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Users’ preferences are essentially taken into account when selecting the themes to be used on their devices. While Windows 11 has a more attractive display, you can still make your PC look better by using befitting themes. Moreover, the ability to sync settings like themes across all your devices is one of the useful features of Windows computers. For many users, syncing themes and other settings between their devices is a method for maintaining a consistent look and feel across all of the devices.

However, some users have reported that the Windows 11 theme is not syncing. This can be an annoying situation, but most times, the issue can be traced to not having theme syncing enabled, a Microsoft account issue, or a simple glitch on your computer. Considering all the factors that could cause the issue, we’ve put together a few solutions that could help you fix the issue.

Fix Windows 11 Theme not syncing

Are you facing the Windows 11 theme not syncing issue? Here are the best ways to fix it and sync them across your Windows devices:

Ensure theme sync is enabled on your Windows 11 PC

Check your Microsoft account

Perform SFC scan

Turn off and turn on Windows sync settings

Update Windows and restart your PC

Change the theme

1] Ensure theme sync is enabled on your Windows PC

It’s possible that you haven’t enabled sync settings on your PC if the theme on your Windows computer isn’t syncing. And you’ll keep having trouble syncing your Windows settings across all your Windows PCs if the sync settings are off. As a result, you must verify that theme sync is enabled on your computer by checking through the Windows settings. Meanwhile, on Windows 11, the location enabling theme sync differs from previous Windows versions. Let’s now go over how to enable theme sync on a computer running Windows 11:

Press Windows + I to open Settings on your computer.

Also tap on the option again and check all the options under it.

It’s recommended that you restart your PC after turning on this function.

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2] Check your Microsoft account

Your computers must all be logged into the same Microsoft account for sync settings to function. Therefore, you must ensure that your Microsoft account is logged in on each of your PCs and that the MS account has been authenticated. Depending on the circumstances around the issue, you could do any of these things.

Log in to the same Microsoft account you use across your PCs.

Make sure the account is verified.

If all the above things have already been done, but you still have the issue, log out and re-login to your Microsoft account across your devices.

3] Perform SFC Scan

Some glitches on Windows computers can be traced back to corrupt system files, which could be the case for this Windows 11 theme not syncing. Therefore, you have to perform a SFC scan to look for and replace corrupt system files on your computer that may be causing the system malfunction. Here is how to perform SFC scan:

Press the Windows key and type Command Prompt in search box.

Type sfc /scannow in the command prompt Windows and hit Enter.

Then restart your computer after the process is complete.

4] Turn off and turn Windows sync settings

Turning off and turning on the Windows sync settings could help fix this issue. If you have tried the above solution, but the issue still persists. You should go back to the Windows sync settings and toggle it off. Then restart your computer and toggle it back on.

5] Update Windows and restart your PC

Sometimes, a Windows bug could be the reason why you are facing the Windows 11 theme not syncing issue. If that’s the case, trying the solutions above will not be helpful until you update your Windows 11 to a more recent version. Here is how it can be done:

Go to Settings on your computer.

Select Check for Updates.

If there are any updates available, they’ll be installed on your computer after the process. You should also restart your computer after the update.

6] Change the theme

It’s worth a try to change your Windows theme to another option and see if the theme sync, then takes it back to the previous one just to figure out some facts about the issue. If you’ve switched to another theme and the theme syncing works but doesn’t work after switching back to the previous one, then you probably have to use another theme. However, the theme sync setting should restore to working condition after switching back and forth if there is no issue with the theme you are using.


How do I sync my settings in Windows 11?

Before you can sync Windows settings across your computers, you must have your Microsoft Account signed in on them. Afterward, you can sync your settings on your Windows 11 computer by following these steps:

Press Windows + I to open Settings.

Select Sync your settings and enable the Sync settings option.

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How do I change my Windows 11 theme?

It’s easy to change the Windows 11 theme to another option available on your computer. Here is how to do it:

Select the Theme option from the list on the left pane.

Then tap on the theme you want to set it as your Windows theme.

You can choose a theme from Windows defaults or download it from the Microsoft Store.

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Aol Mail Not Syncing With Windows 10: 7 Methods To Force It

AOL Mail not Syncing With Windows 10: 7 Methods to Force It First verify your antivirus is not triggering the problem




After upgrading to Windows 10, many users reported that they can’t sync their AOL email.

If the AOL email client is not syncing in Windows 10 you will need to disable the two-step verification.

