil mind you. If you’re interested in this weapon, you can acquire it by completing the Break of Dawn quest.


Dragonbane is a sword that, as you can imagine, is all about killing Dragons. The weapon grants an extra 40 Damages as you strike at Dragons. The weapon isn’t entirely useless against non Draconic foes either, as it will deal 10 shock damage to those foes instead. Don’t forget to fill those soul gems and replenish its power.

Miraak’s Sword

If you want the strongest damage dealing weapon among the one-handed class, then you might like Miraak’s Sword. Moreso, it has three weights, making it only slightly slower than the Dragonborn Dagger and the Blade of Woe. If you want a Rogue playthrough, you should grab this spooky tentacle weapon, along with the Dragonborn Dagger or Balde of Woe.


Windshear is quite a powerful Scimitar, perfect for a character looking to roleplay as a Redguard. You can grab yourself the Winshear by finishing the Hail Sithis quest from the Dark Brotherhood.  When you get to the quest, you unlock the Katariah ship, which you can go to during the quest, or after if you are only just learning about this now. The Scimitar boasts 11 Damage, and 10 Weight, and is upgradeable via Steel Smithing. If you’re interested in upgrading this weapon and making it better as your progress, this is one of the best one-handed Skyrim weapons to keep you company.

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What Crypto Wallets Are Best For Teens?

Money is stated as the essential requirement of people for getting different purposes to buy other things, for investment, etc., in the physical form. A cryptocurrency is also a currency but is not available in physical forms. It is a digital and virtual currency. It is a binary data set used as a medium of exchange for goods and services.

It’s undoubtedly simple to become overpowered by the many choices out there. Fortunately, with a touch of comprehension of the various types of wallets and the ideal choices for every, you ought to have the option to find something a solid match for your necessities.

Types Of Crypto Wallets Best For Teens

We will talk about the most popular ones −

Exodus Movement − is a self-custodial wallet. This implies that you are the spirited proprietor of your resource wallet.

Coinbase − wallet can store famous coins, for example, bitcoin, Litecoin, and Wave.

Electrum Wallet − is an exception among the wallets evaluated by Geek Wallet in that it just works with one cryptographic money.

Atomic Wallet − is a hot stockpiling wallet with a lot of benefits.

MetaMask − this is a crypto wallet stage that offers a key vault.

Bitcoin − is the wallet that allows the clients to store just bitcoin and no other digital forms of money.

What are Bitcoin wallets?

A Bitcoin wallet is a computerized wallet that can hold Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

With a crypto wallet, you can store, send and get various coins and tokens. Some help fundamental exchanges, while others incorporate extra elements, such as inherent admittance to blockchain-based decentralized applications generally known as apps. In addition, these may permit you to credit your cryptographic money to procure revenue on your possessions.

How Does a Bitcoin Wallet Work?

As another client, you can get everything rolling with Bitcoin without figuring out the specialized subtleties. Whenever you’ve introduced a Bitcoin wallet on your PC or cell phone, it will produce your most memorable Bitcoin address, and you can make more at whatever point you want. You can reveal your addresses to your companions so they can pay you or the other way around. This is like how email works; then, Bitcoin locations ought to be utilized simultaneously.

The blockchain is a common public record on which the whole Bitcoin network depends. All affirmed exchanges are remembered for the blockchain. It permits Bitcoin wallets to work out their spendable equilibrium with the goal that new exchanges can be confirmed, consequently guaranteeing the high-roller possesses them. The trustworthiness and the sequential request of the blockchain are authorized with cryptography.

An exchange is an exchange of significant worth between Bitcoin wallets that gets remembered for the blockchain. Bitcoin wallets leave well enough alone a piece of information called private key or seed, which is utilized to sign exchanges, giving a numerical confirmation that they have come from the wallet’s proprietor. The mark likewise keeps the exchange from being modified whenever it has been given. All exchanges are communicated to the organization and, as a rule, affirmed within 10-20 minutes through an interaction called mining.

Mining is a disseminated agreement framework utilized to affirm forthcoming exchanges by remembering them for the blockchain. It upholds a sequential request in the blockchain, safeguards the lack of bias of the organization, and permits various PCs to settle on the condition of the framework. To be affirmed, exchanges should be stuffed in a block that fits exceptionally severe cryptographic principles that the organization will check. These principles keep past blocks from being adjusted because doing so would nullify every one of the ensuing blocks.

Mining likewise makes what might be compared to a cutthroat lottery that keeps any person from effectively adding new blocks successively to the blockchain. Along these lines, no gathering or people have some control over what is remembered for the blockchain or supplant portions of the blockchain to move back their spending. There is a heap of wallets accessible; however, we urge you to give two or three a shot that takes your extravagance and see which one or which one suits you best. Look at our scope of handmade cowhide wallets or our nylon assortments. We have a wallet reasonable for everybody in our store! We trust this guide has been valuable.


