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If you live in the US and are looking to go abroad for business or pleasure, chances are that you’re going to change your dollars into the native currency of the place you’re going to. There are many ways in which this can be achieved and if you fall in the camp of would be travelers, this is the perfect place for you to research on topic.

Why Exchange Currency?

Imagine a scenario in which you, a resident of San Diego, California, for example, are traveling to a foreign country for tourism. To properly enjoy yourself, you will have to pay for every amenity or souvenir.

Unfortunately, most countries won’t accept the US$ as it is, which means you will have to convert it into the relevant currency. Doing this bears some significant benefits and the main one of convenience is rather obvious.

In one instance, you may be in a foreign establishment that won’t take your Mastercard and prefers cash. Your US dollars won’t work with them and need to be converted. If you’re American and have medical insurance under Aetna, if you get sick, the insurance won’t cross borders, which means cash or the aforementioned card payments will suffice. In short, converting your currency provides you with multiple options that make traveling easier.

How to Properly Pull Off an Exchange

Now that you know why you should do it, it’s time to know how it’s done. When it comes to currency exchange, there are multiple ways in which this can be done and they are as follows:

via bank visit

via money transfer

via airports or kiosks

via card payments abroad

Going to The Bank

The bank is an obvious place to start, because as a financial institution, it’s naturally going to have this service. If you went to a JP Morgan Chase Bank branch, or any other bank for that matter, you could go through the process or receive help. The process is fairly easy as it requires you to hand your currency over and receive the equivalent value for the desired currency.

Unfortunately, using banks comes with some drawbacks. The drawbacks may include high fees or inconvenient rates. Let’s see other cons that are as follows:

as we mentioned, different banks have different exchange rates (with some being unfavorable)

the fees involved in the process of exchange are often pretty high

going to a physical location may be an annoyance is required for this method

Using Money Transfers

Money transfers are often thought as the best way of conducting a currency exchange for a few reasons. To sum these reasons up, money transfers are as easy as bank exchanges, but lack the high fees, unfavorable exchanges and the need for a physical location.

Money transfers are often conducted via mobile phone by connecting to a platform that provides the service. After this, the following guide can be used to complete the procedure:

Step 1: Signing into the platform

Step 2: Requesting a transfer and providing all the necessary in terms of the amount, the amount of money and both the original and the required currencies

Step 3: Entering the recipient’s details, which in this case are your own

Step 4: Handing over the money, which can be done via bank transfer

Step 5: Confirm the details of the transfer by looking at a page that displays all parts

Step 6: See verification of a successful transfer

Exchanging Upon Arrival

If any of the above methods don’t interest you, exchanging currency at a foreign airport after landing is another thing you can consider. This method is actually the most commonly used, according to statistics. Banks at the airports are among the many physical locations where currency exchange services can typically be found. Exchange rates in foreign countries tend to be on the extreme end of unfavorable.

Using Your Credit or Debit Card

If the use of cash isn’t something that appeals to you, there’s always the option of using cards as payment. Fortunately these methods of payment are widespread with a common example of this being American Express, which is found in over 100 countries. As a result, paying via these means in any place shouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately not every place allows this payment method. American Express, for example, doesn’t work in countries that are sanctioned by the US. Also, some businesses might not even have the equipment to allow card payments. Street vendors, for example, usually don’t take cards, so if you have cash, life will be a lot easier.

Checking The Exchange Rate

The conversion of currency is only ever dependent on the exchange rate. This is described at the rate at which one currency is exchanged for another. It can also be described as the value of one currency equated to that of another.

For example, recently, one U.S. dollar equated to about 0.80 pound sterling. At some point, the exchange rate will fluctuate due to a myriad of global and economic factors.

The changing of the rate is something that is best looked at on the internet. From there, you will be able to look at the different rates from various institutions across the world.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, conversion is something that requires one to be prepared to the best of levels. From what we have seen above, the above ways show this in one way or another.

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What Is The Best Way To Learn Python And Django?

In this article, we will learn the best way to learn Python and Django.

