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Are you experiencing slow loading of YouTube videos? It can be caused by a number of factors that include extensions, hardware acceleration or theme of the browser.

To get rid of problems like ‘YouTube videos take long time to start’, this article would be helpful. Learn the steps here and get to know how to run online videos normally.

We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution.

Once you understand the same, it becomes much convenient to solve the issue. In case Youtube keeps freezing you should go ahead and check this post.

It has been noticed that users have Adblock enabled on to their browser. This can be a cause for YouTube taking longer to load videos.

At first, disable them and try to stream videos. If it gets played instantly, then your problem has been solved. Or else, you have to do find another solution.

1) Disable Firefox Extensions

Extensions are used for running specific programs on the browser. If it is no longer in use, it is better to disable or remove the extension.

Step-By-Step Procedure

Open ‘Firefox’

Press keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl + Shift + A’

Select ‘Disable’

Repeat this method for each extension

Now, restart the browser to make the changes

If you still find errors in loading YouTube videos, follow the next step.

2) Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

If you have turned on hardware acceleration, this can create a problem. And, this can be a reason for YouTube videos taking forever to start.

It is better to turn hardware acceleration off and fix the issues.

Step-By-Step Procedure

Go to ‘Options’

Select ‘General’ and scroll down the page until ‘Performance’

Uncheck ‘Use recommended performance settings

Uncheck ‘Use hardware acceleration when available

Close the browser

Open ‘Firefox’ again

Now, try to load videos. It is definitely going to work normally. Or else, you have to run it in safe mode.

3) Try Firefox In Safe Mode

Rather than just disabling Adblock or other extensions, you can try the safe mode in Firefox. It temporarily disables add-ons and hardware acceleration also gets turned off.

Apart from this, the theme of the browser will set to default. Now, open YouTube and play videos to check the problems. In most of the cases, it solves them.

Hope this has solved your query on ‘why is YouTube taking so long to load videos’. Let’s find out how to open Firefox in safe mode.

Step-By-Step Procedure

Are you browsing in Firefox? Follow these steps-

Go to ‘Help’

Select ‘Restart with Add-ons Disabled’

Follow these steps, if your browser isn’t opened-

You get this dialog box on the screen.

To exit the safe mode, you have to close the browser. Reopen it after a few seconds to use Firefox in normal mode.


Do you use Chrome? To figure out the problems of YouTube videos, you have to check these things. It helps you in understanding the issue.

1) Disable Extensions

It may happen that one of the extensions is causing problems or it has been outdated. Either you can update it or disable the same.

Step-By-Step Procedure

Open ‘Chrome’

Select ‘More tools’

Go to ‘Extensions’

On the extension page, you can see a list of name of the extensions you are using.

Uncheck ‘Enable’ to disable a particular one

Repeat this method for each extension

Now, restart the browser to make the changes

Do you still find errors in loading videos? You can follow the next step and get your work done.

2) Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

It has been observed that hardware acceleration lead to show error messages. Though it is not frequent, this can be an issue.

Step-By-Step Procedure

Open ‘Chrome’

Go to ‘Menu’ and choose ‘Settings’

Scroll down to ‘System’

Uncheck ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’

Close the browser

Reopen Google Chrome and try to open YouTube videos. Now, it will definitely work.

Bottom Line

It is not uncommon that slow internet connection can lead to problems like ‘YouTube videos take long time to start’. Other than this, your browser can also affect the speed.

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How To Delete Videos From Watch Later On Youtube Mobile App?

Sometimes viewers are not able to watch “View Later” videos or don’t want to hold them anymore, so there is always a way to delete them from the folder. for example, I have over 1500 unwatched videos in my Watch Later section. This makes a list too long and it is almost impossible to find a video from that. What if when sometimes I need to organize that list and make it concise? What will I have to do to delete videos from YouTube Watch Later list? So, I researched and founded. In this article, I will show you how you can delete videos from YouTube Watch Later. So, let us see how to delete Watch Later videos.

How to delete videos from Watch Later on YouTube App

YouTube gives us an option to delete each video from the Watch Later individually. Clearing the Watch Later will delete both partially and fully watched videos from your YouTube watch later list. And then, empty the entire list, individually.