Before tweaking the settings

, consider using a different email client.

You can also fix the mail if it is not syncing with Windows 10 by

re-adding your account.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

AOL Mail not syncing with Windows 10 is a complaint we sadly have had to listen to from some users. Upgrading to Windows 10 should improve the user experience rather than bringing annoying issues.

Since we don’t live in a perfect world, sometimes problems appear when transitioning to Microsoft’s latest operating system. We have investigated and come up with some solutions in this article.

Why is AOL Mail not syncing with Windows 10?

AOL is a popular email service, but many users reported certain issues despite its popularity. We have linked this problem to the following causes:

Connectivity issues – A bad or poor internet connection will mean that certain app features stop functioning correctly; this is often the syncing feature.

Credentials issues – For some users, the syncing issue is a sign of incorrect login credentials

Outdated AOL Mail – Outdated apps often tend to trigger errors. This may be the case if you cannot sync on Windows 10.

Antivirus apps – While using an antivirus is a best practice, you should be sure that your antivirus is compatible with the OS and apps you run to avoid syncing issues on AOL Mail.

AOL Mail server issues – There is a list of server issues you may experience, often because you have done a wrong configuration or because the server is simply buggy.

What can I do if AOL Mail not syncing with Windows 10?

Before going into the solutions we suggest below, consider doing the following:

Switching antivirus – We recommend you try antivirus software with a free trial version. This way, you can see exactly how it performs on your PC before you decide to buy it, and if you are undecided, you can test out multiple options.

Using a different email client – If you can’t sync AOL email with Windows 10 Mail app, you might want to consider using a different email client. Our recommended solution also supports integration with the most popular email clients, AOL included.


Use Mailbird to customize your email experience as it suits you best and increase your work productivity rate.

Free trial Visit website

1. Disable the two-step authentication

If you cannot sync your AOL email with Windows 10 Mail app, the problem might be your email account. Many users use two-step authentication to protect their email accounts.

This is a good practice since malicious users won’t be able to access your email even if they steal your password.

Even though two-step authentication is a great security feature that you should use, sometimes this feature can cause problems with the Mail app on Windows 10.

Due to two-step authentication, many users reported that they could not sync their AOL email with the Mail app.

Users suggest disabling the two-step authentication for your AOL email as a workaround and checking if that solves your problem.

By disabling this feature, you’ll reduce the security of your email account, so you might want to think twice before disabling it.

2. Remove and re-add your AOL account

After removing your account, you need to add it again and check if the problem persists.

Sometimes, your configuration file can get corrupted, causing this problem to appear, so this is to ensure that the app is clean.

3. Check the server settings in the Mail app

It’s also worth mentioning that you need to use IMAP protocol to synchronize AOL email with Windows 10 Mail app.

Expert tip:

4. Turn on the privacy settings to let apps access your Calendar 4.1 Allow Calendar access 4.2 Change sync duration

After these steps, Windows 10 Mail will start synchronizing your email accounts.

5. Check your antivirus settings

If you can’t sync AOL email with Windows 10 mail, the problem might be your antivirus.

Many antivirus tools have a built-in firewall, and sometimes you might block specific applications from accessing the Internet.

To fix this problem, you should check and change your antivirus settings. The most common problem is your firewall blocking the app, so be sure the mail app can go through your firewall.

In some cases, you might be able to fix the problem by disabling your antivirus. If disabling the antivirus doesn’t help, your last choice is to remove your antivirus.

You can manually remove your antivirus from Windows settings or its UI. You can also use dedicated uninstaller software. These will remove every trace of the antivirus, ensuring it won’t interfere with anything on your PC anymore.

6. Run the Troubleshooter

Once the troubleshooter is finished, any common problems with Microsoft Store apps should be resolved. Remember that this isn’t a universal solution, so it might not work for you.

If the Troubleshooter stops before completing the process, fix it with the help of our complete guide.

7. Disable the proxy settings

Many users enable proxy tools to protect their online privacy, but sometimes your proxy can interfere with the Mail app and cause synchronization issues.

So, these solutions should help you with the AOL mail settings and Windows Mail issues, so feel free to try them all.

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Fix: Windows 11 Mic Not Working

It can be very frustrating when your Windows 11 mic is not working. You need it for work or something personal, but your computer is not hearing you. The following tips will help you troubleshoot what is causing your mic not to work. Since the cause of the issue is not the same for all, keep reading to see which of the various listed tips will get your mic working again. It could be as easy as unmuting your mic, or it might be possible you’ll need to use the built-in troubleshooter Windows 11 has.