It may be difficult to adjust to a new framework. Django is no different. There is simply too much to learn, which can be frightening. However, with the correct road map and learning resources, the journey can be made easier.


Django is a free and open-source Python framework, that allows developers to fastly create complex code and apps. The Django framework aids in the development of high-quality web applications. It is one of the greatest Python frameworks for the rapid creation of APIs and web applications.

The Django framework has been used to create over 12,000 well-known projects. Furthermore, it is one of the more experienced Python web development frameworks.

This high-level framework simplifies web application development by providing a variety of powerful features. It features a massive library collection and emphasizes effectiveness, less coding, and component reusability.


Helps you in defining patterns for your app’s URLs.

Inbuilt authentication system

URL system that is both simple and powerful.

Object-oriented programming language database with the best data storage and recovery capabilities.

The automatic admin interface feature allows for the customization of editing, adding, and deleting items.

A cache framework is a collection of cache mechanisms.

Roadmap for Learning the Django Framework Learn Python Get to Know the Command Lines

You’ll be using command lines a lot in Django. Django has command lines for doing various tasks in your application. There are a lot of command lines to know, but you don’t have to master them all. Sometimes you just have to search it up. You may just need to master a few that will be used 90% of the time.

Master the Basic Concepts of Django

Django has a method that you must follow every time you wish to develop a web app. These are the first things you should understand about Django −

Creating a new project

Creating a new app

Routing of URLs

Setting Up Templates and Static Files

Running your project on the localhost

Learn About Django Views

The views are where you will do the majority of your work in Django. This is where you will do all of your server rendering and most of your Python code.

Django views are classified into two types −

function-based views and

class-based views.

To get started, you can learn any of these, but most courses will start with function-based views, and once you’ve mastered those, you can go on to class-based views.

Explore Django Models

Django has what are known as models. Models are similar to databases, but they are in the form of Python classes. Django models allow you to build and transfer data to the database. Each model is written as Python classes, each with its attribute. Consider the name of the model class to be the name of the database, and the class attributes to be each table in the database.


Using databases is the simplest aspect of Django. The Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) feature in Django allows you to interface with databases without writing a single line of SQL code. Django’s default database is SQLite, however, you may also incorporate thirdparty databases such as Postgresql or MongoDB.

Authentication & Authorization

Authentication with Django is very simple because Django has already done the majority of the work for us; all you need to do is utilize the classes and functions that Django has already given. When a user signs up for your platform, Django’s default User model is used to save user data. Django also includes a default authentication method that allows us to simply authenticate a user into our app.


The very first time you deploy a Django project, it can be stressful and full of bugs. However, learning how to deploy your Django project will undoubtedly make the process easier. There are other platforms available for deploying your Django project, but Heroku is the most popular. If you know how to configure your app for deployment, you can quickly deploy your Django project with Heroku.

The level of Python knowledge required to learn Django

You must be proficient in Python to write all of the code in Django.

To grasp what’s going on behind the scenes in Django, you should be familiar with the concepts of Python. You can begin by studying the fundamentals, such as variables, data types, loops, conditional statements, functions, lists, dictionaries, and so on. You can also master some OOP (Object Oriented Programming) ideas to develop clean and efficient code.

That’s all you need to know about Python if you want to use it to create a website. You do not need to be a Python expert. You’re good to go if you understand the fundamentals of programming. You do not have to wait until you are an accomplished Python programmer. You can enhance your knowledge as you go.


In this article, we learned about the road map for learning Django. The things described above are simply a road map to help you get started with Django. There is still a lot to learn about Django.

How To Clean Your Macbook Keyboard The Right Way

Keyboards will get dirty, no matter how careful you might be. Dust naturally makes its way onto your keyboard and between the keys. Crumbs from a hastily-eaten muffin as you rush to meet your deadline can fall beneath the spacebar. If your Macbook keyboard isn’t responding like it used to, it might be time to clean it.

The key is doing it the right way. If you don’t know how to clean your Macbook Pro, you could end up causing further damage instead of clearing away grime. There is a proper way to clean a laptop keyboard that differs from cleaning a desktop keyboard.