Remove fully and partially watched the video from YouTube “Watch Later”

Both iPhone and Android smartphone users have options within the YouTube app to remove fully watched and partially watched videos from the watch later folder.

Select Remove watched videos from the options that popped up.

A small pop-up appears for re-confirmation. Select “Remove.” All the watched and partially watched videos will be deleted.

Confirm the warning as was done above and the YouTube Watch Later won’t consist of the videos that are already seen. Upon completing the steps above, any video watched (regardless of was finished or not) gets removed from the folder. Viewers may notice that there are still some videos remaining. These are those videos that never got viewed.

Deleting Videos That Were Never Watched

Once the watched videos are removed, one can delete the remaining ones, but now the videos which were not watched have to be removed one by one. Although the process is simple, it does take time, especially if there are many videos in the folder. The step-by-step procedure to delete individual videos is as follows −

Tap on the “Library” tab in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Tap “Watch Later” located in the list to open the entire list of saved videos in the watch later folder.

Tap on the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) in the top-right corner of the video that you want to delete.

A pop-up will come, select the “Remove from Watch Later” button and tap on it.

The video will be removed from the list.

All the video in this list must be deleted individually. The list will become empty after deletion.


Since mass deletion of the Watch Later list is not YouTube’s procedure, the outcome after deletion is the best option to have a concise list. If there are not that many videos to remove, do it frequently to save yourself from the trauma of deleting thousands. Still, if you have accumulated thousands of them, this might not be that good of an idea, but you must do it for a clean Watch later list.

How To Fix The App Didn’T Start In The Required Time Error

The app Didn’t Start in the Required Time: 7 Fixes to use Updating the app is often a good solution




Applications are an integral part of Windows, but some users reported The app didn’t start in the required time error while trying to run certain apps.

To fix this error, try updating or reinstalling the problematic application. It would be best if you also ensured that the application isn’t blocked in your firewall.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

You must have received the notification that the app didn’t start in time. This affects some apps that you need to launch. Let us tell you all about this problem.

Apps are an integral part of Windows 10, and we all use many apps on our PCs. This error is not specific to any app, and even though they may be triggered more with some apps, they cut across the board.

This sounds like a significant problem, but fortunately, there are solutions. But first, let us consider some common triggers of this error.

Why does The app didn’t start in the required time message appear?

From user experience, we gather that there are a few triggers, and at the top of this list are the following:

Outdated programs – If you are trying to run an outdated app, it may take too long to launch and may trigger this error.

Permissions issues – Most of the time, the error will be triggered if necessary file permissions for running an app are omitted.

OS update issues – If you have pending updates on Windows, they may affect how applications are launched.

Let us now explore the most powerful solutions for the error The app didn’t start in the required time.

How do I fix The app didn’t start in the required time error message? 1. Update the problematic app

If a specific app is giving you The app didn’t start in the required time error message, you might want to update it.

Users reported having issues with the Photos app on Windows 10 and updating it from the Windows Store app fixed the problem for them.

Sometimes, you will have to uninstall and reinstall a newer version from the official website.

Expert tip:

It’s worth mentioning that The app didn’t start in the required time error message can affect almost any application, so make sure that all of your applications are up to date.

2. Allow the app through the firewall

Try rerunning the app to see if the problem is restored. If you get an error message the app didn’t start in the required time, move to a different solution.

3. Make sure your internet settings are correct

After changing your DNS, the issues with The app didn’t start in the required time error should be resolved.

4. Change your file permissions

Check if the issue of the app didn’t start in the required time is fixed.

5. Change registry permissions

After doing that, check if The app didn’t start in the required time error is still there.

6. Install the latest OS and Windows Store updates 7. Run the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

The app didn’t start in the required time error message can be somewhat inconvenient, but fortunately, this issue can be quickly resolved by using one of our solutions.

Note that we have not written these in any particular order. Instead, we recommend using what seems the most appropriate for you.

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The Significant 7: Top Youtube Videos, Shorts, And Ads Of 2023

But, it helps if you have a secret decoder ring to decipher why there are three lists – and why each one uses a different methodology to come up with the rankings.