There is a heap of wallets accessible; however, we urge you to give two or three a shot that takes your extravagance and see which ones suit you best. Look at our scope of handmade cowhide wallets or our nylon assortments. We have a wallet reasonable for everybody in our store! We trust this guide has been valuable.

What Are The Best Facebook Privacy Settings? How To Stay Secure?

Facebook Privacy Settings are no less than a maze because of the many options available. These options are available at more than one place (to confuse you). For example, you can set your Facebook post’s visibility to your Friends only, from the drop-down menu below the post, from the Timeline, or by using the Facebook privacy settings option. It is hard to understand Facebook’s intentions because there are things we don’t even know. For example, if you are tagged in any image, your friends can also see the image. This post attempts to assist you with the best Facebook privacy settings.

Using Activity Log to check your Facebook posts’ privacy

Before making privacy setting changes to your posts, we’ll see what all you shared and who all can see it. Find out what Facebook knows about you! Facebook’s Activity Log is the best place to see all of what you did on Facebook. It also offers the opportunity to change, delete, or unlike things so that people can see only what you show them.

You can access the Facebook activity log from:

Your Facebook profile page

Facebook Settings page

Certain other locations on Facebook

Activity Log allows you to review many other things as well so that you can remove or hide posts/images/videos from your Facebook Timeline. You can use filters to make it easy.

The only problem with reviewing activity log is that you have to remove unwanted things manually, one by one if you are doing it using Facebook. There is a Google Chrome extension to bulk delete Facebook posts to speed up things.

Read: Tips to secure your Facebook account from hackers.

Best Facebook Privacy Settings

Please note that if you tag a restricted friend in any post whose privacy is set to custom, the tagged friend can still see it. The other option is the Activity Log that we discussed above. You can see what all information of yours is being shared. To make changes to Activity Log, see the above section.

There is another option under Privacy Settings and Tools. You can use it to limit the visibility of your old posts to just your friends. Note that in this case too, the post will be visible to people who are tagged in the post, even if they are not your friends.

Read: Security Applications for Facebook to secure your Facebook account.

Timeline and Tagging options for privacy on Facebook

The next option to consider is “Review“. The options here are:

Review posts where you are tagged. This post will be visible on your FB timeline if you set it to ON. I would turn ON the option so that I know who all are tagging me across Facebook

Allow people to share your public posts with their own stories. You may or may not want people to share your posts. You can allow or don’t allow this behavior”

Allow people to share your stories if you mention them or tag them. Selecting Allow would make the post appear at different places on Facebook. I recommend “Don’t Allow“.

Do also remember to opt out of Facebook Ad Tracking if you wish to.

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What The Heck Are Sinkholes, Anyway?

Last week, an enormous sinkhole opened up in the middle of a road in Fukuoka, Japan. The sinkhole, which measured nearly 90 feet wide, 100 feet long and 50 feet deep, may have been caused by construction work on a nearby subway line. Fortunately, no one appears to have been seriously injured.

Sinkholes are not usually as spectacular as the one in Fukuoka, but they can cause a lot of damage when they appear. Here’s what you need to know about what causes sinkholes, where they form, and why you shouldn’t fill the one in your backyard with garbage.

What are they?

When geologists refer to sinkholes, they’re usually thinking of holes that form naturally, rather than because of human interference (like subway construction). “The term is often used as sort of a catchall for things that are just ground collapses, but not all ground collapses are in geologic terms true sinkholes,” says Dan Doctor, a research geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey.

True sinkholes are most common in karst landscapes, areas where the underlying rock is made from limestone, gypsum or other material that can be dissolved by water. Over time, groundwater erodes the rock or sediment, forming channels and caves, which can eventually collapse. This is what happened in the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2014. “They built the Corvette Museum right on top of a fairly large cave passage,” Doctor says. “They didn’t know it, and the roof of the cave collapsed and destroyed several vintage Corvettes.”

This type, known as cover-collapse sinkholes, can appear suddenly. But more often sinkholes form slowly – without a dramatic collapse – as a bowl-shaped depression in the ground. Some develop over thousands of years, and can stick around even longer. “Sinkholes can be animal traps and we often find bones within features like that that go back millions of years,” Doctor says.

And not all sinkholes are gaping chasms. “There are sinkholes that you can step into by accident and just might swallow your leg, and there are sinkholes that can hold the Sistine chapel,” Doctor says.