Table of Contents

Supplies You Will Need

Before you set out to clean your keyboard, make sure you have all the necessary supplies already on hand. These include:

A compressed air can

Paper towels

Microfiber cloth

Isopropyl alcohol

How to Clean Your Mac Keyboard

Remember, gravity is your friend. When you clean your keyboard, the first step is dislodging any dust and dirt build-up and allowing it to fall free of the keyboard keys. Here’s how to do that.

Hold your Mac at a 75-degree angle. Make sure to hold it by the body of the laptop, not the screen.

With a can of compressed air, spray the keyboard in a left-to-right motion.

Rotate your Mac to the right side and spray the keyboard once more, again in a left-to-right motion.

Repeat this process once more with the Mac rotated to its left side.

Spraying compressed air in this way will clean dirt from beneath the keys and allow it to fall out. Make sure to follow the directions on the can, and keep your sprays quick and light. If condensation builds up on the keyboard, use a paper towel to lightly dab it, taking care not to press moisture further into the keys.

This is the official method from Apple for cleaning your Macbook Pro keyboard, and it works for the Macbook Air too.

How to Clean a Spill on a Mac Keyboard

It happens to everyone: you’re drinking water, coffee, or worse, something sugary, and you accidentally spill it on your laptop keyboard. If this happens, don’t panic. You can save your laptop and its keyboard.

Shut off all power to the laptop. Hold down the power button until the screen goes black and the laptop entirely powers off.

Unplug any connected accessories and cables, including flash drives and network cards.

Flip the laptop upside down and lay it on a towel.

With a soft, lint-free cloth, wipe down any liquid on the exterior of the laptop.

Leave your laptop in that position for at least 24 hours, preferably in a dry environment.

If any internal components like the hard drive were exposed to water, they have to dry completely before you power your laptop back on.

If the spill is small (only a few drops), then it’s much easier to clean. Repeat the same steps as above, but you’ll only need to let it rest for two or three hours.

How to Disinfect Your Keyboard Keys

Have you ever thought about how many germs build up on your keyboard? It’s a bit like a doorknob in some ways. The good news is that it’s easy to disinfect, and it’s something you should do on a regular basis (especially after you’ve had a cold!) The key is to use disinfectant wipes, but make sure they don’t contain bleach.

If you don’t have disinfectant wipes, you can make your own cleaning solution. It should be a mixture of one part water, one part isopropyl alcohol. You can also use an electronic cleaning solution. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the keys.

As always, make sure your Macbook is completely powered down before you begin.

Lightly wipe down the keys, taking care not to squeeze any excess moisture from the cleaning wipe or cloth onto the keys.

After you have wiped down the keyboard, use a lightly damp cloth to clean up any solution that remains on your computer’s keyboard.

Finally, dry your keyboard with a dry, lint-free cloth. Take time to thoroughly dry all the nooks and crannies to make sure no liquid makes its way into your Macbook.

These same wipes can be used to clean any smudges from the trackpad. The same method applies; use light pressure, and thoroughly dry the trackpad afterward.

If you happened to spill something sticky on your keyboard, using a disinfectant wipe is also a great way to get rid of any sugary residue once you’ve finished cleaning it.

Testing the Keyboard

After you have cleaned your keyboard and powered your laptop back on, open a word processor of some kind. It doesn’t matter if it’s Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.

Start by pressing each key, one after the other, and testing that the corresponding letter, number, or symbol appears in the document. Don’t forget to test function keys such as Shift, Command, the Apple key, and others, as well as the F1 through F12 keys at the top of the keyboard.

If every key responds properly, you’re good to go. If you find that several keys do not work, then don’t try to disassemble your keyboard yourself. Take it to an Apple-certified repair shop or an Apple Store for maintenance. Sometimes, repairs will be covered at no cost to you due to well-known defects in the keyboard switches, but if you’re not sure, customer support can tell you whether your Macbook is covered.

