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Do you have an antivirus installed and running on your system? In this day and age when free antiviruses can top the leaderboards on virus detection tests, there’s always a solid and efficient security solution you can download without spending a penny. This may get people thinking about downloading multiple antiviruses. After all, the more you download, the safer your computer will be, right?

Unfortunately, the concept of “the more the merrier” doesn’t work so well with antivirus! In fact. the more antivirus you install on your system, the messier it can get. It may sound weird – after all, it sounds better on paper to have multiple layers of security – but there are reasons why you don’t want to install multiple antivirus software at the same time.

Performance Problems Fighting Over Files

Even worse, you’ll find that they’ll often clash with one another when protecting your system. The goal of an antivirus is to work as quick as possible to isolate a virus when it infects your PC. This means that you’re going to have two or more highly vigilant antiviruses that will be monitoring everything you do at exactly the same time. While it initially sounds good, the results will be anything but!

Let’s say you download a file from the Internet. A good antivirus will pick up on this action and immediately perform a scan on said folder to make sure it’s not infected. Unfortunately, if you’ve downloaded several good antiviruses, it means they’ll all clamour over one another to scan the file all at once. You may find the file is deadlocked where every antivirus is trying to claim ownership of it, and you’ll probably notice a system performance decrease while this happens.

When a file does turn out to be a virus, multiple antiviruses can end up making things more trouble than need be. Both of them will want to remove and delete the virus under their own terms, which will cause both of them to ask you if you want to quarantine them. Unfortunately, they’ll only really accept a quarantine if they’re the ones doing the quarantining. If you allow one to quarantine the virus and deny the other one, that second antivirus may pick up on the file in the first antivirus’ quarantine and constantly alert you of a virus threat, despite the fact that it’s safely stored away!

Accusing One Another

The worst effect of multiple antiviruses working in tandem is that they won’t trust one another. When an antivirus does its job, it assumes it’s the only one installed. Therefore, if they detect a second antivirus scanning through files, they’ll assume it’s actually a virus. At best, you’ll be bombarded with false virus alerts when the antiviruses spot one another. At worst, they may begin trying to delete each other’s files which will lead to system instability and important files being corrupted.

What About Scanners?

Throughout this article we’ve been focusing entirely on antivirus programs – the ones that work in the background on a deep level in an operating system. You may have downloaded anti-malware and anti-spyware scanners to help protect your PC. These are different, as they aren’t always scanning for threats but can be used to do a single sweeping scan on a PC when you ask it to. Will these scanners cause trouble with an active antivirus?

To answer this, it depends on what you’re using the scanner for. Some scanners have their own real-time scanning option which will probably conflict with an antivirus’ own. If you disable these real-time features and perform a simple scan with it, it probably won’t conflict. Ideally, you can tell your antivirus to exclude the scanner from its own scans, so it’ll leave your scanner alone. Even then, however, you may notice a performance drop as both of the software scan at the same time.

If you’re interested in using an antivirus and a scanner at the same time and want to learn the ramifications, look on the website of your favourite scanner software for help. For example, Malwarebytes has a list of compatible antiviruses (PDF) while Spybot discusses how to make it work hand-in-hand with an antivirus.

All for One

When researching antivirus software, you may feel tempted to download and run multiple programs to boost your security. The truth is, this is far from ideal! Pick one antivirus you gel with the most and use that one alone. If you want to secure your computer as much as possible, read antivirus reviews and pick the one that performs best.

What does your computer’s security look like? Do you make use of an active antivirus and scanners? Do you use your OS’s built-in antivirus solution? Or are you using an OS that doesn’t need one? Let us know below.

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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Five Animals You Shouldn’t Take Relationship Advice From (And One You Should)

You may have seen recently some footage of an anglerfish pair mating—the first ever video of such a feat. The male suckles at the female, clinging to her body and slowly melding into her over time. She takes his sperm and nutrients until he’s nothing more than a shell of his former self—literally. Once he’s all empty inside, he just kind of dissolves into his lady (along with many other males, because female anglerfish aren’t picky).

