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Twitter is the place where we go to find out what’s happening in the world and join in on the conversation. But, by default, the Twitter space is public and everything you tweet will stay forever, going down in the annals of time for the rest of existence.

Sure, one could always protect one’s tweets with a private account or delete tweets from their timeline one by one. But that is a hassle that not everyone is willing to undertake. So, other than securing your tweets with a lock, what other way is there to share your thoughts and opinions with the world without having your tweets remain in your feed forever?

Enter Fleets. What are they and how can you start using them? Here’s all you need to know.

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What are fleets?

In November 2023, Twitter rolled out a new feature that would let users post content that would disappear after 24 hours – Fleets. This will effectively enable users to share their momentary, fleeting thoughts with their followers without having to fear the tweets sticking around till the end of time. 

When people get the freedom from being judged for possible momentary lapses of thought and judgment, they tend to be more active in sharing what they actually think and feel. Besides, you won’t have to keep your thoughts saved (and forgotten) as drafts anymore fearing that they aren’t all that important for a full-blown tweet.  

The feature is not unlike the Stories feature of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, and it’s been a long time coming to Twitter. Now that it’s here, let’s see how you can use fleets on Twitter. 

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How to use Fleets on Twitter: Beginner’s Guide

Using fleets is quite straightforward. You can create, delete, and watch fleets of others whom you follow, reply, and even mute their accounts. Here’s how you can do all this. 

Do note that, currently, fleets only work on the Twitter mobile app.

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Creating a fleet

Open the Twitter app. Make sure that you are on the home timeline. For this, tap on the Home icon at the bottom left corner. 

You are now in creation mode. At the bottom, you can select between four different options – Text (to share a fleeting thought), Gallery (add pictures from your phone’s gallery), Capture (to snap a photo from your phone’s camera), and Video (record a video). 

Once you’ve added content for a fleet, you can pinch the photo to resize it, tap on the circle at the bottom left corner to change the background color (1), and tap on ‘Aa’ to add some text (2).

On top of that, if you have a photo as your fleet content, you can even add a description for it. This you can do by tapping on ALT at the bottom right corner… 

… and filling in the description at the bottom.

Once you’re done, tap on Done at the top right corner. 

This feature is only available for photos. Videos can’t have descriptions added to them on fleets. 

You can even keep people from reacting to your fleets and sending you DMs. To do this, tap on the three vertical dots at the top. 

Toggle Off reactions and replies.

Once you’re satisfied with your fleet content, tap on Fleet at the top right corner.

And that’s it. Your first fleet is out there for the next 24 hours. It will appear at the top of your Home screen. 

You can add more such fleets by tapping on the Add button next to it. 

You can even share someone’s tweet (or your own) as Fleets. To do so, tap on the share icon at the bottom of the tweet. 

Then tap Share in a Fleet.

Edit however you want – add text or change background color – and then tap on Fleet in the top right corner. 

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Deleting a fleet

Shared something by accident or want to improve on your previous fleet? It’s easy to delete a fleet. Tap on the fleet icon.

Tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner. 

Tap on Delete Fleet.

Your fleet will be removed.  

Watching a fleet

Once the fleet is over, the next ones in the list will play automatically. 

If you want to see who viewed your own fleet, simply open your Fleet and tap on Seen By at the bottom. 

Replying to a fleet

Mute an account

If there’s a user whose fleets keep popping every now and then that you’d rather not see, there’s a way to avoid these as well. 

Go to their fleet, tap on the three-dot menu at the top right corner. 

Then tap on Mute. 

Who can see my fleets?

All fleets appear at the top of your Home timeline for all your followers to see. If you are tweets are public, people will also be able to access them through your profile photo on your profile page. But if your tweets are protected, so will be your Fleets.

That is all there is to know about Twitter’s latest fleet feature. No more would you have to keep yourself from sharing your momentary thoughts about something that you care about. 


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What Is Twitter Fleets And How To Use It?

Twitter has been testing its transient tweets that vanish after 24 hours feature for quite some time now. Dubbed as “Fleets”, this feature allows you to create a tweet that doesn’t go on your main timeline. If you have ever used Snapchat Stories feature that was later adopted by Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, you already know what Fleets look like. That being said, Twitter has not just copied the “Stories” feature, rather it has implemented its take on it. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Twitter Fleets and how you can use it on your profile.