YouTube unveiled its first list of the 10 most-watched YouTube videos back in December 2010. Unfortunately, that list taught many marketers that “view count” was the only metric that mattered.

But, I got my secret decoder ring back in October 2012, when YouTube started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search results to reward engaging videos that kept viewers watching.

In other words, YouTube replaced “view count” with “watch time.”

In other words, “watch time” and “engagements” were now the metrics that mattered.

Today, YouTube’s algorithm rewards “viewer satisfaction.”

In other words, YouTube doesn’t pay attention to videos; it pays attention to viewers.

So, rather than trying to make videos that’ll make an algorithm happy, focus on making videos that make your viewers happy.

This brings us to YouTube’s lists of “trending videos” and “top Shorts” for 2023.

To learn important lessons that can be applied in 2023, we need to realize that YouTube’s discovery system uses both absolute and relative watch time as signals when deciding audience engagement.

Ultimately, YouTube wants both short and long videos to succeed, so relative watch time is more important for short videos, and absolute watch time is more important for longer videos.

Top 7 Trending Videos Of 2023 1. “So Long Nerds“ By Technoblade (6:32 long, 88.3 million Views, 10.2 million engagements)

The gamer lost his battle with cancer in June, but his legacy remains on YouTube.

2. “Watch The Uncensored Moment Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock On Stage At The Oscars, Drops F-bomb” By Guardian News (1:24 long, 104 million Views, and 1.8 million engagements)

It was the smack heard ‘round the world: Academy Award winner Will Smith went off-script and slapped Chris Rock, live on-stage, at the film industry’s most prestigious event.

3. “Hi, I’m Dream” By Dream (5:42 long, 48.5 million Views, and 4.7 million engagements)

Dream’s ingenuity within Minecraft has led him to become a top creator with a devoted fanbase.

But no one knew what he looked like IRL, until now.

Lose yourself in this epic Super Bowl halftime show packed with some of the biggest artists in hip-hop history: Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lama, and 50 Cent.

5. “I Built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!” By Mrbeast (17:01 long, 132 million Views, and 5.1 million engagements)

In a “Willy Wonka” inspired warehouse, MrBeast challenges contestants to traverse a chocolate river, climb a candy wall, compete in confection-themed games, and indulge in their sweetest fantasies.

6. “Pranks Destroy Scam Callers- Glitterbomb Payback” By Mark Rober (26:41 long, 55.9 million Views, and 2.2 million engagements).

Engineer Mark Rober exacts dazzling revenge on a scam call center in the latest version of his glitterbomb series.

7. “Being Not Straight” By Jaiden Animations (15:22 long, 17.8 million Views, and 1.7 million engagements)

In this coming-out video, Jaiden Animations depicts a personal journey from adolescence to adulthood, sharing how they discovered their sexual identity along the way.

Top 7 Shorts Of 2023 1. “Diver Cracks Egg At 45 Ft Deep #Shorts” By Shangerdanger (0:56 long, 251 million Views, and 12.3 million engagements)

The ocean floor is a mysterious place. It’s full of unknown sea creatures, strange plants, and…chicken eggs?!

Join Shangerdanger as he cracks up the internet and dives egg-first into the blue depths.

2. “Sarah Trust Challenges” By Hingaflips (0:31 long, 142 million Views, and 6.5 million engagements)

Better than parkour? This is Trampwall: an epic sport where acrobats defy gravity and leap off a wall, onto a trampoline, to pull off mind-blowing aerial stunts.

3. “Come With Me To Shave My Fluffy Dog! #Doggrooming #Grooming #Goldendoodle” By Brodie That Dood (0:52 long, 108 million Views, and 6.8 million engagements)

For years, his long fluffy fur has made Brodie one of the most iconic dogs on YouTube. So, the heartbreak was real when it was decided that he needed a close trim.

4. “Dave and Busters Bet Me 1000 Tickets I Couldn’t Do This…” By Chris Ivan (0:59 long, 83.6 million Views, and 6.3 million engagements).

No one does trick shots like creator Chris Ivan. In this Short, he attempts to land a plunger on a Dave & Buster’s sign.

The prize? 1,000 tickets … if he can pull it off.