How to Fix Windows 11 Computer Mic Not Working

There are easy tips you can start with to get the mic working again. Have you tried connecting the mic to another jack? Maybe the one you’re using has issues, and that’s why it’s not detecting anything. You can also try connecting something else to that jack to see if it’s the jack or the mic’s cable. Also, don’t sit too far away from the mic. Every mic is different and requires a different distance. Try sitting close and working your way from there. If your mic has a mute button, ensure it’s not on.

Does the App Have Permission to Access Your Mic?

If the app doesn’t have permission to access your computer’s mic, that explains the issue. To check if the app has permission go to:

Settings (Windows + I)

Privacy and Security


Ensure the Microphone access and Let apps access your microphone are toggled on.

How to Set the Correct Input Device

How to Use the Audio Troubleshooter to Fix Mis Issues on Windows 11

Windows 11 has various troubleshooters you can use, and the Audio troubleshooter is one of them. You can access this troubleshooter by going to:

Settings (Windows + I)


Other troubleshooters


Fix Mic Issues Restarting Windows Audio Service on Windows 11

Fix Mic Not Working on Windows 11 by Updating or Uninstalling Drivers

If updating didn’t work, you can repeat the process but choose the uninstall option this time. When uninstalled, select the Scan hardware changes option, and your Windows computer will re-install it.

Fix Mic Not Working on Windows 11 By Enabling Mic on Keyboard

Some laptops have a dedicated mic button on the keyboard to turn off the mic automatically. It will be at the top of your keyboard. The exact position may vary depending on your computer, but it should be there. If you see the light on the mic button, it’s off, and that’s why you haven’t been able to use your keyboard. Ensure the light is off, and you should see a message on your screen letting you know the mic is enabled.

Fix Mic Not Working on Windows 11 by Running an SFC and DISM Scan

To run an SFC and a DISM scan, you must run the Command Prompt as an administrator. Start typing Command Prompt in the search field and choose the option to open it as an administrator. Once it’s open, type sfc /scannnow and press enter. The process will take a few minutes, and when it’s done, it’s time to run this other command; DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth. When the process is done, you’ll see a message letting you know the command was done successfully.

Further Reading

The mic could also not work on other devices. If it happens to you, here is how you can fix the mic not working on Android.


Screensaver Not Working In Windows 11/10

Screensavers are moving visuals that appear on your system’s screen after the system has been idle for a while. However, at times the screensaver may not start or may stop working for various reasons. In case the screensaver is not working in your Windows system, then this article may help you.

Screensaver not working in Windows 11/10

Earlier, screensavers were necessary for CRT monitors since the monitor background could get discolored if the screen wasn’t changed for long. This isn’t the case with modern monitors but screensavers are necessary for hiding information. In many computers, screensavers aren’t activated by default. In other cases, Windows Updates can turn off the screensavers and you need to change the settings.

In case you encounter the issue of screensaver not working in Windows 11/10, try updating Windows. If this doesn’t help, proceed with the following solutions sequentially:

Check the Screensaver settings

Check Sleep settings

Keep your mouse clean and away from polished surfaces

Unplug the peripherals

Restore the default Power settings

Use the Power Troubleshooter

Update Display or Graphics Drivers

Run an SFC scan.

Let us see them in detail.

1] Check the Screensaver settings

It is quite possible that the screensaver is turned OFF. This could either be a default setting or could have changed after a Windows update. Some third-party programs are also known to alter these settings. The screensaver settings could be checked as follows:

Search for ‘screen saver’ in the Windows search bar and select the option for Change screen saver. This will open the Screen Saver Settings page.

Select the Wait time of your choice.

Hit Apply and then OK to save the settings.

2] Check Sleep settings

If your Sleep settings are set to turn off the screen or Sleep before the screensaver can activate, then you will never see it. So set your Screensaver to activate, say after 5 minutes, and PC to Sleep (Turn off the display time setting) after, say 10 minutes.

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3] Keep your mouse clean and away from polished surfaces

The slightest movement of a mouse counts as a movement for the system. If an optical mouse is unclean or kept on a polished surface, it will keep recording movements and thus the screensaver might not appear. To isolate this probability, clean the bottom of the mouse and keep it on white paper for a while. If the screensaver still doesn’t appear, move to the next solution.