What Is Twitter Fleets

As mentioned, Twitter Fleets are a response to the popular “Stories” feature that we have seen on other social media platforms. According to Twitter, Fleets are for sharing fleeting thoughts that you want to disappear and don’t want to see on your timeline. Like on other services, Fleets on Twitter disappear after 24 hours. Fleets are perfect for posting something casual and less permanent.

What Differentiates Fleets from Stories?

How to Create Twitter Fleets

Creating Twitter Fleets is easy. On your profile, there’s a Fleets carousel at the top. Apart from showing Fleets from people that you follow, it shows your profile picture with a “+” icon at the beginning.

2. Here, you can type your thoughts and paste links. Just like normal Tweets, you can post fleets up to 280 characters.

3. You can also add hashtags and mentions. Just type ‘#’ or ‘@’ followed by the text and it will show you suggestions, as shown below.

4. Tap on the “camera” or the “picture” button to add images and videos.

5. Tap on the “Aa” button at the top-right to add text over your photos and videos.

How to View Fleets

If someone you are following has access to Fleets and has shared a fleeting thought, then you will see it in the carousel at the top of the home feed. You can also find fleets by visiting someone’s profile. If they have shared a fleet, you will see a circle around their profile picture. You can tap on it to reveal the button to open the Fleet.

Interacting with Fleets

When you tap to view a Fleet, you will notice that Twitter has adopted a slightly different approach. The Fleets scroll vertically on swiping up and down or tapping, instead of moving horizontally. They also don’t scroll automatically which is the case with most other apps with Stories. I hate the auto-scroll feature on other apps as I have to hold down a story to keep it from moving. That’s not the case here and I love it. That being said, my colleague (@_bournesach) Anmol, found it cumbersome. So, I guess it depends on person to person.

Since Tweets are ephemeral and vanish after 24 hours, Twitter does not allow you to publicly like, retweet, or reply to fleets. You can react to Fleets with emojis or reply via Direct Messages. If you are DMs are open, anyone can send a reply to your fleet, but if they are closed, only the people you follow can send a reply.

You can still screenshot someone else’s Fleet and share it on your timeline or Fleet – similar to Instagram Stories. The user won’t receive a notification of the screenshot, which is sad, and sort of beats the purpose of ephemeral tweets. You will, however, be able to see who all have viewed your Fleets.

Shortcomings and Bugs of Twitter Fleets

As Twitter Fleets are right now in the testing phase, there are not a lot of features. You can add text, images, links, videos, and gifs, and that’s about it. There’s no support for stickers and there are no text styling options. Also, while you can add hashtags and mentions in text fleets, you cannot do so in Fleets with photos and videos, which is a bummer. This gives Instagram Stories a leg above Fleets right now.

Another thing that I don’t like about Fleets is that the Fleet carousel is half-sticky. What I mean by half-sticky is that it disappears when you scroll down your timeline but comes back as soon as you scroll up. It doesn’t wait for you to get to the top of your timeline. And that is just annoying.

Talking about the Bugs, I encountered a few when testing Fleets. I tested Fleets on both Android and iOS devices. On iOS, when uploading a video, I was restricted to 30 seconds. But on Android, I was able to upload videos of length up to 1 minute 40 seconds. Similarly, when recording a video on Android, I was restricted to 1 minute while the feature flat out didn’t work on the iPhone.

Twitter Fleets – Conclusion

What Is Mdworker On Mac?

What Is mdworker On Mac?

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What is mdworker & mds?

Mdworker is a short form of metadata server worker which indexes your files to enhance the search process.  While Mds stands for the server of metadata which manages indexes to provide fast search results. These processors are part of  Spotlight, a search tool for Mac.

Why Do mds and mdworker Consume So Many resources?

Note: The process could take hours, depending on your processor speed and hard drive. Well, Spotlight is not supposed to use excessive resources, especially when you are working on something that is CPU-intensive or consumes battery. However, it takes up all the resources needed, as and when your Mac is idle.

However, if these processes are taking a lot of time and are hogging CPU resources. then the index might be corrupted and you must rebuild Spotlight Index. For that, you can either follow the manual steps below or you can use third-party tools (mentioned one of the best tools in the second section)

Re-indexing Spotlight Manually

To do so, let’s follow the steps:

First, make sure that  mds and mdworker are the culprits

1.  Checking Activity Monitor

Go to Applications and launch Activity Monitor.

If mdworker and mds are at the top of the list, it means Spotlight has run into indexing problems.

Now, you can fix this by rebuilding Spotlight’s index.