Steps To Secure Your Exchange Server

The online global market is one of the busiest places in the world. Millions of individuals and companies spend a lot of time online. From shopping to banking, all sorts of sensitive data are shared across the internet. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you are secured when sharing vital information. So many organizations fall, victim to cyber-attacks because they assume hackers are only after money. Note that details like passwords of your customers and credit card numbers are other things that hackers scout for online.

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Monitor the Exchange server

You will need to spend a lot of time keeping an eye on the server. That is because you will want to ensure that it is not under threat of getting hacked or failing. There are various tools that you can use to monitor your exchange servers but always ensure that you should not go for the wrong choice.

Use a firewall

Get an Exchange SSL certificate

What makes an Exchange Server SSL Certificate a vital consideration for securing your exchange servers is that it encrypts messages. This creates some tunnel between users and the exchange servers. That is because a hacker will not be able to tap into the message. Note that there are various kinds of SSL certificates and you will want to choose according to the size of the organization you are running.

Protect client machines

There are different ways through which viruses and other threats can get into your computer. To keep the off, you will need to find a reliable anti-virus or malware to protect the Microsoft windows client machines. This is important because one of your customers’ computer can be infected. To prevent the servers’ form getting affected as well, you can use a third-party anti-virus program to detect these treats and get rid of them.

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Apply new patches every month

Microsoft releases new patches monthly to be used with the exchange servers. These patches are made after a weakness has been discovered in the system. By applying these patches, you will be protecting your exchange from certain vulnerability. Before implementing these patches, however, it is vital to test them before using them on your production servers.

Keep your client access server in a separate network perimeter

Microsoft recommends that you keep the client access server in a private network protected by a network perimeter. If you place the users, servers in the same network perimeter, it is vital to switch firewall ports to allow for communication with a private network.

Create a block list and filter senders

There are various blocklist tools that you can use to filter users. Blacklists allow you to distinguish the senders that your truth and those that you suspect might have malicious programs attached to their messages. The block-list works with the same concept as the ones in phones. You can choose who you to reach you and those whose words cannot get to you. Exchange servers block-list tools are available for free since they come built-in on Outlook.

Implement Data Loss Protection

You can easily share documents containing vital information like your social security number without knowing it. However, by implementing data loss protection measures, you can control the kind of emails to be shared. Data loss protection works by thoroughly scanning your email for any data that you have specified as private. If one is found, the outgoing email is interrupted. Hackers will get more attracted to your exchange servers if they know that such vital information is shared freely.

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Run the Exchange best practice analyzer

This should go a long way in ensuring that your exchange server is functioning as it is supposed to. That is because it works by gathering all the configuration information defined by Microsoft. It then analyzes the data and provides you with a report as the administrator with all the necessary configurations to make.

Filter attachments

Some attachments will look suspicious from the word go. For example, if you are expecting clients to submit word files, a .exe file will seem suspicious. There is a way of preventing such attachments from reaching your exchange server and contaminating everything.


Organizations from across the world spend a reasonable amount of money for cybersecurity. That is because they understand that to protect their systems, they need to motivate their cybersecurity team properly. That is because hackers are always devising new ways of causing trouble. It is, however, good to know that securing your exchange server does not have to cost you a fortune. Microsoft provides a tool that you can use to do that for free. However, you may want to combine many strategies to strengthen your security like an SSL certificate. You should also ensure that your exchange server is updated with the right configurations and patches because outdated ones make your company vulnerable to threats.



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Are You Searching For The Right Way To Manage Your Business?

In a day and age where the business world seems even more competitive, how would you describe your ability to manage your small business?

With 2013 off and running, hopefully you have already set aside goals to better manage your company over the next 12 months. If so, where do things like social media, checking your online reputation, and cozying up more to technology figure into the mix

According to research from the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, nearly 80 percent of the 2,100 business surveyed stated they are either using or intend to utilize social media channels moving forward

That being said, only a mere 12 percent of those companies believe that they are properly using them. Lastly, a large percentage of businesses indicate they are still taking their time to seriously focus in on social media. Some two-thirds of users noted not having any formalized social media strategy, with only 7 percent having integrated social media into their overall marketing plans.

