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With AI being such a trend, there are many questions about how it works and what it can do. One commonly asked question is, “What are the four types of AI?”

Keep reading because this article will discuss the four types of AI, what they are used for, and some of their benefits.

The 4 Types Of AI Reactive Machines

Reactive machines are quite a popular concept in AI. This is because it is the most basic and oldest type of AI.

Reactive machines are machines that are reactive only to certain stimuli and scenarios. Unlike many AI software that came after them, they can’t use previous experiences or loaded knowledge to assess and respond to certain situations.

They also don’t use GPS or digitally produced maps to navigate their surroundings or plot their route. Instead, they move based on what they see.

Reactive machines are good at games like Chess and Solitaire because they don’t act the same way twice. They are also very good at simple things like filters and recommendations. And although they are perfect for simple tasks, they cannot be applied in the real world very well.

Because of their lack of imagination and abstract thinking, these programs can be easily fooled, so they can’t be used for things like face recognition or robot assistants.

With that being said, reactive machines are still very much used today, and technology innovations such as self-driving vehicles wouldn’t be possible without them.

Limited Memory

Limited memory is the second type of AI system and is used to create the voice cloning effect. In simple terms, this AI allows the robot to store information and experiences as “memory.” It will then use this new “memory” to make better predictions the next time it comes across a similar situation.

Due to its superiority over-reactive machines, it is used for more complex Machine Learning systems.

This type of AI works by using reinforcement learning. This means it uses an ML system to make better decisions and forecasting after engaging in a trial and error session.

Additionally, it uses the Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks. This is a form of software that has collected information over several evolutions. The system updates to this network allow for adaptation and the inclusion of several modifications.

Theory of Mind

Although this is a yet-to-be fully harnessed type of AI, many scientists predict that this kind of AI will allow machines to understand the structure they work with. This structure includes people and the environment they interact with.

Many scientists have been working for years to try and understand this type of AI and how it could affect humans.

The theory of mind will use meta-learning to guide its learning. Unlike limited memory, it will not need to learn through a series of trial and error but through a central neural network built for the Theory of Mind AI.

With this type of AI, an AI voice generator would be able to create an imitation of your voice that would be hard to distinguish from the original.

Self Aware AI

Self-aware robots are the dream of every technological innovator. Like the theory of mind AI, self-aware AI has mainly remained undiscovered.

Self-aware AI is a type of AI robot that will create consciousness, and this “consciousness” will allow the robot to assess its internal state.

There have been reports of alleged self-aware products being produced by several inventors, but all seem hoaxes.

But slowly, scientists have discovered more about this type of AI. With this type of AI, a robot will be able to identify patterns and replicate them. This is because this AI can assess its internal state.

The benefits of a self-aware AI are limitless. You will have a machine that can work independently while connecting with other machines. Its capacity for innovation would be unrivaled, as it could learn from its mistakes and successes.

However, this technology is still in development. Scientists have yet to find a way to create self-aware AI without using human consciousness as a model.

Nonetheless, it’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities of self-aware AI. There are several potential applications for AI. Some of these applications are already being used, while others are still in development.


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What Are The Digital Wallets And Their Types?

Digital wallets allow users to access online payments through digital wallets. This blog will provide an overview of digital wallets as well as how they can simplify your daily life.

Digital wallets make it possible to send and receive money and cashless online transactions.

There are many digital wallets available right now, and they offer all the benefits. Digital wallets will be a big trend in the coming years.

What are Digital Wallets?

Digital wallets (also known as e-wallets) are fintech apps that allow users to make online transactions quickly and without hassle. Users can make online transactions using their smartphones, instead of cards, notes, coins, or money.

Digital wallets can be used to make online payments and pay for items that you don’t own. Digital wallets include encryption features to ensure that your transaction is secure.

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Different Types of Digital Wallets

There are many options for digital wallets on the market. Let’s discuss them.