2.  Rebuilding Spotlight’s database in Terminal

Go to Application, launch Utilities, and go to Terminal.

Type “Return:sudo mdutil –E/” string.

This command will help in re-indexing the Mac.

3.  Steps to take if mdworker quits

If throughout the process, you receive an error message that mdworker quit unexpectedly…it is happening because Spotlight tried to index more than its handling power.

To fix this, try to exclude external drives (if connected) and check if this helps.

Now, select Spotlight and then go to Privacy.

Now, drag external files from the Finder to the Privacy.

It will help to fix the slow processes of your Mac.

Re-Indexing Spotlight Via Third-Party Tool:

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of following these steps, you must use a third-party tool like CleanMyMacX

CleanMyMac X is an easy tool for fixing Spotlight and other issues related to indexing on your Mac. It is a famous Mac Maintenance software.

You can also download the free version to get hands-on with it.

To use CleanMyMac, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Launch the app.

Select Maintenance from the sidebar.

Now, select Reindex Spotlight.

This might take a couple of minutes to complete the maintenance process. but, trust me it is worth downloading.

Download CleanMyMac X

Frequently Asked Questions


It is completely dependent on your Mac file system and its indexing. Normally, it might take 15 minutes to 60 minutes.


What will happen if I kill the mdworker?

You should never think of killing the mdworker. Killing will affect the searchability and indexing of your Mac.


I hope this blog helps you to understand mdworker Mac. Comment down your queries related to the mdworker process Mac. For more such tech content, follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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Twitter Marketing: What You Need To Know

With the birth of Web 2.0, the Internet provided people with a lot of opportunities that they could only dream of. In fact, there are many online tools that were not made for marketing, but have a lot of potential to be used in such purpose. One of these is Twitter.

Why Use Twitter?

What makes Twitter an ideal marketing tool for businesses is its large and interrelated community. This makes the micro-blogging site a very convenient place to promote your brand. All that you need to do is set up an account, attract followers, and start tweeting.

It also offers a lot of helpful tools that can let you track your potential audience, the people talking about you, and what they say about you. If you know how to use Twitter to your potential, you can monitor whether people are pleased with your brand or not.

Furthermore, it can help you determine your target market, and what they are looking for from your business. In turn, Twitter tools will help you learn what adjustments you need to do for your business.

Ultimately, Twitter is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Communication between you and your customers is an important aspect of trading and marketing. This will enable you to build relationship and trust with your potential customers, letting you establish your online presence and credibility.

Before You Begin

However, having a Twitter account and hundreds of followers is not enough to start your marketing campaign.

You have to plan on how you will present your company, as well as your products and services. Find and implement good tactics that will shed light on your company, without annoying your followers.

Using Twitter to help develop your business could be a beneficial undertaking. However, you need to carefully build a good strategy that will help you engage your followers, and leverage your brand further.

Trump Administration Is Giving Us A Good Lesson On Twitter Security

Several recent incidents involving U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration can teach users something about IT security — particularly about Twitter and what not to do with it.

It turns out that several White House-related Twitter accounts — including the president’s official account, @POTUS — until recently were revealing sensitive information that hackers might be able to exploit.

The problem revolves around the service’s password reset function. If the account holder doesn’t take certain steps to secure it, Twitter exposes information that anyone with the right skills can use to uncover what email address — in redacted form — was used to secure a Twitter account.

A hacker who goes by the name WauchulaGhost noticed the problem and began tweeting about it. He found that the @POTUS account was secured to a Gmail address that, although partially redacted, could be guessed as belonging to a Trump aide in charge of social media.


The hacker found the same issue with the Twitter accounts for the vice president, the first lady and Trump’s press secretary, all of which were also secured with Gmail addresses.

“It’s not hard to figure the emails out from there,” WauchulaGhost tweeted. “Once the email is exposed, there is a chance it can be compromised.”

Change your security settings    

Exposing your email address to the public may seem harmless. But for government officials or business executives, it can be asking for trouble.   

That’s what happened in last year’s election. An aide to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was hacked by suspected Russian cyberspies through a phishing attack sent to his Gmail address. His emails were eventually stolen and leaked to the public.

A hack can be even more devastating if it affects a high-profile Twitter account. But anyone can be a target of such attacks, said Felix Odigie, CEO of Inspired eLearning, a company that specializes in security awareness training. 

“People don’t really believe these threat actors are real, or they don’t believe it’s going to happen to them,” he said. “But it’s probably only a matter of time, before you get hit at some point.”