4] Unplug the peripherals

When connected to the system, some peripherals send a message that the computer needn’t rest since the peripheral device is at work. In many cases, this instruction is encoded into the drivers.

In this situation, you can try unplugging all the peripherals and check if the screensaver appears. If yes, plug the devices back one by one to figure which one caused the bug. Now it is for you to decide whether or not to keep the peripheral.

5] Restore the default Power settings

The screensaver is governed by the power settings of the system. If a Windows update or third-party software messes up with the Power settings, the screensaver might not work right. In this case, you can reset the Power settings to default as follows:

Press Win+R to open the Run window and type the command chúng tôi . Hit Enter to open the Power Options window.

Select Restore default settings for this plan and hit Yes.

This will restore the power settings to default. Check if it helps with the screensaver.

6] Use the Power Troubleshooter

The Power Troubleshooter can fix issues related to the Power settings. The procedure to run the Power troubleshooter is as follows:

Select the Power troubleshooter from the list and run it.

Restart the system and check if it resolves your problem with the screensaver.

7] Update Display or Graphics Drivers

Update your Graphics Drivers and see if it helps. If you recently updated them, then rollback and see. Else you can download the drivers and fresh-install them.

8] Run an SFC scan

Missing or corrupted system files can cause the issue in discussion. The SFC  scan help in checking for missing files on the system and replacing them if necessary.

See this post if your Screen saver settings are greyed out.

How To Install Windows 95 Theme On A Windows 10 Pc

How to install Windows 95 theme on a Windows 10 PC




While Windows 10 is arguably the most modern-looking Windows OS, some still prefer the retro-looking Windows 95.

In the guide below, we will be showcasing how you can make your modern PC look like it is running Windows 95.

We will explore some third-party tools as well as some manual methods that may be helpful.

Whichever the case, your UI will appear like Windows 95, while running like Windows 10.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Windows 10 provides numerous capabilities and is in no doubt one of the best operating systems ever invented.

But some users – especially those familiar with Windows 95 seem to dislike its appearance and would rather stick to the ‘old school’ but nostalgic Windows 95 desktop backgrounds.

And because Microsoft did not include a Windows 95 theme for Windows 10 during the operating system release, passionate users have been frantically searching for a solution with mixed results.

One of DeviantArt users named Kizo2703 came up with a Windows 95 like theme (Free) and most nostalgic users seem satisfied with the results.

Let’s look at the theme download and installation process below, so keep reading.

How do I install Windows 95 theme on Windows 10 PCs? 1. Use a third-party desktop customization suite

Whenever you get tired of the generic Windows 10 look and want to give it a more distinct look, be it with a Windows 95 theme or an ultra-futuristic space-ship theme, a third-party desktop customization tool can definitely come in handy.

Our recommendation software suite is made up of multiple tools that can give your PC a complete overhaul in terms of how it looks.

For example, It includes a great software which allows you to install live wallpapers and screensavers on your PC that you can create yourself.

In the case at hand, you’ll probably like how it comes with another product included, which basically can be used to give your PC an entirely new theme.

With a little bit of tweaking, it can even make it look like it is running Windows 95.

This tool can also make your PC sound like Windows 95 as well, allowing a full nostalgia package to be included in the deal.

Object Desktop

Give your Windows 10 a complete upgrade (or downgrade) in the visuals department with this complete software suite!

Check priceVisit website

2. Use a custom-made Windows 10 theme

And you can even customize the background colors further instead of sticking with the traditional blue. Here are the steps to follow:

Now, the taskbar in Windows 10 is no longer associated with the theme function so applying the new classic theme will not impact how the taskbar looks like and the only option is playing with the high contrast settings.

How do I uninstall the Windows 95 theme from Windows 10?

Navigate to the following folder: C:WindowsResourcesEaseofAccessThemes

Select the classic theme.

Press delete to erase it.

You delete the theme since you cannot uninstall it like conventional programs. You can now revert to the usual Windows 10 Themes.

We hope that these recommendations were helpful. What method do you prefer when you want to give your modern PC a more nostalgic feel?

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Windows 11 Outlook Search Not Working? How To Fix

Outlook has been the go-to email client for Microsoft users for a long time. It has been the staple of many offices thanks to its nifty task management features and automation that help almost everyone with their workflow.

Over the past few years, Outlook has seen numerous changes and the latest one now allows it to use Windows Search for enhanced functionality. This feature was first included in Outlook 2023 however, a recent update seems to break this feature. Are you in the same boat? Then here’s all you need to know about it!