5. “That Gap Between Your Car Seat and Center Console” By Jay & Sharon (0:58 long, 182 million Views, and 6.4 million engagements)

We’ve all lost something in the dreaded gap between the car seat and the center console.

In this comedic sketch, creators Jay & Sharon show us what’s really going on down there.

6. “Welcome To The Stomach #Shorts” By Adrian Bliss (0:34 long, 118 million Views, and 7.0 million engagements)

In this bite-sized skit, witty creator Adrian Bliss brings to life all the characters trying to gain entrance – and party in – his space-limited stomach.

7. “This Magic Trick Explained (America’s Got Talent)” By Zack D. Films (0:34 long, 97.4 million Views, and 5.6 million engagements).

How did he do it? The judges of “America’s Got Talent” were confounded by this magic trick.

But not internet-sleuth Zack D., who unveils its clever secret.

Top 7 YouTube Ads Of 2023

Meanwhile, YouTube uses an entirely different methodology to determine the top YouTube ad for its 2023 year-end wrap-up Leaderboard. This makes sense.

1. “Amazon’s Big Game Commercial: Mind Reader” By Amazon (1:31 long, 69.7 million Views, and 25,700 engagements)

The creative agency for this ad was Lucky Generals and the media agency was IPG – Rufus.

The ad’s description asks, “Is Alexa reading minds a good idea? No. No, it is not.”

2. “Welcome To Clan Capital! Clash Of Clans New Update!” By Clash Of Clans (1:20 long, 52.9 million Views, and 212,000 engagements)

The creative agency was Psyop, and the media agency was in-house.

The ad’s description says,

“Welcome to the ultimate clan destination! A place where you and your clan can BUILD and BATTLE together! A place called CLAN CAPITAL!”

The ad’s description says,

“Our ‘Goal of the Century’ can’t be achieved by one individual alone, but we can achieve it if we all join forces and unite.

Just like football players come together as a team to score goals, we aim to use the power of football to go forward together in pursuit of the greatest goal – ‘A united world for sustainability.’”

The creative agency was in-house, and the media agency was Hearts & Science.

The ad’s description says,

“Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts invites fans on a magical first-person journey through one of the most beloved film franchises of all time as it reunites Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and other esteemed cast members and filmmakers across all eight Harry Potter films for the first time to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise’s first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

The ad’s description asks, “What lies beyond a traditional smartphone? Let’s find out. This is iPhone 14 Pro.”

The creative agency was The Refinery, and the media agency was in-house. The ad’s description says,

“All of us will die. There is no hope.” The school turned into a bloody battleground and our friends into worst enemies. Who will make it out alive?”

The media agency was in-house. The ad’s description says,

“See everything that Sally sells in this extended cut of our 2023 Big Game commercial. Starring Zendaya as Sally and narrated by andré 3000.”

Most Important Lesson That Marketers Can Apply In 2023

Or, as the British say, “There are horses for courses.”

Now, that’s a lesson that all of us can apply in 2023, and beyond.

More resources:

Featured Image: /Shutterstock

Youtube Stories To Be Discontinued

In a recent announcement, YouTube confirms discontinuing its Stories feature, a tool similar to Snapchat’s and Instagram’s disappearing messages.

The feature, which allowed creators to post updates that would remain live for seven days, will officially be phased out on June 26, 2023.

The Rise and Fall of YouTube Stories

Launched in 2023, Stories were initially available to creators with over 10,000 subscribers.

The tool was designed for sharing behind-the-scenes updates, vlogs, sneak peeks at upcoming videos, and quick updates.

The decision to remove the feature comes after mixed reactions from users and creators, with some finding it “weird” and lacking certain key functionalities like swipe-up and video linking features.

Community Posts & YouTube Shorts: The New Frontier

As YouTube puts an end to Stories, the focus shifts toward community posts and YouTube Shorts.

YouTube recently expanded access to community posts to millions of creators and added popular aspects of Stories, such as editing tools and the ability for posts to expire after 24 hours.

On the other hand, YouTube Shorts has emerged as a strong contender to TikTok’s short-form video content.