Anglerfish are not the only example of terrible relationship dynamics in the animal kingdom. We all know that it’s unhealthy to give your whole self over to the person you love, even if your body does help keep them going. But what about sea otters? They’re so cute! If only we could take a page out of their book and learn how to happily float in the ocean together.

Just kidding. This is Popular Science. We are not here to reinforce your common misconceptions. We’re here to shatter your illusions. Buckle up, partner: It’s time for some hard truths.

Sea otters

He did what now? Pixabay

We’ve alluded to this one already, so let’s get it out of the way first. Sea otters do indeed clasp paws while they sleep in order to not float away from each other. Unfortunately, they do not do so because they’re just so in love that they don’t want to be separated. Male sea otters have multiple female partners and typically only spend a few days with each one, based on when each lady is fertile. That’s not so bad. But when they get down to business, the male “holds the female’s head or nose with his jaws,” often scarring the lady forever with his teeth. Later she’ll give birth to a single pup and will fulfill all parental duties, while her mate goes off to do it all over again with someone new. Also, male southern sea otters occasionally rape young harbor seals to death, apparently just for fun. Not so cute now, are they?


They really do look like big sea bugs. Pixabay

Phoebe from Friends lead you wrong in a lot of ways (sorry, but part-time masseuses slash coffee-shop singers can’t afford to live alone in the West Village), but her main scientific error was in telling viewers that lobsters mate for life. They do not. They have a kind of crustacean spring break, in which lady lobsters wait their turn for a brief fling with whichever local male has proven dominant. The female lobster does at least have some control over the situation, since it’s she who seduces him, but it’s still basically a “reproductive conga line,” as Mental Floss so poetically put it.

Nursery web spiders

A timid little male spider bringing a lady some deliciously wrapped treats sounds adorable. We should all be so lucky as to have a partner who brings us food they know we like just because they love us. And it is quite cute—until you learn that the only real goal here is for the male to mate with the female spider before she eats him. He sometimes just makes a fake present with nothing inside—or worse, wraps the gift, but gets hungry on the way and eats it himself—just so he can have sex. Maybe that’s why the female spider eats him.


Enough with the blue already, Damian! Pixabay

Male bowerbirds famously build little shrines—called bowers—to entice females to come mate with them. They fill the bowers with shiny things and hop around trying to display their goods as best they can. For some reason we have decided this is cute, but let’s think about it for a second. You don’t want to end up with the dude who brings you back to his apartment to show you his sick stereo system or insists on driving you home so you can sit in his Porsche. Find you a mate who you like as a person, not for their stuff. And stop anthropomorphizing birds.


You want me to carry a baby for how long??? Pixabay

No PopSci animal mating article would be complete without a little giraffe sex. Though you can buy a million different “giraffe heart” necklaces on Etsy, showing two giraffes lovingly forming a heart with their necks, real giraffes have terrible sex lives. They don’t mate so much as the male follows the female around with a raging erection and she repeatedly tries to walk away, until he mounts her suddenly and finishes in three seconds. It’s mostly older male giraffes doing the mating, too, and they prefer young females. Then she’s pregnant for over a year. Just something to consider before buying your partner a cute necklace.

BONUS: the animal you should actually base your relationship on

Surprise! It’s the albatross. These birds take ages to reach sexual maturity and even longer to start breeding, allowing for plenty of time to practice their mating dance, which they learn by watching older birds court each other. Young albatrosses dance with several partners, testing out various pairings, but eventually choose just one partner to dance with forever. They literally have their own special dance that they only do with each other, and then they settle down into a little family for life. It seems that all this effort up front occurs because albatrosses have so few young, and take a long time to raise them. It’s a huge effort, so you want to be sure you pick the right bird. Sometimes they get bird-divorced, but only if they’ve tried to have chicks several years in a row and can’t seem to make it work. Also the young ones are so fluffy it hurts. Long live the albatross.