Closed Wallet

This digital wallet can only be used by a select group of users. A closed wallet has one of the best features. Users or businesses can only make transactions with the private key. It is best to not share the key with anyone else.

Semi-Closed Wallet

Open Wallet

Open wallets can be associated with multiple banks. All transactions are tracked and managed in one place.

To make online transactions, it is important to have an account in the same digital wallet. PayPal is an example of an open digital wallet.

Crypto Wallet

IoT Wallet


These digital wallets are highly in demand. Industries are now investing in digital wallet development to meet the demand of their customers.

A digital wallet development company can help you build the app you need and assist you if you’re a business owner.

Four Ways Smartphones Are Changing The World For The Better

For marginalized groups, taking to social media has become an effective way to appeal to the general public. This can backfire, as inevitably, our online presence makes the internet a domain of interest for governments. Thus, we have a struggle between opposing forces – on one side people demanding equality, privacy and liberties; on the other, authorities who want to control and regulate. Aaron Swartz, the late internet activist, once said, “It is not, you know, only certain people have licence to speak, now everyone has a licence to speak. It’s a question of who gets heard”.

In my opinion, we are living through a transition period triggered by a dramatic change in mobile networks in the last decade and personal experience tell me that transition periods could be painful. But sooner or later things will stabilize and everyday liberties enjoyed by leading Western countries will spread out throughout the world. Surely, the mobile networks are speeding up this process.

Abolishing boundaries

I have been searching for an informative graph showing how the average number of countries people visited changed in the last 300 years or so. Unfortunately I didn’t come across a good figure. We can intuitively say that the number is continuously increasing as travelling is becoming safer and cheaper.

I cannot express how living in other countries, communicating with people from other cultures can broaden one’s life perspective. By 30, I have spent much more time abroad than my whole family combined, and I think that the time we spend abroad will continue to increase for future generations. The mobile revolution is one of the key reasons why this is the case.

I believe that this convenience of travelling and staying connected to the rest of the world will bring about another positive transformation, although this may not happen during our lifetime. It is highly likely that someday, as more people interact and connect with foreign cultures, borders between countries will start to dissolve and the world will become a united planet were everyone will be able to travel and settle down wherever they like. In turn, this could promote world peace and abundant economical growth. Smartphones and mobile networks will be at the heart of this evolution, as they silently make it easier for us to travel far and wide.

Invaluable help for the most vulnerable 

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere. For many of us, this is a time to think of when and where to go for a summer holiday. Unfortunately, summer has a different meaning for terrorist organisations as conditions become more favorable to escalate conflicts. Consequently, summer means something totally different to the refugees who try to flee from war.

For the rest of us who should not have a refugee experience, the smartphone allows us to find information beyond what may be delivered to us by the mass media. Unfortunately, the refugee crisis feels like it is becoming an insolvable problem, and I am sure that almost each of us have an opinion on what the best solution may be. If we agree that it’s not possible to have a meaningful opinion without acquiring knowledge, I think mobile networks dramatically increased the breadth of knowledge on our fingertips.

Solving big science problems together

How Are Disruptive Technologies Altering The Course Of Ai And Ml Development?

Investing in technology provides an exciting space with a number of trends to put their money in from AI, smartphones, SaaS, the Internet of Things, and others. The technology sector provides plenty of opportunities, including accelerating innovations.  

True North Market Insights

Named Most Trusted Market Research and Analytical Firm by Industry Wired Better because they’ve been there! — They have extensive “client-side” experience in CPG and financial services. Not just as analysts but in leading the insights team in Fortune 500 firms.  The team members have run Fortune 500 client-side research teams.  

V2R Limited

V2R Limited is an innovative company with an alternative model offering a wide range of products and services to start-ups and SMEs in any sector. V2R Limited offers a SaaS solution, Unified Remote Workplace (URW) to ideal customers who know that collaborating and communicating are core to the success and growth of their business.  