So, where should some of your business management focus be this year? Keep an eye on:

* Social media – First and foremost, get more social with the public. Given the fact that more consumers are using social platforms to shop for and buy goods and services, you need to be there awaiting their visits. If you have company Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest pages, how active are you on them? Do you share, tweet, post and pin regularly, or are you one of those business owners who does it just because the competition does? Make sure you have a sound strategy going forward over these next 12 months to put yourself above and beyond the competition;

* Technology – Lastly, what emphasis will you be placing on technology during these next 12 months? From mobile payments to videos and podcasts touting your business, be prepared to give everything a try if you are not already doing so. As more and more of your customers want their goods and services purchased and delivered yesterday and not today, you need to stay up to speed on consumer demands. While having a company blog is great and all, have you dabbled in videos and podcasts? These can be great tools to educate and inform the buying public as to what you offer. If you do not have the time or expertise to do such materials in-house, consider outsourcing the work to professionals who can make your company stand out from the rest.

With a new year oftentimes come resolutions. What will be your business resolutions for 2013?

The Right Way To Support Frustrated Customers

Steering frustrated customers is a big challenge in business. There is no doubt in saying that customers can get irritated quickly with poorer services.

Contact center as a service (CCaaS) helps businesses to stay relatively closer to their customers across different channels.

Today, customers have several alternatives at their disposal, and they expect companies to be accessible via any channel that they may use.

CCaaS is a cloud-based solution provided as a service that enables customer service organizations to manage multichannel contact centers and customer interactions.

In the modern business era, CCaaS has evolved its paradigm at a much greater pace.

Besides handling incoming calls, it can automate most of your communication-based, interaction-based, and handling-based tasks intelligently when integrated with Artificial Intelligent tools.

In this way, AI tools streamline customer service processes and ensure a positive customer experience.

The development of a positive customer experience is dependent on the timely resolution of customers’ most pressing issues.

As a result, they feel satisfied, and they become one of your most ardent supporters. Their positive word-of-mouth provides your brand with credibility, and ubiquity, and attracts new customers.

Yet, what if you fail to satisfy your customers at the right time?

Certainly, they become frustrated and perceive a negative intent against the credibility of your brand.

So, how can you help frustrated customers?

Five Ways to Support Frustrated Customers Like a Pro

When you’re interacting with angry customers, chances are you will have to put extra effort to turn the situation around.

Chances are that you will likely have to put in much more effort to solve the problem. However, you can do certain things to help resolve the situation.

Here are some effective ways to deal with angry customers:

1. Show Sympathy and Empathy

Most times customers are frustrated at the start of a call or could get uneasy during a call. At that time, it is essential to be courteous and attentive. Utilize empathic language to express sympathy, and help them express their pain points. Communicate with the respect that you understand the source of their anger, express your compassion and as per above, it is important to stay patient and thank them for their time.

Simply expressing empathy significantly increases your chances of receiving a response.

2. Stay Calm and be Optimistic

It’s important to stay calm and not add to the emotional charge of a situation by becoming angry or frustrated.

3. Introduce Yourself and Offer A Solution

Begin introducing yourself and greeting them, as you normally would.

Telling the customer your name and presenting to help resolve your problem. Try to carry an interaction more personally as this will help you a lot. Additionally, avoid referring to them as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.

Following the agenda, offer a solution confidently which helps in resolving the situation.

Offer a solution and be open to discussing the issue further.

4. Explain The Steps You’ll take to Solve The Problem

Whether it’s something simple you can do via phone or a more complex series of steps to be taken, explain the best courses of action so the client is included in the process and understands and feels appreciated.

5. Thank The Customer

At last, appreciate the customer by thanking them for having them onboard.

Additionally, you can request feedback based on their interaction with you. Positive feedback aids in identifying good practices and signifies a successful outcome.

You can end conversations positively with, “Thank you for your patience while we resolved this issue.”

I hope you found this an insightful read.

Please leave your thoughts on this topic below.

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