Why Install Chrome Os Flex On A Windows Pc And How To Do It

The pandemic brought on a slew of new technology products to help us focus and improve our work from home experience. In these times many users were riddled with the confusion of buying a new device or reviving an old one. If you too have been looking for a way to spark some new life into your old desktop or laptop, then Google’s Chrome OS Flex might just be the answer to all your prayers.

What is Chrome OS Flex?

Chrome OS Flex is a new desktop OS from Google that is focused on easy deployment and a way to reduce e-waste across the world. Chrome OS Flex is a lightweight desktop OS that offers modern-day security and performance on older devices thanks to its design. 

Chrome OS Flex is inspired by Google’s Chrome OS and offers the ability to run most web apps effectively and efficiently. This thus gives you the ability to perform 90% of modern-day workflow tasks on your older device without having to upgrade/purchase a new one.  

Why you should install Chrome OS Flex?

There are many reasons why you should get Chrome OS Flex for your PC but there are also a few limitations that you should be aware of. If these limitations are features that you heavily rely on, then Chrome OS Flex might not be the best option for you. 


Enhanced and updated security

Blocked executables and sandboxing

Comprehensive IT controls

Easy cloud deployment

Huge library of web apps

Google Admin Console compatible

Highly energy efficient

Support for Secure Boot (Supported devices only)

Who should get Chrome OS Flex?

Chrome OS Flex, however, is not recommended for users that rely on 64-bit apps unsupported by Chromium for their daily workflow. Additionally, if you are someone who uses Virtual Machines frequently, then unfortunately Chrome OS Flex does not support them yet. 

Limitations of Chrome OS Flex

Here are all the notable limitations of Chrome OS Flex that you should be aware of. 

No verified boot & Google Security Chip (Secure Boot support on select models)

No automatic BIOS & UEFI updates

Devices without TPM are vulnerable despite having encryption

Google Play and Android apps aren’t supported

Some keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys might be inactive when using Chrome OS Flex

Unsupported Ports with limited functionality on select devices

CD & DVD drives

FireWire ports

IR & other facial recognition systems

Other proprietary ports

Stylus support and input

Thunderbolt port

Biometric scanners

Unsupported SCEP protocol

Forced Re-enrollment unsupported

If you are an IT admin looking to deploy Chrome OS Flex for your organization then these restrictions might be good or bad depending on your setup. If you were looking for the enhanced security and admin controls of Chrome OS, then unfortunately Flex might not be the best fit for you. 

How to install Chrome OS Flex on your PC

Now that we’re familiar with Chrome OS Flex, let’s take a look at how you can get it on your system. 


A Windows, Mac, or Linux device

CPU: Intel or AMD x86-64-bit processor

RAM: 4GB or more

Drive Space: 16GB or more

Note: You will also need administrator access to the system along with access to the BIOS.

A USB Drive: 8GB or more

A network connection

Note: The company recommends using systems manufactured after 2010 for maximum compatibility. Chrome OS Flex also does not support Intel GMA 500, 600, 3600, and 3650.

What you should know?

Before proceeding we recommend you keep the following drawbacks in mind. These might make it difficult for you to perform tasks that were much easier on your previous OS. 

Chrome OS Flex does not support Google Play apps and Android apps

While you can find alternative web apps for most desktop apps, they might not perform as efficiently or effectively. 

You won’t be able to run third-party executables and programs unless opting for workarounds

You will receive limited security on certain devices due to limited support for TPM and Secure Boot. 

This is a DEV channel build which means it is still in its early days of development. You will face issues and bugs that might break your system, forcing a reinstall for now.

Step 1: Create your boot USB

Note: Installing Chrome OS will wipe the selected drive. We hope you have backed up all your essential data before proceeding with this guide.

Select Chromebook Recovery Utility.

Select Get Started.

Now select Chrome OS Flex (Developer-Unstable) from the next drop-down menu.

Select your USB drive in the next drop-down menu. 

Note: If you haven’t backed up your USB data then we highly recommend you do so at this point. Past this, all your data on the USB drive will be deleted permanently. 