3Cell provides professional services, especially in the telecommunication industry. 3Cell has crowdsourcing network performance solutions, customizable KPI monitoring tools, RPA for automation solutions, drone services site audits for telecom and some other areas, and network planning and optimization services for mobile vendors and operators.  

Virtual Tech Gurus

Virtual Tech Gurus is perfectly aligned to assist our customers with their Cloud Transformation. Our technical gurus work in unison with clients to gather crucial requirements, and design, implement, and support solutions based on highly Secured emerging Virtual and Cloud Technologies. Virtual Tech Gurus knows that providing the best possible solutions at an affordable cost equals instant success for our customers.  


VisionSoft is born to address key challenges in your industry with the complexity of big data, HANA solutions, cloud-managed services, and digitization. Its mission is to simplify the transformation landscape and offer end-to-end IT services with risk-free execution and high performance. The goal is for you to focus on your core business while leaving your IT and transformation needs to us. VisionSoft is named after our legacy company, VisionSoft Consulting Inc. which has been in the business for the last 12 years. They offer a compelling blend of sustained credibility, historical Success, and our Vision and thought leadership to take your business to the next level of performance.  

WeShield Worldfree Corporation, Ltd WovV Technologies

WovV Technologies is a global business productivity SaaS company. WovVTech suite of products is now empowering users across 3000 locations in 50 countries to digitize their operations, get real-time decision-driven analytics, and improve productivity. It counts global fortune 500 companies as its customers for technology services and products. WovVTech has developed a patent-pending aPaaS platform & framework through artificial intelligence and cloud computing.  

WSK Medical

WSK Medical focuses on developing AI solutions for head and neck/throat cancer detection and digital pathology (automated breast cancer grading, automated Tumor-Stroma Ratio, automated TILs detection, and more). The CE-certified AI digital pathology solution, Zeno Pathology, is able to analyze H&E and IHC-stained breast cancer tissue on whole slide images. Using Zeno Pathology will considerably cut down manual counting time and reduce observer variability. It will also increase speed, consistency, and accuracy to analyse H&E and IHC whole slide images.  


What Are The Best One

What are the best one-handed Skyrim weapons?

Here are some great one handed Skyrim weapons that you can grab in game.

Hello there, Nords, today we take you through Nord training school, getting you up to speed with martial practices over here in Skyrim. Are you planning on plating a Warrior, perhaps a Rogue, or a Battle Mage, or something entirely different? Well, if the answer is yes, we will guide you through the best one0handed Skyrim weapon.

Note, this article is taking into account anyone who is playing the Skyrim Special Edition, along with the Skyrim 10th Anniversary edition, which launches on November 11. If you’re new to the game or getting rekindled with one of the most popular RPGs of all time, this will get you up to speed in no time.

Best one-handed Skyrim weapons

Blade of Woe

Blade of Woe is one of the most iconic weapons in Elder Scrolls. The blade is part of the Dark Brotherhood (as are quite a few weapons on this list). You can grab the weapon by stealing it from the Dark Brotherhood’s Astrid or by finishing the “With Friends Like These” quest. The great thing about this weapon is it grants the player 10 life on hit, making it a cheeky weapon on harder difficulties.


Chillrend is an ice-themed sword, that has a chance to paralyze opponents. Not to mention it is one of the coolest weapons in the game. Whenever you unsheath the blade from its cabers, ice reigns down from the weapon, hissing as ice cracks and thaws. The weapon is fairly easy to come across, as you can earn it from Mercer Frey, the leader of the Thieves Guild. If you complete the quest, The Pursuit, inside Riftweald Manor, you will get to keep it. Alternatively, you can steal it from a  locked box inside the manor. Moreso, the weapon scales as you level up, so you can grab it at level one, and make it your main one-handed weapon.