Despite challenges, such as technical issues, and an initial lack of monetization, YouTube Shorts is now an established tool for driving engagement and gaining new subscribers.

Shorts Monetization & The Competitive Landscape

This revenue-sharing model replaces the YouTube Shorts Fund, and it’s seen as a potentially more sustainable and equitable way to compensate creators for their work.

Nevertheless, marketers are beginning to see the long-term return on investment potential in Instagram’s Reels and YouTube’s Shorts, creating a shifting landscape in the industry.

Looking Ahead

Following the discontinuation of Stories, YouTube reassures everyone it remains committed to investing in new and innovative tools to help creators grow.

With more features for Shorts and community posts on the way, YouTube’s vision for the future centers around the tools that show the most promise for user engagement.

Source: YouTube

Featured image generated by the author using Midjourney. 

How To Start A Music Blog

A music blog is a website that typically publishes music tutorials, song lyrics, popular singers, and more.

If you’re looking to make a music blog, you don’t have to code.

Instead, you can use a CMS (content management system) like WordPress (.org).

WordPress is used by over 40% of all websites on the internet, and it’s the gold standard for website creation.

This quick and easy guide teaches you how to start and monetize a music blog with minimal expenses.

Just so that you know you’re in good hands—I’m the founder of this website (that’s also built on WordPress).

In addition, I have multiple years of experience in SEO, blogging, and website creation.

Here is how to start a music blog in 7 easy steps:

1. Get web hosting

To get your music blog up and running, you need to get web hosting.

SiteGround hosting is highly recommended because it’s fast, secure, and reliable.

Choose between 3 plans—StartUp, GrowBig (recommended), or GoGeek.

2. Choose a domain name for your music blog

Other extensions like .org, .net, or .io, are fine too, but they are not the most common.

A simple way to come up with a good domain name is to combine “your niche” + “a related word” together.

Review the order and pay using a debit/credit card.

3. Install WordPress

Select “Set Up Website” to start the installation process.

Select “Start New Website” and select “WordPress”.

Choose if you want to add extra services.

Select “Finish” and wait for WordPress to install.

Tip: If you need help with the installation process, you can contact SiteGround’s 24/7 support for help.

4. Choose a theme

Once WordPress is finished installing, you need to choose a theme (the design of your blog).

For a music blog, I recommend buying a premium theme like GeneratePress, Divi, or Astra.

Tip #1: You can find great WordPress themes on EnvatoMarket.

Tip #2: If you need help with customizing your theme, you can contact your theme’s support.

Tip #3: You can create a music logo for free using Namecheap’s logo maker (it’s the best logo maker that I’ve used).

5. Install plugins

Recommended plugins to install:

Google Site Kit – Easily connect your site to Google Analytics to see real-time visitors and stats.

Yoast SEO – An all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress that you can use to add an XML sitemap (a site directory).

Jetpack – A security, speed, and stats plugin.

6. Start posting music content

Since you’re starting a music blog, you need to research topics to write about.

You can write about music guides (e.g. Rush E sheet music), lyrics (e.g. Despacito lyrics), the latest songs/albums, pop star news, top songs (e.g. best heavy metal songs), and more.

To find content ideas, you can use the Google Keyword Planner or browse similar blogs for inspiration (e.g. Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Loudwire).

When writing your post, make sure to include headers, spacing, lists, and media to engage your readers.

You can also add categories and tags to your post on the right sidebar.

Tip #1: If your blog is new, your posts will start ranking on Google after 3 to 6 months (if they are of quality).

Tip #2: Try targeting low-competition keywords like “Best electro swing songs” instead of “Best EDM songs”.

7. Monetize your music blog

Once your music blog gains some traffic, you can start monetizing it.

I recommend applying for Google AdSense or Ezoic.

Before you apply to either one, make sure that your blog has a privacy policy and an “About” page.

If you’re a producer, you can sell your beats on BeatStars and promote them on your blog.

You can also complement your blog with a YouTube channel (if you haven’t started one yet).

Tip #1: Ezoic earns about 5x more than Google AdSense because of its technology.

Tip #2: After you’ve reached 50k or 100k monthly visitors, you can apply for Mediavine or Adthrive (both are premium ad networks).

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