Select Continue.

The utility will now download the necessary files and create your USB. This can take some time depending on your setup and network speed. 

You will now have created a Chrome OS Flex boot USB. Use the next step to help you install the same on your PC. 

Step 2: Install Chrome OS Flex

Ensure your USB is plugged into the system and restart your system. 

Most systems will boot into the BIOS by holding down F2 during the restart process. If your system uses a different key, then use the same to enter the BIOS menu. Mac users can hold down the Option  key instead. Navigate to the Boot section once you are in the BIOS menu. 

Now set your USB drive as your boot device priority. 

Save your changes and exit the BIOS menu. Your system will now directly boot from the USB drive. 

Note: In case your BIOS looks different and you are unable to find the desired options, then we recommend you refer to your OEM’s support website for more help. 


Here are a few commonly asked questions about Chrome OS Flex, that should help you get up to date with the latest information. 

Does Chrome OS Flex come with the Google Play Store?

No, Chrome OS Flex does not support Android and Google Play apps. Chrome OS Flex only supports web apps and is a CloudReady successor rather than a ChromeOS successor.

What is the difference between Chrome OS and Chrome OS Flex?

ChromeOS is the native Google OS that supports Android Apps and Google Play. It comes with Google’s enhanced security and is only available on Google Hardware. 

Chrome OS Flex is a cloud OS skew of the same platform supporting web apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chrome OS Flex provides enhanced security depending on your system but falls short when compared to ChromeOS and its hardware-based security. 

Is Chrome OS Flex different from CloudReady?

CloudReady and its parent company were acquired by Google recently. Chrome OS Flex is a successor to CloudReady with changes and improvements from Google. 


Do You Need Antivirus For Iphone?

However, before you close this tab and carry on your merry way, that’s not the end of the story.

Scammers, cybercriminals – call them what you want – know that it’s extremely difficult to write a virus that will compromise your iPhone. They also know that it’s far easier to trick you into handing over your password, ID information and payment details which, ultimately, is what they really want.

And this is why there are so many text scams, fake websites and dodgy links on social media. They’re becoming ever-more sophisticated, but modern “antivirus” software can help to protect you – even on an iPhone or iPad.

A lot of the time, these apps are protecting you from yourself! For example, do you use the same password and email address to log into lots of different websites? Millions do, but it is a massive security risk. Imagine that just one of those sites got hacked and it hadn’t encrypted its users’ passwords. Yours, along with others, would be available to the highest bidder.

What would then happen is what’s called credential stuffing: trying that email address and password combination in a bunch of other websites to see if they work.

Since you use the same password, the hackers might have access to your bank account or, failing that, another site where you’ve stored your payment details.

Installing a good quality security app on your iPhone can avoid this situation by remembering separate passwords for each of your accounts, and entering them automatically whenever you need to log in.

Ah, but iPhones do this anyway you say. Yes, but iCloud Keychain won’t sync those logins to your Windows laptop or any other non-Apple device you use. And that’s why a cross-platform password manager is so valuable.

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Here are some of the other things that security apps can do on an iPhone and iPad:

Warn you of potentially fake websites that might try to steal sensitive information

Warn you of dangerous links in messages and emails

Increase your privacy online by using a VPN like NordVPN.

Protect your identity by giving you early warning if any of your personal info is found on the dark web (or, indeed, the normal web)

Protect your photos and videos so only you can access them

It might still be called antivirus software, but even though it doesn’t block viruses on an iPhone, it’s still a very good idea to use it on yours.



What’s the best antivirus for iPhone?

McAfee Security

Norton 360: Mobile Security

Avast One

Avast One will be the most tempting as it’s free to use. Some features are either limited or locked away until you pay for it (read our Avast review if you want to know the details), but the free version still offers a lot for nothing. A subscription to Norton can be purchased for just one iOS device, but it’s better value if you go for Norton 360 Deluxe which covers any five of your devices.