Paladins, Clerics, rejoice, as there is a weapon for your chivalric, holy warriors. The Dawnbreaker is appreciably golden themed, reflecting the seven in its design. But, while it is visually appealing, it does have its benefits. The sword is a go-to for anyone crusading against all that is unholy and evil in Skyrim. Skeletons and Vampires will take extra damage against you, and will have a chance to ignite in a fiery blaze, turning to ash before your very eyes. Note the power of the sword is from a  Daedric Prince, one that is not entirely evil mind you. If you’re interested in this weapon, you can acquire it by completing the Break of Dawn quest.


Dragonbane is a sword that, as you can imagine, is all about killing Dragons. The weapon grants an extra 40 Damages as you strike at Dragons. The weapon isn’t entirely useless against non Draconic foes either, as it will deal 10 shock damage to those foes instead. Don’t forget to fill those soul gems and replenish its power.

Miraak’s Sword

If you want the strongest damage dealing weapon among the one-handed class, then you might like Miraak’s Sword. Moreso, it has three weights, making it only slightly slower than the Dragonborn Dagger and the Blade of Woe. If you want a Rogue playthrough, you should grab this spooky tentacle weapon, along with the Dragonborn Dagger or Balde of Woe.


Windshear is quite a powerful Scimitar, perfect for a character looking to roleplay as a Redguard. You can grab yourself the Winshear by finishing the Hail Sithis quest from the Dark Brotherhood.  When you get to the quest, you unlock the Katariah ship, which you can go to during the quest, or after if you are only just learning about this now. The Scimitar boasts 11 Damage, and 10 Weight, and is upgradeable via Steel Smithing. If you’re interested in upgrading this weapon and making it better as your progress, this is one of the best one-handed Skyrim weapons to keep you company.

Four Of The Best Free Online Gif Editing Tools.

The GIF image file format is officially more than 30 years old now and more popular than ever, making a monumental comeback in generation meme. If you have a stash of GIF images you’d like to edit or customize, this guide will show you 4 of the best online tools you can use to get the job done.

Four of the Best Online Tools For Editing Portraits.

For a file format that was invented in 1987 GIF has had a very, very resilient journey, becoming more popular than ever in the last 2 years. Even with the creation of WebM, GIF’s replacement, nothing seems to be slowing GIF down, especially with dedicated platforms like Giphy hosting millions of GIFs for anyone to use for free. If you do have a few GIF files that you would like to edit but don’t know where or how to do so, below you will find 4 of the best online tools available to customize any GIF files.

EZGIF is one of the easiest and best tools to use for creating and editing GIFS, you can convert video to GIF, resize, optimize, add text, compress, and even create new GIFs from scratch. There is also an option to add color effects and adjust playback speed. All you have to do to start using EZGIF is visit the website, pick one of the 4 main options, upload your original file, then start using the tools available.

The next GIF tool on the list is Free Online Image Editor and apart from having a boring name, it has quite a decent set of tools under the hood. You can resize/crop your GIF images, add text, create GIFs from scratch, add borders, merge and overlay pictures, convert, sharpen etc. The list of available options is quite impressive. To start using the service all you have to do is import your file, either upload it from a device or import it from a URL. As soon as the file is uploaded, you’ll be able to start using all the tools to make your desired edit.

Third on the list is GIFmagic and although it doesn’t have as many options as the first, it is pretty good at what it does, it’s also easy to use. Simply upload your file or import it from a URL, then use the File, Edit an Effects options at the top of the page. One of the biggest let downs to GIFmagic is that it doesn’t allow you slow down GIFs or use very large GIF files. Other than that it’s worth checking out. It’s also worth noting that if you try to import a URL file that’s too large, you will get a Nicolas Cage GIF error…

Last but not least is LunaPic, probably the best of all the online GIF editor tools, it’s easy to use, fast and offers just about any editing tool you can think of. It also works with multiple file formats including Mp4, PNG, JPG, GIF, and TIFF. One of my favorite features is the massive library of animated effects like falling snow, blood rain, smoke and about 20 others. There also doesn’t appear to be a file size limit either so you can upload quite large Mp4 files to convert into GIFs. Don’t forget to check out the list of options running down the left-hand side toolbar! 

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