Use two-factor authentication and secure IT monitoring  

Securing a presidential Twitter account with a Gmail address highlights another problem: Why are White House officials using third-party email providers?

In last year’s election, government IT security became a hot-button issue over Clinton’s use of a private email server. Critics feared it left her digital correspondence vulnerable to hacks.

Now the Trump administration has received some flak for securing presidential Twitter accounts to Gmail addresses. “It seems like bad form,” said Jake Williams, founder of security provider Rendition InfoSec. “It should really be a .gov address.”

“In that way, if there’s ever an attempt to enter the account, It’ll be monitored by their own information security people, as opposed to possibly nobody with Gmail,” he said.

He also suggests that people secure their Twitter accounts with two-factor authentication. This requires the user to enter both a password and a one-time special code sent to their mobile phone or generated over an authenticator app.

“If the attacker ever gets a hold of your password, they still won’t be able to access your account,” Williams said.

Twitter users can access this option by going to security settings and checking “verify login requests.”

Be careful with OAuth tokens

Earlier this week, the Trump administration found itself involved in another Twitter-related incident. The account for Badlands National Park in South Dakota tweeted a series of facts that seemed to challenge Trump’s assertion that climate change is a hoax.  

The White House said an “unauthorized user” had used an old password from the National Park Service’s San Francisco office to access the account.

Williams suspects the Trump administration had changed the password to the park’s Twitter account but failed to revoke the OAuth token, which can also grant access.

Third-party applications can use OAuth tokens to connect to a Twitter account without the risk of handling sensitive password information. “Someone probably realized they were still hooked into the account, and decided to take it for a run,” Williams said.

The controversial tweets from the park’s account were quickly deleted, but the mishaps with the Trump administration Twitter haven’t stopped.

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was found tweeting and then deleting what appeared to be a password, although it’s still unclear what really happened.


“It’s saved me from sending something erroneously more than once,” he said.

What Is Alt Control Delete On A Macbook

If you’ve recently switched to Mac from Windows, or you just need to know Mac equivalent Windows shortcuts, you have surely noticed many differences between the two operating systems. However, Windows and Mac do share some of the basic shortcuts. 

One of the most handy shortcuts in Windows is the Alt + Ctrl + Del hotkey, which lists a menu of different options. The good news is, this shortcut is also present in Mac, albeit it functions a little differently.

What is Alt Control Delete on a Mac?

The Alt + Ctrl + Del shortcut key in Mac is Command + Option + Esc key. The two hotkeys share similar keys in different operating systems, but their functions vary a little.

The Alt + Ctrl + Del key used to open Task Manager in previous Windows versions. However, in the newer version of Windows, this shortcut key opens a list of options, such as locking the computer, changing the password, signing out, switching users, and also opening Task Manager.

On the other hand, the Command + Options + Esc key opens up the Force Quit Applications window on Mac.

We usually use the Alt +  Ctrl + Del Key to open Task Manager and forcibly close unresponsive applications or refresh the system if it freezes. In Mac, the Command + Options + Esc shortcut also does the same via Force Quit Applications.

If you want to know how you can force quit any application or refresh the system using Command + Options + Esc hotkey, follow the steps below:

While the Command + Options + Esc shortcut key doesn’t cover all the functionalities of the Alt + Ctrl + Del hotkey, it does emulate its main function. For the other list of options provided by this hotkey in newer versions of Windows, you can do the similar thing on your Mac system on the following way:

Task Manager Equivalent in Mac

The Force Quit Applications does emulate one of the main functions of Task Manager, but it doesn’t cover all of it. The actual equivalent of the Windows Task Manager on Mac is the Activity Monitor, which has all the same functionalities as Task Manager. 

To open the Activity Monitor on Mac, follow the steps below:

Troubleshooting Command + Options + Esc Shortcut Not Working Issue

If the Command + Options + Esc doesn’t work on your Mac, it could be due to issues like problematic hardware or misconfigured settings. The first thing you should do to troubleshoot this issue is to check your keyboard hardware.

If some of the modifier keys like Command and Option aren’t working themselves, your shortcut keys that rely on these keys will also not work.

The other reason why your Command + Options + Esc key is not working can be due to modifier keys being remapped. You could have accidentally remapped your keys or some application may have done so. If this is the case, the shortcut still works, you just need different button presses.

To bring it back to default, you can try resetting your keyboard to default key mapping.

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