McAfee Security works in exactly the same way and requires a subscription to at least one device. But again, opting for a subscription to McAfee’s Total Protection (which covers five or 10 devices) works out cheaper per device.


Can an iPhone get a virus?

Technically, yes. But the chances of an infection is extremely slim, unless you’ve jailbroken your iPhone. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry: your iPhone is safe. For a much more in-depth answer, go to our sister site, Macworld.


How secure is an iPhone?

Generally speaking, very secure. The biggest risk is you. If you fall for a scam asking for money and transfer funds from your account to the scammer, the security built into your iPhone isn’t much use. That’s why we still recommend installing security software which can warn you about dangerous messages and links.


Yep. For exactly the same reasons an iPhone needs it. It won’t actually monitor for or block viruses, but there are so many other threats that it can protect you from that it’s well worth installing one of the apps we’ve mentioned here.


What can I do to keep my iPhone secure?

Besides installing a reputable security app, keep it updated. Any potential vulnerabilities in iOS are usually fixed in the latest software update. This is one reason why you shouldn’t ignore the reminders that a new version of iOS is available.

It’s worth noting that Android phones can get viruses, so you have both an iPhone and Android, you should install an antivirus app on your Android phone as soon as possible. Here are the best antivirus apps for Android.

Most security apps, and certainly the three mentioned here, work across iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and macOS, so it makes sense to install the same one on all your devices for convenience, as well as because it’s always the cheapest way to protect them. See our roundup of the best antivirus software for more recommendations.

And if you’re worried about apps using your device’s camera or microphone to spy on you, then remember that all apps must ask your permission to access the camera, microphone, your contacts, photos and other things.

So only tap ‘Allow’ when first prompted if you are sure you trust the app. And make sure you read carefully what an app is asking permission for when there’s a longer list.

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Xbox One X Pc Build: Can You Do It For $500?

Still, it’s a worthwhile endeavor—so we’ve not only updated the prices for our two sample builds from June, but we’ve also added a new one using a Ryzen 3 CPU. Moreover, we’ve built an Xbox One X PC. In fact, we built two based on our part lists, and then benchmarked them.

Let’s jump right into the details.

Editor’s note (11/7/2024): This article was originally published on June 16, 2023. The latest update includes our benchmarks of the Xbox One X PC we built live on November 2nd.

Build #1: A basic 4K/30-fps gaming PC

To start, we’ll walk through a baseline build, which makes a few sacrifices but should still perform at 4K/30 fps.

Build notes

Prices current as of October 26, 2023.

Retailers chosen with shipping costs in mind—and the assumption most people have an Amazon Prime account.

Cheap motherboards like the Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P FX lack on-board Wi-Fi, so if you want wireless connectivity, prepare to shell out for either a Wi-Fi adapter or a better motherboard.

See the Build Summary section for notes on cost.

This price is after a $3 coupon discount plus a $15 mail-in rebate.

Build breakdown

Brad Chacos/IDG

This configuration nets you a (faster) eight-core CPU, enough RAM to avoid performance bottlenecks, and a GPU capable of 4K gaming at a minimum of 30 fps on Medium settings. (See below for our actual benchmark results.) However, some Xbox One X games may end up running more smoothly or with better visual fidelity on console than on this homebrew 4K machine. Unlike with the PC, developers can fine-tune their games for Microsoft’s console through a low-level API.

I could have spent a lot of time speculating on what that quotation meant: Perhaps it’s a shift from SATA II/3Gbps to SATA III/6Gbps? Use of a solid-state hybrid drive? A larger cache? Instead I chose to keep this exercise simple and selected a SATA III 7,200rpm Western Digital hard drive.

With that mystery still unresolved, I stand by my original decision to pick a 7,200rpm for simplicity’s sake. It’s as cheap, if not cheaper than a 5,400rpm drive, and it’ll run at SATA III/6Gbps assuming your motherboard supports it. Some AM3+ boards don’t, so if you go with this FX-8300 build, keep that in mind.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

The Xbox One X hard drive, as shown at Microsoft’s Xbox showcase at E3 2023.