Sometimes, collapses are also triggered by human activities. “Once you begin to develop and create infrastructure within karst areas…you disrupt the subterranean plumbing,” Doctor says. These manmade “sinkholes” are often caused by construction, mining, or leaking pipes. They can also happen when groundwater is pumped out to supply cities or for irrigation, or ponds are built to hold industrial waste, putting more weight on the supporting rocks below.

Where do they happen?

About 20 percent of the United States lies on karst terrain, making these areas vulnerable to sinkholes. Sinkholes are most common in Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and especially Florida.

Map of areas in the contiguous United States that lie over rocks such as limestone that can be dissolved by water, making them vulnerable to sinkholes. U.S. Geological Survey

Sinkholes that appear on private property “quite often become the household dump,” Doctor says. This, he says, is not a wise move. “If they have a groundwater well nearby, they may be contaminating that well with their own waste.”

Sometimes, however, sinkholes can also make an ideal home for plants and animals by trapping cool air or offering shade from the sun. “They form little microclimates,” Doctor says.

Can we predict them?

While we can map which areas are more prone to sinkholes, it’s not really possible to pinpoint when a patch of ground will collapse. Part of the problem is that, to estimate risk, researchers need information about how many sinkholes have opened up over time. “Usually don’t have that information because…as soon as they’re formed they often get filled in and they may not even get reported,” Doctor says.

We do know that sinkholes seem to be tied to heavy rainstorms, hurricanes, droughts, and floods. “When there are large hurricanes that come and affect Florida, sinkholes are almost always problematic,” Doctor says. “With climate changing we might expect that could have some effect but…we don’t have data now to test that.”

There aren’t a lot of options for preventing a sinkhole from opening up on your property. However, “If you’ve done some kind of geophysical survey and you can detect the presence of an underground void, then yes, there are some things you can do,” Doctor says. Engineers might drill a small opening so the hole can be filled in. And if a house hasn’t been built yet, “They’ll probably excavate out until they get down to bare bedrock, and then place beams to cover the span of the void and build on top of that,” Doctor says.

And if you find yourself with a sinkhole in your backyard, a few states, such as Florida, offer ways to report a sinkhole, as well as tips for filling them in—after you’ve called your insurance company.

What Are Seo Best Practices For Color Variations?

Editor’s note: “Ask an SEO” is a weekly column by technical SEO expert Jenny Halasz. Come up with your hardest SEO question and fill out our form. You might see your answer in the next #AskanSEO post!

Welcome to another edition of Ask an SEO! Today, we’ve got a question from Jessica in California. She asks:

For an ecommerce site, what is the best method for color variations of the same product? Should you use the same URL or different? How do you rank for multiple colors of that product if you use the same URL? How do you differentiate the content enough if you use a different URL?

This is one of those questions where if you ask three different SEO professionals, you’ll get at least three different answers.

There isn’t an easy answer for this, but there are some things you should keep in mind when determining what strategy works for you.


I’m always a fan of user-centric SEO. So if there’s ever a way to provide all of the color combinations possible in the same page (using a dropdown menu and JavaScript or something similar), I’m always a fan of that.

If you’re selling something like T-shirts, for example, people probably want to know what colors that particular style is available in and are less likely to search for [purple scoop neck tee].

However, there are situations where users are color-centric.

For example, if I’m searching for a pair of shoes to match a dress I’m wearing to an awards banquet, I’m likely to search something like [emerald green heels].

In that case, it’s important to come up in search results for your emerald green heels.

So the first step is to consider if your product is one where specific colors are important to user happiness.

Duplication of Effort

The second concern you should consider is duplication of effort.

Consider how much effort it would take to write custom copy for each color of each product and consider the possible return on that investment of time and resources.

Do you have unlimited resources and you just want to do everything you can to rank well? Maybe it’s worth it to you to write custom copy for each color.

But also consider that for each individual page you create, you must maintain that page. It adds server load, maintenance needs, and extra pages you have to update or redirect if you redesign or discontinue that product.

Consider how it impacts your shipping operation. Does each color already have its own SKU?

Ultimately it may be a business decision as to whether each color should have its own page.

Content Duplication

The third concern you have to take into consideration is duplication in search engines.

If you have three different colors of an item, it’s probably feasible to write specific content for each one so that search engines aren’t seeing duplicated content.

However, if you sell something like candy melts, where there can be over 300 different colors, it’s much less feasible (and useful) to write that much specific content even though it’s an item where people probably want specific colors.

If you do a search for something like “blue candy melts” you can see that merchants do this in different ways:

This is an example of using JavaScript for the user experience while having multiple pages. If you did a search for a different color candy melt, you would be taken to that specific color page.