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Why is Outlook Search not working?

Outlook Search uses Windows Search nowadays to offer a much faster experience by using pre-indexed search results. As Windows 11 is fairly new, Microsoft has been regularly pushing updates to patch and fix persistent bugs. It seems the latest update breaks the Outlook Search for many users due to its in-built functionality to use Windows Search.

This is a known issue and Microsoft has acknowledged the same. The company issued a permanent fix recently which you can find in the guide below. If however, Search still fails to work for you then you can use the subsequent fixes listed in the guide.

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Outlook Search not working: 4 Primary Fixes

You can fix the Search in Outlook by using the Fixes mentioned below. We recommend you first try the Official Registry Fix and make your way through the list if it does not solve your issue. Let’s get started!

Method #01: Using Registry

This is the fix recommended by Microsoft and it fixes Outlook Search on most Windows 11 systems. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process.

Press Windows + R, type in the following and press Enter on your keyboard once you are done.


Navigate to the following path using the sidebar on your left. You can also copy-paste the path from below in the address bar at the top of your screen.


Select ‘Key’.

Name your new Key under ‘Windows’ as the following.


This time, select ‘DWORD (32-bit) value’.

Enter the following and press Enter on your keyboard.


Now close everything and restart your PC for good measure.

Search should now be back up and running as intended in Microsoft Outlook.

Method #02: Check Search Indexing and locations

If the above Registry Fix did not work for you then let’s check your Indexing options and locations to ensure that everything has been set up properly. Follow the guide below to get you started.

Open Outlook and select the Search box at the top.

Select ‘Search Tools’.

If your files are currently being indexed then you will simply have to wait until the indexing finishes. Once finished, your Search should work as intended in Microsoft Outlook.

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Method #03: Rebuild your Search Index cache

You can also manually rebuild your Search Index cache using the guide below. This fix is known to solve this issue on machines with multiple POP and IMAP accounts with huge amounts of local and online data. Keep in mind that this process can take some time depending on your network bandwidth and currently available resources. Follow the guide below to get you started.

Open the Start menu, search for Control Panel and launch the same from your search results.

A new window with detailed locations currently indexed will now open on your screen. Ensure that your Outlook databases have been selected at the top and that Microsoft Outlook is listed in the bottom half of the window. If not, add the desired locations and check the boxes for the same.

Method #04: Repair Microsoft Outlook

If by this point Outlook is not working for you then we recommend you repair and reset the app on Windows 11. Follow the guide below to get you started.

Select ‘Advanced Options’.

We now recommend you restart your PC but this is completely optional. Launch Outlook on your PC, log in to your account, and try using the Search feature again. If you were facing app issues then they should now be fixed and Search should be working as intended.

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Last Resort Options: 3 General Fixes

At this point, you could be facing an issue with the Outlook app itself or Microsoft Office Services. It is a good idea to perform a clean install to get everything back up and running on your system again. Follow the guide below to get you started.

Method #01: Re-install Microsoft Outlook

We recommend you use the tool above to completely remove Microsoft Office from your system including Microsoft Outlook. You can then reinstall the same using a valid license from the Microsoft Store.

Method #02: Use System Restore

At this point, there is no choice but to revert recent changes to your PC that might have caused this bug. The best way to do so is by using System Restore and you can use this comprehensive guide by us to restore your PC to a previously known working Restore Point. If however, you do not have System Restore enabled on your system, then you will need to use one of the Last Resorts mentioned below instead.

Method #03: Reset Windows 11 PC

However, if you still wish to Reset your PC then you can use this comprehensive guide from us to get you started.

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It’s not every day that Outlook ends up breaking on Microsoft systems. Hence, here are a few commonly asked questions that should help you get up to speed with this issue.

Is editing the registry safe?

Editing the Registry is not safe and unknown or misguided changes can seriously damage your PC. They can cause performance issues, break features and in the worst case, leave your current User Account completely unusable. We recommend you backup your registry every time you make changes to it so that you can restore the original values in case anything goes wrong with your changes.

How to create a registry backup?

A backup file will now be exported in your chosen location and you should now be able to restore your values in case something goes wrong in the future.

Does Outlook use Windows Search?

Yes, Outlook has been using Windows Search as a faster way of providing results since the release of Outlook 2023. This is a highly sought-after feature especially by POP and IMAP email users that used to experience slow search times in Outlook before this change.


Update the detailed information about Windows 11 Theme Not Syncing on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!