The final pieces of this build are straightforward. In fact, you can use any reputable 500W power supply (the minimum for this build), ATX case, and Blu-Ray drive. The ones listed in our build were chosen for how cheap they were at the time of publication.

Speaking of that Blu-Ray drive, it’s a far step down from the Xbox One X’s 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive. To stay even remotely near a final total of $500, you have to ditch support for playback of 4K UHD discs. So that means you can’t play your collection of 4K UHD movies in HDR on a compatible TV, if you already own one.

Build summary

You can’t do an exact 1:1 duplicate of an Xbox One X, thanks to a mix of Microsoft’s custom hardware design and slow release of specs. This build is a fairly decent compromise between Xbox One X’s main features and the cost of PC components. It runs games in 4K at a minimum of 30 fps on a Medium graphics setting, supports HDR, and plays optical discs.

However, it’s more expensive than an Xbox One X by $212 (or more, if you’re bad about filing mail-in rebates). It lacks support for 4K UHD Blu-Ray discs. It uses a GPU that’s still inflated in price, so currently you’ll have to shell out more than MSRP or buy a graphics card with less memory. (For example, Nvidia’s 6GB GTX 1060 instead of a 8GB Radeon RX 580.) It doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi support. It’s not nearly as compact or small. And though I purposely left a controller off the build list (for PC gaming, a keyboard and mouse suffice just fine), you’ll need to factor in another $15 to $60 if it’s a must-have.

Truthfully, now that we’ve updated the parts list with current pricing (as of October 2023), the most surprising part of this build is the price increase for components like the Blu-Ray drive. In June, this FX-8300 system was $652. The $60 hike makes our more modern Ryzen 3 alternative (see below) look just as good, if not slightly better, as an alternative.

Build #2: The upgraded 4K/30-fps gaming PC

Build Notes

Prices current as of October 26, 2023.

Retailers chosen with shipping costs in mind—and the assumption most people have an Amazon Prime account.

The price for this ASRock motherboard is after $5 mail-in rebate.

See the Build Summary section for notes on cost.

This price is after a $3 coupon discount plus a $15 mail-in rebate.

Build breakdown

For the most part, this build shares the same approach as our first one. The key difference is the substitution of Pioneer’s 4K UHD Blu-ray drive. The swap puts the optical drive’s specs in line with the Xbox One X, and it also makes this build quite a bit more expensive by comparison.


For the moment, you can’t get around this painful jump in cost. The cheapest compatible processor is a $183 Kaby Lake Core i5-7400, and because only a few motherboards support the Draconian DRM specifications for 4K UHD Blu-ray disc playback, the lowest-cost option is $154. Moreover, Pioneer currently has the only option for a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive. The short of it is that you have few options for components (and price shopping) if you go this route.

Build summary

However, like the first build in this article, it has its downsides. First of all, if you build this PC at this very moment, you’ll pay an inflated cost for that RX 580 plus the RAM. This system is also much more expensive than the Xbox One X. At $940, you could buy the Xbox One X almost twice over.

Build #3: A modern, Ryzen-based 4K/30-fps gaming PC

When we first published this article in June, I noted that AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 3 processors might offer better performance than the FX-8300 for the same price. This build tackles that question head-on.

Build notes

Prices current as of October 26, 2023.

Retailers chosen with shipping costs in mind—and the assumption most people have an Amazon Prime account.

Cheap motherboards like the ASRock A320M-HDV lack on-board Wi-Fi, so if you want wireless connectivity, prepare to shell out for either a Wi-Fi adapter or a better motherboard.

See the Build Summary section for notes on cost.

This price is after a $3 coupon discount plus a $15 mail-in rebate.

Build breakdown

However, PC enthusiasts know that a huge gulf exists between a true eight-core desktop CPU and the custom part used for the Xbox One lineup. What matters more is the FX-8300’s price, which was $90 at the time of our initial June pricing. That puts it squarely in budget CPU territory.