The content on both sites is almost identical except for switching out the color name in the content:

Make your own colorful, delectable treats with Wilton Blue Candy Melts! Easily melted in the microwave or fondue pot, Candy Melts have a succulent vanilla flavor…

Make your own colorful, delectable treats with Wilton Royal Blue Candy Melts! Easily melted in the microwave or fondue pot, Candy Melts have a succulent vanilla flavor…

It’s pretty obvious to me that Google probably doesn’t care about this duplication.

Remember, Google dislikes duplication when it’s used to artificially inflate the value of multiple pages. When it’s honest duplication that is just part of doing business, they don’t seem to care that much.

However, it’s possible that writing color specific content would help you rank better, so it’s something you may want to try, either on all the colors of one or two products or on a handful of popular colors for one product.

Consider What Google Can Really Crawl

The final challenge is that the goal posts on this issue are always moving.

Remember, even five years ago, this wouldn’t even be a question, because an in-page color picker didn’t exist.

To be clear on this though, Google claims to be able to do this already, but I’ve tested it and have not seen it work. Several of my colleagues have tested this too and say it’s like parallax scrolling – a nice idea for usability, but really hard to get Google to fully crawl. So my recommendation is to stay away from any highly complex coding like that for now.

Ultimately until the technology improves, whether to have separate pages or separate content for individual colors of products remains primarily a business decision.

Think about all the elements discussed in this post, and make the decision that works best for you and your business.

Have a question about SEO for Jenny? Fill out this form or use #AskAnSEO on social media.

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Featured Image: Image by Paulo Bobita

What Are The Four Types Of Ai?

With AI being such a trend, there are many questions about how it works and what it can do. One commonly asked question is, “What are the four types of AI?”

Keep reading because this article will discuss the four types of AI, what they are used for, and some of their benefits.

The 4 Types Of AI Reactive Machines

Reactive machines are quite a popular concept in AI. This is because it is the most basic and oldest type of AI.

Reactive machines are machines that are reactive only to certain stimuli and scenarios. Unlike many AI software that came after them, they can’t use previous experiences or loaded knowledge to assess and respond to certain situations.

They also don’t use GPS or digitally produced maps to navigate their surroundings or plot their route. Instead, they move based on what they see.

Reactive machines are good at games like Chess and Solitaire because they don’t act the same way twice. They are also very good at simple things like filters and recommendations. And although they are perfect for simple tasks, they cannot be applied in the real world very well.

Because of their lack of imagination and abstract thinking, these programs can be easily fooled, so they can’t be used for things like face recognition or robot assistants.

With that being said, reactive machines are still very much used today, and technology innovations such as self-driving vehicles wouldn’t be possible without them.

Limited Memory

Limited memory is the second type of AI system and is used to create the voice cloning effect. In simple terms, this AI allows the robot to store information and experiences as “memory.” It will then use this new “memory” to make better predictions the next time it comes across a similar situation.

Due to its superiority over-reactive machines, it is used for more complex Machine Learning systems.

This type of AI works by using reinforcement learning. This means it uses an ML system to make better decisions and forecasting after engaging in a trial and error session.

Additionally, it uses the Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks. This is a form of software that has collected information over several evolutions. The system updates to this network allow for adaptation and the inclusion of several modifications.

Theory of Mind

Although this is a yet-to-be fully harnessed type of AI, many scientists predict that this kind of AI will allow machines to understand the structure they work with. This structure includes people and the environment they interact with.

Many scientists have been working for years to try and understand this type of AI and how it could affect humans.

The theory of mind will use meta-learning to guide its learning. Unlike limited memory, it will not need to learn through a series of trial and error but through a central neural network built for the Theory of Mind AI.

With this type of AI, an AI voice generator would be able to create an imitation of your voice that would be hard to distinguish from the original.

Self Aware AI

Self-aware robots are the dream of every technological innovator. Like the theory of mind AI, self-aware AI has mainly remained undiscovered.

Self-aware AI is a type of AI robot that will create consciousness, and this “consciousness” will allow the robot to assess its internal state.

There have been reports of alleged self-aware products being produced by several inventors, but all seem hoaxes.

But slowly, scientists have discovered more about this type of AI. With this type of AI, a robot will be able to identify patterns and replicate them. This is because this AI can assess its internal state.

The benefits of a self-aware AI are limitless. You will have a machine that can work independently while connecting with other machines. Its capacity for innovation would be unrivaled, as it could learn from its mistakes and successes.

However, this technology is still in development. Scientists have yet to find a way to create self-aware AI without using human consciousness as a model.

Nonetheless, it’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities of self-aware AI. There are several potential applications for AI. Some of these applications are already being used, while others are still in development.


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