Now that the FX-8300’s price is rising—as prices do when components begin to obsolesce—a Ryzen 3 1200 ($110) is an easy alternative. Yes, the 1200 is a four-core, four-thread part, but it’s a desktop-class component comparable to Intel’s mid-tier ($180+) Core i5 CPUs. Because we’re building a gaming PC, there’s no point in forcing an artificial replication of specs in order to appear evenly matched.

AMD / Amazon

Going with a newer processor also opens up the possibility of upgrades down the line. Though an AM4 A320 motherboard offers few substantial upgrades over an AM3+ 970 board, it does support booting from an M.2 NVMe solid-state drive. You’re not stuck with a slow hard drive or even a SATA SSD as your only options for storage.

Outside of these changes, this system shares the same approach as Build #1: It supports only standard Blu-Ray playback to keep as close to $500 as possible, and the rest of the components were largely chosen for cost. That includes even the Radeon RX 580 graphics card with its inflated street price.

Build summary

Like Build #1, this rig walks the line between the Xbox One X’s main features and the cost of PC components: You’re able to play games 4K at a minimum of 30 fps on a Medium graphics setting, view HDR content, and watch DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

It’s still more expensive than Microsoft’s console, however. If all you care about is gaming and media playback, buying an Xbox One X will provide that and still leave you $193 to spend on games.

Next page: Final thoughts on the part lists, and we build an Xbox One X PC! 

How To Quickly Share Stuff With Multiple Apps In One Click On Android

Ever got tired of scrolling to the end of the list or to an specific app in the middle of the list to select it to share stuff? It could get tiring if the app you use the most for sharing isn’t either at the top or the very bottom of the list of apps that Android throws up when you tap that very-oft-used share button.

Well, thankfully, we have one Android app to the rescue, Andmade Share.

Sure, the name doesn’t sound cool at all, but its purpose is definite cool and once you start using it, it’s quite indispensable.

Andmade Share simply replaces your Android device’s default sharing method with its own, more productive and quick one. Look at the pic above, once you look to share anything after installing the app, you’ll get a choice between the app and the Android System, to be used to perform the sharing action.

It’s simple to use: install the app, and that’s it about the setup. Try to share something now, and you’ll get the Andmade Share as option, select it, and you’ll get list of apps, with checkbox against each. Select the apps you want to share you stuff with, and you can sort them by using long-tap (touch and hold) and then drag up or down. Real quick, right?

It won’t change anything as regards what you can share and not share, it simply changes the way you share it — making it very productive, quick and lovely to share anything with multiple apps straightaway.

How to Use Andmade Share?

Selecting the Apps..

Just tick the apps you want to share with.

Andmade Share gives you ability to choose as many apps — select the checkbox — as you would like to share the particular text or link or whatever it is that you got upon pressing the share icon inside any app or wherever on your Android device.

Sort apps in the list..

You can also sort out the list of the apps, so that you can bring your whatsapp, hangouts, messaging, facebook, twitter, calendar, tasks, etc. apps to the top of the list. The default Android app would simple list them all alphabetically, which if neither fast nor fun.

If there is any app that supports fast sharing, like Evernote does, then it will top the list of apps available for sharing in Andmade by default. Sure, you can move your fav apps above it.

Hide apps, too..

If you don’t want a particular app to appear in sharing list, you can even hide it. Open the App, tap on Hidden apps, and select the checkbox of the apps you want to hide from the list.

The UI

Looks-wise, it’s simply not any exciting.

Thankfully, though, that app doesn’t look like as shown in its screenshots in the Play Store listing. I think the developer hasn’t taken care yet to upload new screenshots, as that old Froyo-time UI is gone, and new one is quite okay, if not beautiful.

Two choices are available for UI: black and white, both are a bit holo-ish.

Andmade Share PRO ($2.00)

The premium version of the app is even more exciting.

Pro version also has WiFi only share options, and also the ability to let you share the stuff even when Internet isn’t available as it will share it as and when Internet connection becomes available with group/apps selected.

Lastly, premium version allows you to copy the text to clipboard, too.

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